So, I finally got a chance to watch the clip from 3x10 and it kinda threw me a bit how rude Barry was to Wally. Obviously without context it’s hard to know what exactly Wally did that had Barry pissed enough that he felt like he needed to call him out in front of everyone and essentially threaten to cut his training off (again) if he didn’t straighten up and fly right. So what gives? 

Well, I went back and watched tonight’s episode again and before it got to the part where the writers ripped all of our hearts out by having Barry witness Iris dying, it showed him stopping at a TV and hearing a news report about the trial of Jared Marillo (sp?) aka Plunder coming to a close. He was found guilty of grand theft and aggravated assault after being caught by the Flash earlier that year. That video was 5 months in the future. 

Well, in the 3x10 clip Wally is excited, and everyone is praising him, because he saved Barry’s life and apprehended Plunder and put him into Iron Heights. He did the ‘right’ thing and yet Barry is still pissed. To everyone else, I’m sure it looks as if he’s overreacting and just dumping on Wally. But what if it’s more than that? What if the real reason Barry is pissed is that his run-in with Plunder was his attempt at changing the future? Let Plunder ‘beat him’ and get away (for now) so that 5 months down the road there wouldn’t be a news story on TV about Plunder being found guilty the night Iris supposedly dies. Its not a big change but it’s change enough. 

However, since Wally isn’t aware of any of this he comes along, saves the day, and puts the bad guy in prison–like he should. But because Barry knows the truth it makes him angry, frustrated, and left feeling helpless. If he can’t even control something as small a when some petty criminal goes to jail, then how is he going to save Iris? 

anonymous asked:

In all honesty do you think SW will die? I think we can all agree on that Yona and Hak will surely not kill him. Do you think he might sacrifice himself so in the end Yona will be sitting on the throne? Since SW himself doesnt have any interest in it?

Yona doesn’t have any interest in it either. If he does end up sacrificing himself, it would be for another reason I think (to protect Hak would be great imo). As for SW dying or not, it’s still too early to say. For now I don’t think he will because the previous arcs showed he was trying to make things better in the kingdom, but if he turns out to be too dangerous for Yona and for Kouka’s safety, then after all he did it’s likely he’ll end up dying. Also I don’t know if it’s acceptable for the young japanese readership to have a story where a criminal gets to go unpunished. I expect he will face some form of punishment at one point, but not necessarily death.

ok but like when did self-sacrifice become synonymous with death? writers seem to have forgotten that people can make personal sacrifices for the greater good without giving their lives. plots about self-sacrifice and selflessness don’t always have to end in death. suffering doesn’t have to be mourning. you can create drama and emotional depth on your show without killing everyone. learn to explore the meaning of living rather than dying

they actually did it 

they actually killed 1 of the only 2 female leads in the fucking show

they killed her without a good climax, without a good reason, without giving her any agency to the decision or in her passing. instead of focusing on the fact that she, as a fucking teenager who was extremely smart and talented, would not have the chance to live the rest of her life, they made her talk about her romantic feelings for scott and how dying in his arms was “perfect,” as if dying that young could ever be perfect in any circumstance ever. they made her die trying to protect her friends and save lydia yes, but in a quick hurried way. they didn’t even give us a proper moment for her father to respond to seeing his child dead. we’ve spent three seasons with allison argent, knowing her, loving her - and they give us this. fucking great.

Tsundere Jungkook

Jimin: Hobi hyung was in really good condition in the morning so he was so active but now he’s dying~ 

Rap Monster: We did have many schedules but I didn’t expect him to get tired so soon like that.

Jungkook: But hyung recovered a little because I made him laugh.

J Hope: I was lying down because I was so tired then Jungkook came over and showed me aegyo. I started laughing because I was so dumbfounded. Like what is this kid? 

Jimin: Aegyo? Jungkook, what about me? Jungkook, I think hyung (Jimin) is feeling sick too. 

Jungkook: Go to hospital if you’re sick

Closed RP: i-serve-only-one

William was sitting on the roof top of one of the taller buildings in the city.  It was to his miss fortune one of the day were they did not have enough grim reapers staffed to make the collections so he was landed with over time.  He let out a sigh as he looked at the target of his collection and felt his heart sink once again.  His collection was to be a young boy dying of leukemia.  He would never show it to anyone but this grim reaper had a soft spot in his cold heart for children and always hated collecting their innocent souls, even though he was good at it.  He snapped his book shut….it was almost time.

Oh, wow. It's Munday already. Put some of these in my askbox and I'll respond OOC.
  • ᄏ: Play any instruments?
  • ω: Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, what color(s)?
  • △: Have you ever painted the walls of your room?
  • 【・ヘ・?】: Ever tripped in front a bunch of people?
  • *: When was the last time you tied your hair up? (if your hair is long enough)
  • 旦: Last time you drove your car (if you can drive/have one)?
  • 愛: Are you currently dating?
  • 太: When it's New Year's, do you make New Year Resolutions and actually commit to them?
  • @: Ever felt attracted to the opposite sex before?
  • 空: Did you ever throw up after one roller coaster ride or a few?
  • ☆: Have you ever played games such as 'Spin the Bottle'?
  • ⊙: Are you happy with where you are in life right now?
  • ピ: Did you like Pokemon as a child?
  • ♪: Do you find yourself singing or humming to yourself sometimes?
  • ☁: Ever wanted to learn a foreign language?
  • ス: Have you ever swallowed gum?
  • ⅚: Post the link if your current favorite song.
  • ღ: Post a gif of what you're currently feeling right now.
  • ≘: Have you ever watched the sun rise?
  • ☄: Would you defend a friend if they were in danger?
  • ➍: Ever been to a concert? Was it fun?
  • ♛: Do you like group projects?
  • 高: How often do you use headphones/earbuds?
  • ಲ: Headphones or earbuds?
  • ♞: Showers or baths?
  • ✗: Walks on the beach or in a forest?
  • ⊙﹏⊙: Which horror movie scared you the most? If any?
  • ^∇^: Has your best friend ever made you angry?
  • (._.): Do you think you are an awkward person?
  • メ: Cupcakes or muffins?
  • ♯: Would you like to be able to fly?
  • ℝ: What color shirt are you currently wearing?
  • Æ: What color underwear did you wear yesterday?
  • ☪: Have you ever flipped off someone?
  • ♬: Cats or dogs?
  • 礼: Would you swim in the lake or ocean?
  • の: Chocolate or Vanilla?
  • ◐: Have you ever seen a meteor shower?
  • ᄇ: Have you ever broken a bone?
  • ℨ: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • ♔: Know the Duck Song? The Llama Song? Banana Phone?
  • ۞: What shows did you watch when you were a child?
  • ▼: Could you live without the internet?
  • Д: Strangest food you've eaten?
  • 까: Cookies or brownies?

After that wonderful poll I’ve decided to list down things both shows have in common in hoping that both fandoms will start checking out each other’s shows from now on.

  • Serial killer with European accent duhh
  • Puppies 
  • Even more puppies
  • Did I mentioned puppies?
  • Sexual tension between the protagonist and the antagonist 
  • Science team
  • Sass lots of sass
  • Doctors we love to hate or hate to love idk
  • Characters that died too soon (RIP Beverly. RIP Beth. Rip Katja)
  • People dying
  • Weird stuff (I don’t wanna spoil this for you)
  • Great acting
  • Great writing
  • Great cinematography
  • The cast are dorks

As someone who watches both shows I highly recommend Hannibal to Clone Clubbers and Orphan Black to Fannibals. Both are beautiful masterpieces that deserve more viewers, so if you haven’t give it a try yet, what are you waiting for go check it out now. 

Hannibal is on Fridays 10/9c (NBC) | Orphan Black is on Saturdays 9/8c (BBC America)

*wakes up*

Why did Chloe have to die for the storm to never happen? The universe kept trying to kill Chloe that entire week, and when it finally succeeded in ep. 4, the storm was still coming. So are you telling me that going back in time to the bathroom and letting Chloe die is really gonna stop the storm? When time travelling is exactly what’s supposed to be adding to it? And going back to the photo of the bathroom doesn’t reset everything and actually just creates yet another timeline? Like wouldn’t the best thing have been to calm Nathan down or just show yourself because what caused Nathan to pull the gun was getting upset? If Max said that she caused the storm by using her powers then I’m pretty sure using her powers to go back wouldn’t really fix anything? And Arcadia Bay was already dying before Max even got her powers? And why did Max have a vision of the storm before getting her powers? And—

*screams into the void for hours*

The history of lesbians dying in media is a lot more complicated [than the one about gay men]. And while the recurring death trope for gay men did at least spin out of a desire to show the struggle of queer people in a sympathetic light, it’s extremely important to note that the history of lesbians dying in media has its roots in misogyny.

To start we need a pair of facts that are fundamentally undeniable. First is the fact that straight cis men (especially straight white cis men) have been, and continue to be, the leading force in what culture creates. And the second thing is that straight men have been fetishizing women in sexual relationships with other women since long before it was socially acceptable for women to actually be in those sexual relationships. […]

Historically, this desire for lesbian content has far outweighed the cultural taboo at depicting said content, and a cottage industry of pulp lesbian novels sprang up in the 40s and 50s. Like most pulpy media, this cottage industry has recurring tropes and cliches, and one of the most regular (and important, to our final point) is that the story could never end happily for the lesbian couple.

One of the most common ways for a relationship to end in these novels was for one of the two women to die and the other to return to a straight relationship. Another common ending would be for one of the women to go insane (homosexuality was still seen as a mental illness at the time)…

Like most cultural trends, this morphed and mutated and led to the situation we find ourselves in today, in which the most common end for a lesbian or bisexual female character in a TV show is dying. Despite the fact that queer relationships are both legal and growing more and more accepted, the trend of lesbians dying in media never slowed down. If anything, it’s going stronger than ever…

There’s also the belief among media creators that straight men are interested in seeing lesbians together sexually, but aren’t interested in seeing lesbian relationships, or even more frustratingly, that straight men are interested in seeing lesbian interactions, but want those women to still be sexually available to them at the end of the story.


A Look at the History of Media Burying Its Gays

A historical revision of what led to Lexa. Extremely recommended!

  • “Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?”
  • Silence. 
  • “Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?”
  • Deep breath. 
  • “You look a lot like my next boyfriend.”
  • ….
  • “Let’s play hockey. I’ll be the net and you can score.”
  • Oh my god,” Remus exclaimed, a surprised laughter escaping him before he could stop himself. He had been trying so hard not to encourage Sirius, who was now grinning like a hyena. 
  • “Th’nk god,” he slurred. “I w’s beginning to think you will never respond. My self eshteem-estrem-esteem was really dying there, Remus.”
  • Remus cocked his head, smiling fondly. “I’m sure your ego would CPR it right back to life.”
  • “Wanna know a secret?” Sirius asked, leaning forward and swaying slightly. “I don’t have any ego or self esteem,” he whispered, his Firewhisky smelling breath washing over Remus. “I just pretend I do.”
  • Remus cupped the side of Sirius’ face, pushing him back a little so he wasn’t swaying as dangerously on the kitchen chair. “I know, love.”
  • “You know everything,” Sirius nearly shouted, throwing his hands out in a way that nearly ended up toppling him but Remus caught him just in time. “How do you know everything?”
  • “I don’t know everything,” he answered, running his hands gently through Sirius’ smooth hair. “I just know you. I know how you hide your feelings behind your stupid humour, I know how destructive you are to yourself, and how you love with all your soul. All the things that make you my favourite person on earth.”
  • “Then why won’t you get picked up by my pick up lines?” Sirius whined, pouting in a way that made Remus want to bite and suck on those beautiful, red, full lips.

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Motherfucking Steven Universe Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfucking Cartoon Network bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit Goddamn creator of the crystal gems right fucking fusions and shit right fucking Diamond Authority goddamn driving the handship fucking shit i cant even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Steven Universe man Motherfucking Peridot Peridot you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking shoot shit with her bare hands fucking best friend shit Steven Universe I’m very tired No man I’ll just talk about Cartoon Network shows all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the Steven Universe fuck dude I started watching a year and a half ago fuck Yellow Diamond man she fucked over Peridot crazy Diamond Authority driving Greg uni verse did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented Steven Universe I don’t like dying I cant think of who the fuck invented Steven Universe all I can think is the guy who created Steven Universes brother who the fuck invented Steven Universe


“It’s in the eye of the viewer. Dying is not necessarily paying for one’s sins. I certainly hope it’s not, because the nicest people that have ever lived are going to die eventually. So it could be argued instead that he did get away with it because he never got the cuffs put on him. [There was] the one time with Hank [in ‘To'Hajiilee’]. But he’s expired before the cops show up. They’re rolling in with the sirens going and the lights flashing and he just doesn’t give a damn. He’s patting his Precious, in Lord of the Rings terms. He’s with the thing he seems to love the most in the world, which is his work and his meth lab and he just doesn’t care about being caught because he knows he’s on the way out. So it could be argued that he pays for his sins at the end or it could just as easily be argued that he gets away with it.” (Vince Gilligan, on Walt’s death in Breaking Bad finale, “Felina”)

List of jeanmarco skating au fanfics:



Leaves You Breathless

Learning to Love the Cold

Hot ‘n Cold

Beautiful, Powerful, Dangerous

Knives Strapped to Boots

On the Ice

Mikmik121’s fic

Going For Gold


Kaninchenchen’s fic

Like Snowflakes In His Cheeks

Unuubium’s fanfic (Polish)

The Constellations On Your Skin

Falling Is the Best Part

It’s a Slippery Slope

I thought I should share. I will edit this post each time a new fic will show up to add it to the list.

Also if I forgot to add your fic or if you want me to add your work here please send me a message. 

AND MESSAGE TO ALL WRITERS: lovely  fuusunshine and  minabodt are both figure skaters and offered they could help you guys with writing by answering questions about skating if you have any.


I’m bored - ask me stuff!
  1. What’s your middle name?
  2. How old are you?
  3. When’s your birthday?
  4. Tell us a random fact about you
  5. Any siblings?
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  9. Baths or showers?
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  12. Do you speak any languages other than your native tongue?
  13. Tell us a fear
  14. Who was your first celebrity crush?
  15. Do you have any piercings/how many?
  16. What’s your sexual orientation?
  17. Have you ever dyed your hair?
  18. Have you thought of baby names/what are they?
  19. Eye color?
  20. Favorite school subject?
  21. Top 5 songs?
  22. Top 5 movies?
  23. Top 5 TV shows?
  24. Why did you join Tumblr?
  25. Do you like to sing?
  26. Left or right handed?
  27. Most expensive item of clothing?
  28. What do your parents do (job)?
  29. What color is your bedroom?
  30. Have you ever broken a bone?
  31. What’s your shoe size?
  32. Tell us what your last dream was about
  33. Have you ever been skinny dipping?
  34. How many pillows do you sleep with?
  35. How big is your house?
  36. Do you have any scars?
  37. Post a selfie (if you’re comfortable)
  38. Most used phrase?
  39. Do you keep a journal?
  40. Have you ever tried scuba diving?
  41. Zip-lining?
  42. Rock climbing?
  43. Sky diving?
  44. Do you have any allergies?
  45. Do you have/want any tattoos? (Tell us about them)
  46. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  47. What’s your best feature?
  48. Favorite quote?
  49. Favorite sport?
  50. Describe your dream girl/guy

So every time I watch the movie and it’s that scene where Bruce is dragging Clark along the ground with the wire thingo, no matter how sad I am for my boy Clark and how heavy the scene may be, I always end up having a giggle to myself.

Bruce is all like “I bet your parents taught you that you mean something; that you’re here for a reason… My parents taught me a different lesson… Dying in a gutter for no reason at all.”

And my god.

Man this movie sure did nail Bruce being overdramatic god bless.

though i am still 10/10 disappointed that lex luthor did not show how terrible he was by stealing 40 (four tens) cakes


I’m so anxious bc Lexie ( finallyc13an ) gave some letters to one of taylorswift’s dancers (his Instagram is @giuseppegiofre ) on the second Philly show and my letter was one of them and taylor DID HE GIVE YOU THE LETTERS? HAVE YOU READ THEM? HAVE YOU READ MINE? Please answer this if you are reading it! He promised he would but DID HE ACTUALLY DID? I’m dying to know it and i don’t think i’ll be able to sleep until it…
PS: i love you

Mark @ Vidcon
  • It was going to be a sad panel 
  • His relationship with Rebecca was love at first sight
  • Making out with Rebecca
  • Rebecca chose her own name the day they met. 
  • Made sensationalist promises that he won’t be able to keep (a new pole dancing video with Jack, Danny and Arin performing an original song and dance number) (also #sexymark)
  • “Be cool”
  • He doesn’t remember the lyrics from the FNAF musical so he sang the Barney theme song
  • He finally got the yes for he TV show he and the boy’s have been working on.
  • Talked about Cool Patrol
  • Would date Danny and be Arin
  • Really disturbing foot thing. Like… more disturbing than usual.
  • Made that uncomfortable and awkward face when we sang happy birthday to him
  • His hair is dying. Like literally. It’s like a tree in autumn, just more gross 
  • Did a Jack impression. Not as good as Jack’s imitation of his laugh, but a+ for effort.
  • Answered the most important question: his fave type of noodles are the spongebob shaped ones.
  • Can’t hug people at panels, can’t take pictures with them, can’t even accept gifts. Apparently he’s not even allowed to go out into the crowd. 
  • Talked about the comics, they’re going to be about him fucking shit up in the worlds of other Red Giant comics. 
  • Talked about the show he wants to make. Just like the times he’s talked about it in ryc videos. Improv, gameplay and music. With some of his friends. 
  • Dabbed his way out

Okay, but just imagine Leo invites the seven, Nico, and Reyna to a Dia De Los Muertos party at his aunt’s house, I have theory that Leo changes a lot after his death and resurrection bc dude dying hurts and he has a lot more to live for now, so when they show up Leo introduces his family to his family, but then Leo’s grandmother hobbles over.

She’s looking straight at Hazel while pushing past everyone and when she finally gets to her she says:

“I knew how much he loved you. Even on his death bed he never stopped talking about you”.

And Hazel grabs her hand like she did to Leo and she sees how sad and lonely Sammy was after she left. How some nights he would drink his life away. How he would visit the stables and remember how beautiful Hazel was mounted on her horse, her curly hair bouncing, her eyes fierce with excitement and joy, her lips and how they parted into a smile just for him.

She sees how lonely he was, until one night in his early thirties, he was sitting at a bar, drinking like usual, and he hears a familiar voice “excuse me where’s the bathroom?” He turns thinking he would see Hazel, but instead its someone else.

She’s medium in height, long curly brown hair, tan skin, thick in body, dark brown eyes, and a familiar smile. She was so beautiful, she had this warmth to her that could brush out the cold. She was like a Latin version of Hazel, but he knew she wasn’t.

They spent years together. They got married, started a family, had beautiful kids, beautiful grandkids. They were happy. They started a tradition: every year Dia De los Muertos they made one gold cupcake with one gold candle for Hazel.

On his death bed, Sammy was hysterical. He had Alzheimer’s, but nothing had changed. He spoke about Hazel every minute of everyday. How they meet, how she left, and how he had never recovered. Sometimes when his wife came to visit he would call her Hazel, and drop down to the floor trying to run to her. On his last day, Sammy was holding his wife’s hand and said “I loved her, but that never meant I didn’t love you”.

Hazel returned, still holding Leo’s grandmother’s hand, and saw tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry”, said Hazel

Leos grandmother hobbled over to the nearest table, grabbed something, and hobbled back. She was holding a gold cupcake with a gold candle.

“Feliz Dia De Los Muertos” she said.

“Feliz Dia De Los Muertos”.