theres some beardy blond lumberjack running around in the cap costume and i cant find steve

1:27 of Jaehyun singing acapella 

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uh there's also the fact that phil could be posting a super old picture and we would never know? doesn't he do that a lot? this could be one of the smartest covers of all time, throwing everyone off the scent while they prepare to move in the next few weeks. stay alert people!

o h sh it,…  

wow can’t believe i owe da’vonne my life for voting nicole over paul and being the tie-breaker that saved us from a paul win….

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lmao there is a clear marked difference between how white people are taking reactions to magnus’ cutting remark to alec (‘don’t praise magnus’) versus people of color who are hyped up at an asian man getting to be messy instead of the all accepting boyfriend

idk there’s a lot of pearl clutching about the jokes and i feel like there’s a racial divide to it 🤔

Little Stand Off | Thrawn, Ysalamir, Pellaeon, C’baoth | Star Wars

IDK what to say other than, this was one of my favorite scenes in the Thrawn Trilogy.  Mostly because of Pellaeon hiding behind Thrawn and the ysalamir (can you blame him?)… but also that C’baoth totally had a Force tantrum and Thrawn just like, arched an eyebrow.  xD

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)


I want you to take a moment to consider the fact all of Daehyun’s pained screams and grief-stricken sobs from the Skydive filming are something we will never get to hear. All of the heart-rending and incredible acting that we only got the visual end of, lost to the void.