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— Fuckboy! Jungkook social media au —

After a random number texts you on yet another night, where you’re just staying home at your dorm, you find yourself talking to an annoying, but very determined frat boy, who likes a challenge more than anything… Even if he doesn’t know who you are.

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Eight’s A Crowd

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Jimin x Reader

Description: You became the eighth memeber of bts. While everyone else clicks with you right away, Jimin disliked you completely. But as much as he tried to give you the cold shoulder, he couldn’t help but warm up to you. Tsundere au

Requested by jimmy-malfoy and this anon: Annomymous asked b-tsfanfic-tion: Can I have a drabble/oneshot about tsundere Jimin? Thanks!

When you were first introduced into bts all the boys were giving you friendly smiles, save for one. Jimin kept looking you up and down while scrunching up his nose in a condescending way. When you noticed his less than pleased expression you felt an embarrassed blush start to creep up on your cheeks. 

But after that you really didn’t have time to think about his feelings towards you. The other boys unintentionally kept you distracted by all the time and effort they put into their friendships between them and you. That was fine with you, you liked hanging out with your new “colleagues”.

Once the entire group was going to go to dinner together as a group. Unfortunately, you and Jimin were the first ones to arrive. You gave him a shy smile, which he didn’t return. You quickly turned your gaze down to your feet after that, not nearly brave enough to keep looking at his cold expression.

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Type: Fluff 🌼 (Drabble/Imagine kind of)

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Warnings: none

Summary: Even though you had an argument with him, Hobi can’t leave you alone with your fears in the night.

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You felt miserable. You had fought with Hobi and you still felt guilty even though he should be the one feeling that way, you thought.

You knew he was busy with his work lately but still how could he forget your date tonight? You hadn’t been seeing your boyfriend for over a week now. And after you told him that you’re hurt, he had the need to disregard you and tell you, you were ignorant for feeling touchy although you had known, what his work circumstances were.

You thought about calling him but you decided against it. You wanted him to call you this time. You got ready to go to bed, showering and changing into something comfortable.

It was past 11pm when you finally shut your phone to go to sleep, you heard a loud thunder outside. You flinched inside your bed, pulling the blanket over you head.

No. No. No.

This wasn’t happening. Then your dark room lit up as a lightning struck. You gasped again, noticing how your body began to tremble.

You feared thunderstorms like nothing else. Your heartbeat quickened and your breathing got heavier, too.


You wanted to reach for your phone. You needed him right now. He always knew how to calm you down and make you feel safe.

You hated being stubborn but your pride made you choose against it and you hid deeper under your blankets. Another loud, shuddering thunder followed. You felt tears prickle at the corners of your eyes.

It’s just a storm. It’s just wind and rain. Nothing more.

You tried to tell yourself that but the next lightning caused you to flinch again.

Then your doorbell rang. You didn’t dare to leave your bed but whoever it was, he or she was urging, ringing the door without a pause.

You quickly stood up, hoping not to be horrified with a thunder on your way.

“Who is this?” Your voice was shaky, your hand having a tight grip on the knob.

“YN,” He breathed out. Hobi!

“Babe, let me in!”

You swung the door open, coming face to face with your boyfriend soaked to the skin. He pulled you into a tight hug, crashing you against his chest.

“Are you ok?” He was breathing heavy as he cupped your face in his hands, staring into your eyes. He seemed worried, checking whether you were ok or not.

You watched him startled, surprised to see him here after your argument earlier. But the next thunder pulled you back from your thoughts, causing you to shriek again.

Hobi led you towards your bed, “Everything is fine. I’m here, beautiful.” He whispered, quickly tugging you in. He remained silent as you watched him. He walked to your drawer pulling out a pair of his own sweatpants and a shirt. He changed, putting the wet clothes aside.

He didn’t hesitate to get into your bed, hugging you. His hand moved up and down your side, your legs tangled under the blankets. You leaned more and more into him, to place soft kisses on his neck.

“I thought, you’re mad at me.” You whispered, taking in his scent as you rested your head on his chest.

“This doesn’t mean I leave my girlfriend alone, knowing she is scared of thunderstorms.” He explained, kissing your forehead.

You heart still hammered against your chest, your breathing was still unsteady.

He began drawing circles on your back, humming a melody to calm you down. “I’m here.” He mumbled, “I’ll always be.”

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, looking up to meet his eyes. “I should really learn to apologize.” You added.

“I love you.” He pecked your lips, leaning his forehead against yours,

“And I should really learn to tell you this more often.”




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Black Silk • Yoonkook

{Jeon Jungkook, a sweet boy in his mid twenties, is a luxury escort who is madly in love with his pimp, Min Yoongi, a cold and rude man who just cares about money and sex. Will Yoongi finally change into a better man or will Jungkook realize how toxic their relationship is?}

•Yoonkook au•

Word count: 3481

⚠️💦WARNING (SMUT): explicit sex, homosexual and heterosexual. Oral sex, kinky sex, dirty talk… smut all the way.

⚠️🔥WARNING (ANGST): degrading comments, abusive behavior, physical and mental violence. If you feel uncomfortable with any of this behavior PLEASE DON’T READ THIS STORY.

❗️DISCLAIMER: I don’t support any of the toxic behavior you will find here. Yoongi’s and Jungkook’s relationship is extremely toxic and I pretend to show how disgusting this is on my story. Please never romaticize this kind of stuff because if someone treats you like this they don’t love you.

Jungkook POV

A sweat drop falls from one of my hair locks and runs down slowly across my forehead. I barely feel how it travels down my cheek and stops in the edge of my lips when I part them to let out a soft moan. Yoongi’s hands grip my sides strongly as he penetrates me with incredible strength making more sighs and whimpers leave my mouth.

—Fuck, Jungkook, I love listening to you while I fuck you— Yoongi’s raspy voice makes me moan delighted.

His hands grab me with so much strength they will probably leave bruises. His moves are rude and careless, and his words have a degrading tone but I couldn’t care less. Right now I’m in a cloud of pure pleasure and only Yoongi can provoke this feeling.

The tip of his dick reaches a spot inside me that makes me shout in pure ecstasy. I need more, I need him to take me to my limit and make me scream like that once again. I move my ass so that his member touches that spot once again making me moan loudly repeatedly.

—Like that, Yoongi, fuck!— I scream gripping the black silk sheets in my fists.

The elder grabs a lock of my hair and pulls my head strongly so that his mouth is pressed against my ear, which he bites brusquely making me let out a scream of pain.

—You are mine, Jungkook, never forget that. I’ll fuck you until you can’t remember any name except for mine— he grunts while he thrusts into me stronger.

His words together with his renewed strength make me notice the orgasm growing inside me. With intelligible moans in which you can hear Yoongi’s name and his fingers scratching my hips, I grab my cock and start stroking it fastly, caressing the tip occassionaly in order to reach my climax sooner. I only precise of a few seconds until a scream of pure pleasure comes out of my parted lips when I cum on the black sheets.

Yoongi’s fingers clutch my hips stronger, making me shout in pain this time while he chases his own high. He grunts intelligible words as he bites and licks my neck leaving purple love bites everywhere his teeth touch my skin. He only needs two more thrusts until I feel his cum filling me and hear his deep moan.

He lets out my hair and my head falls on top of the pillow, the sweat on my face dampening the soft fabric. I breathe deeply while Yoongi is still inside of me trying to catch his breath. When he comes out of my ass hole, I lay on the bed facing him, a tired smile plastered on my lips.

—That was incredible Yoongi, I love it when you…— before I can continue, he interrupts me with a gesture and stands up to get dressed without facing me.

—I’ll have dinner with you tonight here after you finish with your client. Pay attention to your phone and take a bath before you see me, I don’t want to touch some other guy’s cum.

His voice sounds cold and devoid of emotion, and his glance is like stone. He finishes dressing up and takes out a cigarette.

—Are you staying the night?— I ask, a bright smile appearing on my face.

Yoongi shrugs.

—If you behave I may stay for awhile— his countenance is serious and his tone, disintirested but his words make my smile widen. —Don’t go out until I come or I won’t be happy.

I nod fervently.

—Where are you going? Can’t you stay with me for some more?

—I have stuff to do— he says taking out his phone without looking at me. —Sarah wants you in half an hour so get dressed and go with her.

Without another word, he grabs his things and walks out of my apartment leaving me alone on my bed, my body sore due to his strong thrusts.

It’s normal for me to be left alone after having sex with Yoongi. He never stays, and much less he sleeps with me if we fuck at night. He has much to do, like manage my clients and all that stuff. Sometimes he doesn’t even turn up when we agree on meeting up and I wait for hours due to his busy schedule. I know that if he had time he would stay and he has promised me that one day he will, maybe even tonight. I hope he does, so I must behave properly and do everything he asks me to do.

Yoongi is all I have and need, and I would never let him down.

We met two years ago. At that time I used to work at a strip club and Yoogi came to see one of my shows. He must have liked it because he came to me after it and offered me a job as luxury escort. He assured I had potential, that men and women would pay whatever I asked to spend awhile with me. I had never had sex with someone for money and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it. One thing is stripping and another very different one is having sex with whoever pays the price.

Yoongi noticed my insecurity and lack of confidence and helped me feel more comfortable with the situation. Every day he assured me how beautiful I was, how sexily I moved and how much people would want me if I accepted being a escort. Just like that, my self esteem started growing as well as the affection I was starting to feel towards Yoongi. After some weeks I ended up giving in and to be honest, I have never been better. I even have usual clients and they all pay good money for my services. I love my job, with its good and bad things, and I wouldn’t have anything I own now if it wasn’t for Yoongi. He was the one who offered me the job and also who made me feel fine with myself after so much time full of insecurity and distrust. I couldn’t help but fall in love with him because only him is the reason of who I am now.

With a sigh, I leave the bed and start dressing up. Sarah just calls me to have sex so it doesn’t really matter what I wear as it won’t be on my body for long. When I finish, I get my stuff and leave my apartment.

I have work to do.


—Fuck, Jungkook, how in hell do you always manage to make me cum three times in a row?— Danielle’s voice sounds choked while her naked chest goes up and down rapidly. Her eyes are closed and a smile of ecstasy emebellishes her lips.

I let out a laugh shaking my head while my cheeks turn red. I grab my underwear from somewhere under the pile of clothes on the floor and I start dressing up still without looking at Danielle.

—I’m glad you like it, you are practically paying my car.

She laughs and sits up to look at me, her wide smile still on her face.

—Can’t you stay for some more minutes? Smoke one with me— she pleads taking out her cig box from the night table.

I shake my head while looking at the time on my phone screen for what feels like the ninth time in fifteen minutes.

—I can’t Dani, I have to meet up with someone so I must be at home as soon as possible— she composes a grimace of disappointment and places a cigarette between her lips. —Have you paid Yoongi?

She nods and takes a puff letting out the smoke between her parted lips. I finish getting dressed in a few seconds and Danielle promises to call me whenever her husbands goes on a business trip again.

The way home seems eternal to me because I keep on checking my phone for Yoongi’s text. It’s already half past eleven so it’s highly possible he has finished whatever he is doing. I’m sure he will send me a text soon, I just have to stay at home and wait, like I always do.

I enter my apartment and start preparing a small dinner trying to remember if Yoongi had any food preferences. I finally choose some pasta and start cooking with excitement, waiting for my phone to ring with Yoongi’s text telling me he is coming to see me.

Fifteen minutes later, dinner is ready and the table is perfectly set. A smile can’t help but appear on my face when I think of the wonderful night we are about to share together, and the possibility of him staying the night once and for all. The kitchen clock shows ten past twelve so I sit by the table and wait for the call.

Yoongi usually makes me wait whenever we agree to meet each other. He is a bit careless and with all the work he has it’s normal that he doesn’t realize some stuff, but he always makes it up for me. He tells me he loves me and asks for my forgiveness even though he knows I would never be angry at him after everything he has done for me. I don’t mind if he is late or if he doesn’t inform me, I know he always end up coming back, sooner or later.

I let out a small yawn and check the time again: fifteen minutes left until one. I haven’t received any text from Yoongi yet so he will probably be running late. I’m going to call him, maybe he has forgotten. He answers at the fourth tone and I can hear music blasting on the other side of the line.

—What the fuck do you want Jungkook? You know you can’t call me whenever you want— he says irritated, his voice sounding slurred.

—I was worried because you didn’t come to have dinner and I didn’t know if something had happened to you— I say bitting my lip.

An annoyed puff comes from the other side of the line.

—I’m not having dinner with you, I’m busy right now. If I haven’t called you it’s because I wasn’t going, stop being so far up my ass all the fucking time, it’s like you can’t be alone.

—But you told me…— before I can continue mumbling, Yoongi’s drunk voice interrupts me.

—Do you write down every single thing I say? Leave me alone, for fucks sake, I have stuff to do right now— a woman’s voice sounds next to him and I can clearly tell a question apart: why don’t you hang up so we can go to a room?— Bye, Jungkook.

He hangs up and I leave my phone slowly next to my plate, which is probably cold already. I feel a single tear running down my cheek and, without noticing, a sob makes my body tremble slightly. Soon my tears are falling faster and I cry quietly sitting in front of an empty chair.

I don’t even know why I’m crying. This has already happened to me several times and it should be normal to me by now that he cancels our plans the last minute. It hurts me to have so many illusions, to think that we will be a real couple who hang out and love each other someday. Unluckily, Yoongi isn’t and will never be that kind of boyfriend. We aren’t anything else other than a pimp and the prostitute he fucks occasionally. Just sex, as much as it hurts me.

I bite my bottom lip and shake my head trying to stop crying like a dumb kid. This is normal and I won’t be angry because Yoongi has a life besides me. He’s right saying that we spend too much time together and I should be happy with that.

I take a bite of pasta and try to swallow it but it won’t go down due to the knot I have in my throat. I force myself to swallow it but after two more apathetic bites I quit on my poor attempt of eating.

I’m not even hungry anymore.

I clean the table and place the leftovers inside the fridge so I can eat them another day. I drag my feet walking to my room and take off my clothes as if I was in some kind of dream, with my mind far away, wishing I could be somewhere else, next to someone else. I lay on my bed and close my eyes, hoping I can fall asleep as soon as possible so I don’t have to put up with my thoughts for long.

My eyelids start closing and just before I fall asleep, Yoongi’s scent , which still prevails on my pillow, reaches my nose and I feel the warmth of a tear going down my cheek and falling on the black silk.


Today it’s Tuesday meaning it’s my free day. I’m glad I can have time for myself at least once a week because, even though it may not seem like it, having sex with different strangers every day is pretty tiring.

I have woken up with a bright mood despite last night’s disaster so I decide to prepare pancakes and some coffee for breakfast. While I get the dough ready, I hum a popular song with a smile, thinking of a plan I can do today.

To be honest, I don’t have many friends because work consumes most of my time and my shyness stops me from meeting new people, so paying someone a visit is discarded. I have some money so I could go shopping and maybe have lunch at one of my favorite places. Perhaps I can even try and hang out with Yoongi in the afternoon, if work gives him a break. The idea makes me smile brightly and I mix the dough with more energy.

As if he has read my thoughts, my phone rings at that moment and Yoongi’s name appears on the screen.

—Get dressed, you must be on the address I have just sent you in twenty— he says as soon as I pick up.

I gape a bit surprised by his sudden order and mumble incoherently before fixing my thoughts. Doesn’t Yoongi rememeber today is my free day? We agreed on doing it like this two years ago and normally he respects the agreement, he probably forgot.

—Yoongi… today is my free day, I don’t have to work— I answer in a low voice, without wanting to displease him.

He lets out an annoyed snort.

—Did I ask for your fucking opinion? I don’t give a fuck, they pay me a thousand dollars for this shit so move your ass and don’t make me come and get you.

I stand still looking around me while trying to think of something. Today I don’t have to work, it’s my free day and I need to rest from having sex every damn day. I can arrange the appointment for tomorrow, this has happened before and there wasn’t a problem. I can’t understand why Yoongi hasn’t told the client yet in the first place but I’m definitely not going to work today.

—Ask if we can arrange the appointment for any other day, we have done it before, I don’t think…— a loud bang comes from the other side of the line makes me jump and fall silent instantly.

—I don’t give a shit about your fucking free day, Jungkook. Come here or I’ll drag you by force— he threatens with his voice full of rage.

I bite my bottom lip and convince myself that everything’s fine, that I will manage to make him give in. I just have to try and talk him into moving the date and we’ll have our money tomorrow without any problem. I must not be intimidated by him, I won’t get anything like that.

—Yoongi, I’m not going anywhere today.

The determination in my voice surprises me and I almost regret answering him like that. I never talk back to Yoongi and I know that he doesn’t like it but there’s no way back.

Now all I have to do is wait.

Suddenly, the call ends and I realize Yoongi has hung up; maybe that’s his way of accepting my request of not working today.

A smile of relief appears on my lips and I keep on working on the dough humming another song. I never talk Yoongi like I have just done because I fear his reaction but today it has worked apparently. He hasn’t insisted on me working, that may be his way of giving in.

I start baking my pancakes without losing my smile. When the second one is already done, the sound of a lock being opened takes me out of my daydream. I look at my right instinctively and my spatula falls due to the shock. My face turns pale and my body stays paralized, as if I was a zebra in front of a lion.

—When I tell you to come is for you to come— Yoongi is standing next to me with wrathful expression. He walks towards me and I move back instinctively until my back is pressed against the wall. Yoongi grabs my neck and lifts me some centimeters up, his face just a few milimeters away from mine. —You are not in the position of chosing shit, am I making myself clear?

His scream makes me shrink while I breathe with difficulty due to the strength of his grip.

—I’m sorry— I manage to mutter hardly.

—You’re sorry? You should’ve thought twice before making me angry— he lets go off his grip and I fall on the floor trying to breathe properly while holding my hurting neck. —Who the fuck do you think you are to talk back to me?

—But…— a hard impact against my cheek interrupts me making me feel an intense pain.

I feel the taste of blood in my mouth and let out a whimper of pain; Yoongi has just punched me. My vision is blurry but I keep my eyes fixated on the floor because I fear what can happen if I look at him in the eye. He grabs a lock of my hair and lifts my head up brusquely so I look at him making me scream in pain.

—I don’t want your fucking excuses, I want you to obey every single order I give you, understood?

I nod slightly and Yoongi lets go of my head making it hit the wall. A warm liquid comes out of my nose; blood. I close my eyes and a tear falls down my cheek but it’s wiped out when it touches my skin. I open my eyes and Yoongi is looking at me seriously, his hand still on my cheek.

—You know I don’t like doing this, Jungkook, but you don’t give me another choice— he whispers.

A sob makes me tremble and I bite my lip trying to avoid crying. I don’t want to seem weak, not in front of him.

This is all my fault, I should have not displeased him. I don’t know what in hell crossed my mind but I should have came when he asked me on the first place.

—I’m sorry, Yoongi. I should have obeyed you— I mutter trembling because of the sobs.

His arms wrap around my body and he brings my head to his body so it’s laying on his shoulder. That simple gesture means so much to me that I can’t help but start crying heavily on top of his hoodie.

—You know I do all of this because I love you, right?— he whispers in my ear. His sweatshirt is wet because of my tears and my sobs make me shiver uncontrollably.

I’m not used to Yoongi telling me he loves me because he doesn’t say it much that’s why, when he says it, I can’t help but get goosebumps. I hug him tighter and he strokes my hair slowly, trying to calm me down.

—I love you too, Yoongi. More than anything.

He pulls apart with a little smile which I return. He grabs my hand and makes me stand up, wiping my tears away. He accidentally rubs my swallen cheek where he has hit me and I let out a hiss of pain.

—Let’s put some ice there and after covering it I’ll take you to see your client, what do you think? I can’t let my boy look like shit— he says dragging me to the bathroom. I nod happily and I smile widely.

In the end I’ll have to work today but I couldn’t care less. Yoongi loves me and that’s all that matters.

This is part one of a series. The following parts will come at some point so please be patient!

Early Morning

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Tittle: Early Morning
Words: 0.5K
Pairing: Sou/Chanyeol; 8th Member of BTS
Summary: Chanyeol can’t sleep and decides to do Instagram Live.   

‘Hello.’, Chanyeol whispered quietly to the phone. He waved slightly to the camera and smiled, so that everyone could see it. 

Thousands of fans tuned on to watch his Instagram Live, to see his beautiful face. Even if they couldn’t understand a word, that he was saying looking at his smile was everything to them. So even if it meant to be awake at six in the morning for him, every fan in the whole fandom was ready.

‘I’m sorry for doing this so early, but I just couldn’t sleep.’, Chanyeol admitted, still whispering. He didn’t want anyone to wake up because of him. Chanyeol knew, that his voice was lower than usual, especially in the morning, sothe only way to be quiet was whisper. ‘I think it’s the jetlag.’, he added.

Chanyeol brushed hand over his eyes, trying to see everything better. He was looking at the comment section, which was blowing up. Everyone was sharing it and liking every second of the stream. Thousands of comments were sent with how much they loved him and his music. There were also many questions about where is he and is there someone with him. After all he was laying in in bed, clearly just woken up. He had simple gray tank top and boxers on, but fans only saw his puffy face.

‘We’re in Cuba for vacations and I’m awake for the last two hours.’, Chanyeol whispered again with a smile. He looked outside of the window at the empty beach, that looked beautiful.

‘Be quiet.’, Sou groaned and hit his chest, before hugging him even closer. Chanyeol let out quiet laugh and pushed her closer to his body. ‘Go to sleep.’, she added.

‘I thought you were sleeping.’, he said, looking down, complately forgetting about the camera and almost hundred thousands of people watchin them on their phone.

‘I was. 5 minutes ago.’, Sou said with her raspy voice. Her eyes were still closed, trying to fall back to sleep. Comment section was blowing up with both confused and happy or excited fans, trying to figure out what is going on and commenting that they want to see Sou and both of them more and more. 

‘You’re cute.’, Chanyeol said, kissing her head. Sou only groaned and turned around, taking all covers to herself. He laughed and went back to his phone and excited fans on the other side.


only for you. - chapter one.

tags: mafia!bts x reader

warnings: none of note!

word count: 1.3k

a/n: this is the first chapter of my series im starting!!!! i hope you guys like it! all comments, likes & reblogs are greatly appreciated and this is only the beginning. please enjoy!

your whole life, you’d been treated like a princess, from a rich, illustrious family. your father, the head of the Mezzo family mafia. he and your mother had been happily for as long as they could remember. although their marriage was arranged, they were as happy as a married couple could be. you were born when they were young, around 21.

your father loved you so, so much. and deep down you knew it. even though he was always keeping you from seeing boys he didn’t trust, or friends he thought would do you harm. he showered you in lavish gifts, you always got whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted it. you were, in short, spoiled.

you liked your life. you had just previously finished high school a few years ago, and your parents had recently asked you about what you were planning to do now that you’d graduated.

you hadn’t really thought about it a whole lot. then your father brought you to his office where he then informed you that it was almost time for you to go out and find someone to marry.

married. the word hits you like a ton of bricks. you were honest, you hadn’t thought about being married yet. you knew it was normal for girls around your age, twenty one to twenty two was pretty normal for the family you lived in.

you hadn’t given them a definite answer that night just yet, you knew you’d need time to think it over.

you race to your bedroom door, leaning against it once it had been shut and took a deep breath. the suggestion of marriage made your heart thrum with nerves. you knew you’d have to get married eventually, set up with one of the other families that yours was friends with to marry you and you’d be shipped off to another house with a man you most likely have nothing in common with for the rest of your life.

the thought made you sick.

you lay flat on your back on your bed, your thoughts racing a mile a minute. you sigh, closing your eyes and think about all the possibilities. you would be having your 21’st birthday party in a few weeks, the 7th of october. you knew that you would have to eventually face it and choose, no matter how sick it made you.

the only thing to pull you out of your thoughts was the knock on your door. you stared at the ceiling, eyes open, thinking it could only be your father.

“i told you to leave me alone, father!” you shouted.

you’re momentarily shocked when you realize that it was your best friend, minyoung. she was opening your door slowly, a small smile tinting her cheeks.

“is everything okay?” she asked, sitting down next to you on the bed.

you began explaining to her the events of the night and the dilemma you were now facing. minyoung rubbed your back sympathetically. she had smiled at you, “i know its hard, sweetie, but my husband and i love eachother very much! i’m sure whoever you choose will make you happy.” she frowned when she looked over to realize your expression had stayed the same pout it was when she came in “hey, how about we go out for the night? maybe go to the bar and get some dinner?”

you nodded in agreement. you could kill for some food right now and a drink would be nice, too.

you get ready, putting on some nice clothes and a small amount of makeup just to get you through the night. you follow minyoung out the door and you drive off

dinner was amazing, you went to the place you two usually went, a nice little restaurant on the main road. you both ate like queens and enjoyed a nice dessert afterwards. then, you moved onto the bar.

It was a weeknight, so the bar wasn’t incredibly busy but there were a reasonable amount of customers. you and minyoung sat yourselves at the bar, her glittering white teeth shining under the lights as she sent a smile to the bartender as she signaled him with her hand. she ordered a rum and coke for herself as she usually would, and you a vodka tonic for yourself.

as you sip away at your drink, your eyes scan the other people within the bar, only kind of listening to your friend tell you all about the new decorations she’s decided to put in the house. something about the mint colored wallpaper wasn’t doing it for her anymore.

“_____, are you even listening to me??”

you snap out of your trance, “uh..” you stammer, “yeah! something about mint wallpaper .. right?” you halfheartedly giggle.

“yes! now what do you think i should do?? you know how picky Yunho can be about these things…” she sighs.

“i think maybe a forest green. it’d suit the house nicely, especially with the colder months coming up.” you smiled weakly, more focused on watching the room.

“oh ____-ah! you always know the answers!” she happily grinned. “i have to call him, i’ll only be a moment. don’t go too far!”

you nod and give a small chuckle, scanning the room once more as minyoung pulls her phone out to call her

husband , walking away after a moment.

you sigh. it seems so boring in here tonight… normally you would have seen someone you know, a friend of your fathers possibly. just then, you’re pulled out of your thoughts by your sudden notice a group of 7 men. it takes all you have not to do a double take. how did you not notice them before??

they’re all, for lack of better phrasing, drop-dead fucking gorgeous. the first one you see is tall, broad shoulders and tight waist with silky looking black hair and some of the most kissable lips you’d ever seen. another, who was wearing a slick leather jacket and some nice looking shirt, he had black hair as well, though he was a little shorter, but no less handsome than his friends.

the third man you see has soft brown hair, he’s sporting a similar look to the second guy, leather jacket, black skinny jeans, nice looking boots. his lips are full and he’s beautifully tanned. the fourth, sporting cherry colored locks, you swear you see his thighs before you see him. even through his suit jacket you can see his muscular arms, and when your eyes travel down his body you notice he’s wearing leather pants that perfectly show off his bulging thigh muscles. when did it get so hot in here?

the next that you see turn the corner has silver hair, and a beautiful silver-grey colored suit. his lips are just as plump and kissable as the first man. after that walks past another. sporting bleached blonde hair and a nicely patterned suit, with a similarly patterned choker hanging around his neck to top it off.

the last man you spot may just be the most beautiful of them all. he had red hair, like the color of a rose. and these elven features that absolutely knocked the breath from you. you could not for the life of you look away from him, he had a gorgeous almost golden suit on that complimented his honeyed skin perfectly.

you sat there, looking them all over in awe of just how impossible it was that there could be this many beautiful men in one place. you took a breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding and straightened yourself out in your seat.

your heart skips a beat as you realize as you stare that the one with the red hair is changing course and walking in your direction. your hands begin to shake as he gets closer. did he notice you staring? of course he did why else would he come over here?

suddenly, he’s standing before you, devilish grin painting his features, “noticed you couldn’t stop staring, pretty lady.” he extends his hand to you and reluctantly, with a shaky outstretched hand, you take his and give it the best shake you could.

“i’m jung hoseok.” He states, voice dropping a bit “can i buy you a drink?”

Vampires After Midnight - 05

Vampire!BTS, Jungkook x witch!reader, vampire!AU, magic

Warning(s): Fluff, angst, mature themes (blood, cursing, mentions of death)

Summary: As you leave your coven for a vampire named Jungkook. They plan to get you back by force. You’ll do anything to protect him and the rest of his family. But as you’re literally faced with the ruthless monster Jungkook used to be, will you still love him?

Word count: 2.1k

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Jungkook stared at you in wonder as you frantically continued to create daylight amulets for them all, he carefully glanced down at his own ring and gulped anxiously. Ever since you had landed in the past, he hadn’t been completely honest with you. He had told you that his memories were blurry and they are but… It was worse than that. He could easily remember the bigger moments in his life, like killing off an entire village, moving through Europe, the war, the 80′s. But his memory was littered with holes and fragments. If this was truly his past, then why couldn’t he remember that it was you who had created his ring? 

In fact, he couldn’t remember when exactly he had even received it. He had no recollection of meeting his future self or even attacking you. There was just nothing… And that irritated him beyond measure because he could tell that there was something missing, but he could not remember what. Jungkook didn’t want to worry you so he kept this information to himself, tempted to pull himself over and tell him to pay better attention to everything that was happening so that he would be able to remember. It was discomforting not knowing what was going to happen. Jungkook’s thoughts were interrupted by the sudden scream of joy, his eyes snapped up to his brothers who were standing unbothered in the sunlight. Their new rings glinting in the golden rays.

“You did it. It actually works!” Yoongi whispered before taking your hands in his own and bowing. Your surprise was humorous as this was the first time you’d ever seen the grumpy vampire act so polite towards you. “You’re welcome, now let’s find Yeri” you answered and headed out. Jungkook placed his hand in yours, afraid that you’d somehow disappear.

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BTS x Reader

Warnings: None, this may or may not be angst, I’m not sure

“We posses the hearts of the broken and the ruby red souls of the forgotten. The charming forbidden eyes that lure in the sane only for them to run in fear when they learn we cannot be controlled. In a world of rationality our minds turned to chaos in hopes of survival.” The eight of us sat on the rooftop of the abandoned building we had claimed five years ago. Speaking of the future we dreamt of a better life. For those of us who came from homes of shattered loves filled with fear. We made a choice to be destructive.

“My lost souls, we shall wreak such beautiful havoc together.” We ran through the world making cracks along the edge of the ocean. We lived in colors of rose gold and shades of blue. The bright lights of the fond captivated our eyes. Content to sit there in marvelous wonder we made friends with our fireflies so as in a swirl of light we could hide among the forgotten rose tattoos and the peachy hues at the end of a spring day.

Lying under the stars, flecks of gold rested on the apples of our cheeks. Our paper hearts sat in vintage photographs among the jazz music and unspoken poems of caffeine dreams. We became sweet dreams filled with unbroken wishes, allowing sun kissed flowers to speak for us because we know that if we stop telling ourselves we’re okay, withered flowers will immerse us in all the reasons we are not.

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But what if you’re wrong?

The statement rang in your ear like a thousand bells. What if you were? What if Jungkook didn’t walk away from you once the truth was told; if the truth was told? What if all your worrying and fear was just… wrong?

Of course, the only way to find out would be to march over to him and tell him right then and there. Fear, however, got hold of your stomach and made it turn. The terrifying thought of him turning his back on you ate away at you. You didn’t know how to begin if you were to even spill that secret you’ve been keeping thus far. ‘How could I possibly tell the only person I’ve ever felt something for that I’ve only got a few weeks of life?’ You thought. Deep down, you knew Y/f/n was right; you knew being honest was always the best way to go.

Throughout the past couple of months, Jungkook had been the main cause of your smiles. He’d be there when you’d ask him to. He’d make you laugh every second of every minute you would spend together. He’d make all your fear of death dissipate, as being with him made you aware of what living truly felt like. He’s all around perfect, and you didn’t want to lose that.

“What are you thinking about so hard?” His question makes you jump out of your thoughts, head snapping towards his direction. A questioning hum flies out of your mouth, causing him to chuckle. “You just look perplexed, is all.”

“Oh,” You rub your arm nervously. “Yeah. I guess I am?” He raises his brow.

“What about?” You hesitate. 'Should I tell him?’

Sighing, you shake your head and say, “Nothing important.” He snorts and takes a sip of his drink, then puts it aside.

“Liar.” You would normally argue, but the anxiety in the pit of your stomach had the majority of your attention. There’s just so much you would have to explain. And to see pain in his eyes would probably hurt you more than anything. If you decided to really tell him, would you regret it?

“Y/n, seriously. What’s wrong?” There’s worry in his voice, so much it’s as clear as day. 'He really does care, huh?’

Your face falls as you stare up at him. You analyze his features, not leaving even the slightest detail unseen. As you do so, your chest becomes heavy and your vision goes blurry.

“This… isn’t what I want.” You choke. His brows furrow as he takes a step toward you, hand reaching out to grab yours. Though, you move your hand away, backing away from him while shaking your head, muttering an “I’m sorry,” before turning around and rushing out of there.

“Y/n!” He calls out for you, but you don’t stop. You run out of the arcade stopping in front of the entrance once you realize it’s pouring. You only stop for a few seconds before walking out and through the rain.

Jungkook ends up catching up quickly, grabbing your wrist and gently turning you to face him. “What the hell?!” You stare down at the floor, unable to look up at him. “First you worry me, then you leave me like that?! What’s going on?”

You shake your hand as you pull your hand away in attempt to just walk away again. He huffs and puts his hands on your shoulders.

“Y/n, please. Talk to me?”

“I,” You let out a shaky breath before continuing. “I want more!” Liftting your head, you see the look of confusion on his face. “There’s so much I want that I can’t get! So much that you or anyone can’t give me! I don’t want to hurt anymore! I-i want to live long and happy and beautiful but I just can’t!” He shakes his head and take a small step closer to you.

“Y/n,” He sighs, moving your wet hair out of your face. “Just tell me whatever it is you want o-or need. I’ll go get it for you, okay?” You shake your head as small sobs slip from your mouth.

“You can’t!”

“I can!” He nods. “Just tell me. Anything. Right now. I’ll do it for you.” You shake your head again and look back down on the floor. He tucks his hand under your chin, gently lifting your head back up. “Please, y/n. Help me help you.”

Your tears slowly come to an end as you keep your eyes glued on the figure in front of you. Studying his face again, you notice his eyes slightly moving as if he was studying yours as well.

“Jungkook.” He hums. Before you can stop yourself, the words already leave your mouth. “Kiss me.”


✉The Bucket List✉

~social media au in which youtuber y/n suddenly has less time to live than expected and once she befriends model jungkook, she begins to experience all the things she has never experienced before~

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 12] [part 13] [part 14] [part 15] [more coming soon]




part 11/40

college au; jungkook x reader; brother! taehyung;

summary: when Taehyung’s sister transfers into his university, she gets more attention than she could have ever desired, especially from Jungkook, one of Taehyung’s closest friends. But adamant on getting no help from her brother, how will y/n deal with the bet?

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