Project Date Night

Inspired by the pics of the first date (yes, I know they’re a few months old at this point) and @inksmudge’s comments about how they’ve seen each other in their schlubbies their entire lives, but they dressed up for their first date like it was freakin’ senior prom.

Project Date Night

Joe West had never signed up for this. Raise Barry? Sure. Teach him right from wrong? Absolutely. Support him as he became a superhero? Bring it on.

Play Tim Gunn while Barry ran back and forth trying to get the absolute perfect outfit for his first date with Iris?

That was a bridge too far.

“Is this too casual? This is too casual.” Whoosh, and then whoosh again as he returned in  a new outfit. “What do you think? Oh my god. What am I thinking? This is way worse.” Whoosh-whoosh. “Okay, okay, sport coat and jeans? Yeah. No.” Whoosh-whoosh.

“That’s a tuxedo,” Joe pointed out.

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giirrrrlss!!!  some of the lovely ladies of op, just hanging out and having fun idk.  for @kontim who asked if i could draw their 10 fave one piece ladies !! normally i’d never tackle such a big idea but i love the op girls so much and a lot of these are my faves too; how could i not.

click on the top pick for much better resolution, per usual tumblr likes to kill photo quality! ;___;

A LONG OVERDUE COMMISSION for @gintoki23 who asked me to sketch them their Rick and Morty: The Last of Us AU. I know you asked for a sketch but considering how long it took me to actually get this finished i thought id do a little more detail. anyways i hope you like it! Make sure to send me your email!


My sister @4u2inv likes to take photos of me now and we are going on a mini trip together So expect more of my nerdy self

Ps I’m a Hufflepuff so even though I have Gryffindor sweats on

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You're the patron Saint of getting shit done

Honestly, I don’t talk about 80% of my productivity these days because I’m trying to preserve the veil of anonymity. But if there’s anything law school has taught me is how to hit the ground running, while juggling knives. And sometimes they’re on fire.