Quick Rooster Teeth survey for a class project

Hey there RT fans! Can you please do this quick RT Website Survey? It’s for a design research class project, basically choose a website and do reviews on the website. I decided to do RT since I’m a huge fan. Don’t worry all answers will be anonymous, and only used solely for this class project.


Thanks! (Its due soon so please help :v….)

please refrain from snarky answers…. 

It just hit me that newer rooster teeth/achievement hunter fans won't remember a time when:

•Geoff and Gavin lived together

•Ray was a very prominent member

•Lindsey’s last name was Tuggey

•Ryan didn’t dress like the biggest dad to ever dad

•Geoff had the most kickass mustache to ever grace the earth

•Gavin was genuinely afraid of Ryan

•Jack fanfics were basically illegal

•There was wild speculation in between episodes of 10 little roosters (I’m still waiting for 11 little roosters dammit)

•Burnie was the CEO


“Miles has been promoted to the Head Writer of Animation at Rooster Teeth, so congratulations to Miles, who will now be doing a victory lap here in a moment.” - RT Podcast #349