Okay I keep seeing ya’ll fighting over white cop!javert and I am like ?? Because guys, one of the most interesting parts of Javert’s character was that he was born into the community he grew to despise.

So let me instead put forward, black cop Javert who has a lot of internalized racism

Black javert who patronizingly says that black teens should just “stop wearing baggy pants” and that will fix everything.

Black Javert who sides with the police and is the person the police stations throw in TV to show that they aren’t racist because they have a black cop.

Black Javert guys, is the one that is actually similar to his situation in canon.

What should I read?

My exams have meant that I’ve hardly had anytime for reading, any free time I get I’m reading A Feast For Crows, but I’m used to reading something along side it, so what should read?
- A Court of Thorns and Roses ~ Sarah J. Maas
- Cress ~ Marissa Meyer
- The Bane Chronicles ~ Cassandra Clare
- The Night Circus ~ Erin Morgenstern
- Siege and Storm ~ Leigh Bardugo

I can’t decide!