Hamilton // Ace Attorney

Happy 4th of July!!!

which also just so happens to be the day i beat ace attorney for the first time so here’s some celebratory gifs!

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hamilton characters as actual things said in my class
  • alexander hamilton: 17 is the best number of all time and anyone who contradicts can meet me in the pit
  • aaron burr: oh no please don't do this ill kinkshame you
  • john laurens: [about our class turtle] he's beauty he's grace he's mr. turtnited states
  • lafayette: [screeches] MINI CROISSAAAAAAAAAANTS
  • hercules mulligan: my scarf protects me from harm
  • george washington: if you call me daddy again i will literally kick your ass
  • angelica schuyler: [2 hours late to school] sorry feminism called
  • eliza schuyler: dont worry, its my sole purpose in life to be overlooked
  • peggy schuyler: merp
  • king george: [in swivel chair] PUSH ME AROUND TINY PEASANTS
  • thomas jefferson: talk french to me english can go fuck itself
  • james madison: if i was a mcdonalds order i would be a milkshake and small cry
  • philip hamilton: [puts hands up] i am the sun
  • maria reynolds: the answer is me cause im a ten bitches

Angelica Schuyler quotes wallpapers 💗

  • Hamilton: I like your new pants.
  • Burr: Thanks! They were 50% off!
  • Hamilton: I'd like them better if they were 100% off.
  • Burr: The store can't just give clothes away for free.
  • Hamilton: That's not what I meant -
  • Burr: That's a terrible way to run a business, Hamilton.
  • Laurens: Hamil-fun
  • Lafayette: Hamil-won
  • Hercules: Hamil-bruhn
  • Burr: Hamil-outrun
  • Washington: Hamil-son
  • Eliza: Hamil-hun
  • Angelica: Hamil-stun
  • King George: Hamil-none
  • Madison: Hamil-done
  • Jefferson: Hamil-get-your-ass-back-to-the-mother-fucking-ca-ribbeAN