Like those dead leaves there that have fallen and are flying. My love is collapsing without strength. Your heart is only going further away, I can’t grab you. I can’t grab you any more more more. I can’t hold on more. 

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Jeanne, I'm new around and was wondering if you could introduce your family? I'm just trying to get to know everyone! Thank you and much love! ♡ Hoping to try some of your famous cooking, Sincerely Sammie Jameson from down the block.

thank you, I believe it’s time for a family introduction:


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Mother of the family. Committed to the wine and soccer mom life. No one can compete with her at bake sales, she owns that shit. The president of the PTA at her son Hunters school. Hates Susan from down the road, bitch always tries to flirt with Nick at neighborhood barbecues. Says she loves her children equally, but only Hunter get’s away with not eating her quinoa salad.


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Jeannes husband, father of the family. He works as a CEO at an accountant firm. Makes enough money for him and Jeanne to go to Hawaii once a year to “spice up” their marriage. Grills the best barbecue. Loves Jeanne more than anything, they goals. Enjoys watching football and drinking beers on Sundays. 


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The cool uncle. Works as a producer. Jeanne insists that the best thing he’s ever made was the one Rick Astley song she can’t remember the title of, Stanley insists he’s done better work, Jeanne agrees to disagree. Is secretly teaching the kids to ride his motorcycle, Jeanne would kill him if she knew. Isn’t technically related to anyone, but has been friends with Nick since childhood.


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The oldest son. Is in college right now so lives away from home. Going to school on a fullride. The college is nearby, Jeanne insisted he couldn’t be so far away that he couldn’t come home in the weekends. Studying to become and accountant like his dad, will probably be hired by Nicks company when graduated. The politically correct child who follows his parents wishes happily.


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The wild child. Is taking a year off after finishing high-school, mostly to party and smoke weed don’t tell Jeanne. Works as an “event hyper”. Is not so secretly friends with Susans son Brandon, Jeanne is not amused. His mother hopes he will one day come to his senses and study to be a lawyer. Loves red velvet cake.


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The little angel. His mom thinks he’s very delicate and fragile, she constantly fusses over him. Wants to be a hiphop dancer, Jeanne secretly hopes he will one day return to ballet or jazz dance. Is very close with his uncle, Stanley is teaching him to ride “The Bike” at the moment. had very good grades.


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The favorite child, even if Jeanne will never admit it out loud. The ultimate fuck boi. Plays Football and soccer. The captain of his highschool football team. Is only good in sex-ed. chat ID is “$$Who$urdaddy$$”. Loves bacon. Is hard until Jeanne shows up, then turns into the little perfect kid. 

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about your possibly making a tumblr for bts tweets(pics), that'd be great! i'd love it. I'd love it even more if you include the texts from the pics if they have them. but even without i'd love it~

Oh yeah that’s what I meant when I said I would just post the pictures they tweet