Glimpses of Starlight and Affection

Emma hummed in contentment as Killian’s arm stretched out to wrap around her shoulder. She leaned into him, peeking out over the rim of her wine glass and biting back a smile as Henry animatedly dove into conversation about sea battles and some new video game of his. She watched Killian’s eyes light up and the corners of his lips curve upwards, and she felt a sudden burst of warmth bloom from inside of her, wrapping around her heart like a cozy blanket and giving her a snug squeeze.

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anonymous asked:

Pinocchio looks so adorbale in those BTS still pics. A little more blond and I'd believe from the pictures alone it was another kid Regina and Emma shared. Lol

He is a ridiculously cute child for sure

anonymous asked:

Lmao at chord massaging dianna's back in one of the old bts pics. he's been trying so hard but she just friendzoned him right away.

lol I didn’t even catch that lol…He is thirst is strong lol

  • Misha making bowlegs
  • Misha doing ‘blue steel’
  • Jensen with Jared hair
  • Jared being short
  • The clueless Cas face Jared is making
  • Jensen on his tip toes (but still really bowlegged omfg hot)
  • Misha has plaid on haha
  • omg they are wearing each other’s clothes tho

there is just too many things that are so perfect, they know each other like to perfection and omg it is just too funny