Anthony Carelli issues statement regarding Jim Cornette incident
[October 10th, 2017]

In 2005, an incident occurred at Ohio Valley Wrestling that ended with student Anthony Carelli (later known as Santino Marella) being slapped by Jim Cornette, which led to Cornette being fired from OVW. 12 years later, after a multitude of burials from Cornette, he finally came face to face with Carelli last weekend at the XICW Cobo Legends convention, in an incident that was caught on camera. Carelli later issued the following statement:

Hi everyone, ok so here’s my one-and-only official statement regarding Cornette. He can definitely dish it out so lets see if he can take it too.  You will soon identify a reoccurring theme here, he’s complete bullshit, from head to toe.  My original stance from day one was to just let him rant and NOT to stoop to his level, and I tried to for a long time, but sometimes a brother gots to set things straight.  Its important to note that Cornette has been lying for so long about all this stuff that he actually believes it like an actually memory.   Some would say he’s a good bull-shitter.  But it’s actually called being a compulsive liar.  

12 years ago I moved to Louisville to train at OVW, after a month of the beginners class I was invited to the intermediate class where I would train with the legendary Rip Rogers.  At that time I was also invited to come and watch an OVW TV taping.  Upon arrival to my first ever TV taping I was told I could sit in the student area in the audience.  Keep in mind I’m with my daughter and simply a member of the audience, or so I thought.

The show starts, its great, and then there’s the debut of the bogeyman who was supposed to leave the arena through an emergency door directly behind us, no one gave me the 411, so as bogeyman was leaving he turned right towards us and I thought he was gonna do me a solid and scare my daughter thus creating a memory that she would never forget, so as a dad I was pretty stoked, and yes I was definitely smiling.  The bogeyman then jars the guard rail, we all run, and he exits out the door.  It’s all on YouTube if you care to see it. Actually I encourage one to do so, so you can see for yourself that I’m not laughing.  Hence BS #1.  There was never any agenda to the whole thing.  I wasn’t trying to be anything other than a fan.   I wasn’t part of the show, heck it was my first time there for show.  Gosh when I look back now I was so green to everything but I was definitely enjoying a pro-wrestling show with the rest of the audience.  The eagerness, the learning, the dedication, they’re all fond memories.    

I’m then summoned to the back where Cornette is flipping out and proceeds to slap me several times.  He claims 17 but lets just call that Bullshit #2.  I had no idea what he was even talking about.  I remember saying just that, which of course got him even more mad.  I remember him saying “you are nothing in this business”, and I’m like yeah no shit I literally just signed up here a month ago lol.  He knew I couldn’t do anything, he took complete advantage of the situation, and he assaulted someone, period, and probably should have been arrested and charged for that matter.  He acted completely unprofessional and very much disrespected the business he claims to love, I say claims to love cause all he ever does is go on completely negative rants about various aspects and his personal opinions.  All that hatred and negativity must be such a heavy burden to carry around all the time.  He has become his own prison sentence, left to marinade in his own negative filth.  Thank God he has become a non-entity and quite frankly irrelevant for some time now.  His overall contribution to the industry has been quite damaging and by no means, is he an authority.  He was merely tolerated and permitted, by real men, to be around the business during one of the best eras in history.  Hey don’t get me wrong I’m not an authority either but I’ve been around great men in this business that truly are and trust me he is NOT on that list.  Most people in the industry generally think him of as an asshole and loser today.  Most, but not all.  There are those few that do like him and that’s 100% fine by me.      

He also said that Bogeyman was furious at me and wanted to kick my ass, so years later and after I got to know Marty pretty well I asked him about that night and he said he was just upset at his “wardrobe malfunction”.  They failed to calculate the effect that the ring lights would have on Bogyman’s makeup and it was proving to be an issue.  Thus the original source of that segment’s frustration is what I always thought.  So what are we at now, BS #3?

Cornette was subsequently fired and pretty much resented me ever since.  I don’t hate him. I don’t hate anyone but he was in the wrong and everyone knows it, especially him.  That is why he so desperately tries to put me down and make excuses as to why he acted the way he did.  The answer is simple Jim, because you are and insecure poor excuse of a man.  

I would get asked about it from time to time but mostly down played it as it really didn’t bother to too much.  I’ve endured much more than a slap, or 7, in my life.  I actually do have a few friends in the business that still like Cornette so I thought that perhaps we could have had a good working relationship if things had been different.  I was not opposed to learning from him, in fact I regret not being able to.  I was taught to respect my elders in life in general, and my seniors in the pro-wrestling business, and until this moment I have.      

Fast forward 10 years and I’m now forced to retire due to 2 neck surgeries.  My WWE career was a dream come true, an amazing 10 year chapter in my life, and I am forever grateful to all the fans all over the world.  I sacrificed everything important to me and risked it all to make it.  I gave it more than 100% and am quite proud to say that I made it on my own merit.  When I got hired almost 2 years after the incident and thanked Johnny Ace for not holding the incident against me he didn’t even know what I was referring to.  I had to actually remind him, which was nice cause it reassured me that my employment was by my own hand.   So trying to say that I was gifted my job is a big pile of BS, #4 in fact, and Cornette knows that too.  I get it, it’s quite simple, he’s just trying to press my buttons and stay relevant.  However it’s the time I spent away from my daughter that I will not allow him to diminish.        

My intention was not to be a comedy wrestler, (check out my Boris Alexiev videos on YouTube) but I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity and I ran with it, just like anyone would do in my position.  Looking back I actually love the fact that I was able to bring laughter into people’s homes, and for so many years.  It’s entertainment.  It’s my absolute favorite thing to hear from fans, that I made their family laugh.  I think laughter is the greatest indicator of having a good time.  I don’t know if he was just jealous because he was not athletic enough to make it in the ring as a wrestler or what, but he’s definitely made some poor comments over the years.  I actually heard through a pretty good source that he can’t even cast a fishing rod.  Now that’s uncoordinated.  You might as well hand your balls in if you can’t cast a fishing rod.  Look I’ve been given the stamp of approval by people that actually matter so I’m able to rest well at night when it comes to my in ring ability.  Sorry buddy but comedy is an essential component of Sports Entertainment.  Honestly shouldn’t you actually know that?  And btw Kay Fabe was ruined long before I ever laced up my boots.  I too wished it hadn’t been, but it is what it is.   We work with what we have, whenever we get our chance to do so.  The business has evolved, and it will continue to evolve.  Those that can’t adapt, can’t evolve, get left behind.  And please don’t hate on WWE, it makes you look really pathetic.  Vince has done a million times more for this business than you will ever be credited for.  Bottom line is he is one of the most successful people in the world, and well you are definitely not Vince.  Put it this way, when I grow up I wanna be like Vince, but if I ever end up like you, I will consider my life a failure.  

Little does Jim know that all those countless negative comments and rants just make him look like an unconfident bitter person that has no class.  That is why I never made a big deal about it because he was already doing a great job of tarnishing his own legacy.  He shits on the comedic component and my in ring ability but duh I’m from OVW so he’s actually shitting on himself and the company that he partly owns.  He’s also shitting on his “friends” Rip, Danny, and Al, that all had a hand in my development and training, plus I can list off many great and iconic comedic wrestlers, 1st and foremost however is the late great Bobby Heenan.  Now you try and tell me that he had no place in wrestling and well I would have to say that you really don’t know as much as I thought you did about Pro-Wrestling Mr. Cornette.        

So one day I see that I got a voicemail from my friend Josh in Tennessee, then I get a text saying “omg I’m so sorry I didn’t know he was going to do that” then I get a call from Josh and he’s all upset about Jim Cornette tricking him in to calling me and then taking the phone from Josh and going on one of his classic rants.  Keep in mind I’m still in bandages fresh out of neck surgery so yeah I’m a little shocked that he could actually stoop this low.

So I mention the message he left in my shoot interview with Rob Feinstein and after it circulated a few people left messages for Cornette on social media letting him know what they thought of what he did.  So now his panties are all bunched up, yet again, and he goes off on his podcast actually denying the whole thing.  A blatant lie told to all of his loyal listeners, BS #5.  I guess he was ashamed of what he did so he just pretended it didn’t happen, and then proceeds to say again it anyway, lol, duh you just stooged yourself off shmarts.  Anyhow no skin off my back, it is what it is, and then he proceeds to call me midget, goof, etc. lol come on Jim you are known for a tennis racket, please tell me you are kidding me when you call me a clown, you were a red nose shy of being the biggest clown in wrestling history.  I think they call that “projecting”, like when he accuses me of disrespecting the business, when in reality its all he ever does.  He also stated that he will slap again the next time he sees me.

Fast forward to the Cobo Centre in Detroit last Saturday and his table is just 2 tables down from mine, so I know at some point we will have a chance to meet, as in actually meet, for the first time, since I don’t consider our first interaction an actual meeting, because no greetings and pleasantries were exchanged etc.

As I’m heading back down the hallway after I got a bite to eat, its Jim and I walking straight towards one another and no one is around, what a perfect opportunity to talk it over and hopefully hash things out.  I say Hello sir and I extend my hand to shake hands.  After all why not, peace is better then enemies right?  Its funny he looked shocked to hear my real voice, lol, mark.  He then proceeds to try to tell me about what happened 12 years ago like I wasn’t there lol, insults me, disrespects me, and then tries to walk away.  I remember being disappointed in how poorly he was dressed that day.  He made no effort at all to make himself presentable to meet his fans, visibly dirty clothing and in poor health I actually felt bad for him, until he decided to be a piece of garbage once again.  I said to him that I was hoping we could walk away from this with a new found respect for one another after possibly talking it out, and that I always regretted not learning from him.  I always hope for the best in people, like my mom.   He laughed and said that he had no respect for me, called me a joke, and that he should slap me again, that’s when I said to myself fuck this guy, there is no way in hell he’s going to punk me off after what he did all those years ago, so I said “do it” “please”, “slap me again and see what happens” trust me Jim it was not so that I could “sue” you. That’s what you see in the video.  Me cutting him off and saying “do it then”.  You cant make a claim like that and then walk away, at least not where I’m from.    It was at that moment that I saw his true colours.  He tried to run away and actually cried out for security.  I guess his wrestling instincts kicked in because he was a classic heal, brave guy when back up is around, but when its just him and the baby-face alone at the end, he begged off.  What happened to slapping me the next time you saw me Jim?  Then when he saw a fan and or security personnel his mock bravery started to kick in and he started to put on a show, Cornette style.  He was a complete bitch as I expected he would be, if it ended up going down this way, and when it was just the 2 of us, nose to nose, eye to eye, quite frankly a coward.  And believe you me I called him those exact words to his face “coward” and “bitch” and all he did was turn another shade of red.  He knows in his heart that I saw it in his eyes.  He can never say anything about it again because he backed down after shooting his mouth off so that’s BS # shit I lost count.  He also said publically that he decided to leave when we all know he was kicked out, escorted out in fact.  Taken out like the trash that he is.  So don’t forget to add another one to the BS list.   It was the perfect ending, the bully got what he deserved in the end.  

Sorry to all the fans that came out to the convention and show.  I really tried to put it all behind us.  Cornett had other plans.  Sometimes we just have to take a stand.

I hope the show was still a blast, well I’m sure it was because there were a great bunch of guys performing that night!

So I now get to have some closure from the original incident.  I get to return to my wonderful Canadian life, and come home to my hot Polish fitness model wife.  This week we are going camping up north to enjoy the beauty of mother nature, kayaking, hiking, fishing etc … . . let me guess you’re gonna go on a few rants this week.   Truly pathetic bro, sad, but hey enjoy them cause for a brief moment people are taking about you.  And we all know how important that is to you.  In the wrestling business you are always one headline away from having your spotlight taken away.  And since the shield has reunited . . . .well I guess its gone.

The End!    

Sincerely (so help me Jesus)

Anthony Carelli

I wouldn’t say this is bb15 levels of racism (what do I know though), but the way Paul has demonized Dom and when people last night were starting to be like “why are we even targeting dom?” He started to make up lies about her to make them think she’s the bull shitter WHEN ITS HIM. He doesn’t have a reason to target her, she was literally saying she trust paul right after Mark. ALSO how do these people not realize Paul is controlling Alex’s hoh? Jason started to pick up on it, but Alex keeps saying “this isn’t my plan, someone’s forcing my hand” and Mark and Elena are too dumb to realize it’s Paul and Paul keeps saying Alex is the one targeting her idk I’m just MAD

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But I’m Your Ass

Pairing:  Dean x Reader (Female)

Summary:  Dean’s an ass and for one night you have to pose as a couple.

Word Count: 4.7k (I don’t know what happened, this ended up being longer than I anticipated.)

Warnings: Angst, implied smut, fluff, language, Dean being an ass.

A/N: This just kinda popped in my head. It’s hardcore trash, but I hope you like it. 

(Gifs are not mine.)

Dean Winchester was an ass.

He was cocky, he played his music too loud, he didn’t give a shit about privacy, he was stubborn as all hell, he was obsessed with his car, he ate like a pig, hit on anything with a skirt which included you, he fucked with you on a regular basis because he knew he could get under your skin like no one else could, and he was a fucking ass.

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PLS DO A SAG ROAST! Every sag i know has broken my heart.

sags are the biggest bull-shitters in the zodiac and love to exaggerate because it feeds their ego to fool others making them feel superior. they dont give gaf about anyone and their ruthless insensitive asses be cracking jokes at you when your at a low point. always on their high horse about stuff just to sound smarter. sagittarius’s are extremely selfish and you cant rely on them for anything. sagittarians are the type of people who will abandon their children and spouses for a “fresh new start in life”. y’all neglect ur loved ones leaving a trail of heartbroken people behind you. on top of that they’re so blunt but when its thrown back at them, they throw a temper tantrum. no one can take sags seriously so all u other signs out there need to just stop caring bout sag’s bc they most likely don’t give a shit about u either :)   

10 things I learned from a residency director

A resident director recently met with students of a club that I belong to. It was fantastic! I love being able to learn things from people who really know what’s what, especially in a field like medicine, which is oftensaturated by a lot of information from too many (not always reliable)sources. Getting straight answers from someone truly in the know is simply invaluable.

So I’ll share something I heard straight from one horse’s mouth. Maybe you’ve heard or experienced different things - that’s great; please share! We can all benefit from each other! I wrote this to share, but also in for myself. It’s a great way to record the thing that could help as i move further in my medical career. I’m just a wee M1, so my experience and knowledge on residencies is somewhat limited, but I do hope it helps! 

Also, I won’t waste time talking about board scores and academics. You know what you have to do there. 

1. Your Picture

I’ll start with the one people tend to not think about. In your application, you must provide a picture of yourself so admissions committee can get a good look at your mug. The resident director said that out of maybe 500 applications he will immediately throw out 20-30 applicants based on their pictures alone. Now don’t cry discrimination just yet. He went on to explain that these pictures were so ridiculous, so far-fetched or just plain crazy that he could not rationalize looking through these candidates’ apps. He said he has seen everything from a guy with wild, untamed lion-mane locks to a girl spilling so far out of her shirt it was almost taboo to look at to a Facebook party picture. It’s easy to get your picture taken in which you are wearing nice attire that appeases the older generation. Be smart. Do it.

2. An Attention Grabbing Statement

Personal statement that is. From what I understand, most personal statements are not read until the interviewee has been offered an interview.  Unless the first sentence grabs your face and makes you read it, makes you want to know what happens next or why this person wrote that sentence. Not everyone is an accomplished writer and, honestly, that’s fine. Even statements written with perfect Victorian prose will be skimmed and shrugged off. So what do you do? Just go for it. Use your experiences, the things that open the window to who you are. Also, the director said writing about how much you love medicine and all of your volunteer work for, say, habitat for humanity does not cut it anymore. In his words, “It’s expected that everyone does it! I don’t care!” A little harsh in my opinion, but the sentiment is there. 

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Induratize [Part One // Kai]

{{ verb // to make one’s heart hardened or resistant to someone’s pleas or advances or to the idea of love }}

Part 1 ✕ Part 2 ✕ Part 3 ✕ Part 4 ✕ Part 5

He’s far from being Romeo.

Fluff. Highschool!AU. 1,275 words.


You suppose everyone in this class has gone insane by now. Because, for once, you are nearly driven to madness by the monotonous tone of your English teacher, Mr. Lee. To put it shortly, he is an unmarried, stout, balding man in his fifties who enjoys secretly watching reruns of “My Girl” from his desk and wearing suspenders as well as horn-rimmed glasses.

But, here you are; once again, he is explaining the oh-so-tragic story of Romeo and Juliet–how they would rather die than live without each other: the act of true love. Well, you don’t know what’s going through his decrepit mind, but you thought that story was a bit sketchy, even though you live for romance novels.

As he drones on and on about Romeo and Juliet and their undying love (no pun intended), you mentally make a list of how stupid that story is.

1. Juliet was thirteen, and Romeo was sixteen. And, they even had sex at that age. Gross.

2. Romeo basically went up to a complete stranger and made out with her.

3. He also married a girl he met less than three days ago.

4. Romeo was some sort of stalker; he hid under her balcony and watched her.

5. He gets over girls really quickly, too. He was all upset over Rosaline until he sees some hot thirteen-year-old.

6. But, they were both wearing masks since it was a masquerade party, so how did he know she was attractive anyway?

7. Romeo and Juliet were too impulsive, which ended with them both committing suicide.

8. The whole story took place in less than one week. Like damn, what’s the rush?

Basically, if Romeo could have just held it in his pants, six people would still be living.

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Heated Truth or Dare

Prompt from anon: dean and cas have been friend since they were in dippers. There sixteen or whatever, and still having sleep overs. Cas still sleeps on deans bed. At first it was just a game of truth or dare, then things get a bit heated???


The house was empty, completely silent except for the chuckles of the two sixteen year old boys holed up in one bedroom. The laughter was started over the idea of playing an adolescent game of truth or dare to pass the time till they fell asleep. The two had been having sleep overs since they started grade school and sometimes they ran out of things to do. And that was when Dean suggested a friendly game of truth or dare. Of course as they laid down under the covers of Dean’s bed and stared at the ceiling, their motivation for dares had worn out and so it was just a serious of questions.

“Are you attracted to Anna?” Cas asked softly as he buried his head deeper into the pillow and made sure he didn’t wiggle over to Dean’s side.

Dean was quiet as he thought it over. “No, I don’t think so. I know she kind of has a thing for me, but I don’t think I would like to date her or anything. She is a little but too cryptic for me.”

“Cryptic?” Cas giggled to himself. “You are such a nerd.”

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Can you add a Private Investigator tag and do you have any recommendations for Sterek PI fics?

i sure can!! (these are all pi!stiles btw)

Caution, contents may be hot by WeirdV (5/5 | 11,916 | G)

Derek has been working at the coffee shop since his parents left it to him in their will. Laura wasn’t much for taking over the business, but she spends a lot of time there, helping out with stock and supplies. Stiles is a regular, for almost three months, when he suddenly starts going to the coffee shop across the street. He’s not the first costumer to switch loyalties, but it stings Derek just a little bit more.

Stiles Stilinki always wanted to go into law enforcement, but he’s not patient enough to climb the ladder to detective, and his methods aren’t always – let’s say on the right side of the law. So he does what he deems a perfect solution for someone without the correct social skills or patience to make promotion, he becomes a Private Investigator. When he gets a job to investigate a shady employee at the coffee shop across the street from his regular place, he suddenly finds himself missing a decent cup of coffee. He’s been going to the new place for almost a week now, and they still don’t know his order, his regular barista had it down the next day. and – of course – it is interfering with the case he’s personally involved with, his mother’s murder.

In Between the Lines (There’s a Lot of Obscurity) by PsychicPineapple (1/1 | 6,103 | G)

Stiles Stilinksi: private investigator (kind of), perpetual thorn in Detective Derek Hale’s side (definitely), and world class bull-shitter. Also, he solves murders.

‘Oh, you know,’ Stiles leant casually against the wall, ‘I was in the neighbourhood so I just thought I’d stop by and solve a case for you.’

One floor at a time by WeirdV (1/1 | 2,591 | NR)

Elevator AU
Stiles works on the 17th floor, Derek on the 20th.
Stiles always takes the stairs, it’s a thing, don’t judge.
But on a sunny Monday morning he decided to take the elevator. Well, for a floor, maybe. Babysteps.

Or, the one where Stiles tries to get over his fear of elevators to talk to that totally cute guy that also starts at 7.30 in the morning.

The Dog Days Are Over by surrenderdammit (1/1 | 1,257 | PG13)

The little shit had a tendency to crash his investigations more often than not. He’s still not sure if this is because of the unholy joy the bloodsucker takes in annoying the ever living hell out of Derek, or if Derek is simply handed the kind of cases Stilinski takes interest in.

Either way, fuck his life, seriously.


Everyone always make you feel like shit!

One way or another people make up bullshit about you!

Everyone’s just a bunch of backstabbing liars!

My so called friends are a part of this, also I have a feeling my mam could be turning to the side of bullshitters! 

I’ll have strangers talking about me behind my back and I’ll get a name for something I haven’t done!!

It’s happened before so why fucking not it should happen again!!

Honestly I can’t wait to go to Uni (If I ever get in) then I can move out of the shit hole that is Aspatria!!

Signs According To My Mom

ARIES: My first thought is “dad”. So, I think authoritarian, bossy, yet charming moments. Love my dad.

TAURUS: Bull-shitters. Can I say that!? Okay, fine. Storytellers. Also, workhorses.

GEMINI: Remember the squirrel in Hoodwinked? Yeah. That.

CANCER: I picture a large spectrum of emotions on the back of a crab that is pinching the shit out of you and not letting go.

LEO: The true alpha. Christina Grey doesn’t have anything on them. Mmm, Thor (from Avengers) comes to mind.


LIBRA: Love loving love

SCORPIO: They’re sexy and they know it.

SAGITTARIUS: Freedom lovers

CAPRICORN: Love! Love! Love! My favorite!

AQUARIUS: Can hold a grudge for 40 years

PISCES: My mom taught me if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. My polar opposite. ‘Nuff said.

Honestly humans are still world class bull shitters

no matter what era you go back to, we’re full of bullshit

I refuse to believe that at least one person didn’t think witch hunts were bull shit

they couldn’t say shit but somewhere in their logical brain, somewhere in their common sense, they had to know that women couldn’t be the agents of Satan just for petting a cat at the same time beer happened to go bad

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When I envisioned my future, there was no one, i was alone. But after watching you and Mark, I am full of hope, a hope i have never felt before. I strive to have a relationaship like yours, you guys are truly my role models, fuck all the fake celebrities and all the bull shitters who are societies 'role models'; you guys are my true heros and i cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, I love both of you so so much. And again, thank you, i cannot put my gratitude into words. :) <3

We love you too! :) Nothing could make me happier than hearing that. Never stop until you’re happy! I know it’s cliche and everyone has heard it 1,000 times but it does GET BETTER. I promise you. The future is yours. Go out there and take it!