so i rearranged my room finally, but ended up having small breakdown on floor while twenty one pilots played, before angrily shoving everything back into it’s original place

clearly, i am living the life™

body worship tho,, body worship,,,.,,, body worship….

both sides of it, sans like ‘my bro is so cute and amazing wth?? he’s still made of cinnamon and sunshine how is he like this’ pap basking in the praise but also really flustered at the same time bc it’s so genuine?? and pap w/ the purest praise ever, w/ that cinnamon and sunshine that gets sans every time?? just these little offhand remarks that he doesn’t know how to deal with like he’ll call pap cute and stuff when he’s feeling it but when pap does it he’s like wwwwhoa and flustered af and pap basks in that too

and just gentle touches and kisses and taking their precious time and even when they’re bein rough there’s still this level of gentleness bc they don’t really want to hurt each other, and whispered praise against each other’s bones and i ju s t,,, ,

Queens with preferred pronouns:

(I don’t know if this has been made already but I figured it should be so that people are aware if they weren’t already. Please add more if you know some coz I only know a few)

Jinkx Monsoon- They in and out out of drag

Violet Chachki- She/He out of drag 

Willam Belli- He in and out of drag

Courtney Act- Not specified out of drag 

ok but imagine - yu yu hakusho 90s AU


i watched Turbo after reading @penmaries‘ post and somehow this happened


me tho

one of those autism nights where human voices just completely scrape over my nerves :(

The shitty thing about depression is how short lived the up cycle is. Then you tank again and you question everything. Like oh is what I’m feeling valid or am i really tweakin. I never quite know.

ok like i can see y people ship bellamy and clarke but like.. clexa all the way no offense…