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Hey, what are your thoughts on the "secret behind the ackerman power" thing? I think their power source is kinda... banal. I don't know. I expected something else than "need to protect the loved ones" old boring trope.

I’m probably in the minority but I liked the idea of descendants of a clan being tasked with protecting a monarchy. it’s kind of like the special forces protecting their motherland. but it’s less the blind servitude and more the “fucking shredded and built to protect” that appeals to me. I’m less keen on the fact that they’re inherently wired with super strength but it’s still kind of cool to me that it’s something that’s activated when they’re under extreme duress or whatever. and regardless, we know that levi and mikasa DO train hard (to perfect their abs) to build their skills so it’s not like they’re just naturally gifted with these abilities necessarily. I don’t think levi would be as good a fighter if kenny hadn’t taught him to fight and survive in the underground, and I dont think mikasa would be as strong if she didn’t continually train and chop wood (lmao) to keep her body in prime condition. so a part of it IS earned which makes me forgive the “ackermagic” aspect. 

I’m not keen at all on this weird concept that they attach to like one person to serve almost to the point where it seems like they have little autonomy over their own behaviour in regards to that “one person”. it almost sounds like imprinting (WHAT IS THIS? TWILIGHT?) and I think it does a disservice to their characters because it removes what could be a really fascinating multi-faceted character motivation behind why they attach to the person, and levi and mikasa (kenny is the beautiful exception) are in dire need of some fucking undignified messy humanity. I dont dig the zombie-like dedication they often show to their person like mikasa to eren and levi to erwin. I probably wouldn’t mind if they had a bit more human messiness in them. 

I think that’s why hange is my stone cold favourite because she’s got so much going on, she’s multifaceted as fuck. she’s not just an eccentric titan-obsessed mad scientist (that would get so boring after a while) but we know she’s also interested in botany and history and invention, she’s a compassionate and empathetic person but who struggles with anger and her temper and can turn around and be stone cold enough to torture someone, she can be an undignified klutz who screams because she punched someone in the face TOO hard and it hurt her goddamn fist, she can be wreckless and ruthless but is also able to be a very level-headed analytical soldier who commands enough respect to be, well, selected for command. and retains a fucking sense of humour in dire situations (claiming she was trying to annihilate a cockroach to cover up a moment of anger and sadness or joking that sasha has defeated them all after losing loved ones in a battle). hange has so much humanity and is so interesting because she’s so messy and contradictory and complex. 

so I guess that’s my main qualm with the ackerman gig is levi and mikasa are just TOO refined and perfect. kenny was great because he was an ackerman with the same gifts but he was also a human disaster. and I much prefer levi and mikasa to have more equal footing and autonomy in their interactions with others, because it’s like wow hey they actually say and do more interesting things with these characters as opposed to “bby let me protect you, I will lay down my life for you, I will follow your every order because I have unflinching and unbreakable loyalty” like it’s boring and almost feels like they have no sense of self beyond serving and protecting those people. it’s very one-track minded and feels stale a lot of the time. there have been exceptions which I loved, like levi threatening to break erwin’s fucking legs if he didn’t listen to him. but I prefer the ackermans interactions with characters they’re on more equal footing with because they’re always more interesting, like levi cracking an actual smile with the teenagers after historia beats his ass or making shit jokes with hange or mikasa consoling armin after he kills someone, or her interactions with sasha which are always hilarious. that’s my main qualm with the ackerman “wired to attach and serve” aspect. 

Gotham 2016 Issue 5 Late Fall - Men on the Move (x)

Age: 32.
How you know him: He’s got one of those leading-man faces you start seeing everywhere—Next to Normal on Broadway, Grease Live! on Fox, the Les Misérables film.
New York fave: “One spot that I end up at almost every day—this is so lame—is Hu Kitchen. I have some food allergy situations. It’s paleo, organic, glutenfree, and really good.”
What’s next: Better Off Single, in theaters October 7. “It’s a romantic comedy from a guy’s point of view.”
Inspiration: “Hugh Jackman—the way he moves back and forth between stage and screen. In Les Miz, despite having the most to do, he was the nicest person on set. I look to that as an example I want to follow.”

Aaron is part of a Broadway feature in the latest Gotham magazine, currently available for free in its entirety digitally here, and through subscription/eventual single-issue sale here.


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