Oikawa is a proud dad.

A little thing I made after talking about single dad Oikawa AU with a friend ////
Daddykawa is probably that kind of a dad who always screams “THAT’S MY SON” from the crowd

For Women Who Are Difficult to Love (Warsan Shire)

you are a horse running alone
and he tries to tame you
compares you to an impossible highway
to a burning house
says you are blinding him
that he could never leave you
forget you
want anything but you
you dizzy him, you are unbearable
every woman before or after you
is doused in your name
you fill his mouth
his teeth ache with memory of taste
his body just a long shadow seeking yours
but you are always too intense
frightening in the way you want him
unashamed and sacrificial
he tells you that no man can live up to the one who
lives in your head
and you tried to change didn’t you?
closed your mouth more
tried to be softer
less volatile, less awake
but even when sleeping you could feel
him travelling away from you in his dreams
so what did you want to do love
split his head open?
you can’t make homes out of human beings
someone should have already told you that
and if he wants to leave
then let him leave
you are terrifying
and strange and beautiful
something not everyone knows how to love.

That feel when tumblr fucks up yer theme, and your waifu is dead, and you still haven’t fought Miles Luna, and it starts raining when you’re playing Pokemon GO so you gotta use your trusty iPhone as a dryPhone, and your team mate wants to lures to attract pokemon (and girls), and someone throws you into your other team mate’s dick, and chair blogs reblog your posts, and other profound thoughts.
I forgot where I was going with this post.
Bare with me while I fix our theme

Love 💖 not Admin Scarlet 💖

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One of Them (Voltron: Legendary Defender)

Based on this post by @littleconan . Give all due credit to the original artist, please!

One of Them

Keith holds his breath.

He shouldn’t. He shouldn’t, because he knows that nothing good ever comes from expecting things to go well. Especially when something as complex and easily-broken as a relationship is on the line. Especially when the thing he hopes others will accept is so abhorrent that even he has a hard time accepting it sometimes. Especially since he’s spent the past ten years bracing himself for the worst whenever someone finds out, and he’s never been wrong.

Especially when the one who discovers him this time has spent twelve long months being tortured by the species he doesn’t want to call his own.

But something has told him that maybe, just maybe, this time could be different. He trusts them. They’re his friends. And, despite that, when they find out, he runs.

He should have stayed. Then, maybe, he could have calmly explained what had happened and why he hadn’t told them. Then, maybe, they would be more likely to realize that he isn’t some Galra spy. Then, maybe, his normal self would shine through, past the purple skin and furred ears and yellow eyes, and they would know that it’s Keith.

Then, maybe, he wouldn’t have ended up here, arms wrapped protectively around his middle as he glares across the room, anticipating judgment from the one person he fears can end his life without breaking a sweat.

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The sweet scent of rain hints in the air tonight… Perhaps it is my imagination, but it reminded me. We pray together as a family every night; giving thanks for the miracles of the day, for those we love, and asking for our needs and desires. Tonight we prayed for rain to come soon.

A few days ago, I had put away.. in a safe place…a toy that my son has wanted and earned, so safe that I couldn’t fund it. He has been struggling with going to summer school and anything different. I very much want him to know that he can receive guidance and direction. So, after he and I searched fruitlessly, with a prayer in my heart, I called him to me where we prayed together. We then began looking again and found it immediately. After a prayer of thanks, we were off to school to show his teacher the toy he earned.

We each have guidance available to us, should we listen, to give direction and comfort in life. I know as he practices asking and listening his life will be enriched.

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I'm fucking done. Leafu says he likes us, then the next day joins in on the sarcastic remarks, and shit talking.

I know, I haven’t really voiced my opinion but I will here. I think it’s bs what he’s done and it really makes me question if he actually cares about us you know?

I’ve low key followed the community for a while on tumblr and everything’s seemed pretty peaceful but as soon as Calvin had a slight interaction with a platform other than Twitter, Twitter freak out and go crazy and start throwing hate.

If he’s going to say anything it should have been supporting all of his fans and showing that he cares. Not getting caught up in pitty drama and siding with the people who are throwing hate at the other fans.

I have no idea what he will do next but I hope it’s fast and positive because people just want to leave and it’s absolutely unfair and uncalled for for how he’s treated us. I literally just properly came into this fandom and I don’t want it to break down but Clavin is kind of the main leader of all this in the end and it’s his move but he needs to do something and quick.

Family Relations

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2asT90Q

by impalagirl, wilddragonflying

Derek’s been living peacefully in New York City for going on five years when his half-brother, Scott McCall, calls him up to tell him a friend recently lost their alpha and the alpha’s family is being a bag of dicks about inheritance, and his friend already has one child with another on the way. “I know you don’t like omegas,” Scott had pleaded, “but please; he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.”

Derek, because he had never been able to say no to Scott’s puppy eyes - even when they were pulled out over the phone where Derek couldn’t even see them - eventually agreed. Of course, he probably should have asked what the omega’s name was.

Words: 30345, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 44 of Roleplays

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2asT90Q
Checkmate, Ch. 2

Sorry this took so long! I’m at the beach and it’s a little frantic. Back now!
Warnings: violence
She should have called. He chewed his lip, tapping his foot on the floor. He stared at his phone, silently willing it to ring, even when it should have rang seven hours ago. It was dark outside. He still waited.
Come on.
Y/N always called after her lunch break. It was law; out of the small time they got to see each other, talk to each other in the way they wanted to, lunchtime calls were important.
Spencer looked up. Hotch stood at the entrance to his office, a very grim and controlled expression on his face. Penelope stood a little bit behind him, her face white, fingers fidgeting with her lanyard.
He had a bad feeling.
He didn’t know how bad it would be.

“Say hi to the camera, Y/N. Won’t you?”
She didn’t say hi. What she did say was a stream of curse words in all of the languages she could think of, from Portuguese to Swahili to Mandarin. She trusted that Spencer would understand them.
Her head throbbed-had she been hit? She didn’t remember anything after being put into the van. He must have knocked her out. Now here she was, her clothes gone except for her underwear, tied to a Cold metal chair, shaking like a leaf. Oh, and her eyes were covered. It was a nice touch. Keep her disoriented, confused. When she woke up, head lolling, she feared she was blind-until she recognized the feeling of fabric.
Wherever she was, it was gross. It smelled dank, musty. Something whirred softly in a corner. A generator?
“Play nice,” he chided, before a blinding pain exploded across her thigh.
She screamed for half a second before biting it back. Come on…. Dad trained you for this…. She took deep, gulping breaths of the gross air, clenching her fists.
“Little Y/N here is in the confessional. Reason for the blindfold and dark atmosphere. Until she confesses, I’m afraid she’ll be here for a while.” His tone was pleasant, and caused a wave of nausea to roll over her. “Of course, priestly hours end at sunset…. So what happens after that will NOT be on video.
"You’ve got a few minutes before your hours are over.”

Spencer’s white knuckled grip on the table was plain to see. The tv screen showcased a horror that he thought he would never see again. Shaking, he shut his eyes tight.
“You would die for her?!”
The gunshot echoed in his head, bouncing around with echoes of sobbing, a comforting voice, a new laugh, a soft song…
“Garcia, the signal,” Hotch said sharply. His grip on the table was as tight as Spencer’s, his face white. “Now!”
“I’m t-trying,” she stammered, tears streaming down her cheeks, Derek standing behind her with a protective hand on her shoulder as her fingers flew over her keyboard. “He’s bouncing it off a ton of towers, I-I don’t know if I can pinpoint it in-”
“Do it NOW!” Hotch roared, spinning around and throwing a folder in her direction. Garcia jumped as it hit the wall and Derek glared at him.
“Do you like it when he does this?” The crackly voice of the man dressed as a priest permeated the tense atmosphere and demanded attention to the screen. They all spun to see the man biting deep into Y/N’s shoulder. She gasped, a tight, pained sound. It was obvious she was holding back a scream.
“Or this?” He slid his hand up her neck gently, almost lovingly, to her hair, yanking it back and digging his nails into her scalp. Even in the dim light, it was plain to see he was enjoying every moment of it, and she was shaking.
“The rest of it isn’t too holy… Good thing our time is almost up, isn’t it?” He laughed and walked toward the camera, covering her figure in the chair. “See you at sunrise. Perhaps she’ll be in a confessing mood then.”
“Garcia…” Hotch warned through clenched teeth.
“Almost!” She squealed, her fingers flying even faster.
The picture shut off. The room was silent. Emily and JJ had solemn, somber faces. Hotch was staring out the window in pain. Derek was holding a sobbing Penelope, his face pale.
Spencer hadn’t stopped staring at the tv screen. His whole body began to shake. An odd buzzing filled his ears.
“Spence?” The voice was far away. It was JJ’s. He paid it no mind. “What’s wrong?”
He shut his eyes tightly, before saying softly:
“Me. He was talking about ME.”

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do you still ship phan after dans new video??

Yes! and I honestly do not know why people are saying Dan “disproved Phan” either LOL… like hes always called phil his friend, i dont know why this time its different?? like what do u think he should have said “just another white guy that people ship with his boyfriend” like ??? hardcore phantis are just .. exceedingly bitter ok its funny

The Alpha On Screen

For: merakilyy for the USUK Summer Festival Exchange 2016

Prompt: Omegaverse soulmate celebrity au

Summary: Arthur Kirkland, a famous celebrity, gets a call on his day off that will change his career. 

Arthur watched with disinterest at the television in front of him as it showed him a new and upcoming Alpha star. He was on some late night talk show chattering away about his new single or whatever it was he did. Arthur couldn’t care less. All he knew was that this Alpha was going to be like all the rest. Insensitive, greedy, and idiotic. He sighed and grabbed the remote to switch it to a more entertaining channel. It was his first real day off in a long time so Arthur was determined to be as lazy as possible and enjoy himself. So far it was more difficult than it should have been.

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Things to consider, moving forward:

  • I am not traditionally feminine.  This might make people uncomfortable (because life sucks and I had the misfortune of being born a girl).  To rectify this (and make my wardrobe look more “professional” and “feminine”) consider wearing a necklace or something to “complete the look” or w/e
  • Eat lunch with coworkers even though it makes me uncomfortable, because it might make me look “personable” even though I participate otherwise
  • What I really need is an internship where I’m not the ONLY ONE doing what I’m doing.  I am prone to becoming isolated because of how I handle myself, especially professionally.  This does not make me come across as social, it makes me look like I don’t like working with others (which is untrue).
  • Don’t do anything unpaid, because I don’t have enough motivation to get enough sleep the night before and then have trouble keeping my eyes open while at work.  (This is a personal failing that I barely manage to get right on a good day tbh)
  • Consider looking into jobs that involve scientists or JUST other editors to up my chances of having something in common.
  • Do not work actively with PR and Marketing.  Bad idea.  Not good.
  • Join a club to prove to my dad that I know how to socialize even though I don’t always enjoy it.

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Perc'ildan prompt: they get lost trying to find their way back to camp? Arguing happens and Vax kisses Percy to shut him up?

Vax runs his fingers along a small strip of red cloth. The fragment is looped harmlessly around a twig, and should have marked the end of the trail that Vax had carefully left behind. He glances around, eyes keen even in the dim light, but he doesn’t see the faintly luminous purple archway that leads to Scanlan’s Magical Mansion. 

However, he does see another piece of scrap fabric, white this time, tied to another branch twenty or so feet ahead. Vax glances behind him, where he was sure that scrap of white fabric should have been. It’s not there. The only reason Vax is sure he hasn’t accidentally been turned around, is because Percy is standing there. And the gunslinger has been studiously following behind him. Somehow the trail has been altered. The trees are playing a trick on them. Or some fey-denizen is.

“I hate the Feywild,” Vax states blandly.

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oh my godddd, can u explain what the hell is happening in that screencap where kataoka is patting eijun's head? i'm literally so lost, why does he look so pissed :~(

It’s hard to say why exactly Eijun is pissed off. In that screencap Kataoka said that Eijun saved the team and he apologized for putting Eijun in such situation.

Now, why Eijun is angry? There are a few possibilities:

1) He is pissed at the late time of pitcher’s switch. Furuya had been throwing badly, his pitches count was very high and ultimately he should have been switched earlier, which brings us to #2 option.

2) Eijun is angry at current “rules” in the team. Remember, when he joined the team Tanba was stripped off of #1 because he made a mistake and for the same reason Masuko was demoted to 2nd string. And now what? It’s another situation where Furuya screws things up, but no one seems to mind. We didn’t even get to see Miyuki trying to sort Failura out. He and Kawakami would be subbed out immediately, and Furuya was allowed to play for 5 innings, losing 5 points? Mind you, it wouldn’t look too well if Kataoka punished any player during a game, but, well, Eijun is a teenager. He could overlook that.

3) Memories of the previous team. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eijun remembered how his previous coach could be sorry when he team was losing. Eijun was the one, who created that team and tried hard to make sure they would win - so now Eijun may be thinking that Kataoka shouldn’t apologize yet. It’s not the end of the match yet. And later Kataoka, along with Miyuki, can apologize to the whole team, because they really showed how brainless they are: being wiling to sacrifice a match for Failura.

4) Miyuki says one thing, but does another. Remember, how he was saying before the game that a battery cannot fall into trap of being easy to read and predictable? And then Failura with Miyuki became easy to read and predictable. Also, Miyuki is always first to point out when Eijun does something wrong during a game, but he was quiet the whole time Failura was destroying Seidou’s chance at winning.

If my guessing is right, I’d say Eijun is angry because of every of those possibilities. To sum everything up:

  • it’s not the end of the game so be quiet, coach, and let me handle things
  • for your all “I won’t sacrifice the team for Furuya” you surely just were willing to do that
  • Miyuki should follow his own advice
  • why are everyone so hell bent on having Furuya on a mound while he, Eijun, and Kawakami never got such chance even if they proved themselves to be better pitchers?

For now we can only guess that reason of Eijun’s anger, Anon.

Seven reasons to watch Voltron Legendary Defender

1) Hunk

Utter cinnamon roll
Really great friend
Has the whole ‘gentle giant’ thing going on, but also HELLA SMART
Like, dude, he doesn’t bring it up much but this man is INTELLIGENT
Also, headband

2) Coran

Quirky as heck
Should be hugged frequently (and would probably be okay with that)
Knows when to be serious
Is that insane uncle we all wish we had

3) Allura

Space princess
Space princess who DOES STUFF
And has choices that MATTER and have REPERCUSSIONS
Low-key badass
Has space mice friends who also do stuff

4) Lance

Space Sokka
Family = important and team = family
Succeeds when he’s not trying
Bit of a walking shitpost, in the best way
Has a hygiene regime

5) Keith

Baby edgelord
Excellent fighter but doesn’t brag about it
Secretly cares for his teammates
Sounds like he should be that one annoying character
Isn’t that one annoying character, is precious

6) Shiro

Space dad
Should have PTSD after what he’s been through… and does
Excellent leader
All-around decent human being
Protect him, he’s suffered enough

7) Pidge

Is Pidge
Reprograms alien tech to work for them
Mods all the tech
Secretly a tiny ninja
Unexpectedly hardcore

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I am SO HAPPY to see your treatment of Minato because he's one of my absolute faves and I think of him much like you do (he's ruthless he's tactical he's got the capacity for using his family) and nobody ever seems to portray him like that. Long before the manga ended I had a headcanon that Naruto might come under pressure to change his surname to Namikaze since Minato's so famous and he'd refuse bc Minato chose "being a Hokage" over "being a dad" by sealing Kyuubi into him. Good hero bad dad

I think a lot of people tend to overlook his ruthless side because they want him to be a good dad. After everything Naruto went through in the series, it’s natural to want Minato to be everything Naruto should have had. But…he chose to sacrifice his newborn baby to a miserable, lonely life for the sake of the village. I don’t believe that he was blind enough to believe that the village would consider Naruto a hero - he was supposed to have a decent understanding of human nature - and knowing that…he was a great leader, but not a great father. To believe he is, you have to overlook a very large part of his character, and it frustrates me when people do. He was made Hokage for a reason, and it wasn’t solely for his peacekeeping skills.