Can I just say that, there is more to a person than a few of their songs and the way they dress? You can’t quote one persons lovely song, and then quote the other’s free living, party song. There’s a whole lot more to Brantley Gilbert and his music than you know. 

I don’t care if you don’t like ‘em, but when you sit there and you diss and you throw crap all over him, I will not stand for it. There is a limit to your judgement. 


Everyone always make you feel like shit!

One way or another people make up bullshit about you!

Everyone’s just a bunch of backstabbing liars!

My so called friends are a part of this, also I have a feeling my mam could be turning to the side of bullshitters! 

I’ll have strangers talking about me behind my back and I’ll get a name for something I haven’t done!!

It’s happened before so why fucking not it should happen again!!

Honestly I can’t wait to go to Uni (If I ever get in) then I can move out of the shit hole that is Aspatria!!

Honestly humans are still world class bull shitters

no matter what era you go back to, we’re full of bullshit

I refuse to believe that at least one person didn’t think witch hunts were bull shit

they couldn’t say shit but somewhere in their logical brain, somewhere in their common sense, they had to know that women couldn’t be the agents of Satan just for petting a cat at the same time beer happened to go bad