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I think of all the times JSatan did interviews or tweeted about Clexa whenever somebody says the show was never about romance and ngl I've been considering compiling a folder of screenshots just to be able to whip those out.

he was such a slut for all the polls, literally bribing us with bts pics and then he dares to say it’s not about ships lmao

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So I've been following you for a while and I just wanted to say that you put a smile on my face with random pics of bts (mostly Yoongi sense he's my Ultimate Bias) so thanks to your blog you put a smile on my face everyday.

Oh wow! Reading your sweet words actually put a smile on my face sooo thank you! I guess we both make each other smile haha! BUT YO! YOONGI IS MY ULT BIAS ALSO! AYEEE!

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tracihines via cosplay-queens
If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. 🐇 My new Alice in Wonderland music video is up now on YouTube! Click the link in my descrip or visit to check out my cover of “In a World of My Own.” (This is a prelude for my original song & upcoming MV #ALICE!) Poor Alice. Wonderland is a little darker these days… #Alice #aliceinwonderland #worldofmyown #inaworldofmyown #youtube #musicvideo #alicethroughthelookingglass #darkfairytale #darkalice #asylum bts pic from @neverland_mermaid / video by @andrewducote / music by @imaginethesound

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So i took a break w bts fandom bt saw a passing pic of tae w that nick stuff toy and was reminded that i want to watch zootopia and i did aND I LOVE IT SO MUCH OMG ITS SO GOOD AND PERFECT and the comparison going around in the fandom w nick and tae is oddly on point??? then a few weeks later, im visiting my fave bts authors and ur icon just killed me bc jungkook as judy!!!!

I LOVED ZOOTOPIA!! SO MUCH!!! i was waitin for carboxyls to watch it so we could scream about it together (she has by now, do not worry), and ofc we had to change our icon to officer jeondy hopps! it was so cute & exciting to see taeguk get nick and judy plushes at one of their fansigns heheheh.

(credit to voss and unfair play!~~)

it makes me happy that the reach of such a gr8 movie with a message i enjoyed and believe in a lot was all the way to our cute bbs in korea~ im glad you liked our icon too! thank you for liking our writing so much! (≧∇≦*) –nikkumeul