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Klance Fic Recs, AU Settings I

Okay so I might end up making multiple parts for AU settings. This one contains mostly occupational/hobby/setting AU stuff. So unless an AU fic prominently featured a certain element, it’ll go on another list. So there are some College AUs, 2 Soulmate AUs, and maybe a few others. 


house on fire by ilgaksu
When Lance McClain is eighteen, he qualifies for the Olympics.

When he’s nineteen, he meets Keith.

Correlation does not mean cause, until it totally does.

your love is bright as ever by aknightley (gymnast!Keith, swimmer!Lance)
A brief interlude in the future of the Olympic AU, Christmas with Keith and Lance and their cats.

“This always looks easier in those made for television movies,” Keith tells Blue, who rolls over and out of his lap, chasing her own bits of tinsel.

In It To Win It by Lucy_Claire
One of two things was happening right now, either Lance was having a heart attack on of the biggest day of his life, or he had just laid eyes on his Soulmate.

Competitive swimmer Lance McClain feels his Timer counting down right when he’s about to jump in the water and finish up his race. He’s faced with two choices in this moment: Continue the race and miss meeting his Soulmate at their fateful time or abandon his life’s work for someone he never met.Lance makes his choice and has to suffer the consequence of never getting back what he missed out on. Or does he?

Ocean Eyes by spacezuko
Lance himself doesn’t even believe in his own abilities. He is drowning in his own pool of desire to be everything that he claims he is. Everything that he wants to be. Keith wonders if he’s broken Lance because he doesn’t say a word, his eyes filled with something opaque that Keith can’t quite pinpoint the meaning of. Lance’s eyes are a deep blue. Not the typical morning sky blue, but the kind of ocean blue one wants to drown in.

With legs like these by Queerswimming
In which Lance finds out that there’s a pool in the castle and challenges Keith to a race.

Lance did NOT think this through. Because not a single thing in this universe could’ve prepare him for the sight of Keith in nothing but a red pair of swimming trunks.

Keith has one arm bend behind his head and stretches it with the other. His back arches beautifully, presenting Lance a perfect view of his well-defined torso. At least the last thing Lance sees right before he dies are those ripped abs.

Mistakes were made by Lynn1998
Lance can’t stand the captain of the football team…so why is he having sex with him?
Part 1 of skinny band nerd takes it up the ass from the beefcake football captain series

Ice Skating/Hockey
On Thin Ice (WIP) by Minadora
Once upon a time, two Canadian nerds decided to start a figure skating au about their two space sons and their wonderful misfit friends. Ten pages of headcanons later we finally put electronic pen to electronic paper and created this monstrosity.

This multi-chapter fic chronicles the lives of a hockey player named Keith who gets forcibly enlisted into figure skating lessons by his brother, Shiro, to “work on his footwork”. There he meets a pompous - yet talented - figure skater named Lance and gets swept away by both the sport and the skater.Enjoy the ride because it’s only just started.

Kiss My Ice (WIP) by delictor
Lance hasn’t skated in a year since the accident that cost him the Olympics. Keith can’t skate for shit but that doesn’t stop him from catching Lance’s attention, even when he can’t so much as stand up after falling on the ice.

‘When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.’

“Soon as we’re off this ice you’re dead.” Keith’s threat is an empty one and he knows Lance can tell by the way he laughs at it.
“Serious question though, do you not know who I am?” Lance questions.
“Should I?”
“No, I guess not.” Lance shrugs. “I’m gonna twirl you, okay?”
“No, no don't—wait!” Keith cries out as he’s suddenly viewing the entire arena and his legs go rigid before colliding into Lance’s chest, his chest rising and falling with laughter, hands gripping Keith’s upper arms gently. “Put me back on land.”
“Technically, we are on land.”
“We’re on frozen water, get me off it.”

Quidditch (Non Hogwarts AU)
The Marks We Make (WIP) by wittyy_name
Lance McClain constantly dreams of the day he’ll finally meet his mysterious soulmate. They don’t say much, if anything at all, but they leave him with gorgeous paintings temporarily tattooing his skin. It’s not exactly the situation he hoped for, but when he feels the connection between them, he can’t bring himself to resent them. As much as he wishes his soulmate would just talk to him, he’s resigned himself to being patient. In the meantime, he has a loving family and good friends to help him get by.

Keith Kogane dreads the day he’ll finally meet his obnoxious soulmate. He’s just an art student who’s struggling to find his place in the world. There’s so much he hasn’t been able to control in his life, and the thought of having a soulmate, just another thing in his life which he also has no control over yet can’t do anything about, is a little terrifying. So he ignores the words that occasionally appear on his skin. He has other things to focus on: like being a new student at a big university where his childhood friend and step-brother go.

Surfers (mostly surfer!Lance)
Should I Stand Up on Fear (And Tell You How I Feel?) by Lulatic
“So, it’s really a good thing that Lance got distracted before he dragged you out there with him,” Hunk chuckled. “I guess flirting became more important than your guys’ rivalry.’

Keith blushed again, looking away with a huff. “Yeah, whatever. He’ll probably be distracted long enough that I can go back to the Castle before he decides I need some surfing lessons.”

Pidge laughed, that kind of cheeky giggle that made Keith and Hunk look over at them with wide eyes. Pidge raised a single eyebrow at Keith, grinning mischievously. “Oh, but you won’t be going back to the Castle any time soon, now will you? Not when Lance is out there, soaking wet, wearing nothing but a pair of swimming trunks.”

Pride Tide by lemoninagin
He’d stared up, watched the differing patches of sunlight play the most stunning array of colored patterns across Keith’s pale face as he grinned mischievously over him. Time slowed, his own breathing became laboured and caught in his throat.

“You can teach me, right?” Keith had asked in a shyer voice than usual, brushing the tangled mess of his windswept hair away from his eyes and cocking his head towards the boards.

Save his smile by Queerswimming
Keith wants to protect Lance’s smile and finds his answer at the beach. Starring an awkward Keith, Surfer Lance and Hunk playing a giant ice berg.

Lance caresses the wood gently. His eyes turn soft as he speaks. “My big brother taught me how to build a board.” He laughs softly. “I always messed it up though. I wasn’t patient enough to do it right.“ He taps on the wood and looks at Keith with a sad smile that knocks the breath out of Keith lungs.

“Who would have thought that I would build a surf board in space though.”

He laughs at that but Keith can tell that Lance is faking it. He always can.

Roller Derby
Like Devo by surveycorpsjean
As rival jammers, they’re rough, skating around the rink, giving bruises, bloody noses, broken ribs and snapped fingers-

But when the cops show up, Keith grabs his hand and yanks Lance into the storm drain.

And thats how they start dating.

Purple Lamborghini by warschach
“I need you to focus on this race. No more hate flirting with Keith as much as I enjoy it. I like winning more.”

He scoffed, “I don’t flirt.”

“Then stop saying you’re going to teach him how to ride.”

“I was talking about driving. Duh,” Lance countered with an attitude mastered purely by Valley girls and entitled customers.

“Yea, Lance it doesn’t come off like that at all. It sounds like you’re gonna fuck him.”

“I’m not.”

ARTISTS (also including Musicians and Modeling)

Pretty Boy by MilkTeaMiku (photographer!Keith)
A pretty Spanish boy shoves a bouquet of flowers under his nose and tells him to stop and smell the roses, so Keith does.

Roommates by manamune (photographer!Lance, artist!Keith)
(13:24) Lance: Thank you!! Love you, Keith!!!

(13:55) Keith: I’m screenshotting that for the next time you deny it.

Sight for Sore Eyes by writewild
Photographer!Lance’s deadline for the magazine he works on the side for is coming up really soon, and has to search last-minute photo opportunities soon. One boy catches his eye.

Riptide by songsofthespring (photographer!keith, surfer!Lance)
Keith fumbles with the camera around his neck and lines up a shot. The boy coasting down a wave, one hand kissing the water. Keith zooms in as far as his lens will allow him. Droplets frame the boy’s brown skin and cling to his hair and chest. His eyes, little pinpricks of light from this distance, are nevertheless still recognizably as bright as the ocean itself. It looks like he could be dancing when he rides a wave; every part of his lanky frame seems to merge with the board and the ocean beneath him.

He’s beautiful.

Foreign Scenes  by bwyn
Lance has been dreaming of travelling since the first time he heard stories from his family as a child. Now, having finally the time and money to do it, he goes on a trip to Europe to see some of the most culturally rich cities on the continent. Except he keeps bumping into the same guy over and over again, in random cities, doing stupid shit, and ultimately dragging Lance into his trouble, too.

Basically an AU in which Lance and Keith become impromptu travel buddies and get into trouble.

7 Days to Fall For You by saiikavon (artist!Keith, ballerina!Lance)

Keith is an art student who mostly keeps to himself, taking note of the beauty in life but keeping his distance from it. This includes the beautiful dancer he sees across the street from his apartment…until a week-long art project pushes him to change that.

(For Klance Secret Santa 2016)

And Now You’re Mine (WIP) by Samyx914 (some artist!Keith)
“No, really. I’ve been thinking about that movie since I got up and that’s the only copy they have and I want it.”

“But, I was faster.”

“But, I want to watch it.” The stranger laughs.

“Well, you could always come home with me to watch it.” He says with a wink.

“Okay.” The stranger’s eyes widen. What the fuck, Keith? No. You don’t go home with strangers… Anymore. 

In which Keith wants to watch a movie, so he goes to find it at Walmart. When there’s only one copy left and someone else picks it up first, his only option is to go home with a stranger. Keith didn’t count on this stranger being so easy to fall for.

Visions by becca2793
"It’s funny, because as a tattoo artist he makes art that lasts pretty much forever – as far as the person who has it is concerned – but a street artist…their art lasts maybe a couple of days.”

Keith comes in for a tattoo; Lance immediately falls in love. With his art. His love for Keith comes later.

Take the Easel Way Out by svensationalist
Oh no, he’s hot, Lance thinks while he’s dying.

(Pidge elbows Lance sharply a little while later. “You’re not dying, dumbass,” they whisper. “Pay attention, the pose started.”)


Written for klanceweek day 1, “Red/Blue”. Art class AU where Lance can’t focus because one of the new life drawing models is too attractive.

Cute as Fcuk by anonymouschupacabra
Even though he had never seen the hot guy before in the year that he’d been going to college, it was like the dam had broken, because Lance saw him everywhere. From the sculpture rooms, to the library, to the cafeteria, the guy was everywhere Lance was, and it only made it that much harder to ignore the hot buzzing he felt inside every time he saw him.

7 Days to Fall For You by saiikavon (ballerina!Lance) see above ^

i bet you look good on the dance floor by xShieru
“So like in 'Step Up’?”
Allura shrugs. “Now that you put it like that - yes. I guess it’s just like in 'Step Up’.”
The smile that she sends Shiro’s way - followed by a shy wave, eugh - is sickening to say the least, and Lance still doesn’t believe in dance camps


Lance McClain’s dancing career begins and ends with Keith.

Keith just wants to find out what Lance’s deal is.

you raise me up by rhapsodyinpink
“What, you don’t think I look like Patrick Swayze?”

Keith snickers. “Absolutely not. You are Jennifer Grey in this situation.”

“That’s a fair point. Nobody puts me in a corner,” replies Lance, nodding seriously, before his expression turns mischievous.

“So then…are you saying you want to call me Baby?”

Keith flushes red, but stands his ground as he leans in closer. “Are you saying you want me to?”

Shut Up and Dance With Me (WIP) by wittyy_name
Lance and his friends have been regulars at the Altea Dance Studio for years. Not just for classes, but to hang out, practice, and spend time with good people who love dancing. Every year, they audition to be one of the few representing Altea at the regional dance competition. Lance always auditions solo, but this year he misses out on auditions and blows his chance to participate. And so does his self-proclaimed rival, Keith.

Luckily, Shiro comes up with a brilliant plan: convince Lance and Keith to audition as a duo.

With a little convincing, and a lot of effort, these two might just be able to pull it off and go to regionals… or they might crash and burn.

That Would Be Alright by icedsonder
And call it spur of the moment, his exacerbated pining over past few months, or even his own alcohol impaired judgment, but Keith let his inhibitions take a backseat as he took a step forward and pressed his forehead against Lance’s to sing his next lines.

“I know I’ll fall in love with you, baby”

Musically Insane by myparadisepalace
It had only taken Lance three days after becoming the blue paladin to realize there were no instruments in the castle. And even if there were, Lance figured they’d be too obscure and strange for him to be able to play.

PROFESSIONS (i.e. cops, doctors, EMTs, waiters)

Counting in Code by DLanaDHZ
There was no one better in the field. The Voltron Force was efficient and deadly, and they took no new recruits. They were hand-picked, and though they didn’t always get along, they were family. Under the stress of a mission, the team counted each other as a way to calm down and focus. But Keith couldn’t count, because counting meant he knew where everyone was, and right now all he had was a pair of bloody dog tags in place of his partner.

blink if you want me by xShieru
He wakes up to Pidge’s face hovering above him. “You gotta stop running into him like this.”
“Dude, he fucking shot me.”
“I know. We saw.”


A hitmen AU wherein two thirsty assholes fall for each other and then jeopardize their respective missions because of it.

Retail/Food (waiters/cashiers/clerks)
Melt With You by dumpsterdiva
If you ask Keith what summer means to him, he’ll say shitty weather, a bag of quarters, sticky blue raspberry kisses, and not-quite-midnight sandwiches.

Summer job AU at the pier feat. Keith as a shaved ice slave and Lance as an aquarium camp counselor.

You Dropped a Bomb by quartetship
Lance loved his job.

OR: The Klance LUSH au

Tollbooth Operator
Drive Me Crazy by battleshidge
Keith stared blankly at the tollbooth operator for a moment before trying to stifle a groan. Somehow, he always managed to get the booth with the flirtatious attendant, a lanky brown-haired man with clear blue eyes and a confident grin. It didn’t matter that he changed what lane he went through—at least three times a week on his way home from work, Keith was forced to suffer through the horrendous flirts that this man tossed his way.

Taxi Driver
Finish What You Started by battleshidge
“You were right,” Keith breathed, looking up at Lance with a fire in his eyes. “I did start this,” he lifted his chin, pressing a soft kiss to Lance’s jaw. And another. And another. Lance thought it was torture—sweet, sweet torture. And then that challenge sparked in Keith’s eyes again as he asked, tone low and resonant, “Are you going to finish it?”

Pizza Delivery
You Stole a Pizza My Heart by KaSaPe
Keith just wanted a pizza. The cute delivery boy with the weird grin and stupid flirting (?) had other plans.

Or: Keith just doesn’t get Lance’s flirting. At all.

six foot dive (WIP) by shizuoh
“I’m bisexual,” Lance says.

Keith furrows his eyebrows. “Good… for you?”

“I’d like to buy you a drink,” he starts, and grins, “and then get sexual.”

Keith shoves him into the water.

(or: lance and his family go to california for a two-month vacation. cue hot lifeguard keith gyeong-kogane.)

Lessons by amycoolz and SylviaW1991
Keith has been nothing but a thorn in Lance’s side since the mullet-haired ass first walked into the classroom. But when he decides to get himself shoved into the deep end and, wow, can’t even swim, Lance has to save his pretty self and then Pidge volunteers him to teach Keith how to swim. Great. Just great.

Racing Heartbeats and Hospital Bedsheets by screwtodayimsleeping (nurse!Keith)
Me: Hunk
Me: Buddy
Me: emergency!!!!
HunkyBae: what’s up, lance? Are they not letting you out of the hospital yet?
Me: the male nurse that took my blood was probably the sexiest person i’ve ever seen
Me: and im literally wearing two sheets as an outfit

BUSINESSES (e.g. Coffeeshop, flower shop, animal shelter)

eyes wide to you with wonder by aknightley
Keith doesn’t dislike his job, but he definitely dislikes Lance. Probably. Maybe.

“Coran thinks you’ll bang at the Christmas party but I think that’s giving you guys way too much credit,” Pidge says thoughtfully. “Hunk is a romantic. He thinks Lance is gonna ask you out any day now. I think he’s got a week or so before he owes me like a hundred bucks.”

“Pidge, what the fuck?” Keith says, flustered. He nudges them again with his foot, this time slightly harder. They scowl at him, swatting him away. “Why would you bet on me and Lance?”
Part 1 of Office AU

Flower Shop
i’ll gift you the stars by Kyoshu_Koi
Flowers and stars. At least they were giving him things he liked.

Cactus by PinkHitman
When Keith moves from the desert in the middle of ass backwards nowhere, to plop in the middle of the big city, he doesn’t expect to instantly grow fond of the tall, endearing, jerk across the street. But it’s hard not to see roses when said person works in a flower shop.

got game by warschach
Lance hates his job until the one day he doesn’t.

you’re so sweet; will you be mine?  by jojotext
A new bakery pops up right across the street from Lance’s bakery.

In which Lance is an idiot, Keith is an asshole, and Pidge is the next Dr. Phil.

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts and thebrotherswinchester
Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.

SOCIAL MEDIA (Tumblr AU, bloggers, Youtubers, gamers)

you had me at merlot by DJAlien
“Oh my God,” Lance says as he covers his face. Keith’s tinny voice blares from his laptop speakers: “What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.” See, this joke might have been funny if someone charismatic and charming had said it, but Keith’s flat voice and even flatter expression effectively kidnaps, tortures, and then decapitates any chance of it being remotely humorous.

Keith accidentally starts a YouTube channel. Lance, of course, refuses to be left out. It goes about as well as you’d expect. (Ft. copious amounts of wine and a truly shameless number of references to MyDrunkKitchen, DailyGrace, and general pop culture)

The Boyfriend Tag by theoddpacolypse
Keith and Lance are famous YouTubers, along with the rest of their friends, and though they consider each other “rivals” in some ways, they are actually incredibly close. So close that they are actually dating in secret and constantly dropping hints to their fans, whom desperately want them together.
Part 1 of What Happens on Youtube series

Next Level (WIP) by battleshidge
“Dammit, Blue, don’t die on us yet! We only just started!”

Red’s voice snapped in his ears, and Lance cursed under his breath. He tried to backpedal quickly, but being flat on his back with the enemy looming above made for certain movement limitations. On top of that, he was already injured, and he could see the red patch spreading across his thigh. He could really use some of Hunk’s portable healing pods, that was for sure. And that, Lance observed, was a very nasty looking knife that was about to plunge straight through his chest.

Well, shit.

Effect: +100% Love, -100% Logic (WIP) by manamune
In the real world, Lance is barely making it by in his senior year. He’s failing most of his classes and is only one more fuck up away from being kicked off the swim team.

In the virtual reality game Voltron, Lance lives an entirely different life as the internationally-known Blue, an archer with impeccable aim. He’s filthy rich, has a trillion friends, and is a part of the most feared guild in the game.There’s just one problem: he’s madly in love one of his guildmates, Red.

Things begin to go downhill when a kid who acts suspiciously similar to Red transfers to Lance’s school.

a recipe for two by battleshidge
He wondered, briefly, what the look on Lance’s face would be if he actually did say yes.

It’s Mutual (Follow Back Already) by JessicaMDawn
At twenty-four, Keith decides to figure out what this 'tumblr’ thing is. It’s confusing at first, but Keith learns to have fun with it with help from a few new friends. AKA Keith’s adventures on tumblr.

anonymous asked:

Can i request the RFA+ minor duo going Victoria secret shopping with MC? And don't stress yourself too much over Requests love~ take all the time you need :)

~Oooooh, yes. LOL! Thank you so much for the request and thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it so much! 

◉ Yoosung 

  • He’s a stuttering and fumbling mess the entire time 
  • Doesn’t have the courage to touch anything 
  • Feels extremely awkward seeing all the other customers grabbing items, and thinks he should try to avert his gaze 
  • He TRIES to keep his eyes on the floor
  • Every time he looks around he is imagining you in the outfits 
    • “Yoosung, what do you think of this?” you hold up lingerie with pink frills 
  • He almost has a heart attack 
  • So many images in his mind 
    • “IT’S P-PERFECT”
    • Shh, you don’t have to yell” you laugh 
  • He can’t control the volume of his voice 
  • Talking to himself in his head, telling himself to clam down
  • He liked the area where theres beauty products and lotions/perfumes 
    • “Oh, this smells nice MC! Want me to get it for you?” 

◉ Jumin 

  • He’s rather un-phased
  • To be honest, he finds lingerie rather unnecessary
    • “Are you sure you want to buy this? I’m just going to be taking it off of you…”
    • “I’m not just here for lingerie, Jumin. I need new bras and panties as well,” you shake your head 
  • He’s very opinionated 
    • “That looks cheap.” “I don’t like that color.” 
  • He’s not doing it to be an ass, he’s just used to speaking his mind 
  • Wants you to look good, and tells you to get whatever you want
    • “Sweat pants?”
    • “They have really comfy ones…” you say shyly 
    • “You’re so cute,” he adds them to your basket 

◉ Zen 

  • He’s screaming internally 
  • He’s READY for this 
  • At first he thinks you’re going to stick to the normal bra and panty sets
  • Maybe you’ll be adventurous and go for some lace 
  • But you hold up a lingerie set with cut outs and strings and bow and-
  • He almost has a nose bleed 
    • “B-Babe! Careful! Another guy might see!!!” 
  • He grabs it from your hands 
    • “There are only girls around right now, relax!” 
  • He wants to pay for it and drag you home as fast as possible 
  • He’s spacing out
  • Imagining coming home to you in the lingerie, you’re in the kitchen cooking for him 
    • ~~~Welcome home, Zenny!~~~
    • “ZEN!” 
  • His daydream is interrupted by your nudging his ribs 
    • “Let’s go, I paid already,” you laugh 
  • Gladly 

◉ Jaehee 

  • Finally!
  • She needed some new underwear as well 
  • You guys spend over an hour looking at everything 
  • And stocking up on your favorite lotions 
  • Jaehee has some extremely pretty bras 
  • You guys even got matching ones! 
  • She is sorting everything in your basket out when she pulls up a black silk nighty 
    • “Wh-What’s this?!” 
    • “Darn it! I…snuck it in. I was going to surprise you tonight…”
  • Her cheeks turned bright red 
    • “Oh! O-Okay!” 
  • She fumbled around to put everything on the counter 
  • Inside, she couldn’t help but be excited to see you wearing that later that night 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • He’s making jokes to cover his embarrassment 
    • “Do you think this would look good on me?” he hold up a bra to his chest 
    • “Can you be serious once in your life?” 
  • You both laugh 
  • He’s surprisingly good at telling you his opinion on what he wants to see you in ?
    • He’s actually picking things that are a little more risqué than you had ever thought he would be in to 
      • “What? I am a guy, after all…”
    • Asks if he can come into the changing room with you 
      • “No!”
      • “It was only a joke, calm down,” he pokes your cheek and waits patiently while you try a few items on 
    • Super giddy when you finally pay and head home 
      • “So if you are dressing up tonight…does that mean I can, too?”
      •  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ◉ V

    • Of course he is super calm about it 
    • Doesn’t like the perfume section though
    • The smells are too overwhelming for him 
    • He wishes he could help pick things out, but he can barely make out the colors of the fabrics 
    • He tries nonetheless 
    • Just smiling the whole time 
    • Choosing things by feel 
      • “This silk is nice, don’t you think? This would feel nice on you…”
    • He does get a blush on his cheeks every now and then and you’re glad he can’t see your staring as you hold back a giggle 
    • A couple times he ended up showing an item to a mannequin 
      • “…Do you not like it?” 
      • “V!…I’m over here…” -_-;;;

    ◉ Saeran 

    • No way!
      • You’re not dragging me into that damn store!!!!”
        • [2 hours later]
    • He stand with his arms crossed, grumbling in the store 
    • Silent as ever as you look through all of the items 
      • “Stop pouting and help me choose!”
      • “No.”
    • The only thing getting him through this is the promise of ice cream and pretzels from the food court 
    • He keeps scowling in response to your random laughs 
    • He doesn’t know, but his cheeks have been slightly pink since you walked in 
    • Eyes went wide when you picked up a particular black and pink lingerie set 
    • But he immediately looked away and pretended to not be interested 
    • Breathed a sigh of relief when you finally paid and started to head out 
      • “Ya know, you could have helped me out a bit more with choosing things back there…”
      • “Why do you need me anyway? You could have picked anything in there and it would look good on you”
    • You squeezed his hand at his response and he realized what he said 
      • “Oh, shut up,” he could feel you smiling at him, “come on. I’m starving. You said I get food.” 
    Bloodied (Nolan Holloway)

    Fifth Installment of the Broken Series

    Broken, Bruised, Burned, Battered

    Tag List: @nwmtagsb @rxggie-mxntle @hazftcor @themarkofsupernatural @live-to-the-fullest18 @wotlydia  @imniallsbrownie  @maliamalfoy@acciomarvel @sameoldmistak-es @w-cscenarios @mikaeeeela​ ( ^^^^you guys all rock! If you want to be added to the tag list again please just send me a message not an ask! and I’ll be happy to tag you!) 

    Listen: Crazy In Love by Sophia Karlberg

    Originally posted by wolfiehunters


    “well hello again.” The familiar voice of Tamara Monroe rung out.

    Remember how I said Nolan was going to get me killed? I think he just did.

    I looked up glaring at Monroe. It was only Monroe and one other guy but, they both had their guns pointed at me. I could take them, I just needed a distraction. She put the barrel of the gun right between my eyes.

    “you know I always thought of myself as a bit of a psychic, I had a feeling you were going to die, and well it looks like my prediction came true.” Monroe said moving her finger to the trigger.


    The other hunter turned his attention to where Theo stood waving his arms. He  aimed his gun emptying his rounds on him. I took this time to grab the barrel of the gun that was pressed to my head before head butting Monroe in the face. She fell backwards grabbing her bleeding nose.

    “I thought you were a psychic, bitch.” I growled before kicking the gun away from her.

    The man, realizing what was happening, struggled to reload his weapon. I pulled out my belt clicking it in place. I swung it in one swift motion and the hunter fell to the ground.


    His head separated from his body.

    I killed him.

    Monroe looked in horror, as did I.

    “oh my gosh.” I breathed looking at what I had just done.

    A arm reached out pulling me away. I looked up at Theo dragging me back to the car we came in. Liam was in the backseat passed out. The tires squealed as we pulled away from the zoo. I stared straight ahead lost in my thoughts. That man probably had a family and I took him away from his family. Nolan was right, I really was a monster now. So many thoughts were going through my head I barely heard Theo speak up from beside me.

    “are you okay?” Theo asked glancing at me.

    “I killed him. I killed a man.” I said looking at him.

    “you get used to it.” Theo said.


    “if you don't calm down you can join Liam in the back seat.” Theo growled.


    “It was self defense, theirs a difference.” Theo said.

    “YOU KILL PEOPLE NOT ME!” I said breathing heavily.

    “I haven’t killed anyone today. Can’t say the same for you.” Theo smirked.

    He thought it was funny. This most definitely was NOT funny.

    “I’m going to add you to my list if you don’t shut up.” I growled finally slowing my breathing.

    “are you finally calm?” Theo asked.

    I shook my head yes not really believing it myself. An awkward silence filled the car.

    “oh god I’m going to throw up.” I said causing Theo to pull over.

    I threw open the door releasing everything I had eaten for the past few days. The images of the man's decapitated head filled my mind making me throw up again.

    “what’s going on?” Liam asked finally awakening.

    “Y/N killed someone.” Theo shrugged like it was no big deal.

    “YOU DID WHAT?” Liam asked shooting straight up.

    “seriously would you both chill out. He was going to put a bullet through your head if you didn’t take his off.” Theo said.

    “I have to tell Scott.” I said looking at my hands.

    Theo sighed before making a right turn to Scott’s house. I didn’t know how I was going to tell him but I needed too. I didn’t mean to kill him, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. Theo pulled in to Scott’s driveway giving me an annoyed look. I got out of the car taking deep breaths. I walk inside to see Scott, Malia, Lydia, Mason, Melissa, and Chris crowded around a map.

    “Scott.” I started causing everyone to look at me.

    I wanted to tell him but nothing would come out. He walked over putting his hands on my shoulders.

    “what happened?” He asked looking concerned.

    “Scott I’m so sorry, I..” I started but was interrupted by Rafe McCall bursting through the front door.

    “the guns, they’re all gone.” Rafe said looking at Scott.

    “yeah we know.” Scott growled.

    “No I mean they were distributed. Distributed to the citizens of Beacon Hills.” He said looking at all of us.

    distributed? they were supposed to be destroyed.

    “guys.” Lydia said but no one was paying attention.

    “GET DOWN!” she screamed.

    the first bullet shattered the window making us duck for cover but it was no use they poured in one by one. I cried out before everything became one big blur.


    “Y/N!” I screamed as she rolled down the hill.

    Liam growled coming at me, I tried to move past him but he threw me back. I couldn’t see where she was and it killed me.

    “Liam I have to get her!” I said

    “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.” Liam growled coming closer to me.

    He was in full werewolf form backing me to the wall. I flinched as he punched the wall directly beside my head. He kept punching it again and again but never directly hit me. Suddenly Liam fell limp on the ground. Another guy stood behind him glaring directly at me.

    “I’d run.” He said.

    The other guy grabbed Liam dragging him off. I had to find her. I jumped up quickly trying my best to walk down the steep hill but I fell and went rolling too. I hurt my ribs on the way making it hard to breath. I hit the bottom feeling pretty rough. I was a little ways away but I could see everything. Monroe had the gun pointed right between her eyes.

    “you know I always thought of myself as a bit of a psychic, I had a feeling you were going to die, and well it looks like my prediction came true.” Monroe said moving her finger to the trigger.

    I tried to protest but I got the wind knocked out of me on the way down.


    the other hunter turned to where the guy from earlier was and started shooting at him. Y/N grabbed the barrel of the gun Monroe was holding before hitting Monroe in the face with her head. Monroe fell backwards clutching her nose.

    “I thought you were a psychic, bitch.” Y/N said kicking the gun away from her.

    “watch out.” I croaked but it was barely audible.

    the other hunter was reloading his gun about to shoot her. Y/N removed her belt which I now know was a sword all along. She clicked it in place before swinging it. I watched in horror as the man’s head was severed by her blade. The man’s body fell limp and his head right next to the body. She jumped back in awe of what she did.

    “oh my gosh.” She said dropping the sword.

    The other guy came over pulling her away. Monroe got up examining the body of the hunter. She soon noticed me laying in the dirt. She came over helping me up.

    “this is who she really is Nolan.” Monroe said pointing at the dead hunter.

    I couldn't get the image of the hunter out of my mind. I couldn’t get the image of her doing it out of my mind either. I laid awake all night thinking of it. What bothered me most is her killing him did nothing to me. I still wanted her, I still wanted to help her, protect her, love her.

    I walked in to school exhausted from everything that happened yesterday. I managed to make it through my first three classes but there was no sign of Gabe anywhere. I got up when the bell rang dragging myself to the next class. Gabe suddenly appeared blocking my way. He had a cut on his face with blood still seeping out of it.

    “we have a problem.” He said grabbing my arm.

    He led me to the locker room showing me the cracked mirror.

    “what happened?” I asked.

    “Liam and Theo, they were here asking about what happened at the McCall house.” Gabe said looking at me.

    I gave him a confused look.

    “what do you mean what happened at the McCall house?” I asked.

    Gabe looked down guilty.

    “Gabe what did you do?” I asked.

    “I did it for you.” He said.

    “Gabe what are you talking about?” I asked again.

    “I shot up the house, but I told Monroe it was you. All of them were inside except for Theo and Liam.” He said.

    I immediately thought about Y/N.

     "why did you do that?“ I growled.

    "you should be grateful, you’d be dead if it weren’t for me.” Gabe said getting in my face.

    I took a deep breath taking off. I could feel the tears cloud my vision. She didn’t escape Monroe just to get killed by Gabe. I quickly got in my car driving to Beacon Hills Memorial. I ran up to the front desk asking if there was anyone with the last name Yukimura there. The nurse said no sending me away. More tears fell down my cheeks as I got back in my car. I refused to believe she was gone. I drove to her house seconds away from a panic attack. I ran to her door throwing it open.

    “Y/N?” I called up the steps.

    no answer. I quickly ran up the steps in her room but she wasn’t there either. I fell to my knees letting the tears roll down my cheeks. Suddenly the door slammed making me whip around. Scott stood there with his arms crossed in front of him.

    “I knew you’d end up here eventually.” Scott said looking at me.

    “where is she?” I asked.

    “I can show you, but I’m going to need you to do something for us.” Scott said negotiating.

    If I said yes there was no going back to Monroe.

    “okay.” I said without hesitation.

    “follow me.” Scott said walking out her door.

    I followed behind him keeping my eyes on the ground. He led me to a blue jeep signaling for me to get in. I nodded my head getting in the passenger seat. To say this was an awkward situation was an understatement.

    “what do I have to do?” I asked.

    “you’ll know what to do when the time is right.” Scott said glancing at me.

    what the hell did that mean?

    “how did you know I would show up?” I asked.

    “because I’ve been in love before, and I know what it looks like. You’ve never hurt anyone Nolan because deep down you’ve always known she was different but you loved her anyways. Now you just know what makes her and the rest of us different..” Scott said not taking his eyes off the road.

    I took a minute to take in what he was saying. It was true, I always knew she was a little different but that’s what made me fall in love with her in the first place.

    “She killed someone and I didn’t even care.” I said glancing at Scott.

    “yeah Theo told me. He also told me how she proceeded to panic and then threw up afterwards. She would never mean to hurt anyone Nolan, I know her and so do you.” He said pulling in the parking lot.

    I looked up to see the sign for Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. I gave him a confused look.

    “we couldn’t take her to a hospital.” He said getting out of the car.

    I followed after him. He opened the door before stepping to the side. She was laying on metal table, Liam was there holding her hand. His head snapped up as soon as I entered the room.

    “what’s he doing here?” Liam growled.

    “easy Liam, he’s here because he cares.” Scott said standing in front of me.

    “whatever. I keep taking her pain but it isn’t doing anything.” Liam said.

    Scott walked over leaning over her. She wasn’t moving.

    “Is she dead?” I choked out.

    I could feel a single tear run down my cheek.

    “no but she’s going to be if we can’t get her to heal.” Liam said looking to Scott.

    I walked closer to her. She had three bullet holes in her chest. I felt angry. I wanted to make Gabe pay for this.

    “how do we get her to heal?” I asked looking at both boys.

    “I don’t know, she needs to command the fox inside of her to heal itself but she can’t exactly do that right now.” Scott said.

    “taking away her pain isn’t working either.” Liam said grabbing her hand again.

    “can I try something?” I asked looking at Scott and then Liam.

    Scott nodded his head moving out of the way. I walked to the side of her looking down at her perfect facial features. I took a deep breath before pressing my lips to hers. I kissed her with everything I had in me. I didn’t know if it would actually work but I needed to try.

    “look.” Liam said.

    I pulled away looking down at her. The three holes in her chest were healed over, like they were never there. She gasped shooting up off the table.


    I like cliffhangers so you can have one more. Beaten coming soon xoxoxo

    Bnha x Mulan AU (TodoDeku) Goofy idea/fanfic I'll never write. (sorry anon. Still love you. I just watched the movie and Bakugou is now Yao to me. Hope you see this bc I accidentally deleted your ask x_x. <3)
    • *
    • Toshinori Yagi: My, what beautiful blossoms we have this year. But look, this one's late. But I'll bet that when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all.
    • *
    • Izuku: Excuse me, where can I sign in? Ahhh, I see you have a sword. I got one too! -goes to pull out sword- I'm very manly andddd...tough! -accidentally drops sword-
    • *
    • Mineta: For instance, my eyes, can see straightttt through your armor.
    • Izuku: -slaps Mineta-
    • *
    • Aoyama: -sparkling- Look! This tattoo will protect me from harm.
    • Bakugou: Hmmm -punches guy-
    • Kaminari: -laughs- I hope you can get your money back!
    • *
    • Bakugou: -spits- What are you lookin' at?
    • Mineta: -whispering- Punch him. It's how men say hello.
    • Izuku: -punches Bakugou-
    • Kirishima: -holding a fuming Bakugou- Bakugou, you've made a friend!
    • Mineta: Good. Now slap him on the behind. They like that.
    • Izuku: -slaps Bakugou's butt-
    • Bakugou: I'm gonna hit you so hard, it'll make your ancestors dizzy.
    • Kirishima: Bakugou -picks up Bakugou- relax and chant with me. -chants, while slowly rocking Bakugou back and forth-
    • Bakugou: -growls, but eventually chants-...blurbedjal...eh, you ain't worth my time, chicken boy.
    • *
    • Todoroki: -looming over Izuku- I don't need anyone causing trouble in my camp!
    • Izuku: Sorry...-man voice- Uhh, I mean, sorry you had to see that. You know how it is when you get those, ugh, manly urges and you just have to kill something...fix things, uh, cook outdoors.
    • Todoroki: What's your name?
    • Izuku: Ahh, I,, uhh I, uhh-
    • Monoma: Your commanding officer just asked you a question!
    • Izuku: Uhh, I've got a name. Huhh a-and it's a boys name too!
    • Mineta: -whispers hiding behind Izuku- Kaminari, how about Kaminari?
    • Izuku: His name is Kaminari.
    • Todoroki: I didn't ask for his name. I asked for yours.
    • Mineta: Try, ugh, ughhh, ahh Chu!
    • Izuku: Ah Chu.
    • Todoroki: Ah Chu?
    • Mineta: Gesundheit. Hehe, I kill myself.
    • Izuku: Minetaaa
    • Todoroki: Mineta?
    • Izuku: NO!
    • Todoroki: -frustrated- Then what is it!
    • Mineta: Deku! Deku was my best friend growing up!
    • Izuku: IT'S DEKU!
    • Todoroki: Deku.
    • Mineta: Though Deku did steal my gir -gets choked by Izuku-
    • *
    • Izuku: -arrives-
    • Kaminari: Looks like our new friend slept in this morning! Helloooo Deku, are you hungry?
    • Bakugou: Yeahhh, 'causse I owe you a knuckle sandwich -grabs Izuku with fist raised-
    • Todoroki: Soldiers! You will assemble swiftly and silently every morning. -takes off shirt-
    • Izuku: ... -secretly or not so secretly checkin' Todo out-
    • Todoroki: Anyone who acts otherwise, will answer to me.
    • *
    • Izuku: -eyes wide in fear and hiding behind lily pad- Hi guys! I didn't know you were here! So, I'm clean and I'm gonna go. BYE BYE!
    • Kaminari: Come back hereee! I know we were jerks to you before, so let's start over! -naked and holding hand out to shake- Hiiii, I'm Kaminari!
    • Izuku: -naked and worried, shakes hand and bumps into Kirishima standing behind her-
    • Kirishima: And I'm Kirishima!
    • Izuku: -cringes- Hello Kirishimaaa.
    • Bakugou: -butt naked and standing on a rock- AND I AM BAKUGOU KATSUKI. KING OF THE ROCK. And there's nothing you girl's can do about it.
    • Izuku: -covers eyes-
    • Kaminari: Oh yeahhh! Well, I think Deku and I can take you.
    • Izuku: -still covering eyes trying to get away- I don't really want to take him anywhere.
    • Kaminari: But, Deku! We have to fight!
    • Izuku: We can just close our eyes...and swim around -Kaminari touches her forearm and gets too close-
    • *
    • Mineta: -spits- Ohh...what a nasty flavor.
    • Bakugou, Kirishima and Kaminari: SNAKE~ -cue screaming at the snake in the water-
    • A moment later, Kirishima: Some king of the rock...AHH! -gets pushed off rock by Bakugou-
    • *
    • Izuku: Boy, that was close...
    • Mineta: -brushing teeth- No, that was vile. YOU OWE ME BIG.
    • *
    • Todoroki: -pissed and stroming off-
    • Izuku: Hey, I'll hold him and you punch, heh, heh...-Todoroki walks by without reacting- or not. -calling out to Todoorki- For what it's worth, I think you're a great captain.
    • Mineta: I saw that!
    • Izuku: -innocent and cute- What?
    • Mineta: You likeee him don't youuu?
    • Izuku: N-No, I--
    • Mineta: Yeah right, yeah sure. Look, GO TO YOUR TENT.
    • *
    • Kaminari: Step back guys, give 'em some air.
    • Todoroki: Deku, you are the craziest man I've ever met. And for that I owe you my life. From now on, you have my trust.
    • Kirishima: YES, YES, YESSS! -bumps hips with a random guy nearby-
    • *
    • Izuku: TODOROKI-KUN!
    • Todoroki: -surprised- Izuku?
    • Izuku: The League of Villains are alive, they're in the city.
    • Todoroki: You don't belong here Deku, go home.
    • Izuku: Todoroki, I saw them. You have to believe me.
    • Todoroki: Why should I?
    • Izuku: Why else would I come back? You said you'd trust Deku. Why is Izuku any different? Keep your eyes open. I know they're here.
    • *
    • Izuku: Okay, any questions?
    • Bakugou: Does this dress make me look fat?
    • Izuku: -slaps Bakugou-
    • Bakugou: Ow.
    • *
    • Todorki: -awkward- Um...you...you fight good.
    • Mulan: Oh....t-thank you. -disappointed-
    • *
    • Principal Nedzu: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
    • Todoroki: Sir?
    • Principal Nedzu: You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty.
    • Todoroki: -goes after Midoriya-
    • *
    • Izuku: -kneels before All Might- Father. I brought you the mask of All for One, and the crest of Principal Nedzu. They're gifts, to honor the Yagi family.
    • Toshinori Yagi: -drops everything to hug Izuku- The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter. I've missed you so.
    • Izuku: -crying- I've missed you too Papa!
    • *
    • Todoroki: Honorable Toshinori Yagi, All Might, I--IZUKU...I..uh...uh..you forgot your helmet. Ah but well, actually it's your helmet isn't it? I mean-
    • Toshinori Yagi: -smiles with eyebrow raised-
    • Izuku: -smiling at Todoroki- Would you like to stay for dinner?
    • Recovery Girl: Would you like to stay forever?
    • Todoroki: -smiling at Izuku- Dinner would be great.
    • *
    • Aizawa: Ohhh, all right. You can be a guardian again. -cue Mineta screaming in joy-

    btssmutgalore  asked:

    Yoongi when the OC was having sex with two guys! Ignore this if you don't feel like writing it, please :)

    Unexpected  - bonus chapter / drabble game

    Yoongi’s POV / The big sex scene from Chapter 8

    Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 (final)  8.5 (bonus) 

    Yoongi looked around Seungri’s bedroom while grasping your hand tightly. His stomach felt like it was in knots and his hands were sweating.  

    “Are you scared?” you asked him.

    “Anxious might be the better word.  I don’t know what’s going to happen.” Yoongi let go of your hand to rub his palms against his pant legs to try to dry them off.  “I can’t quite believe we’re actually doing this.”

    “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” you told him.

    “I wouldn’t have brought it up if I didn’t want it.” Yoongi turned and gave you a feeble grin.  He wasn’t sure if he even believed what he was saying at this point.  He was the one to bring it up and he had spent so many nights sharing this fantasy with you and now it was actually going to happen for real. He could feel his dick getting hard already from thinking about what might happen… so why did he also feel like he was going to throw up.  It won’t be like last time, Yoongi thought. Last time nearly destroyed your relationship, but Yoongi was sure that was because you had fucked Tae to hurt him and not because you knew it turned him on.  This time will be different, Yoongi repeated to himself.  This time will be different.   “I want to make sure you don’t feel pressured just because this is my fantasy.”

    You told him that fulfilling his fantasies turned you on.  You said the idea that doing this would please him made your pussy throb.  You leaned in to kiss him gently and sweetly, but Yoongi pushed his tongue between your lips, kissing you more aggressively, pulling you towards his body.  He wanted to know that he was the one that ultimately turned you on, not just to hear you say it, he wanted you to show him  that, at the end of the day, he was the only one you really wanted.  Your hand wandered down his body and came to rest at the crotch of his pants where you gripped him through the fabric; your hand felt so good against his cock and Yoongi couldn’t help but smile a bit.  “What happens in this room is just foreplay, okay?  The real action happens when he’s gone and it’s just you and me,” you whispered in Yoongi’s ear.  He believed you.

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    Long Ass List of Daredevil Sentence Starters
    • "Scream all you want. Come on, let me hear you scream. Scream loud. Nobody gives a shit down here."
    • "I gotta go bribe a cop."
    • "But seriously, yeah, I gotta go bribe a cop."
    • "Please stop giving my mom cigars."
    • "Look, I'm not asking you to do anything immoral."
    • "You've never done this before?"
    • "Maybe we can help each other."
    • "All I did was ask him for a drink."
    • "Define yourself by what you have, value the differences, make no apologies for what you lack."
    • "I thought I detected a whiff of virtue in there."
    • "But I'm awkward and unfashionable. Those things don't seem to apply to you."
    • "I just don't feel like going home okay?"
    • "So let's hop a few bars, not think about it."
    • "Your outfit kind of sucks, by the way."
    • "You haven't told me anything about you."
    • "Okay, good because I was starting to worry you might be in love with me."
    • "I drank the eel. Not a euphemism."
    • "And we are now filled with mighty eel strength!"
    • "After what you told me, I'm never going home again."
    • "I know you're scared, but I'm here to help you. Okay? - You don't have to be scared anymore."
    • "I make a heck of a latte, if you're interested."
    • "Facts have no moral judgment. They merely state what is. Not what we think of them, not what we feel."
    • "I know how hard this must be for you."
    • "You have no idea how any of this is for me."
    • "They have to pay for what they've done."
    • "They won't listen."
    • "We'll make them listen."
    • "You do not want to test me."
    • "You think this is still about you?"
    • "You should have just killed me. You coward."
    • "This is an offer, not an order."
    • "I did some digging into your, uh past activities."
    • "A man/woman that can be bought isn't worth having."
    • "I said you should move on. Didn't say anything about me."
    • "Even though our perception of it changes, one thing remains constant. The past can never be completely erased. It lingers."
    • "I've been lied to before by men/women. Some were even decent ones but they still felt the need to be dishonest about things that mattered."
    • "Hey, that's not a reason, it's an excuse."
    • "He's/She's like a sexual Rain Man."
    • "I want you to touch my face."
    • "Just tell me what you feel."
    • "You need anything else, you know where to find me."
    • "You want the short answer or the long one?"
    • "We need to contain this."
    • "Lying to that woman is impossible."
    • "Choose a side."
    • "I'm the closest he/she has to family. He'd/She'd do the same for me."
    • "That wasn't very smart, but it was fun watching you bleed."
    • "Life is not a fairy tale. Not everyone deserves a happy ending."
    • "Animals don't stop fighting. Not until one of them is dead."
    • "Admittedly, I'm a work in progress."
    • "Let's get this started."
    • "You know what they call stuff like that? Gifts. The special kind. The kind that very few people have. Or deserve."
    • "Smart don't come out of books, kid. Smart is making the right decision at the right time."
    • "Big world. Not all of it flowers and sunshine, and the only way guys like you and me can survive is to grab it by the throat and never let go."
    • "Are you gonna lie there all night or get up off your ass?"
    • "What a shithole."
    • "This is my life and I made something of it, without you."
    • "Relationships are a luxury men like you and me can't afford."
    • "Is that why you left? Huh? To protect me?"
    • "You got heart kid, but heart's not enough."
    • "Anger is a spark, good. Rage is a wildfire, out of control, therefore useless. Just like you."
    • "We all pay for our choices."
    • "I've learned a lot since you've been gone."
    • "You're a dick."
    • "Say that you want my help."
    • "I want you to help yourself."
    • "I don't need a friend. I need a soldier."
    • "In war, people die. If it's not you, it's the guy next to you."
    • "I swear I will not kill anybody. Pussy."
    • "Never is a man more good looking than when he is in love."
    • "You do your job, I'll do mine."
    • "On occasion some dickery may leak out, but doesn't mean I'm wrong."
    • "So, how long before I do something that pisses you off?"
    • "You can't listen to people like that. You have to just block them out."
    • "Yeah, you're just a guy, right? A really, really good-looking guy."
    • "If you weren't half dead, I would kick your ass."
    • "We're gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen."
    • "Misspelling 'Hanukkah' is a mistake. Attempted murder is a little something else."
    • "Well, we seldom get everything we want. Not in this world."
    • "You were really something back in the day. When you had a soul."
    • "I'm not afraid to die."
    • "We'll be together, that's all that matters."
    • "You really think that this will change anything?"
    tom dating a photographer

    okay so i’ve had this head canon thing brewing in my head for a while and i sent a lil snippet to @tbholland​ but idk if meg got it but heRE (ps apologies in advance that it’s so freaking long wow bear with me bc its my first writing thing in a really long time):

    warning: fluff and swearing

    • you met tom at a party of one of your mutual friends
    • it was your friends housewarming party
      • you really didn’t wanna go bc you honestly hate parties bc sweaty people, everyones drunk and gross and sticky, and they’re really not that much fun?? canyoutelliveneverbeentoaparty
      • also social settings aren’t really ur thing everythings really awkward especially when you like only know ONE person so u just usually end up standing by the food being awkward
      • but then she freaking convinces you by saying she needs a photographer and she obviously knows that you need some inspiration for your photography class portfolio dang it what a manipulator she is why are we friends with her

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    why I like your sign (use rising too)
    • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You are fun to be around. Though, sometimes you get mad at me and say rude things and I don't like that. Though, you are one of the most fun/adventurous kind of people i know (besides sag) I would want to be best friends with you. (p.s. you're hot af)<p/><b>Taurus:</b> You are one of the funniest people I know. You aren't afraid to be made fun of or make fun of other people. You are a refreshing person to be around, and you don't pressure me to be someone else. I love you guys.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> You guys talk a lot, but it's always so fun to listen to. Whether you're ranting, babbling, or just having a plain conversation, you never cease to entertain me. You always say something hilarious and make me laugh constantly. You have the best people skills out of all the signs and I love you to death. You're so precious and make a wonderful friend.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You are literally too sweet. People say you guys cry all the time, but you are just a little sensitive, and there's nothing wrong with that. You have a tendency to bounce back--which is great. You are never hung up on anything for too long (contrary to popular belief a.k.a. from my experience with you.) In certain cancers, I've noticed you don't get hurt super easily, but when something hits you, it hits you hard.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You guys are jokers and I love to be around you. You don't take things too seriously. I can make fun of you, and you won't care; you'll just make fun of me back. You're a quality friend and great company.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> You are so great to talk to. The way you see the world is perfect. You are a mix of philosophy, logic, and fun. You are trustworthy and (in my opinion) never judegmental (at least not out loud.) Sometimes you get a little bored of everything, but you just make a really bad joke to liven it up a little.<p/><b>Libra:</b> You all are kind of quiet. You want to fit in, but remember it's okay to be a little awkward and weird. Some other Libras are just loud and don't care who they are--which is one of many great traits of your sign. You get along with almost everyone. (except for those who like to tip the scale with drama.) You have such a beautiful view of life and you can see the good in everyone.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I like that you can get a little crazy. You are an attractive person inside and out. You have this thing about you that no matter how hard they try, no one can hate you. They can say they hate you, but they don't truly hate you. At first, you act all sweet and nice, but then when someone gets to know you, there's a whole other side to you (which is super fun to get to know.)<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You make the best puns. People are always saying you don't care, and it's definitely true! You are opinionated and blunt. You share your opinions in a matter that everyone can accept. Though, sometimes you are too blunt for your own good. You like to cover your bluntness with a joke, and sometimes it doesn't work. You don't take shit from anyone and that's great. You are one of the funniest signs and I love to be around you.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> You are so smart, but so down-to-earth. You teach me new things without making me feel stupid. You are always there for me when I need you, and you're sometimes the most awkward person ever, but it's hilarious. You don't get enough credit as a person.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> You have good intentions, but they don't always pull through. Not a lot hurts you, which can be good and bad. Well, it seems like not a lot hurts you. It's fun to mess around with you, because you take it so well. You like to fight fire with fire and if someone does get to you, you won't take it. You'll fight back and protect yourself. The way you present yourself is attractive and your personality is magnetic. I like you a lot. (you're hot af too)<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You're so kind. You seem to always have your head in the clouds and you seem to always be looking at tomorrow. Though it is fun to dream with you, try to live in the present a little. You are so in touch with your emotions and other people's emotions as well. You seem to be able to connect with everyone on a personal level. You can comfort anyone and do it well. You are a great friend, especially in a personal crisis.<p/></p>

    anonymous asked:

    How will Grey react to Theron's new horrific hair? Will she laugh at it or just stare at it dumbfounded?

    I’m pretty sure this is 100% canon how things are going to go down in-game. I’m just really good at guessing like that.

    It was the moment Theron had been dreading since his shuttle had left the surface of Umbara. The usually perfectly pinned ponytail in disarray, her cheeks flushed from the exertion of the battles she had just fought, and wide blue eyes focused on only one thing in the room: him.

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    A Cup of Coffee ' Lee Jihoon

    anon requested: “Can you do an au about woozi having a crush on the reader and vice versa but both had to find out about their feelings towards each other through the reader’s homepage wallpaper. They would have known each other for a long time already but just didn’t want to lose their friendship bc they don’t know if it was mutual! It should have loads of fluff 😂🙏🏻🙏🏻”

    • okay to start this off
    • I think it’s safe to say that Jihoon is your best friend
    • you’ve known each other since high school
    • you’ve supported him before and after his debut
    • you were right beside him during his trainee years
    • the both of you have spent a lot of time together
    • made wonderful memories together
    • and have earned each other’s trust and have each other to lean towards to at hard times
    • you two were practically inseparable
    • and you were one of the few people who Jihoon has a soft spot for
    • “Jihoonie can we go get food?” You plead
    • “Aigoo. Not now. I'm working on something." Jihoon responds, not taking his eyes off the music sheets
    • "okay..” You respond softly as you sit back
    • without even 5 minutes passing
    • “Fine fine let’s go get food. Just stop acting cute.” He says as he exits the studio
    • you follow behind him with a smile of victory plastered on your face
    • you were also one of those few people who Jihoon wouldn't get mad at
    • “Aigoo~ our Jihoonie is so cute!" Svt members coo at him as they try pinching his cheek
    • "Fight me. I swear. Fight me." Jihoon would reply as he swat their hands away
    • "They’re not wrong. You are cute.” You smile sweetly at his direction
    • Jihoon would be blushing so hard after that
    • and the rest of the svt members would look at you as if you tamed a dragon
    • “Wahh..how did she..if we had continued, Jihoon woulve killed us.”
    • everything was fine with the both of you
    • beyond fine in fact
    • one problem tho
    • you fell for him
    • tbh after all the time you have spent together, who wouldn’t
    • falling for him wasn’t the only problem 
    • what would happen if you told him was another
    • yes the two of you built this whole relationship with an understanding and acceptance towards each other
    • but it scares you thinking that he might not feel the same way 
    • and your whole relationship with him might end
    • because Jihoon has always had this wall when it comes to his emotions ∙ rarely does he show them
    • so knowing whether he likes you or not is like jumping off a cliff with no safety gear on 
    • not knowing whether you’ll get hurt or not
    • and it’s really scary considering that you’re risking your whole relationship here
    • one wrong move and you could lose him
    • but the feeling of not knowing is practically killing you at this point
    • so you slowly start showing signs
    • like going to his studio 10 minutes before he does
    • and leaving a cup of coffee with a different note on it everyday
    • “Ahh my Jihoonie~ You’re working hard for this comeback. Here’s a cup a coffee to help you throughout the day. xoxo y/n”
    • “Yah. You forgot about our movie marathon yesterday. It’s alright haha don't worry~ Don’t overwork yourself. xoxo y/n”
    • “Hey smol dude. If you don't mind, I borrowed your sweater yesterday. Hehe it surprisingly smells good. Don’t overwork yourself. And make sure to eat or I will feed you myself. xoxo y/n”
    • or by casually flirting every now and then
    • “I didn't know angels walk among us.” you wink at him
    • “Yeah. I also didn't know demons walk among us.” he smirks at you
    • “…Jihoon I swear.” you playfully hit him on his shoulder
    • his members did though
    • they noticed how your eyes basically smiled whenever he is near,
    • how soft and gentle you talk to him,
    • how you're always there beside him to take care of him when he can’t
    • they noticed it all
    • and they didn't even hesitate helping you two get together
    • even though you didn't need help, they insisted
    • “No really guys, it’s fine. You don't have to.”
    • “Nope. We’re gonna help you and Jihoon get together whether you like it or not.”
    • and boy did they help
    • they’ve tried a lot of things too 
    • one was when all of you went to an amusement park
    • and while you and Jihoon were buying ice cream
    • they all suddenly disappeared
    • leaving you with just Jihoon
    • “Where did everyone go?” he asks, holding his cup of ice cream
    • “I don't know.” you say in confusion
    • after like minutes of waiting for them
    • the both of you have already finished your ice creams
    • “Let’s just spend the day together then. I don't wanna wait for them anymore. Lets go.” He says holding your hand as he takes you to a ride
    • and wasn’t that one of the best days you have ever had
    • still kind of pissed with the members that they didn't tell you the plan
    • but you got to spend the whole day with Jihoon
    • so it’s a win-win
    • another one was when all of you were hanging out at their dorm
    • and you were all playing 7 minutes in heaven
    • where you write your name on a piece of paper
    • put it in a box
    • and whoever's name is in the paper you pick
    • you have to be locked in a small room/closet with that person for 7 minutes
    • hence the name, 7 minutes in heaven
    • after a few rounds of the game 
    • by rounds I mean your otps being stuck in a small closet for 7 minutes
    • it was finally your turn
    • and the universe decided that they wanted to play with you at that moment
    • “Jihoon." 
    • everyone basically started pushing the both of you towards the closet as soon as you said that
    • "I didn't expect that this closet would be this small." He said
    • "How could it be small for you when you're already small?” You teasingly asked
    • “Haha. Very funny y/n. " He said 
    • surprisingly, the atmosphere wasn’t that awkward
    • maybe because it was just the two of you
    • yes you two were in a small closet
    • yes you're almost leaning against him
    • but it wasn’t awkward
    • the whole 7 minutes was spent talking with the other with little space in between you two
    • and that was it
    • as much to your and the members’ disappointment
    • nothing happened
    • after a few more times of trying to get the two of you together
    • you were honestly close to giving up at telling him at all
    • the other members went somewhere and yet again you two were left alone 
    • the two of you decided to have a movie marathon
    • it is now between 11-12 am
    • the both of you are already halfway through your 3rd movie
    • "Why did she do that?” He asks in frustration
    • “I don't know, that's why we’re watching it”
    • “She shouldn’t have done that.” He replies
    • a few minutes later
    • the story got a bit boring and the two of you wanted to find another one
    • “Hmm. Where's my phone? Can you hand me my phone Hoon?” You ask, pointing at your phone right in front of him
    • “Sure”
    • and as if the universe wanted to play with you again
    • a notification popped up as soon as he picked up your phone 
    • allowing him to see your lock screen
    • the notification covered some of it but it’s really obvious that it was him in your lock screen
    • “Ahh! No don’t look at it!” You jumped from your seat taking your phone from him
    • he didn’t say anything
    • he just smirked
    • “You have me as your lockscreen?” He looks at you
    • “Erm..no..what are y-" 
    • "Mhmm, I know you’re lying right now.” He said 
    • “Fine fine. Yes it’s you. Let me explain”
    • he just nods in response
    • “okay so uhm. The reason why you're my lockscreen is because I uhm, kinda sorta have feelings for…for you.” you say looking down, blushing 
    • he just stayed quiet
    • “Please if you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine with me. Just please, still be my best friend.” You plead
    • “Ahh…I uhm..” he says
    • “…what is it?” You ask him
    • he says nothing and just hands you his phone
    • and you see that
    • his homepage is a picture of you
    • “I like you too y/n.." 
    • you were honestly about to scream
    • but you just pulled him in for a hug
    • "Phew thank god! I was scared I was gonna lose my best friend!” You say
    • “I just told you I liked you too and you’re still calling me your best friend?” He said jokingly
    • “What do you want me to call you then?” You ask as you pull away from the hug
    • “Mine” he smirks
    • you hit him lightly on his chest
    • “Aish. I bet Junhui taught you that.” You say to him
    • “Anyway…now that we know we have feelings for each other. Do you want to go on a date this week?” He asks
    • “Yes! Ofcourse!” You respond basically screaming
    • “Calm down. Let’s continue watching the movie. Or maybe let’s find another one. This one’s getting boring.” He chuckles
    • he opens his arms, signalling that you can cuddle
    • without hesitation
    • you went in 
    • the rest of the night was spent cuddling, watching and planning the date you two were gonna have this week.
    • “How about the amusement park? Or the beach? Or the museum? Oh! Theres a park near by. How about a picnic?” You ask
    • “Anywhere and anytime is fine. As long as I'm with you.”

    Originally posted by woozioppa

    ~ Admin Soph


    anonymous asked:


    You know, that’s a really weird murderer. Anyway, THIS IS FUN! Honestly, i’d be dead already, because i don’t really care about convincing anyone when it comes to shipping. Before i start, i’m gonna state that ANYTHING I’LL SAY HERE IS BECAUSE I’M FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE, DON’T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONAL, GUYS. These will be pretty much the reasons why i ship them. The first part is a bunch of “objective” reasons (well as objective as it can get, because shipping can’t be a totally objective thing) and the other one is personal, so is up to you when to stop reading this. I apologize in advance for my English.

    1)      Levi and Hanji are both really interesting and complex characters. He isn’t just a typical shonen badass guy and she’s not a typical crazy scientist. Levi is actually , from my pov, the most caring and selfless character of all SnK, he literally sacrifices himself over and over for the sake of others. Hanji isn’t just this sweet cheerful character, she has a mesmerizing willpower, nothing can stop her.

    2)      They complement each other amazingly. They are both strong and smart, but in different ways. Any virtue that Levi doesn’t have, Hanji has it. Every flaw that Hanji has, Levi doesn’t. And they share two really important virtues, which are the foundation of any healthy relationship: they are both so loyal and passionate. They are literally willing to give up their lives for the people they love.

    3)      THEIR INTERACTIONS ARE SO FUN TO READ/WATCH. You just know that, whenever they are together, something great is going to happen. There’s something refreshing about them, about their bickering, about the way they work together, about the way they care about each other so deeply.

    4)      I think nobody can understand them more than each other. They have experienced similar things as soldiers, they have lost people they love countless times. I bet they could be sharing each other stories all night long, reminiscing all of those good times with Moblit, Erwin and their old squads.

    5)      Okay, i won’t force my ship to anyone, but since i’m fighting for my life here, i’ll say i think there are actual canon hints for Levihan. Like the “Levi bathes Hanji” thing, the “we tell each other everything” thing (don’t u dare telling me Hanji clearly said they’re just friends, cuz isn’t that what every Levihan shipper has as a headcanon? The idea of them not admitting their true feelings and say “we’re just friends” ‘cause they’re both awkward dorks), their interaction in ACWNR, their interaction in Shingeki! Chuugakkou, and the “Levihan is similar to Eremika” thing. It’s up to you, random killer, to decide if that means romance or not.

    6)      I hate to fangirl here, but HAVE U SEEN THEM? They are both beautiful and would have babies as beautiful and brilliant as them. What a blessing. I love drawing them so much because their character design is gorgeous. Levi with his cold colors and Hanji with the warm colors, they even complement each other in that aspect.

    7)      The Levihan fandom is amazing. Besides the fact that there’s no drama and everyone is so kind, I’m pretty sure this is the ship with the funniest fan art. Even the most serious person would smirk even a little bit while scrolling through the Levihan tag. I mean, we’re all about the laughs. All of the other ships usually focus on the classic romantic stuff (i say “classic” , because from my pov there’s nothing more romantic than the OTP having fun ❤). With Levihan, you’ll get from the most intense fan art to the most ridiculous headcanon, it’s so much fun. Some Levihan artists are pretty well known among non Levihan shippers because of that same reason, like @alemanriq, @trash-god or @drinkyourfuckingmilk . I mean, really, if you’re feeling down and need to cheer up a bit, they’re the way to go.

    One of the main arguments people have against Levihan is that they’re too different, so it wouldn’t work. They even go as far as saying that Levi doesn’t really care that much about Hanji. My first response is that both Hanji and Levi are highly misunderstood characters. We don’t have to let our personal experience makes us decide what is love and what isn’t. We all show our love in very different ways.

    Now heres my second argument to that idea and this is gonna get personal. If you don’t wanna read about my life, skip this.

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    I don’t usually cry

    Request: You should do a Peter Parker/ reader fic where the reader is also a new avenger and they’re training together, but the girl is super dark and mysterious. idk she could have some dark secret or something, whatever you think is good.

    Warnings: None

    “Woah” I said as I stepped into the giant avengers tower.  It was much bigger than the tiny one person apartment I used to live in on my own. The black widow- Natasha, had one and recruited me from my very own apartment. Something about signing some papers.. I don’t know I wasn’t really paying attention, but the avengers are having some sort of battle, and I guess they wanted me because I’m one of the most highly trained assassins at HYDRA.. Or, I used to be. I’m only seventeen so I had my advantages at HYDRA for also being one of the youngest.

    Third person POV.

    We entered the room to see tony and vision sitting on the couch.

    “guys this is Y/N, she used to work for Hydra-” Natasha stopped speaking when you looked up at her face sadly.“-She’s.. On our side” Natasha smiled at you.

    you pulled your hair further in from of your face. You liked your hair, it made you feel hidden, more powerful as if nobody knew who you really where. If that makes any sense.
    “Natasha why don’t you show Y/N, the training room”

    “Good idea” Natasha showed you the Training room and you loved it. She even let you fight her a couple times. Of course, she wasn’t trying as hard as she could, but she had to admit, you were really good.

    It wasn’t long after that, that tony entered the room with a boy around your age. You were trying to figure out who he was, until you saw him shooting a spiderweb out of his wrist.. Or at least, that was what it looked like.
    “You’re spider-boy!” you shouted excitedly in his direction.

    “Spider-man actually” he half mumbled quietly. You laughed at his need to correct you on that.

    Peter looked at you for a good ten seconds, you where beautiful. Not that he could see your face that well through your hair, he suddenly felt a compulsive need to know everything about you, where did you come from? What was your power? Heck, he didn’t even know your name.
    “This is Y/N Peter” tony pointed in your direction.

    “Oh h-hi” he gave you a hopefully smile.

    “Hi” you said so quietly that you didn’t even think anyone heard. But Peter smiled at you, so maybe he did.

    The next morning you decided to go and train on your own, so you woke up early and headed toward the training room. When you entered the room you heard the sound of fists hitting a punching bag, and saw it was Peter.

    “Oh hi Peter” you looked down. “Do you mind if train in here with you?”

    “N-no not at all” He smiled and shoved his stuff over so you could out your bag down.

    After a long awkward while you had decided to just fight each other. So you had a little conversation while you did so.

    “So, Y/N, what school do you go to?”

    “I don’t go to school” you dodged his punch.

    “So.. Where do you live?“  he shot out a web towards you and you dodged it again.

    "y'know, around”
    Peter turned his head to the side and stopped for a moment, but then continued fighting. He’d never met anyone so mysterious… Secretive. But he was incredibly Intrigued.

    The next morning, Peter came into the avengers kitchen to see Tony already there drinking coffee and looking deep In thought.

    “Mr stark?” Peter cleared his throat. Tony jumped a little bit and then turned around.

    “Oh, underoos what’s up?”

    “Well, I wanted to ask you about y/n”

    “Ah, nice kid… Considering her background and all”

    “Background?” Peter was lost.

    “Yeah Y'know, the whole ‘Working for HYDRA’ -Tony made quote marks with his hands- thing.”

    “Y/N worked for HYDRA?” Peter was very surprised. He had always imagined everyone from HYDRA being completely evil, sure you had been kinda mysterious, but he never would have pegged you for one of the bad guys. Peter was lost in thought until someone cleared their throat.
    He saw you sitting on the couch behind him. He haven’t noticed you before.You had a tear running down your cheek and your lip quivered when you made eye contact with him.

    He walked over and sat down next to you, you put your head in his chest and started to cry.

    “I’m sorry” You said between sniffles.

    “Hey.. It’s OK. You’re different now” Peter smiled down at you.

    “I know, it’s just…. I don’t usually cry”

    HEYYYYY! I hope you liked it! I don’t know if its quite what you wanted but.. I think it was okay :)

    I’m Currently only working on “Mystery girl Part four”.


    So this fluffy Percabeth oneshot is for @percyyoulittleshit! I hope you like it Mari! :D

    Honestly this was quite a lot of fun to write, so I hope everyone enjoys reading it! 

    “It feels like we haven’t seen each other in ages,” Percy complained, as he walked through the cabin area of Camp Half-Blood. It was a sunny August day, and many campers were milling about.

    “I know, Seaweed Brain, but you know I’ve been so busy helping with the New Athens plans. And you’ve been doing a lot of training sessions. Besides, that’s why we’re having our picnic today!” Annabeth said happily.

    Percy nodded, his usual smile returning to his face. He grabbed her hand, ready to take her to the beach, where he had planned on having their picnic, when someone interrupted them.

    “Percy! Annabeth!” Piper shouted from behind them, panting out of breath. “We need you.” She was dressed in shorts and a blue t-shirt, and Rachel was next to her, a small smile on her face, dressed in her usual paint-stained attire.

    “For what?” Percy asked reluctantly. “We were just about to–”

    “There’s a meeting in the Big House,” Rachel said, interrupting Percy. “Chiron says you guys need to be there. There’s no time for you to go to the beach–you need to come now.”

    Percy looked at Annabeth, disappointment written on his face. “I guess we have to go.”

    “It shouldn’t matter too much.” Annabeth smiled. “How about afternoon tea?”

    “Who has sandwiches for tea?” Percy grumbled halfheartedly.

    Annabeth rolled her eyes.

    “Fine,” Percy turned to Rachel and Piper. “We’re coming.”

    “Great,” Piper said, her eyes brightening. “Let’s go.”

    Percy and Annabeth followed them, now focused fully on what this emergency meeting would be about.

    “Well, that was a waste of time,” Percy said in annoyance, as he and Annabeth walked out of the Big House over an hour later.

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    Darlin’, We’re Going Down (Josh Faraday x Reader)

    Originally posted by entertainmenttonight

    Warning: sort of spoiler-y with elements of violence.

    You and Faraday had a history.

    It was brief, but eventful. The type of thing you wanted to forget.

    You’d done everything right. You spent a week drinking him away, then you got up and found a little town in The Middle of Nowhere, USA. A tiny patch of dirt called Rose Creek. You came at a bad time—or rather, a good one. Bogue mining company had just set up shop across the way, causing a distraction that kept people from asking you questions. It made it quite easy for you to integrate yourself quietly as the town’s new seamstress.

    Then, just as you were settling into your new skin, everything changed. Rose Creek became a battlefield, Emma Cullen had left with every penny the town had, and armed men perused the streets, desperately looking for a reason to shoot someone. You weren’t scared like most people. You could handle a gun, and had no problem picking up and moving somewhere else. You’d done it before. But you didn’t want to. You liked it there. You’d grown attached to the people and the little room you occupied above the barbershop. It was your home. So for now, you’d wait it out. Emma promised to bring back an army by the end of the week. Maybe she’d come through.

    And she did.

    They came in a blaze of gunpowder, wasting no time in shooting up half the town. You ducked under your table for the majority of it, frantically tapping on your floorboards to figure which one you’d hidden your gun under. Ironically enough, you didn’t find it until the last shot was fired, and Emma came riding in, telling everyone to come out.

    Tucking it into the back of your skirt, you hesitantly walked outside. Others had already emerged and were investigating the bodies littering the gravel. You looked around, trying to figure out which faces you didn’t recognize. Right away you spotted a bearded man, who looked more bear than human. Then a stranger who was tending to a black horse. There was another, decked out in war paint, pulling arrows from bodies, and checking the tips. Two others stood off to the side, one holding a rifle and one wiping blood from one of his many knives. Somewhere you caught wind of a Spanish accent. That made six. Six men who had just wiped out 30.

    Then you saw that there was a seventh.

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    Best Friend Part 3 // Zach Herron

    A/n- it’s finally here! thanks for being patient. i hope you dont kill me lolol also s/o to vik ( @nightsspentthinking ) for finding out what zach’s moms name was lol


    You shook your head as the guy, whom you thought was Zach, stared at you.

    “I’m sorry,” you mutter as you quickly turn around. 

    I’m literally going insane.

    You stood in line at the Starbucks, waiting to get a drink that would hopefully raise your spirits. You were just about to order when your phone rang. You muttered another sorry before stepping out of line and answering your phone.


    “Y/n, you cant leave.” He begged.

    “Don’t do this. My plane will be here soon.” You sighed, Corbyn was like your brother. Hurting him hurt you.

    “No, you don’t understa-“ he began.

    “Please stop. I cant stay here. It’s too much. There’s nothing you can say that will make me stay.”

    “Are you sure about that?” He asked.

    You straightened your back even though he couldn’t see you.

    “Yes?” You didn’t mean for it to come out as a question, but it did.

    “Okay,” he takes a deep breath. “Zach and Jonah are in the hospital.”


    You dragged your suitcase behind you through the sliding glass doors. 

    “Hi, I’m here for Zach Herron and Jonah Marais.” You smile to the lady at the desk who quickly types on her keyboard.

    “Are you family?” She asks, not looking up.

    “Uh… yeah. Jonah’s my brother.” One little lie couldn’t hurt, right?

    She scoffs but stands anyways, “Wait here.”

    She turns a corner and disappears for about 5 minutes,. When she comes back, Jack is following her.

    “Jack,” you sigh, tears brimming your eyes. You fling yourself into his arms and he holds you tight. “Please.”

    “Hey,” he rubbed your back. “They’re okay.”

    Jack  lets go of you, but keeps an arm around your shoulders.

    “Remember what I said,” the nurse tells the curly boy.

    He nods, “If we don’t cause a problem, then we can stay.”

    She smiles at you two and Jack begins to guide you down an empty hall.

    “Are they awake?” You ask.

    “Jonah is.”

    “And Zach?”

    “Not yet,” he says quietly.

    “Like at all?” you stop walking.

    “No. The doctors aren’t sure if he’ll wake up…” he trails off.

    “Oh my god,” the tears begin to fall as you lean against a wall. “This is all my fault. I did this.”

    “Don’t say that,“ Jack grabs your hand. “Don’t you dare blame yourself. Okay, Y/n? This. Is. Not. Your. Fault.”

    You shake your head, “Bu-but what if he never wakes up?”

    “Don’t think about that. Just go in there and be with him,” Jack slowly starts to move down the hall, leading you towards your best friend.

    He stops at a door that read 118.

    “You ready?” Jack asks.

    “No,” you breathe in.

    “Do you want to wait?”

    You shake your head, “No. I want to see them.”

    He nods and opens the door, motioning for you to enter first.

    THe first thing you see is Zach. He’s attached to so many things and his eyes are closed. His leg is being held up by a suspension. HE has a tube down his thoat. 

    You bring your hand to your mouth, trying to silence your cries. His chest is slowly rising and falling. That’s the only thing that’s keeping you from completely breaking down.

    Next, you see Corbyn. He’s sitting next to Jonah’s bed, scrolling through his phone. Jonah is sat up in a hospital bed, he has a cast on his left arm and a wrap around his head. He smiles when he sees you.

    “Y/n, hi.” He lifts up his right arm, silently asking for a hug. You walk over to him and let him half envelope you in a hug. He’s warm. 

    You sigh, “Jonah.”

    “Don’t. I’m okay. We’re okay.”

    “I’m sorry,” you say anyways.

    He rubs your arm soothingly. You look around, “Where’s Daniel?”

    “He went to the airport to pick up Zach’s family,” Corbyn answers.

    You snuggle into Jonah, closing your eyes. The monitor that’s hooked up to Zach begins beating rapidly. You jump up as Jack runs into the hall.

    “Someone help!” Jack yells.

    Corbyn grabs you as you watch Zach begin to shake. Doctors begin to fill the room as the blonde tries to move you. 

    “Y/n, we have to leave.”

    “No! Zach please! Don’t leave! Zach please!” you scream.

    “SOMEONE GET HER OUT OF HERE!” A doctor yells.

    Both Corbyn and Jack had to pull you out of that room.


    It had only been about 6 minutes of sitting in the waiting room. The doctor and two nurses came out and you three immediately stood up. You grabbed each of the boys hand and squeezed.

    “Zach woke up but when he realized there was a tube in his mouth he started to panic which put his body into overdrive.”

    “SO he’s okay?” Jack asked.

    “Yes,” you all three sighed. “But-”

    “But what?” Corbyn asked, squeezing your hand.

    “Zach’s body needs time to recover and if he gets worked up then it’ll cause his body to go into overdrive and we’ll have to do all of that again.”

    “What are you saying?” you asked.

    “Don’t upset him. Don’t excite him. Just be there.” With that the doctor walked off.

    You started crying, “So I cant see him?”

    “Y/n, it’ll be fine.” Jack said.

    “Jack,” Corbyn started.


    “The last time they saw each other Zach made it very clear…” the blonde trailed off.

    “It’s okay,” you wiped your tears and sat down. “You guys go make sure he’s okay.”

    The boys walked down the hall and you texted Jonah. You two began playing iMessage games to keep each other busy. You were about to win the game of pool when Daniel and Zach’s family walked in.

    “Y/n?” Daniel asked, hugging you.

    “Hi,” you said and waved to his family.

    “Why aren’t you in there with the boys?” Myta asked.

    “I-uh-we- Zach and I got into a fight..” you said, trying to make this as least awkward as possible.

    “Oh,” was all she said.

    “Can we go see Zach mommy?” Reese tugged on her moms shirt.

    “Yes, lets go. Daniel?” She asked.

    Daniel led the family down the same hallway Jack and Corbyn went down about 15 minutes ago. You sat back down and began scrolling through various social medias to keep you occupied.

    “Y/n?” you looked up and saw Myta standing in the entry way of the hall.

    “Yeah?” your heart began racing. Did Zach want you to leave?

    “Zach wants to see you.”

    “Really?” you stand up immediately.

    She nods, “He’s been asking about you for the past 5 minutes.”

    You follow her down the hall.

    “Did Zach tell you what happened?” The question had been on your mind since everything blew up.

    “Tell me what?”

    You scoffed lightly, “Why we got into a fight.”

    “No..” she said and you sighed.

    Thank God.

    “But he didn’t need to,” she added right as you got to the door.

    “You know?”

    “Of course, it’s the same way I acted around Josh when I was your age.”

    Before you could say anything else, Myta opened the door. You walked in behind her. Corbyn, Jack and Daniel stood up as well as Reese and Ryan.

    “Let’s go get some food guys,” Daniel said. You smiled and looked at Jonah.

    “I can’t move but I’ll put in headphones,” he smiled, grabbing his phone. 

    You hadn’t looked at Zach yet. You didn’t want to cry, but you knew as soon as you locked eyes, the tears would be streaming.

    Josh and Myta quietly slipped out of the room and you were left alone with Zach.

    “Y/n,” he said quietly which caused you to look at him.

    Oh my God.

    He looked worn out and tired. He looked like he had been through hell. And it was all your fault.

    “Oh Zach,” you cried into your hands.

    “No, don’t cry. Please don’t cry.” he begged.

    You walked over to his bed, “I am so sorry.”

    “This isn’t your fault. It’s the dumbass who ran a red light.”

    “But you wouldn’t have been in the car if-”

    “If I hadn’t treated you like crap.” he interrupted you. “Y/n, you are my best friend. And I am so sorry that I ever thought you weren’t. You’ve been here for this entire thing and I’d be lost without you and I am so so so sorry that I ever made you feel like I didn’t care about you.”

    Tears began streaming down his face and you grabbed his hand. “Calm down Zach, you have to stay calm.”

    “Please, don’t ever leave me again. I need my best friend.”

    You smile sadly, “Of course.”

    It may be selfish, but you were somewhat sad that Zach didn’t like you back. You were behind thankful that he was safe but it saddened you that Zach only say you as a best friend. However, you weren’t going to risk it again. You would be the best friend he needed. You weren’t going to let your feelings get between you two again.


    Everyone had made their way back into the room not long after Zach and you had made up. Everyone had been laughing and talking about anything and everything. 

    Reese and Ryan had fallen asleep while the three mobile boys had gone to get food for all of you. Myta and Josh were calling around to see if any hotels were available. 

    You were sat next to Zach scrolling through your phones. 

    “Hey,” he whispered.

    “What?” you whispered back.

    “Do you know what was the first thing that I thought when we got hit?” he asked.

    “Obviously not, but i’ll guess anyways.” you giggled and thought. “Hmm, was it about pizza?”

    He laughed, “No.”

    “I don’t know, tell me.”

    “It was that I never got the chance to tell you that I love you,” he looked at you.

    Your heart stopped, “Aww Zach. I love you too.”

    You smiled and went back to scrolling through your phone.


    You raised an eyebrow at him, “What do you mean ‘no’?”

    “I mean I love you.” He looked at you, eyes filled with fear.


    “I didn’t realize it at first. I was scared and afraid that if we got together we’d ruin everything. But- but then..” he paused. “When we got hit, I thought i was gonna die. And the only person i wanted to see was you, so i could tell you. Y/n, you mean everything to me and I love you.”

    You let out a small breath, “What are you saying Zach?”

    “I’m saying that I want to be more than your best friend.”

    A tear fell down your cheek as you took in a deep breath.

    “I swear to god if this is a prank, I’ll kill you.”

    He laughed lightly, “I’m not that cruel Y/n.”

    You looked at him and smile.

    “So?” he grabbed your hand.

    “I would love to be more than your best friend, Zach.”

    saeranshoe  asked:

    So Hi there could I please request how the rfa boys and v and saeran wrap help mc when she has bad meltdowns due to being autistic (for me personally I shutdown and become verbally aggressive though I never mean it and I become disassociated with myself and thier very invasive like a panic attack almost) if you don't want to do it that's fine but thankyou anyway 💙

     I’m so glad you requested this!! I have some autistic friends, so I know a little about this topic. I hope you like it! I wrote this as the first time MC has a meltdown in front of their s/o.

    ⭐Yoosung Kim

    💚When he finds you in a meltdown, he freaks out

    💚probably starts crying as well 

    💚this baby has no idea what to do!!! 

    💚he will first try to go to you and maybe hug you, but once he sees that makes it worse he removes himself from the room

    💚this baby calls his mom 


    💚once he gets himself calmed down he will distract himself with cooking, so that he can keep himself calm and give you something that might make you simmer down 

    💚he will quietly enter the room with some food, and your stim toys

    💚once you calm down he helps you eat and you both use the toys

    💚i mean he can’t resist them they look cool and he doesn’t want you to feel weird for using them!! he’ll grab one and ask you what it does and ask you to show him 

    💚he is very supportive and will try to keep his calm and help you anyway he can 

    🎧 Seven

    ❤️reacts IMMEDIATELY 

    ❤️out of them all, Seven knows the most about meltdowns and being autistic

    ❤️this dude is a genius and has 100% looked up and studied mental illnesses, i mean

    ❤️the dude is a mess 

    ❤️he will gather all your stim toys and your weighted blanket 

    ❤️will cover you in it so that if you want to hide and rock, you can while getting the calming feeling the blanket offers 

    ❤️he won’t force himself on you, he just silently says he’s going to go outside and if you need him come right away

    ❤️has a mini panic attack himself 

    ❤️because,,, what if he didn’t do the right thing?? was it right of him to leave you alone??? 

    ❤️also oh god what if you diE

    ❤️you come out of the room yourself and it’s eerily quiet

    ❤️you guys just hug it out, and cling to each other. 

    ❤️after this, seven will do everything he can to help you when your on the verge of a meltdown 

    ❤️this experience only brings you closer. 

    🖊 Jumin Han

    💙 wow um 

    💙 sorry to spoil this parade but honestly he is PROBABLY THE WORST. 

    💙 he has no. experience. with. meltdowns. 

    💙 or autistic people in general 

    💙 this dude grew up in a box, he didn’t even know what autism was until you came along 

    💙 when you have a meltdown he freaks out 

    💙 immediately does. all the wrong things. i am so sorry for you honestly

    💙 he just doesn’t understand and he just wants to help, so jumin is a mess.

    💙 like Yoosung, he’ll call someone. First person to pop up is Jaehee 

    💙 Jaehee comes and practically drags Jumin away from you 

    💙 The two have to have a full on conversation on what a meltdown even is and how to treat it 

    💙 when you come out of the room, Jumin is frozen in place

    💙 he feels so bad. after the conversation, he knows. he knows he only made it worse

    💙 poor guy can not look you in the eye 

    💙 the two of you hug it out, and stay connected for hours and talk it out

    💙 legit he forgets Jaehee is even there and she has to invite herself out it’s so awkward 

    📚Jaehee Kang

    💛 Okay so like seven she knows some stuff about autism. 

    💛 even if seven knows the most out of the group, Jaehee has the most responsible approach. 

    💛 she gathers the weighted blankets and stims, but STAYS WITH YOU LIKE A PERSON SHOULD


    💛 will offer you a massage and keeps CALM

    💛 will stay with you even if you yell at her to go away, because she is stubborn and knows that this will pass. 

    💛 if you hit her she’ll let it happen, because it is okay. she will grab your hands and look you in the eye and just keep telling you it is okay. You are okay. She loves you. 

    💛 she loves you so much

    💛 after the meltdown, the both of you cuddle with the weighted blanket and she tells you how much she cares for you and is proud of you

    💛 later you will discuss what triggered it. but now, you two just hold each other in silence. 

    💛 can you tell Jaehee is very dear to me

    🎭 Zen

    🖤 oh boy

    🖤 ohhh boy,,,

    🖤 so. he’s practically as bad as Jumin. But he’s a little better

    🖤 he researched autism once he knew that was a part of you, because he loves you and wants to know everything he can

    🖤 but. he didn’t know about meltdowns. 

    🖤 he thinks you are having a panic attack, so he uses the knowledge he has in that regard 

    🖤 he has no knowledge please help him 

    🖤 the only thing he knows is your stims and your headphones. so he grabs those and puts on your headphones, gives you your favorite doll and just looks at you. 

    🖤 he knows you can’t hear him but he jUST WANTS TO HELP

    🖤 zen legit starts reading off his script for his next play

    🖤 he has NO IDEA if this will work and surprisingly??? 

    🖤 it does.

    🖤 bitch cries when you calm down and holds you. even if your the one that needs comforting after the meltdown, zen pretty much was scared so bad and just needs to be held 

    🖤 you two will definitely be talking later. 

    📷 V

    💜 please please give this boy an award 


    💜 he’ll hold you in his arms, give you a massage, talk to you about his day, remove all things that might trigger you out of the room, and just is flat out

    💜 an angel. 

    💜 he’ll sing to calm you down and honestly he is so good 

    💜 he sings simple things like lullabies and you love it. sweet and simple and just what you need. 

    💜 expect a lot of spoiling and affection afterwards!!

    💔 Saeran 


    💔 i do so here we GO 

    💔 he has been there. so many times. soso many times with no one there to help him. 

    💔 at first, he has no idea what to do. it’s like a flash in the past. he sees himself in you and that scares him. 

    💔 he will remove himself from the room without a word. he knows he needs to gather himself together

    💔 once he’s calm, he practically knows everything. will remove anything sharp or dangerous from the room. will even take off his pointy bracelet. 

    💔 gathers some warm drinks because that helped him calm down 

    💔 will make you lay down. he doesn’t care where you are. you’re lying down. 

    💔 he puts so much weight on you, including himself. on top of all the blankets he just lies down on you and breathes deep breaths. 

    💔 no words are spoken. 

    💔 you two will probably stay like that the rest of the day. 

    i hope it came out well aaaaAaa.,,,, ;-;


    Kai Parker ~ I don't want to live forever.

    Summary: Inspired by the song, I don’t want to live forever by Taylor Swift and Zayn. (It has been stuck in my head for agessssss) You and Kai have a rough break up and you hate being around each other because there are too many memories but never of you want to have to go on with your life without each other.

    “You want me to what?” You yelled at Damon after he’d asked you to go to Kai’s house to convince to help Damon and Stefan.

    “I know you hate him but its been like what 2 months since you guys broke up and I reallllyyy need his help with this.” Damon pleaded.

    “So why don’t you just ask him yourself then.” You hissed.

    “Because he hates me.” Damon stated.

    “And what makes you think he doesn’t hate me?” You snapped.

    “Please y/n”He begged.

    You paused for a second. Damon was one of your best friends and you needed to get over Kai.

    “Fine.”You snapped.

    “Great! Now go!” He said.

    As you walked to Kai’s house everything in your body was telling to turn around and never look back but you couldn’t do that because you were doing this for Damon and you really needed to stop caring about Kai.

    When you arrived at his door you really wanted to turn around and run but you told yourself to stop being a wimp. You rung the door bell and waited.

    “Who is-…… y/n” Kai said slowly as he opened the door.

    “Um hi.” You said awkwardly

    “So umm why are you here?” Kai asked.

    “Damon asked me to come ask you if you’d help him with this thing, I bought grimoires so you can find the right spell.” You said still awkwardly standing in the door way. You saw a look of disappointment in his eyes.

    “Oh yeah sure come in.” He said opening to door fully.

    You both went into the lounge and sat on opposite end of the sofa.

    After you’d explained what spell you were looking for you both sat in silence flipping through the pages in your grimoires. The silence was defining. Every so often you felt him starring at you.

    It seemed like forever passed before anyone spoke.

    “Hey um it’s getting late do you-’ He began but you cut him off when you realised what time it was.

    “Oh my god I didn’t realise what time it was, yes I’ll go now.” You said springing to your feet.

    “No please stay I was going to ask if you want to stay and have dinner.” He asked.

    You hesitated. “Why not?” You thought.

    “Sure.” You said trying to hide your nervousness.

    You headed in to the Kitchen and sat on the worktop and watched him cook. Being in the kitchen bought back so many memories you shuddered.

    “You okay?” Kai asked looking up at you.

    “Yeah I’m fine it’s just…never mind” You said and looked at the wall trying to avoid his gaze.

    “What is it y/n” He asked stopping what he was doing so you knew he was paying attention. 

    “We haven’t really talked since our break up and I hate it, the awkwardness. We act like we’re strangers but we are way more than that.” The second the words left your mouth you wished you hadn’t said anything.

    Neither of you said anything for a couple of seconds.

    Kai sighed and carried on with what he was doing. You stared at him.

    “You’re not going to say anything? I told you how I really feel and you just pretend like nothing happened.” You almost yelled at him.

    “What do you want me to say y/n? Do you want me to pretend like everything will be fine, we’ll be friends and everyone will live happily ever after?” He snapped.

    You looked down, unsure what to say.

    “I just wanted to know who you felt, I want us to be honest with each other.” You said quietly.

    For awhile he did nothing.

    “You really want to know how I feel?” He asked.

    You nodded and waited, waited him to tell you how he never really loved you and how he didn’t really want be your friend either.

    “Y/n I…” He paused. 

    You helped your breath knowing what he was about to say.

    “I love you so much and have never stopped loving you, when we broke up I felt like I’d lost part of my heart. I didn’t know how to live without you.” He said searching your face for a reaction.

    You felt your heart stop. Was he really saying this.

    “ But I know you don’t feel the same way so-” You stopped him by smashing your lips into his.

    “I feel the same” You whispered. You saw the joy in his face.

    “I don’t ever want to live without you” He said stroking your cheek.

    I hope you guys liked it, sort of long but oh well

    anonymous asked:

    prompt: the kids patching up steve after the fight

    … OKAY THIS ONE’S EASY k here we go thanks for pulling me out of my ‘how do I finish this other thing’ funk

    “Uh, Max, not to be that person, but your brother has Issues. Like, Issues. With the capital I,” Dustin blurts as he leans down and checks the extent of Steve’s injuries - what the hell. There’s so much blood on the poor guy’s face he can barely see underneath.

    “Believe me, I know,” she sighs, sparing a disdainful look towards Billy, and she doesn’t even fight him on it.

    “Guys,” Mike says, “we can’t stay here.”

    “Yeah, well,” Lucas says, “how do you wanna get to the Upside Down? Because as far as I recall, Steve’s the one with the car.”

    Max shrugs. “I can drive. I mean, I did a few times. In a parking lot.”

    “Good enough,” Mike agrees. “You can drive.”

    “Yeah, guys, wait, we should totally go,” Dustin interrupts - Mike was headed straight for the door and he knows he wants to go help El as soon as he can, he gets it, she’s his friend too, but - “but sure as hell we can’t leave him here with - Issues. In case he wakes up. And we should, like, put some ice on him or something. He did get beat up for us, what kind of assholes are we?”

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    I Don't Wanna Be In Love (Chapter One) {Trixya} - Palace

    A/N: Hi! So here is my new series, I’ve been working on this since November and its fair to say writers block got the better of me, but this idea has been burning in my head for a while now so I wanted to persevere with it.

    Just a heads up before this starts, the uploads for this are most likely going to be extremely slow as I have lots of uni work coming up and I’m about to start an eleven week teaching placement, however, having said that every chapter should be a decent length. So you may have to wait for the next chapter, but, it’ll be a decent fill when you get it :)

    This fic will follow cis girl Katya and Trixie through their years at college, following their developing relationship and the struggles they will endure together.

    ——- This represents a change in POV, it’ll switch between Trixie and Katya quite frequently but I’ll make it obvious who we’re focusing on each time it does.

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