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am i the only who is enjoying to see satanick suffering? the guy did a lot of horrible things this is not even 50% of what he deserves

Mh.. I’m feeling twisted about it because recently we’ve got to see a whole new side of him, and I just love emotional wrecks.
No but seriously. You’re absolutely right, he did awful and horrid things and he’s probably deserving this. But I’m not sure. It still doesn’t feel right to me?*
I have the same issue with Ivlis, who has been suffering his whole life and acted this way (in The Gray Garden), due to his life’s circumstances til then.
That doesn’t excuse their bad actions in any way though! It was undeniably terrible and wrong.

(*But you know, I’m just a person who don’t like to see others suffering, even if they did bad things, since I feel like that’s taking us down to their niveau?
..well but that’s mostly an issue I have with myself, because I’m always feeling guilty for the most mundane things…)

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yes omg a love boner. like you’re attempting to find something to wear but nothing fits and you’re getting really frustrated and feeling unattractive and then suddenly hank has his hands on your hips and he’s pulling you back against him and you can feel that he’s got a raging hard on. his lips are attached to your neck immediately and you’re just like ?? i look so awful right now?? and he’s like “sweetheart, you are absolutely gorgeous.” and then he makes sweet, sweet love to you


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"he was melting glaciers" you kill me when you said that but you right as if*** he is absolutely divine

It was true! Didn’t you see the snow melting behind Prince Fazza? He looked totally hot! ;)

Connor could say that right now, he was absolutely miserable. His body was forced to bend in a painful way, agitating old wounds and new ones. The bite marks on his neck were visible, as were the blooming bruises on his ass and damn near everywhere else on his body. The guards hadn’t been gentle when they stuffed him into this cage to put on display, and already he was a mess, the more fucked up ones jacking off and leaving their messy marks on him. Connor was too weak to care still, eyes half lidded as his blood loss from the Enforcer’s bites kept him rather limp and unresponsive in his cage. He felt sick too–having not eaten or had anything to drink.

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any headcanons for sulu?? C:

i have some both for AUs and canon:

  • he’s that parent who have tendencies to spoil their kids
  • he is braiding his daughter neatly
  • he’s an owl
  • can’t wake up w/o a nice cup of coffee
  • wears fancy art socks
  • had an emo phase, used eyeliner and pinted his fingernails black
  • sends memes to all crew members occasionally (once sent a meme to spock)
  • he’s good singer and he always wins karaoke battles

Nobody harass the person who said it, but there’s something profoundly fucked up about boiling Dave’s entire analysis of his childhood down to “dave was literally just fucking upset that he thought bro hated him” (a real thing I read today).

anyway if you actually reread Dave’s explanation you’ll see that he’s not just upset about the idea that Bro didn’t love him (although that would have been damaging enough on its own–see Dave’s description of being “stone cold deeply uncared for “). He’s also rightfully upset that his guardian raised him without expressing a single positive emotion towards him, failed to care for his basic needs (showing him how to do laundry or use a fridge), and made him live in fear 24/7. 

Like Dave has a pretty clear explanation of why his Bro really fucked over his childhood, and he’s angry about  the “vicious shit” Bro put him through, and he absolutely has that right. The idea that that wasn’t actually abuse, it was just Dave overreacting to Dirk’s chronic miscommunication problems, is pretty fucking sickening and invalidating I’m so done with it.

I’m sorry- I just- I know it’s super late, but considering what happened with the Bleach ending I have to get this out. 

Do you know why I’m so angry that SasuSaku made endgame canon? Do you know why it really pisses me off? It’s not just because I don’t ship it- I didn’t ship IchiHime and I was just confused when they made canon. No- SasuSaku makes me actually mad. 

And here’s why. 

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Sleep it Off

@legendofgrump wanted some fluffy fluff to make her feel better. I know I’m a lil late, but I thought you’d like it anyway.

Ross didn’t want to talk to anyone. He didn’t want to look at anyone. He didn’t want to think about anyone. If he opened his mouth, he felt like he would start screaming and never stop. If he moved his hand, he feared he’d break every action figure sitting on his desk and Arin’s too. He wanted to smash something. He was absolutely livid right now. His blood was boiling, his face was red, his heart was pounding, and he could almost feel the steam spewing out of his ears.

He had spent the last nine and a half hours on this animation. Nine and a half hours hunched over a computer, drawing frame by agonizing frame. Nine and a half hours of destroying his wrist to get the character to move as fluidly as he wanted it to move. He spent nine and a half hours creating ten seconds of a two minute battle scene.

And then the critical moment. He moved his mouse over to click save. Just as he was about to, the computer froze. It stayed frozen for a good two minutes, then it flashed a blue screen, an error sign, and turned off.

Ross couldn’t get it back on. He tried for twenty minutes. He knew he could probably ask Barry for help, but he didn’t even want to open his mouth, afraid of all the swears and yells that would escape in front of his coworkers.

Instead, he stood up, and walked into the grump room, closing the door softly behind him. The grump room had sound proofing in there, so no one could hear him screaming.


Dan may not be the most attentive guy in the world, but he sure as hell noticed when a couch cushion went flying across the room behind the window that faced the grump room. Had someone gone in there? Dad didn’t remember. Maybe Matt and Ryan had come over to record? But no, they were coming over tomorrow. So who was in there?

Dan got up from his perch on the couch, and peeked in through the window. Inside the room was Ross, surrounded in couch parts on the floor, swearing like a sailor. Tears were falling down his face. He looked horrible.

Dan walked around and opened the door to the room slowly. “Ross, buddy? You alright?”

Ross’ head jerked up to see Dan, and he quickly wiped the tears off his face and sniffled. “I’m fucking pissed. No.”

Dan stepped inside all the way, closing the door behind him. “What happened?”

Dan came into the room fully, picking up the cushions and pillows strewn about the room. He put them back as Ross explained.

“All my work from today is fucking gone Dan. All of it. I didn’t leave my fucking chair all day for ANYTHING, and it’s all gone. All of it!”

Dan extended a hand down to Ross, who took it and stood up. Dan sat Ross on the couch.

“Do you want to take a nap or something in here? I’ll have Barry and Jack help try and fix it. I can give you my blanket to use.”

The thought of a nap sounded really appealing right now. Especially if Ross got to use Dan’s legendary blanket. Ross nodded.

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

Dan patted Ross’ head, then went out to get his blanket and pillow. He caught a weird glance from Arin, but no one questioned him.

“Here you are.” Dan put the pillow down on the end of the couch, and Ross laid on it. It was soft. Then Dan covered Ross with his blanket, tucking him in in a motherly way. Ross took in a huge sniff. It smelled like Dan, which gave him immediate comfort.

“Now you take a nap, okay?”

Ross nodded. Dan smiled, giving Ross a ruffle of his hair before exiting the grump room, closing the door gently behind him.


idk it might just be me but in one sense this line doesn’t really sit right with me. Because… Shifu has the utmost respect for Oogway and the things Oogway says, and wouldn’t go against or doubt what he says. Not only that, but Oogway was proven absolutely right about Po. But here, Shifu pretty much says his judgement is better than Oogway’s. It’s a minor issue because in another way I guess Shifu would say this. I was just a bit taken aback to hear him unabashedly say that his judgement is better than Oogway’s.

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could you please spread the word that user asexualnataliaromanova is voicing support for solar? Their blog is an absolute mess and it could be very upsetting for some people, they recently basically said that solar had every right to do what he did which is absolutely disgusting.

yeah they support dvadesu and schnoox too. block them to be safe

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I've noticed that tom seems to really enjoy attention, despite the ways he communicates his modesty. Not implying this as a bad thing, like whatever makes him happy and feel good. *I am only referencing the way he is around hailing fans*

You’re absolutely right, dear anon. He absolutely loves it and enjoys to bath in that attention.  Anyone who ever saw him at a public event can tell you how he loves to play with the audience and makes sure that he flirts with them. 

One example:

His costars are most often really happy to leave the limelight to him. Tom will be the dancing bear that bathes in attention. He’s an entertainer through and through. There’s no modesty there. 

There’s a German word for people like him: Rampensau.

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Your boyfriend better treat you right or Chica will chew a hole in his walls!

Promise you he treats me very right! He’s absolutely ideal for me. And I’m ideal for him too, so we go together pretty great :P

watching the feeds and the interview with Austin is on and he says that Natalie has better insights to the house than James does and that it’s too bad she’s been deferring to him because he’s kind of leading her astray and that Nicole is clinging to Corey and they’re “just kind of in there” and Austin is absolutely terrible but boy, is he right

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I absolutely hate to agree with Steve, but he's right about the accords. They wouldn't even WORK in the end. There are huge threats coming and I think he should be Captain America even if he fucked up. The earth will need all the help they can get and the Avengers shouldn't need the consent of a panel of people who don't know what it's like to go out there, in the line of fire, and save all of humanity.

S: I like you, anon, even if you don’t like me.

T: It doesn’t work like that.

S: Tony, I know you probably took so much joy in signing those papers-

T: Oh give me a BREAK-





Quit acting like you  can’t lose weight i have an underactive thyroid yet im in the process of losing weight. I have bipolar and my meds make me crave carbs over 60% of people with bipolar are obese because of the medication many people dont curb their diet or go to the gym and think they can eat how they used to but you cant when you go on meds like that.

I see the biggest excuse is an underactive thyroid and here i am sitting here knowing it makes you gain weight if untreated like mine was untreated at first because it wasnt diagnosed straight away and i gained 3 stone or more but now im on meds as my doctor said you have no excuse. ANd he is right most fat acceptance bloggers would then shout fatphobia at the doctor and tell me to ignore him but why should I. He is absolutely right now im on medication my weight gain should slow down slightly as it was my thyroid that started my weight gain so drastically not so much my bipolar meds that came later. 

Now im on the road to losing weight and so could you be too if you just stopped self pitying and sitting their making up fatscuses over why you cant lose the weight. It is NOT impossible.

Do NOT act like you cant lose weight cos muh genetics or muh thyroid because you absolutely can if you try hard enough!

-Mod Voldy

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You are absolutely right about david playing the 'bad cop'. He doesn't care because he loves her & wants to protect her. Public image would suggest he's stand-offish about gillian's antics, but it couldn't be farther from the truth. He's her biggest fan! Very sweet, supportive and attentive.

Yes, that’s what I think to. I believe they have this good cop bad cop facade for the public. But I have the feeling that it’s somehow different in their private lives.

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ϟ -notyourasset

Steve nearly moaned into the kiss. For just a moment he forgot what he was mad about. He pulled away just to speak. 

“If you think kissing me will fix everything..” He breathed. “Then you are absolutely right.” The blonde grabbed Bucky and pulled him back into a long passionate kiss.


I love Zayn so much so me hearing about his OWN blood turning their back against him and them HUMILIATING him for the whole fucking world to see, crushes me so hard. The fact that his family let go of him so easily and join his haters is baffling to me.

Zayn has been nothing but supportive, nothing but being generous and loving towards is family. Public and privatly.

So what must he be feeling right now if the only support group he has or in this cas ‘had’ is treating him like some stranger. Like, the feeling he must have right now, like I’m absolutely petrified.

Zayn if you’re reading this, you still have loving fans who truly love you and will support you to death so please don’t let this crush you. Don’t let people who don’t care about you drag you down because there’s still a light in this cruel world.

Ode to a Mattress

jodipaul replied to your post “I need to get my writing mojo going and kill some time! Send me a ship…”

McKirk, mattress

Leonard stands on the observation deck, and stares at Jim. He can feel a headache coming on. Who’s he kidding? Ever since this five year mission began he’s had a headache and there’s always one person responsible for it.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, he tries to ignore the intense stares of the bridge crew pointed directly at him, and at their half-naked captain.

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