P!atD in Seattle (3/21/17). This was right after Girls/Girls/Boys. The whole show was amazing but this small speech by Brendon about had me in tears. I’m sure this has been posted in a thousand places already and probably in much higher quality than my video, but I still wanted to share it. <3

P.S. He was very sick during the show and you could hear it in his voice whenever he talked but, damn, he killed it! :) Sounded amazing and gave us a great show!

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Hiii!!! commenter Dannibolt8 checking in...I can't wait to discuss theories with you here now. Will we still have to start our discussions with SPOILERS I wonder 😂😂. And I'm saying it again... way to go Viktor, you are the reason APA is a slowburn.

You are absolutely right, he is the reason why this story is a slowburn XD He will realise that his pride and hunger for power destroyed their relationship only later on, and he has to work like a dog to prove himself to Yuuri once again. Only then will liking come, after mutual respect is established, and the two idiots will find themselves irrevocably tangled up in each other’s affairs a little too late.

It was never a cat and mouse game from the very beginning.

I’m so excited to be able to connect with you here!! Yes, I’m most definitely looking forward to your insanely good speculations 😄


In this place, in this universe, we are together for eternity

And then she stopped his heart.

She lifted her head, her chest heaving as she panted and she shot him a triumphant look, her bluebell eyes sparkling from under the reach of her dark fringe. And she smirked.

And right then and there Adrien knew he was absolutely screwed.

Because he wasn’t playing Dodge Ball with Marinette.

He was playing with Ladybug.

Inspired by this fic!

  • Reaper: Just focus the payload!
  • Soldier76: I prefer to focus your butt
  • Mercy: He is absolutely right
  • Mccree: I agree
  • Widowmaker: Yes
  • Sombra pointing Reaper's butt: GORGEOUS!
  • Reaper: ... What the fuck
ok rabbi joke time

so there are four rabbis arguing about torah interpretation, right? three of them agree one way while one of them says the opposite, and this rabbi is used to the other three disagreeing with him, yeah, but this time? this time he is absolutely sure that he’s right, and the other ones absolutely need to know that

so he prays to god, asking god “you need to send a sign okay? they need to know that i’m right, cuz they’re really wrong here”

and thunder crackles in the distance

“oh its nothing it’s just a storm”, the other three say, nothing divine about that

so he prays again, telling god “that wasn’t enough, i need something bigger, please”

and lightning strikes nearby

the other three scoff “oh c’mon, that’s just the storm getting closer”

so he prays one last time, saying “listen, that was really good, but i need something HUGE, something that can’t possibly be anything but you”

and lighting STRIKES the synagogue, the thunder shaking the earth, and an impossibly loud booming voice shouts out:


the other three rabbis say “yeah, but it’s still three to two”

I can’t believe that one of the healthiest and most decent shows on TV is about the Devil

First off look at the cast. It’s actually gender balanced

And if this is not great enough the women are not just there to further the male story lines but actually have their own stories

But wait! It gets even better. I know what you are thinking. A show about the Devil. So naturally Lucifer is the typical attractive male monster ala Loki, Kylo Ren or any random CW character and we are supposed to ignore all the murder, pain and violence he causes because deep down inside he is sensitive right? Nope

Lucifer is the opposite.

Originally posted by desire-lucifer

and he makes it absolutely clear time and time again. He is not evil. He punishes evil. He has never murdered a human being, despises monsters who use and abuse others and all he wants to do is have fun and make sure that everybody around him is happy as well. And if this is not great enough he actually recognizes that he needs help with his issues. Literally one of the main characters in the show is his therapist Dr. Linda.. Sure he never listens to her at first but we actually see his character get development, he also constantly get called out and most importantly learn lessons every once in a while. Also once they got season 2 they had enough leverage to actually discuss Lucifer’s bisexuality openly even going so far as to show his male lovers and talk about them

The other main character of the show is Chloe Decker

Originally posted by chloesmoaningstar

She is a divorced mom and an amazing detective. A complete professional who believes in justice and is even willing to after other cops. She has no chill and constantly calls Lucifer on his shit and even this wasn’t great enough she is not just there to further Lucifer’s story lines. If anything it’s the other way around. She usually goes her own way and Lucifer follows her like a puppy

Another amazing thing about the show is that it absolutely doesn’t tolerate any toxic behavior. All characters who do shitty things whether it’s lying, committing crimes , taking other for granted etc are not only called out on it but actually suffer consequences. No matter if they are a human or an angel. Hell they even call out God several times for being an asshole who doesn’t treat his family right

And another very rare thing in shows nowadays. The female characters are not only treated with respect but they are not pitied against each other. In fact they learn to respect and outright love each other.. And yes the female characters regularly interact with each other and quite often without even mentioning the men

Watch this show. It’s worth it

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What do you think everyone's reactions to discovering Lance is Altean or part-Altean would be?

[cracks knuckles]

  • Coran would be absolutely ecstatic. he would just straight up adopt Lance right then and there. he already basically adopted Lance but now he’s signing papers and shit because Lance is his son now. Lance is fine with this
  • Allura would be pretty excited i think? because hey! our species lives on after all! (and isn’t working for the Galra either!). i feel like she’d really want to find out how Lance turned out to be part Altean too, and if there’s a possibility that there are more Alteans in his family (which there likely would be).
  • on that note: Coran and Allura want to teach him all the things about their culture and planet Altea, all the history of their kind and all that jazz. i think they’d feel it’s really important Lance knows about his heritage
  • Hunk thinks it’s the coolest thing, but also is slightly freaked out by it? because first Keith turns out to be part Galra, now Lance is part Altean, what next? is he an alien too???? is he part Balmeran????? is his skin gonna turn green?????? what the fuck 
  • Pidge thinks it’s pretty interesting and mysterious that Lance is also part alien? at first she’s like “Hunk please, don’t be ridiculous. if you were part Balmeran then i might as well be part Olkarian” 
  • later it occurs to her that she had no trouble forming that tree mecha robot thing on Olkarian and lowkey freaks out over it for the next week
  • Keith is surprised, but also kinda relived? because now there’s someone on the team that he can kinda relate to. he wants to talk to Lance about it, but doesn’t really know how to because he’s not good at making conversation. he’s surprised when Lance is the one to come to him and talk about it. Lance rants to Keith about this new discovery and how he feels about it…how he feels even more out of place because he’s not 100% human or 100% Altean… why can’t he just have his one thing that’s special about him?
  • Lance and Keith end up being venting buddies about their alien hybrid issues
  • Shiro is a loving and supporting dad like always, and is curious as to how this came to be. he also thinks it’s stupidly ironic that Lance turns out to be part Altean right after Keith finds out he’s part Galra. he’s totally in on the parallels between these two. fire and ice? red and blue? galra and altean??? are you kidding me. Shiro is like “they’re practically meant for each other”

i have this friend who i dont really talk to much everyday besides a hello and a smile and occasional conversations but every time i’m sad i text him and ask him to tell me something good and he always responds right away, no matter what time, with the purest, simple things like, “today i was thankful for my cat because we cuddled for an hour.” or “i saw the prettiest flowers.” and it’s just really sweet and he told me every day to look for the pretty things, the good things, things that make me happy and to write them down and read them every night so i could be reminded of the good around me. and i just think that that is so important and he reminded me of all the good things life has and he is so absolutely right and just too precious for earth.


Imagine Newt taking you out on a date beast hunting.


“ Oh! Oh, oh! There’s one right on you! Stay absolutely still Y/N! ” he whispered excitedly.

The way his eyes would light up when he practiced his passion made my heart beat a little faster.

He lifted the baby pygmy puff off of my shoulder and cupped his hands around it.

I got some spiders and placed them in Newts hand as the little ball of fluff ate them up in a flash.


I wanna talk about Bastian Schweinsteiger. I wanna talk about how Mourinho essentially dumped him by August, tried to ship him off. I wanna talk about how he refused to go, forced his stay, told everyone that all he wanted to do was to play for United, regardless of what the manager was going to do with him. I wanna talk about his unwavering dedication to United, his tweets supporting us every single game, cheering the boys on, celebrating our wins and mourning our losses like a team player, even though we didn’t deserve this niceness, even though he would have been absolutely within his rights to not care about us anymore. But every. single. game. he was there to say ‘let’s go, lads’, to offer his unconditional encouragement. I wanna talk about how he was forced to train with the kids, this man who’s played for years, won a football world cup, has more experience than so many people in the squad, and did it. How he buckled down and got on with it. The last player to go through this at United (Victor Valdes) didn’t handle it well, and unprofessionalism on both sides resulted in bad feeling and eventual fallout. But Bastian Schweinsteiger! Trains like he’s fighting for a place, like he believes he will get back into the first team if he works hard. Never gives up. Never thinks I’m never going to play again, I might as well not bother. Never throws a hissy fit or a strop or shades or questions the manager. It would have been so easy to start a fight with Mourinho, and hardly anyone would have blamed him for it, but he didn’t. He proved him wrong the best way - through being the amazing player everyone knows he is. I wanna talk about Bastian Schweinsteiger, whose professionalism and determination and sheer hard work has led to ninety minutes and a goal and is an inspiration, honestly, an example to old dogs everywhere that you can be kicked but you don’t have to let yourself be thrown out. His unfailing optimism. His painstaking dedication. His neverending faith. His incredible professionalism. His unwavering belief. I wanna talk about Bastian Schweinsteiger. 

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I am a fence sitter & can explain most things away but some things I just can't!! 1) Jensen's expressions - he absolutely adores Jared!! 2) the handholding at MinnCon - whichever angle I look at it from why would Jensen continue to keep his hand like that!! 3) damn is he loveable - a fandom that thinks you are gay for each other and you say about your co-star that damn is he loveable!! Sounds smitten rather than bff! 4) Move to Austin with rumours - why 5 mins away? 5) sleep with one! Odd joke!

Hello, dear anon!

I know what you mean. There are many things I can’t explain away and you just mentioned the best of them. I’m feeling nostalgic, so how about we look at them a little?

1. “Jensen’s expressions - he absolutely adores Jared!!

Right? The sheer love and adoration in Jensen’s eyes moves me to my core. That is not how I look at my friends, not even the closest ones. How lucky they are to have each other!

2. “the handholding at MinnCon - whichever angle I look at it from why would Jensen continue to keep his hand like that!!

Originally posted by honey-chris

The fan says to Jensen that he’s her favourite and Jensen just sneaks his hand to hold Jared’s while he does the comedy elbows for the audience. I can’t tell you how much I love this moment. (Another angle)

3. “damn is he loveable - a fandom that thinks you are gay for each other and you say about your co-star that damn is he loveable!! Sounds smitten rather than bff!

What I see here is both of them being incredibly ballsy. Not only did they dare to share these videos, Jensen caption this kissy video like that as well. I can still hardly believe this actually happened. (My post here)

4. “Move to Austin with rumours - why 5 mins away?

You know how one sometimes gets the irresistable urge to respond with a vague “For reasons”? This is one of those moments. Just kidding! Of course there’s something to read on the matter. If you’re interested in some tinhatty views of how that came to be, look here. Here’s a little something as well.

5. “sleep with one! Odd joke!

(Gif by the invaluable @one-soul-two-brothers) Oh boy. This is the mother of all slip-ups! This is definitely difficult to explain away… Do you know what the non-believers are saying? That he responded on Jared’s behalf. *scratches head* Yeaaaahhh… I don’t know how that could be. (Posts: 1, 2, 3)

Anyway, thanks for reminding me of these great moments! If you need a pillow to make your fence a little more comfortable, you need only holler and I’ll bring you one. I hope you’re having a fabulous day!