BTS Hybrid au

Safe Haven ~ 8  ( Hybrid Baby Bangtan/ ot7 )

Words: 1K

Genre: Hybrid! BTS AU

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Jimin’s birthday and jealousy 

Safe Haven ~ || Two || Three || Four || Five || Six || Seven

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Stretching their arms above their heads, Yoongi and Jin came inside complaining about how tiring their day was, making us all chuckle at their exaggeration.

While I did take them to school this morning, I also arranged the school bus for them. It was a bit expensive. But that’s okay. Nothing was cheap these days.  

Sighing, I watched amused as all the other kids surrounded them, asking a million questions about their day. I cringed inside. I used to be like that too. Now I know why others felt irritated.

Though, with them–it was just a tad bit different. They were patient, and far more bland Taehyung was a bit lethargic. Hoseok and Namjoon had their days of excitement and some days they seemed to dissociate a lot.

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My Favourite BTS Fanfics Series (M) *incomplete*

Good Boy by @btssmutgalore - “When a college trip gets too boring, you decide to play a game with a guy who has a crush on you”. Sub!Jimin Au.

Blackjack by @kpopfanfictrash - “Bangtan is one of the most vicious mafias on the west coast. Only six members are known by name though, with a mysterious seventh member dubbed only as ‘the shadow.’ When you become indebted to the worst of the worst – how, exactly can you find a way out?“ Mafia Au. 

Don’t Care If It Hurts by @hollyhomburg - “After a rival gang makes an attempt on your life, Your older brother, the infamous leader of Seoul’s largest gang; Kim Namjoon gets you a guard hybrid; Park Jimin, The reigning champion of Seoul’s underground hybrid fighting ring.“  Hybrid!Jimin Mafia Au.

Kalopsia by @swtmess“You walk into your home one day to find your cat walking on two feet, in a human form.” (It already has three parts!) Hybrid!Jungkook Au.

The One by @taetae-tea“You’ve never liked the idea of hybrids, since it’s straight up abuse from a owner to a hybrid, they aren’t treated like humans. But what happens when your boss gave you a hybrid as a gift?” Taehyung!Hybrid Au.

Reward by @taetae-tea “You and Jungkook weren’t very happy when Taehyung flirted with another guy, so you decided on punishing him the next day, during a event. When he would get home with Jungkook, he would get his reward from you and Jungkook.” Poly Relationship Au.

New Lady by @min-yoonyi-fic“A good job, good money, good house. But good things comes with a heavy price, suffering, not you, but of someone else.” Daddy!Yoongi Au.

Give Me Some Sugar Daddy by @sunshyngal - It doesn’t have a summary, but the reader is poor as fuck and needs a Sugar Daddy. SugarDaddy!Jimin Au.

Bunny Boy by @jiminniemouse - “Catching feelings for your sisters friend wasn’t part of your plan.” Hybrid!Jungkook Au.

Call Me Oppa by @yoongisbrat - “You become Min Yoongi’s assistant and decided that you’ll do anything for him. But anything is a big word. And you’re about to find out how big it really is.” (It already has three pats!) Daddy!Yoongi Au.

Little Bear by @b-angst-tan -  “You’ve always wanted a hybrid. Not truly being able to afford one makes it seem impossible that you’d have one anytime soon. Until the opportunity presents itself as if by miracle.” Hybrid!Jimin Au.

Outlier by @parkjmini - “While your lovers said they needed you, you wondered if they knew how much you needed them.” Poly!Relationship Au, JiminxJenniexReader.

Midnight Suck by @kainks - “You had seen him drain the life out of someone, there was no way he could leave you alone now.” Vampire!Jungkook Au.

Linked by @a-r-m-y-g-i-r-l - Who is your soulmate? Soulmate Au.

A little bit of Excitement on Ao3 - “Jimin is a CEO who wanted someone to keep him company and help him de-stress.He decided to go looking for a hybrid and ended up getting a little more than he expected.” Hybrid Au.

Sharing is Caring on Ao3 -  “You decide to let the rest of Bangtan watch you and your boyfriend Jimin have sex one time. Now suddenly everyone seems to want a piece of you, and Jimin doesn’t seem to mind sharing.”

Complicate on Ao3 - “Jimin is the kind of hybrid that likes doing what it’s told.Yoongi hates that kind of hybrids and humanity in general.Namjoon is sure he can deal with both.How can love even exist there?” Hybrid Au.

Redamancy on Ao3 - “Jungkook and Jimin are happily dating.But one day, everything changes when Jimin brings Yoongi (a cat hybrid) to their home.It’s not like Jungkook doesn’t like animals, he’s quite fond of them.But he’s well aware of the fact that Jimin and him are not capable of taking care of a pet.Let alone… a human pet.” Hybrid Au.

It Takes Two to Make a Thing go Right by @imaginethisbts -  “What’s better than one dogboy lover? Two dogboy lovers. But when Tae and Jungkook seem unusually clingy, it can only mean one thing. That time of the month has snuck up on you and your dogboy lovers do not want to share.” (It will be difficult for you to find the second part so here you have bbys 2) Hybrid Au. Threesome.

Take It Like a Puppy by @icyhobi -  “ You and Hoseok have been best friends since you were young. Your friendship with him, was struck as odd since you were a cat hybrid, while he was a dog hybrid. But that didn’t matter, that is until you both start attending university. What happens when one of you unexpectedly goes into heat?” Hybrid Au.

Crescent Bound by @parkhabits - Werewolf Au.

Handy Man by @drquinzelharleen“Jimin is your landlord’s son. After one stressful day he comes to fix your  shower for you. You find yourself constantly thinking about him. Could he be the perfect submissive?” Sub!Jimin Au.

Wagging Tails and Purrs on Ao3 - “After having lived with a family for most of his life, Jeon Jungkook find himself on a large fair where highly priced hybrids like himself are sold for cold hard cash. It barely takes any time for his new owner to pick him and take him home. It takes a fair share of adjusting to his new home, but he is not alone in the process and although his new owner is strict and controlling, he turns out to be kind and loving as well. Ruling his house with a sharp heavy hand and warm safe arms.” Hybrid Au.

Pied Piper on Ao3 - “ “I’m sorry Taetae, I’m sorry.” “Aw baby, look at you. Apologising but you don’t even know what you’re sorry for."Sniffle. "I wanna be good.” “Oh but baby. You were a very bad, very naughty puppy.” “ Hybrid Au.

Crimson by @nochugguk - “He likes your wicked games.” Sub!Jungkook Au.

answer: love yourself isn’t an outro because loving yourself is a continuous process and i think that’s beautiful

Take It Like A Puppy (M)

Originally posted by jaayhope

Summary: You and Hoseok have been best friends since you were young. Your friendship with him, was struck as odd since you were a cat hybrid, while he was a dog hybrid. But that didn’t matter, that is until you both start attending university. What happens when one of you unexpectedly goes into heat?

Pairing: Jhope x Reader

Genre: Smut (M), hybrid!au, Cat hybrid reader, Dog hybrid Jhope

Word Count : 5.5k

A/N: This story contains graphic descriptions of sex, cum play, bondage, oral, etc. Heavy dom/sub undertones. Lmao this is just a sinful read. I’m a sucker for hybrid aus, so i had to make one ;) Anywho, this is a mature read! You have been warned!

You’ve known Hoseok since you were nine years old. At the time, you were just a quiet little kitten, who didn’t have many friends. Hoseok, was an annoying hyperactive puppy, who everybody adored in your class. He didn’t really bother you that much, until you became desk partners. That’s when he thought it was okay to pop your ‘personal space bubble’ and sniff you, every second he got.

“Why do you keep trying to smell me!” the nine-year-old you shouted. This was the third time you caught him in the act, ever since you became seat mates a week ago.

“I’m part canine! That’s what we always do!” Hoseok explained, with a smile on his face. He didn’t really know you that much, only that you were always super quiet. But he wanted to change that, he wanted a feline as a friend for once.

“Well can you stop? Its kinda weird,” you replied uncomfortably.

Including you, there were only two other cat hybrids in your class, the rest were a split between bunny, dog, and fox hybrids. Thus, you were extremely uncomfortable with this puppy trying to get up all in your space. Besides, you were quite afraid of dog hybrids since they could become aggressive easily.

“No, you’re weird,” the puppy joked.

You finally turn to glare at him, then let a hiss seethe through your teeth.

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Felicity⎼ (I)

‹ I • IIIII • IV

pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (oc: female)

genre: thriller, eventual smut, panther hybrid!jungkook

rating: 18+

warnings: Very brief mentions of violence and abuse, possessive!jungkook, cursing

word count: 8.7K


The nation breaks into a ruckus when a captive hybrid escapes the National Laboratory. Streets are empty, the city’s on a lockdown and your evening goes by idly. Until a silhouette stands at your doorstep, eyes burning like embers and lips tainted red. You know he’s a mystery you shouldn’t meddle in, but he is an intoxication you are yet to be cured of.

So how far will you go to unravel secrets of a dirty world- how far will you go make him yours?

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Orectic (M)

Orectic (adj) - ‘of or concerning desire or appetite’ 

Pairing: Hoseok x hybrid!reader

Warnings: Gratuitous, tooth-rotting fluff.  Smut; kissing, fingering, dirty talk, unprotected penetrative sex, ?breeding kink if you squint hard enough.  

Word count: 21K

Thank you @yminie for my beautiful moodboard!

“It’ll just be for the week, and it isn’t like you guys haven’t spent any time together by yourselves before!”

It’d seemed like a harmless enough request when Jung Hoseok’s sister had first called him to request he come play sitter for the week; an opportunity to make some quick, easy cash during the winter months when attendance to the dance classes he taught inevitably started to wane.  

“C’mon, it’ll be fine!”

Sitting was probably the wrong word for it, anyway.  You weren’t so much a pet; his elder sibling had always been very firm on that matter from the very second she’d first brought you home. You were a companion, a confidant - a best friend who just so happened to be blessed with pointed feline ears, a sleek, silken tail, and a propensity for jumping three foot in the air whenever you turn around to find a well-placed snake-come-cucumber that Hobi may or may not have planted there a few minutes earlier.  

Yes, you may have a complete and utter dependence on your guardian to keep a roof over your head and food on the table, but that’s not your fault.  And it’s not as though his sister is wrong; the two of you do get on.  

Well… at least these days you do.  

When the two of you had first met over a year ago you’d been incredibly wary of him, to begin with; almost to the point where you’d visibly flinch whenever he dare address you or if he ever sat just that little bit too close.  Your history hadn’t been disclosed by the shelter when his sister had offered you a home, but it didn’t take a genius to take a guess as to why you might be so nervous at having an unfamiliar male in your home.  

While the practice has recently been made illegal, sexual exploitation remains a grotesque and unfortunate reality for all too many hybrids since they were created less than half a century ago, and it’s something you’ve remained resolutely silent about regardless of the gentle questioning Hoseok’s sister has put you through.  It breaks his heart to think that that might’ve been something that you’d had to face in the past, but if it was something you’d been subjected to, you sure as hell don’t seem about to admit it.  

So, without a legitimate excuse with which to refuse his sister’s pleading request, Hobi finds himself agreeing to keep you company for the coming week ahead.  It’s been a while since you’ve seen each other so he knows you’ll probably take a little while to warm up to him again, but that’s ok; he’s always been the patient sort.  There’s always the catnip he’s stashed in the bottom of his overnight bag, too, should the situation ever be so dire that it’s needed.

The journey to his sister’s place doesn’t take too long - half an hour, give or take - and along the way Hobi isn’t ignorant to the lift in his mood with every mile that passes.  He’ll never say it out loud, but ever since his old housemate Yoongi moved out (a convenience thing, rather than any ill-feeling between the two of them) the apartment has felt far too quiet.  It’ll be nice to have someone to spend some time with; something to break up the monotony of his ever-present thoughts.  

Index finger pressed firmly against your doorbell, Hobi’s narrow hips swing from side to side at the tinny salsa tune he hears coming from the other side of the door to signal his arrival.  There’s a bright smile on his face by the time his sister answers, and when he opens up his arms to her, pulling her into a tight hug, her answering smile is just as wide.  

“Jiwoooooo!” he gushes as the familiar scent of her hair floods into his nostrils.  She smells safe - she smells like home - and Hobi finds himself lamenting it having been so long since the last time he came around.  There’s really no excuse; not when she only lives over the other side of town. “Still just as pretty, I see,” he admires as he pulls away, patting her cheek, and as she grins back he bends to pick up the overnight bag he’d rested down by his feet, stepping over the threshold.  

“Ever the charmer, ‘Seok,” she replies with a fond roll of her eyes, pushing the front door closed behind him, “How’s that working out for you?  Lured any poor, unsuspecting women into your clutches lately?”  

“Not since Soo-In, I’m afraid.”  Hobi laughs gleefully at the expression of disgust that contorts his sister’s features at the mention of the night he’d managed to successfully seduce one of her friends - much to her horror at the time.  “I must’ve lost my edge.”  

Secretly, he’s worried that he might have.  He hasn’t slept with anyone at all since then, and six months is starting to feel like an awfully long time…

“We can but hope,” she snarks, one perfectly sculpted eyebrow raised as she snatches Hobi’s bag right out from his hand and deposits it at the bottom of the stairs before sweeping past him and into the living room.  She grabs a jacket hung on the back of one of her soft, crushed velvet armchairs (Hobi’s always thought they’re hideous, but then who is he to talk about good taste?) as she goes and promptly folds it into away her own suitcase, unzipped and hanging open upon her coffee table.

“So, New York, huh?  You excited?”  He watches her pack, stowing away all the last few essentials she’ll need for the trip she’s barely stopped talking about since she found out she was going just a short few weeks ago.  Folding his arms, he notes the time on his watch; she needs to leave soon, or she’ll be late for her flight.  Typical Jiwoo, always cutting it fine.  

“You have no idea,” she grins maniacally, pausing with her case half zipped up, one sleeve of something hanging out the side, “People are actually gonna see my designs, Hobi.  Finally!  Important people!”

“So I hear,” he smiles back, and underneath his crossed arms he feels his chest swell with emotion, “Proud of you, sis.”  

“I know.”  She stuffs the sleeve back in and hurriedly seals the case the rest of the way, patting it firmly once it’s done.  “Maybe when I’m a famous fashionista you might actually listen to some of my tips.  God knows you need them.”  

This time it’s Hobi’s turn to fondly roll his eyes.

“Anyway, the fridge and freezer are fully stocked, all you gotta do is get stuff out in the morning to defrost and try to make it through the week without giving yourself food poisoning.”  She hauls her case off of the table with a groan and it thuds heavily on the hardwood floor as she sets it down.  He dreads to think how much she’s paid for the extra luggage allowance… “There’s plenty of fish, plenty of lacto-free milk - but you don’t need to worry about that.”  

Nodding, Hobi unfolds his arms and takes a glance around the room at the mention of your rather specific dietary needs.  It wouldn’t be the first time he’s not noticed you when entering a room; sometimes you sit so silent and still that it’s almost as though you’re not really there until you chose to reveal yourself.  He swears you do it on purpose, actually, just to watch him jump and shriek when you suddenly appear, an amused little smile tugging at your lips as he clutches his chest in fear.  

“Speaking of; where is my ward?”

“Kitchen,” she replies shortly, exhaling a sigh, “She’s busy doing that whole ‘cold shoulder’ thing she always does whenever she knows I’m going away.”  

“Oh.”  Taking a few steps forward, Hobi’s able to lean forward to peer round the door to the kitchen which stands slightly ajar, and through the gap he can just about make out your stiff form sat at the kitchen table, back straight and pen in hand.  

“Ah, she’ll be fine,” his sister dismisses with a wave of her hand, and as her hand passes her face Hobi notices her eyes suddenly widen as she catches a glimpse at the time.  “Hooo shit.  Will you shove this in the car for me while I say bye?  ThankyouIloveyou,” she gushes, thrusting her suitcase towards him, and like the obliging younger brother he is Hobi does as she asks, lugging her case out onto the drive and stowing it away in the ridiculously small trunk of her equally ridiculous car with an exaggerated groan.  

By the time he finds his way back inside and into the kitchen, his sister’s whole torso is wrapped around you from behind, your face almost entirely obscured by the blanket of long, black hair that surrounds you.  

“Gonna miss you,” he hears Jiwoo say, squeezing you in her grasp as Hobi watches you attempt to huff her hair out from your face in a series of heavy, exasperated exhales.  

“You better,” comes your snarky reply, and after a moment more your pen is begrudgingly laid down and you’re squeezing his sister’s forearm as you quietly insist that she fly safely.  When Jiwoo releases you, standing straight, Hobi’s is both surprised and oddly moved by the glassiness he sees in your eyes when they dart his way, your lips parting, embarrassed at being seen in such a way.  He wishes that your spine didn’t stiffen again so suddenly on seeing him, or that your tail didn’t immediately increase in size where it hanging through the slats of the kitchen chair on which you sit, glossy fur standing up on end.  

It’s only a temporary reaction - he knows that - but it still kinda hurts.  

“Hey kitkat,” he smiles, raising one hand in a lame, gentle wave that you slowly return, bottom lip caught between your teeth as you nervously look him up and down with eyes that are just a tiny bit too large for your face.  He’s been calling you by that nickname for almost as long as he’s known you, and though you’d initially bristled on hearing it, Hobi couldn’t help but notice over time that a light blush that had started to colour your cheeks whenever he’d say it; a sweet little glimpse at the softness that lays underneath your somewhat frosty exterior.  

“Hello Hoseok,” you answer softly, and oh, Hobi had forgotten the way the hairs on the back of his neck always stand up whenever you say it that way.  You’re the only person in his life who ever, ever addresses him by his full name, and if he’s honest with himself, he’d happily keep it that way if he could.  

Neither of you says anything then, after that, and in the seconds that follow Hoseok’s sister looks back and forth between the two of you, curiously chewing her bottom lip“Well,” she announces to break the silence, walking from the space she’d occupied behind you to approach Hobi instead, her arms held open wide in invitation to a parting hug, “I’ll just leave you two chatterboxes to it, shall I?”  

“Love you,” he mumbles into his sister’s hair, embracing her with all the strength he can muster.  He may be the younger sibling, but he’s always been fiercely protective of his big sister, and he has a sneaking suspicion that no matter how old they get that’ll always remain the same.  “Have fun, alright?”  

“Oh you bet your ass I will,” Jiwoo grins as she extracts herself from his arms.  She looks between Hobi and you, frowning slightly when she sees the way you’re shyly staring down at the crossword puzzle you’ve been working on for the majority of the morning rather than at her brother stood opposite, a pen in your hand and your pointed ears flicking anxiously this way and that.  “You two will be ok, right?” she checks, and Hobi gives her his best, most reassuring smile.  

“Course we will,” he enthuses, directing all the positivity he can muster your way and smiling even more broadly when you meekly return it, tail swishing gently behind you from side to side, “Right, kitkat?”

“Sure.  Right.”  

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bedroom kitten ; jjk | (m).
There is an unsettling silence swirling through the air the very second Jungkook steps foot in his apartment. It is a silence induced by both heartache and hostility, and while the heartache is mutual, the hostility ignites from one end, flickering burns on not one but both tongues.

He pushes the door and steps in, containing his sigh of exhaustion as you trudge in soon after him. You’re oozing with despondency, glossy curls shielding your heavy gaze that is stuck to your tennis sneakers that squeak upon the varnish pasted to the wooden floor—naturally showcasing your childlike, mischievous attributes.

Jungkook throws his keys aside and drops your mini suitcase to one corner of the entrance. You watch him stride ahead of you, heading for the kitchen. He turns back not even once to glance at you let alone check if you are okay.

You stand stiffly at the door, sniffing the air briefly with a sullen expression. You almost whimper, lifting your hand to wipe your nose against the material of your silk white shirt. Stroking the tip of your nose delicately, you force a feeling of comfort around yourself.

It doesn’t work.

With your sharp nails grazing your neck, long, lean fingers hooking themselves to the edge of your dull pink collar, your youthful eyes spot your numerous toys scattered across the living room. You’re quick to descend on to the thick, fluffy carpet sprawled across the floor of the living room, accidentally switching on the television as you position yourself on all fours.

Jungkook switches on the gas stove, toppling a pot with steaming water before settling it upon the orange, blue flame aggravating below. You can tell so without looking. It was a task incorporated into his daily routine.

You stretch yourself leisurely, ass hoisted up into the air as you flick several toys left and right. Your hands, that have curled inwards to resemble paws, melt into the soft carpeting as the the knots in your lower back undo themselves and your animated tail straightens itself out. You softly whimper, biting into your bottom lip.

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Milk (M)

Originally posted by yoongichii

Summary: When trying to deal with your hybrid’s sudden obssesion with milk, you would have never guessed that things would turn out so differently. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, hybrid!au, fluff

Word Count: 3k

A/N: This is a two-shot! So please keep in mind that there will be a second part to this story! Any who, this fic contains heavy dom/sub undertones, graphic descriptions of sex, degrading names, slight milk/lactation kink… urmm if you don’t know what that is, maybe this fic isn’t for you :’) Also breeding/mating kink. The majority of the smut will be in the second part! Thus, you have been warned!



“If you’re looking for the milk, you’re not allowed to have any.”

“Excuse me?” the hybrid questioned, almost sounding like he was mocking you.

You sighed as you looked up from your spot on the couch, to see Yoongi standing still at the refrigerator, with his head craned towards you, waiting for your replying.

You knew by the way his long black tail snapping up and down behind him in harsh movements, was an indication of how annoyed he was. You couldn’t even see his dark eyes properly since his black fringe was covering them partially, but you could already just imagine the intimidating glare upon them.

You could easily read his emotions because you’ve been living with him since you were only 7 years old. At the time, you were mindlessly on the carpet playing with your stuffed animals, when your parents came home with your mother holding the hand of a young boy. He looked close to your age, maybe a couple of years older. He had porcelain like skin, which contracted his dark black hair. And you remembered the look of excitement that graced your chubby face when you saw two furry white ears atop of his head, and a long furry tail that swayed slowly behind him.

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Felicity⎼ (III)

III • III • IV ›

pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (oc: female)

genre: thriller, eventual smut, panther hybrid!jungkook

rating: 18+

warnings: violence, marking, possessive!jungkook, explicit language, oral sex, edging, overstimulation

word count: 6.7K


In the inhibition of an unknown future, you make your way past hurdles and murky shadows with care- cautious not to overstep boundaries or to face fatality. But the more you wander, the farther you stray from your ground. And this time the wrong feels so right that you just can’t say no.

The events that follow, however, leave you a little more than just breathless.

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Don’t care if it Hurts: pt.1

(Dog hybrid! + Gaurd dog!Jimin x Reader) (ft.olderBrother! + Mafia boss!Namjoon)

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Summary: After a rival gang makes an attempt on your life, Your older brother, the infamous leader of Seoul’s largest gang; Kim Namjoon gets you a guard hybrid; Park Jimin, The reigning champion of Seoul’s underground hybrid fighting ring.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Warnings/tags: Past abuse, Blood, Mafia!reader, Mafia!Namjoon, Older brother!Namjoon, DogHybrid!Jimin, fighting, slow burn, general angst, eventual hurt/comfort, eventual fluff, eventual smut. 

Wordcount: 2.2k

A/N: Hey guys I know it’s been a while! sorry I’ve been a bit swamped with personal shit and work and school. This is based on an AU that I wrote posted Here - BUT DO NOT READ THAT UNLESS YOU WANT SOME SPOILERS, this is just going to be a more detailed version of that, however, there will be some differences in the ending. 

Originally posted by jimiyoong

“Joon I swear I’m fine.” You said as you watched your brother pace back and forth in his lavish study. There were ware lines on the carpet in the pattern of his track- and you wonder how many hours he’s spent total worrying and pacing in this room. Your thighs suck uncomfortably to the leather sofa- though not because you were sweaty. Your own blood stained your clothes and dripped steadily down your body onto the sofa and the red carpet.  Your brother’s medic and second, Seokjin sat to your left-  delicately suturing and bandaging your arm as gently as he could.

The flat screen TV buzzed softly against the wall,  “Unknown shooter at Coex plaza- none known injured, the story at midnight,” a news castor said. No one injured- accept for you, but the media didn’t know that and never would. Namjoon had already had someone steal the surveillance tapes to hide your identity and You both knew that you were the assassin’s only target.

They hadn’t been successful- all you had to show was a graze from a single bullet- deep but to be honest it hurt less then it should have. Probably because you were a little hopped up on painkillers; you could barely feel Seokjin’s needle as he sutured your arm closed.

He sat next to you- his medical kit spread around you- his head down waiting for your brother- his boss’s wrath to be turned towards him. “It is not fine y/n and don’t you dare try to say it is.” Your brother dragged his hands through his silver hair. “Why didn’t you notice them following you sooner?” Namjoon directed at Jin quietly. His anger barely leashed.

It was Seokjin’s job to protect you whenever you left the gang compound, and today you had gone shopping in Seoul’s busiest mall: Coex plaza. The only thing stopping Namjoon from throttling Jin was the fact that Jin had practically been raised as your second brother. Jin’s father had been your fathers second, like Namjoon, he had inherited the position. 

The shot had rung out just as you turned and by some luck, the bullet had hit your arm and not your chest. It wasn’t the first time someone had made an attempt on your life- and to be honest- the members of Namjoon’s inner circle had gotten much worse in recent past.

Taehyung was currently resting up in an actual hospital after the idiot decided to jump from a bridge in an effort to evade a rival gang- which had worked- but left him with a broken wrist and several broken ribs.

“It’s not his fault- you wouldn’t have been able to pick the shooter out of a crowd that large either.” You argued, coming to Jin’s rescue.

“You’re right- I wouldn’t have let you go in the first place.” You swallowed, meeting your brothers’ glare with a look equally as stalwart.

“Try that next time and you’ll see how well it works out,” you threatened as Seokjin started to wrap your arm with gauze. Even Seokjin flinched at your words.

“Y/n” Seokjin warned, but Namjoon held up a hand to silence him. You where the only one who could talk to Namjoon that way. You were each other’s only family left. Your parents long since killed because of your father’s business- a business which Namjoon had inherited as the oldest.

your brother was the leader of the largest mafia in Seoul- Bangtan. Bangtan had started as just a gang lead by your father and had grown under Namjoon’s intellect. Now it was something that had never been seen before in South Korea- with a territory that consumed half the city and ears all the way to Busan. But just because he was the kingpin didn’t mean he didn’t have enemies- quiet the opposite. Today’s attempt on your life was just one of many that had haunted you both in the last year.

One of the other gangs- the royal sevens, had been trying to take away your brother’s power since the first day he had taken the throne- them along with your rivals- the X’s. We’re giving you more than a few headaches.

A gang war was brewing; everyone knew it. The evidence was clear in the bags under Namjoon’s eyes. And you wondered how many days it had been since he had gotten a good nights sleep. And with Taehyung out of commission momentarily, and the members of his inner circle reduced to 4- Jin could be spared even less frequently to take you too and from your college classes and you couldn’t leave the compound unsupervised.

“What do you expect me to do y/n? Don’t you realize how much it hurts me too see you hurt because of me? You won’t stay where we can keep you safe and you won’t let me send you out of the city so what do you want me to do?”

“I’m not leaving, Namjoon.” your voice was thick with emotion, the words barely a whisper. Namjoon leveled you with a dangerous look, his eyes flashing, in anger and confliction. 

Namjoon turned to Seokjin “leave.” He commanded. Seokjin was quick to exit the office- giving you a thankful look as he closed the door behind him.

Namjoon sat down next to you, ignoring your blood that stained his expensive slacks- someone would be in to clean his study later. It wasn’t the first time blood had been removed from the walls or the floor.

Namjoon probably had 5 other pairs of slacks exactly like those- but because you where his sister- his pride and joy- the sight unnerved him. He took your arm gently- letting you flex it this way and that and establishing whether or not there was any lasting damage- there wasn’t- you could tell it wasn’t deep.

“Well find a solution, I promise, I just want you to have a normal life.”

“I don’t want a normal life if you’re not in it,” you said softly. Your love for your brother was deep- after all, he had practically raised you after your parents died. “Is the solution a war?” You asked quietly , he signed.

“We won’t know that until one starts and ends.”

“I don’t want there to be a war,” you said even softer.

“I know- but it’s likely unavoidable.” You both knew that the only way to survive a war was to come out on top. The last one had happened when you where just a child- Namjoon was nearly a decade older than you-you barely 7 when your parents were killed- and Namjoon just a young man when he had come into power. You had both survived the gang war- but only barely, you still had the small scars on your palms from the night your parents died. You shivered at the memory.

“If you would only go to school in Busan- we could transfer you to another college- one just as good- and there you’d be safer- now wouldn’t be a terrible time for you to study abroad either- America is nearly as safe-”

“My English is terrible and you know it.” Namjoon grinned- fondly recalling the memory of him trying to teach you when you were in middle school- and how badly that had gone.

“I need you safe y/n. please- if we can’t find a solution just think about it.”

You swallowed, letting your head rest on your brother’s shoulder. “Alright.” You said letting sleep and the painkillers pull you down. He picked you up from the couch careful not to brush your arm and took you to your bedroom, tucking you into bed like he used to when you were a child.

But you weren’t a child anymore- and hadn’t been in a while. Soon he knew you would want something more then the claustrophobic life he had to offer you- a life that would land you in an early grave if he didn’t fix the world around you and make it safer.

Namjoon pressed a kiss to the top of your head. For you, he would do anything- even if it meant burning down the current world to forge a new one.

Jimin pressed his bleeding knuckles to the cold dirty concrete of his cell. He was torn between keeping his cuts clean and soothing his bruised hands and body- but at the moment the need for comfort was greater than his need to feel safe. If dirt got in his knuckles there was a chance they could get infected- and a chance that his punches would be slower.

His master wanted his only drive to be to keep his strong hybrid body alive- but after tonight he was simultaneously lit with pride and also couldn’t find it in him to care that he was endangering his wellbeing.

Jimin couldn’t remember a time when he hadn’t been fighting- or been training for fighting. Before he had come to live with his current master he had spent his adolescence learning to fight- and it seemed today- today had been the culmination of those efforts and the point of his entire life.

The kennels where he and his kind where kept smelled like blood, sweat, fear, and adrenaline. His usual kennel mate was missing- maybe he was being punished- maybe he had died in tonight’s fight ( it wouldn’t be the first time that had happened). Jimin had never learned his name. It wasn’t worth it- not when it was likely that his master would force Jimin to fight and maybe kill the hybrid later. None of the hybrids talked to each other because doing so was usually grounds for punishment.

Until today he had been just another one of the many hybrids apart of the underground fighting ring. His master was one of the more notable ones, out of his kennels came the best fighters- and every hybrid, master, and ringleader knew it. Every weekend his master would take his few best fighters to the fighting rings and every week Jimin would win- earning his master more money than seemed legal- of course, Jimin knew that none of it was. Then he would spend the next week recovering and training.

Only to go through it all again next week.

Jimin had never lost a fight against another hybrid or human (though he didn’t fight humans often- and only when his master told him too). And tonight he had finally beat the reigning champion-a wolf hybrid named Taeyang. Who had held the title for nearly 2 years.

But it hadn’t felt good to defeat him- to outsmart him, it never did.

Jimin was already the underdog in the fight- he was purebred German Shepard, and therefore was physically smaller than the lumbering Taeyang. But where he had lacked in strength he had made up for in speed and intelligence. Jimin had thought it through all week, knowing he’d have to run Yang ragged to stand a chance. Jimin had only stopped before killing him because his master had commanded he stop after the ringleader declared the fight won by Jimin.

Jimin was the only one left standing. And as much as he hated it- as much as he felt pity for Taeyang- who was knocked out but barely breathing- relief clung to his bones. He had survived another week. Survived another fight.

The hundred or so humans around the fighting ring shouted- some in dismay and others in joy. He wondered how much money had been bet on him tonight. Some of the people shouted at Jimin to kill his opponent and establish himself as the alpha.

Every person in the hall was shouting for him to finish the job except for 4 people; the ringleader, Jimin, Jimin’s master and one lone man, standing on scaffolding above them.

His glasses where the only thing that Jimin could see in any real detail- along with cold appraising golden brown eyes. As a hybrid- Jimin’s sense of smell, eyesight, and hearing where exceptionally good- and as a purebred Jimin’s senses were even better than that. This man’s scent was different- lighter somehow. With a lingering note of whiskey, gunpowder, and blood- a woman’s blood- and her scent that wrapped around his like a blanket.  

Jimin was a killer- and had been made into one by the people who owned him. But still, the smell of the man made his blood go cold. Even as he walked away from the rancorous display; Jimin tracked him with his eyes, shivering at the feel of the man.

Then he had been brought back here to collapse onto the cold ground, Tired- the aftereffects of the adrenaline pulsing through his veins. Someone stepped in front of his cell door and opened it with a bang that would have made anyone else flinch. One of his master’s men gestured for him to come out- Jimin did so slowly and gently, careful to keep his head down. He refused to let himself limp- though Taeyang had caught him in his ribs. Any sign of weakness or disrespect could be enough to get a beating.

In his time training, Jimin had been beaten many times- for tripping- for not punching correctly- even once for asking for water. But years of it had made him perfectly obedient.  He had been rewarded before too- with water and food, with new clothes and blankets or even showers. Which were cold things- but the only way he could clean wounds.

Jimin prized showers overall- and if the other hybrids had asked him- he would have told them that it was the secret to his success- making sure his body was clean. But most of the others of his kind were terrified of him. A fact that left a heavy feeling in his heart and a sour taste in his mouth.

His masters quarters where paneled with a dark wood. A large circular couch and a full bar with alcohol that stung Jimin’s nose- even so; the smell of the dark man hit him like a car. And Jimin flinched when he smelled it.

“Ah, there you are! My prized fighter” his master exclaimed from where he sat- a human woman on his arm and a drink in his hand. Jimin lifted his eyes tentatively towards the newcomer. The man was surprisingly Attractive, tall and broad-shouldered, with silver hair that was shaved on the sides. His nondescript black clothes hung on him in the same way that his masters did- tailored in a way that let the viewer know they where expensive. His face was even- blank like a painting but he appraised Jimin with an almost sterile air, the same way someone would look at a knife.  

“I see you’ve noticed monster,” his master said, grinning and gesturing with a finger towards the other man. Monster- an apt name. His master turned towards the monster. “Tell me again why I’ve let you convince me to sell you my most prized fighter before I’ve had a chance to breed him?”

At the notion of breeding Jimin recoiled, a cold shiver sent down his back. The thought of doing that with anyone was nearly unthinkable. But then there where the other words. Sell? His master was selling him.

“Because you owe me a favor Jay,” Monster said with a slight smile playing on his lips that Jimin didn’t believe was genuine for a second, “and because you love money more than you love your hybrids.”  Jimin must have made a noise because all of them turned to him.

“Spit it out dog.” His master commanded harshly.

“Sell?” Jimin asked quietly. His master laughed.

“Your performance tonight attracted his attention- and now monster wants you for his own- so tonight you’ll go with him. He’s your new master.”

Jimin felt like the world had been pulled out from under him. Go with that man? Leave the kennels where he had practically grown up? Was this punishment? But he had done so well tonight- he had thought tonight would be the night everything changed for the better, but as Monster- as his new master smiled at him, showing his teeth, Jimin couldn’t help but think that things had changed for the worse.

The early morning light stunned Jimin as he stepped out of the kennels. He had only seen daylight a few times in his life, and this cold grayness made him shiver. A long black car was waiting for them- and the driver was waiting, door open, for his new master to get in.

Jimin hurried after him- careful to stay on the other side of his car. Jimin practically pressed his face into the window. The city, which was usually dark and punctuated by neon lights was soft and yellow-grey. A few sleepy people walking as the car drove at a leisurely pace.

Jimin’s tail wagged excitedly once against the leather, and startled, he grabbed it to make it stop, only to find his new master watching him. Jimin flinched, expecting to be hit for the annoying action, but His master only signed, Jimin hung his head preparing to be beaten. But when he spoke monsters voice was even- without anger.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I’ve bought you,” he said sternly. “but before we get to that tell me; Did you like fighting?” Jimin looked up startled by the question, the monster didn’t shout at him to answer as he digested his words only waited patiently.

“Never,” Jimin answered. His hands- his knuckles still split and dirty, tightening on his knees. “Not once. It was only a way to survive.”

“then I’m sorry to have to ask you to do it again,” His master pulled out his wallet, and then a photograph, he held it out to Jimin.

It was a photograph, of a smiling girl a little younger than Jimin probably. With y/h/c hair and y/e/c eyes that sparkled with happiness and joy like Jimin had never seen. All Jimin had was a photograph of you and he could already tell you where beautiful. Jimin turned to look at monster apprehensively.

“What do you want me to do to her.” his new master turned to the window, the rising sun turning his hair a light orange.

“I want you to protect her.”

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To Own A Hybrid

pairing: Jungkook x Reader 

Genre: Angst, Fluff (eventual smut) Hybrid!AU Cat!AU 

Summary: the hybrid world was one y/n never really involved herself in; however, after certain events, she is tossed into a world of uncertainty in the company of a particularly rude hybrid. 

Word count: 5k +


WARNING: Mentions of abuse, emotional torment, and prostitution 

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P1 P2 P3 P4 P5


You suddenly fell off of your elbow that you were happily sleeping against; only to have it replaced with the hard metal table in front of you.

“go home” your co-worker jimin laughed as he checked his wristwatch. Jimin was always the last one to leave; he was responsible and hard-working and extremely handsome.

It had been 13 hours since the two of you had walked through the office doors, yet you sat with messed up hair, oily and ruined makeup and crinkled clothes, whereas his crispy black button up was still neatly tucked into his pants and his jet-black hair still perfectly placed.

You sighed before saving your work and packing up.

The office was silent and dark; the occasional snores from your fellow workers who were doing a night-shift filled the office. One of them caught your eye.

“doesn’t he have a hybrid at home?” you asked softly as you observed his lanky figure was sprawled between his chair and his desk.

“who, Namjoon? Yer he has two actually” Jimin answered as he turned to face Namjoon as well.

“would you ever get a hybrid?” you asked him as you turned to face him. He put his fist underneath his chin as he thought about it.

“I don’t know…maybe. But hybrids are a tricky thing to get involved in” he sighed as he shook his head.

You nodded your head in agreement. Hybrids weren’t in a good situation right now. A lot of them were being sold for slavery or prostitution. And then there were the rich owners, who treated their hybrids like trophies…it was disgusting.

There were multiple laws against hybrids basically having normal human rights, but of course, they aren’t counted as human. You scoffed at the thought and decided that you should start heading home.

As you waved goodbye to Jimin you quickly checked the time. 10pm, okay, hopefully, something other than Macdonalds was open. You made a quick plan to go check the streets and then return to your car and drive home.

It wasn’t like you couldn’t get a hybrid if you wanted to. You had a great job working for a great boss and were surrounded by great co-workers; it’s just you were kind of uncomfortable with the idea.

Did you treat them like a pet? What do need? Are there special requirement? Do they get sick like humans get sick?

It was all extremely confusing to you, especially the rules, jesus Christ those fucking rules.

As you walked along the sidewalk, you were surprised to see a lot of places open. Around here, places usually close early…unless something special is happening…of course, how could you forget.

It was November 1st which meant new hybrids were being imported. You tried to strain your ears to hear the usual protestors and were shocked at how loud they were.

A smile came onto your face as you stopped in your tracks and took a deep breath in. some people are lovely owners and have adopted as many hybrids as they can, this thought was the one that let you have faith in humanity.

You approached the Chinese shop excitedly, you couldn’t wait to get your hands on some damn food.

“You filthy pest! Do as I say!”

Aw shit…walk away y/n, don’t get involved.

The sounds got louder as you moved closer to the store that was right next to an alleyway.

Don’t look y/n. keep walking.

“You belong to me! Do as I say!”

You stopped suddenly. Right at the entrance of the alleyway. Fuck it.

“what the fuck are you doing!?” you yelled as you turned towards them. You gasped in shock as you saw the hybrid on the floor, clutching his stomach as the human hit him with a cane, a collar and leesh in his other hand.

You had heard about these situations, people called them hybrid stealers.

Hybrids were either bought for prostitution or stolen for prostitution…

“stay out of this little girl” the woman hissed at you as she stabbed her heel into his stomach causing him to yell out in pain.

“HEY!” you yelled stepping forward quickly; worry had filled your entire body when you noticed how much blood was currently not in his body.

you needed to get him help, and quickly.

You pulled out your phone, pretending to call hybrid protective services “hello! Yes im reporting an abusive owner, hers name Alissa Thompson” you said spotting her name tag

“shit!” she exclaimed angrily before running away. you continued to fake talk into the phone until she was fully out of earshot.

After being sure she was gone you quickly ran to the hybrid, panic quickly entering your system as you watched his head drop to the floor.

“hey! oh my god! Hey, please stay alive!” you rambled as you bent down to his level, as you reached out to touch him, his arm quickly came up, scratching you across your hand.

You hissed in pain as you retracted your hand quickly; as blood started peeking out from your skin you wiped it against your top and took a deep breath.

“look. You need help, if I don’t help you, you’ll bleed out on the street and die” you stated firmly at the stubborn hybrid. He hissed but this time when you reached for him, he let you help.

His body was cold and heavy, but you tried your best to drag him towards your car. If you held him to tight, or carelessly handled him he would hiss lowly at you or attempt to free himself from your grip.

Small beads of sweat were starting to form on your forehead as you continued to drag him towards your car.

“okay, we're almost there” you panted to yourself more than him.

Your footsteps grew heavy and the sound of them repeatedly hitting the ground beneath you gave you a heart attack.

Carefully, you heaved the injured boy into your front seat, silently praying as he continuously groaned in pain.

“don’t…t-take me to a h-hospital” he blurted out as you fumbled around with your seat belt. Ignoring his request, you started the car with the hospital in mind as your final destination.

You couldn’t help him, you didn’t have the medical skills or appliances.

He hissed and groaned as blood poured out of his body with each breath. “I’m sure this doesn’t help but hang on” you said hesitantly trying to comfort him.

As you pulled into the hospitals driveway you heard him grunt in annoyance as he reached for the door, trying to escape.

You quickly jumped out of the car and locked him inside, the only way to unlock it was on your side of the car. In this condition, you doubted he would be able to reach it. Deeming it was safe to leave him for a couple of minutes you rushed into the hospital, blood covering your body.

You slammed your hands on the front desk loudly attracting the attention of everyone in the room.




You head wiped around quickly as your heart continued to beat at a fast-paced.

Your head hadn’t stopped spinning since you entered the building and your heart hadn’t stopped pounding since you retrieved the hybrid. Sweat covered your hands and forehead…correction, sweat covered your entire body and you were positive you looked like a drug addict the other people in the waiting room.

You quickly scanned her eyes for a ‘sorry he didn’t make it’ but instead was met with a clipboard and a pen.

“is he your hybrid?” the nurse asked softly, smiling brightly.

You tensed up before nodding your head slowly. Shit, what if he has an owner? What if doesn’t?

“and how long have you had him?” she asked as she scribbled away.

“not that long, almost seems like 30 minutes” you joked as a nervous chuckle escaped your lips. She didn’t seem to notice anything odd, to which you sighed in relief.

“oh! Well if he’s new I’m guessing you don’t have insurance for him yet, would you like to set that up now? We can do that here if you like, just so you don’t have to go all the way down to the hybrid center” she chirped, her mood changing suddenly.

What the fuck is hybrid center? Where the fuck is a hybrid center? Insurance? Am I buying a car? What the fuck.

“what would I have to fill out?” you asked concerned. You didn’t know his name, his date of birth, or even what kind of hybrid he was. You could tell he was a cat hybrid but you’ve heard that they’re experimenting with different types these days.

“not much. Just your name and address, we’ll make up his system number and just make up a nickname. It’s just in case he gets in trouble or lost, maybe he’s hurt but you’re not present; ya know that stuff.” She answered.

“okay, yer” you nodded as she walked back and the documents.

A nickname…hmmm.

Your eyes moved across the hospitals waiting room, scouting for anything that would trigger your creativity side.

A small boy with bright green eyes sat on a stool happily, he swung his legs back and forth as he held the chocolate chip cookie in his hands as if it was the last one on the planet.

That’s it! Kookie…with a K cause your cool like that.

As you fill in the insurance document you doubted it every second. You had no idea what you were stepping into or what kind of situation the hybrid was in. you could tell by the hisses that he clearly wanted nothing to do with him so all you could do was hope this was right.


Three’s hours later and your eyes were drooping. The cold air kept picking at your exposed skin and your work blouse was useless for warmth.

“hes ready” the nurse said as she jogged up to you happily.

If you weren’t as shocked to see that her hair was still perfectly curled and her smile was still as bright as before you would have fully reciprocated what she had said.

Finally realising that she was telling you he was alive and ready for you to see him you stumbled out of your seat.

As she led you towards his room door you started getting nervous. You had so many questions and so little knowledge and answers on this whole situation.

The nurse gave you a small nod and an encouraging smile before she let you to face your hybrid companion alone.

You slowly opened the door, only enough for you to peek your head into the dull room.

As your vision set on the boy your eyes slowly traced over the marks on his back. They were old but not old enough to fade. You furrowed your brows in worry and confusion before fully entering and closing the door behind you.

“don’t you know how to knock” he hissed as he turned to face you pulling his hospital gown further up his body.

“sorry” you shrugged nonchalantly as you looked around the hospital room.

“how are you feeling? The nurse said you should be able to leave tonight” you said after a moment of awkward silence.

His eyes narrowed at you as you fiddled with your fingers nervously.

“why do you even care?” he asked as his ears flattened on top of his head.

“w-well I was just wondering where you would be going? It’s getting really cold” you questioned as you took a seat next to his bed.

The chair was uncomfortable but your legs were falling asleep and your body was running out of energy.

“you don’t need to know” he replied bluntly, his cold eyes never leaving yours.

“okay…can I at least know your name? mines Y/N” you asked trying to find out more about the boy whose blood currently resonates in your car.

“you don’t need to know” he repeated.

Annoyance started filling your body at the hybrids attitude. You had successfully brought him to the hospital and they had saved his life, he would now be able to see another sunrise.

“well are you going to be alright? Do have money? A safe place to go? Is lady going to come back for you?” you asked, your voice was edgy and harsh.

You didn’t mean to be, but it was late and he was starting to annoy you.

He hissed in reply causing you to sigh/groan loudly as you flailed your arms in the air.

“fine. That’s fine” you said as you hoped up on your feet and wiped out a notepad.

You angrily wrote on the piece of paper before placing it down on the side table next to you.

“this is my address and this is my phone number. I’m on floor 5 but you have to go up some steps to the second level to find my apartment. If you need a place to sleep or you need some food feel free to come visit, there’s a key under the mat” you stated seriously before giving him one last nod and removing yourself from his room.

You felt a pang of guilt and a string of worry as you walked towards your car.

maybe you should have stayed with him…or at least watched him leave…or…

you let out a sigh as you rested your head against your steering wheel. All you needed right now was a hot shower and to forget about your encounter with the troubled hybrid.

Sun shone through the peep of your curtains as you heard soft chirps of a bird outside your window.

You were drained. Your body felt numb and your mind was blank, too tired to process any thought due to yesterdays excessive overload.


You knew little to nothing about them…

Memories of the boy’s hostile looks and cold glares sent shivers down your spine. The scars on his back still present in your mind as you tried to wrap your head around what caused him to be like this.

Thank Jesus you started work at 1pm today, you didn’t think it was possible not to have the energy to even lift a finger.

Kookie…wonder where he is now


The laptop had multiple tabs open and your hand was stuck in your second box of cereal for the day.

You knew it was a bad idea but you just wanted to know a little bit more about the hybrid world…however, you didn’t expect to fall into a complete rabbit hole and be sucked into documentary’s, protest videos and law enforcement.

A small hot tear ran down your face as you watched nurses tend to small hybrid children who had been abused.

There was a particular feeling that started welling up in your chest. The one where you wanted to help, but you didn’t know how.

Your eyes instinctively welled up as the images of crying hybrids filled your screen. You shut the laptop harshly before taking a deep breath.

Why were you doing this to yourself?

You didn’t own a hybrid? You were sure you didn’t want one…well…

Shaking off thoughts of anything hybrid-related you decided to get some more shut-eye before your shift at work. It was only a small shift 1pm to 4pm but you knew those three hours would be an insane mess.

As you strolled through the office’s front area you smiled at the same front desk girls who were always in some sort of hushed gossip session.

“y/n!” one of them called to you before waving you over subtly. You furrowed your brows looking left and right, just in case there was another Y/n that they were calling too.


Cautiously you stalked over towards them wondering what they would want with you.

“did you hear?” one of them started when you rested your arms on the counter, leaning in to join the gossip circle.

“y/n!” one of them called to you before waving you over subtly. You furrowed your brows looking left and right, just in case there was another Y/n that they were calling too.


Cautiously you stalked over towards them wondering what they would want with you.

“did you hear?” one of them started when you rested your arms on the counter, leaning in to join the gossip circle.

“hear what?” you asked intrigued about what they were going to tell you.

“the protestors managed to stop the importing of hybrids since most of them are sold to prostitution they managed to shut it down. The police have already arrested several hybrid trafficking rings and the hybrids have been sent to hybrid foster care and adoption centers! Isn’t that great!” the other one finished.

A small smile covered your face as you nodded excitedly, your mind flicking to the injured hybrid you had met not that long ago.

“also, Namjoon was one of them! He even chased down a ringleader! Isn’t he just amazing!” the last one swooned as she brought her hand to her forehead dramatically.

You giggled softly giving another nod in agreement before saying our goodbyes and making your way up to the 5th floor.

You knew namjoon was an advocate for hybrids but you didn’t know he was that intense.

a new layer of respect had been developed for your hybrid loving co-worker and you made sure to remember to ask him more on the subject.

As you strolled into your office you made sure to smile at fellow co-workers on their way out from the morning shift.

“Y/n! looks like we’re on the same shift again” jimin smiled as you took your seat.

“when are we not?” you asked with a smile before turning to your computer, trying to begin your work. However, as your eyes dragged over to namjoon, you found it harder and harder to get started.

Questions flooded your mind and you knew he would have some answers.

After bashing your keyboard for a good hour, you decided the suspense was getting to you.

Standing up abruptly you tried to think of ways to approach him.

It’s not like the two of you hadn’t spoken before, you knew him fairly well actually. The two of you had been in the same university class. However, your relationship had been based on school and work, never really going beyond that.

“Y/n? what are you doing?” jimin asked in confusion as he stared up at you.

Your mouth opened as you gaped at him like a fish out of water. You had been standing there for a solid minute just staring at namjoon’s back, you realise how creepy that would seem.

“i-i-im…I’ll be back” you said before scurrying off in namjoon’s direction, dragging your chair behind you.

You quickly pulled the chair in front of you as you drew close to him, gathering his attention.

As his eyes met yours a big goofy smile graced his face.

“Hey y/n, what’s up? Haven’t spoken to you in a while” he said as you shuffled closer, joining him at his desk.

Your eyes drifted down to his hand. It had been wrapped up tightly but the splash of red colour spilling through the crisp white was still prominent.

“Congratulations, you’re now a hero amongst the front desk ladies” you joked, sending him a playful wink.

He laughed uncomfortably before scratching the back of his head.

“they whistled at me this morning… is that what getting catcalled is like?” he asked making you laugh at the poor boy’s awkwardness.

“it’s good that there are people like you willing to fight as hard as you did for hybrids, lord knows they need it” you said. He nodded his head in agreement before searching your eyes cautiously.

“did you just buy a hybrid?” he asked intrigued as he tilted his head sideways.

“oh no! well…sort of? Not really i-its complicated? To be honest I have no idea. But I do need your expert advice” you blurted out as your eyes wondered around nervously.

He smiled warmly before leaning backward. “ask away” he stated.

“okay, it’s kind of a long story….not really actually it’s a really short story and I kinda feel bad cause I feel like I should have done more but I don’t know and he just really confused me but he clearly didn’t wa-“ you started to ramble only to have a chuckling namjoon stop you.

“okay, how about we just start from the beginning, just tell me what happened” he asked nicely.

“I found an injured hybrid and took him to the hospital. He was extremely cold and hostile and I got insurance for him but I don’t know if I should have done that. What if he has an owner? Does that mean he’s my hybrid now? He was on the street so I assumed he had nowhere to stay but whenever I asked him a question he would just brush me off; I guess I let my temper get the better of me and ended up leaving my address and number with him…but I don’t know maybe I should have pushed more?” you asked worriedly.

“where did you find him?” he asked in deep thought.

“in an alleyway, he was getting beaten by this bitch” you said, anger coursing through your veins at the memory.

“this could be because of a lot of things, however, if you were able to get insurance for him it means the system didn’t pick him up so he probably doesn’t have an owner. But this is good, now he can’t get snatched by stray catchers” he explained.

Your silence and lip bite told namjoon all he needed to know before he continued.

“stray catches roam the streets looking for hybrids without owners, usually a hybrid will not part from its owner unless the owner has maybe sent them to get something or they are too busy to accompany their hybrid” he answered your unspoken question.

“so…I didn’t do a completely bad thing?” you squeaked with hope watching as namjoon chuckled, fondness and understanding oozing from his voice.

“you did good kid” he assured happily.

The day was going past quickly, you had successfully created a new game and finished your presentation ready for the next week.

You could have left an hour ago as that’s when you shift ended but you decided against it, figuring if you completed everything now, you can have a day off.

You silently whooped as you closed down your computer but you happy dance didn’t go unnoticed.

“day off tomorrow I’m guessing?” jimin asked tiredly as he ran a hand through his hair.

“yep! I’m going to do absolutely nothing ughhh I can’t wait to jus-“

Ring, ring

You looked down at your phone in confusion. An unknown number….weird

“hello?” you asked hesitantly as you pressed the phone against your ear.

“hell is this y/n y/l/n?”

“yes, this is she; sorry who’s this?” you asked.

“hi my names jaebum, I work at the police station. We have your hybrid here, err kookie? We were just wondering if you were able to come down and get him” he stated.

Your mouth dropped in shock before you cleared your throat.

“y-yer I’ll be there in a second” you answered.


You were for some reason nervous. You didn’t know if it was because you had never stepped foot in a police station before or if it was because you were here to collect a hybrid that continuously hissed at you.

“miss y/n? its me jaebum, I talked to you on the phone” the man questioned as you looked around the station like a lost puppy.

“yer! Err..sorry but what exactly happened? How did he end up here?” you asked.

“he was found by stray catchers since he wasn’t wearing a collar. But a least it wasn’t an actually felony this time am I right?” he laughed light heartily as you stared at him in confusion.

“this time?” you asked.

“vandalism, hissing at strangers, running away from owners. You name it, the boys done it all” he said as he guided you to where kookie was being held.

Your heart stung a little bit as you wondered what the hell this hybrid has gone through and why he acted the way he did.

“Alright, time for you to home kitten” jaebum smiled at kookie who sat on the cell floor with his back away from the bars.

The hybrid got up slowly before turning around with that cold glare you missed ever so much.

His eyes widened as he saw you before returning to their usual position.

“alright! Is that it? Do I have to sign anything?” you asked as jaebum opened the door, letting kookie walk out.

Jaebums eyes were glued on the hybrid but faltered and landed on someone behind him.

“the mutt finally got adopted?”

You turned around and watched as an older man walked up slowly, looking you up and down before standing next jaebum.

“Excuse you?” you asked shocked at the way he had addressed your hybrid…friend?

“watch out, this piece of shit is a lot of work” he laughed loudly.

Kookie let out a low hiss as the older man continued to laugh loudly. Jaebum was clearly uncomfortable but the man looked like a higher up, someone jaebum clearly couldn’t talk loudly too.

“did you find him on the street? Aw honey, you probably should have left him there” he said holding his round belly as he let out another roar of laughter.

“how fucking dare you” you said narrowing your eyes at him.

He seemed shocked by your comment as his laughter came to a sudden halt.

“what did you say?” he asked confused.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise old age was already affecting your hearing!” you exclaimed “I said HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! You’re the piece of shit here, not him. Who the fuck are you to acknowledge him like that! If I didn’t know any better I would have assumed you were a pig hybrid you stuck up bitch! and what kind of human being leaves another human being on the street to die! God! People like you are what’s wrong with the world! IYou yelled at him. Leaving everyone in the station in shock.

“we’re leaving!” you said before giving kookie a friendly slap on the chest as you walked by, one that said ‘you better follow me’ but nicely.

As you stormed out of the police station and to your car you mumbled angrily to yourself about how mankind has gone to shits and you hate everyone and everything.

“so where are we going now?”

As you fumbled with your keys you looked up to see kookie standing on the passenger’s side with his arms crossed and his ears perked up.

You looked at him shocked to see that he followed you.

clearly seeing your shock, he growled before narrowing his eyes again.

“if you didn’t want me to follow you, you should- “he started but you quickly cut him off.

“were going home, duh” you said as you opened your car and got in, not giving him any time to snap back or glare at you once more.

He opened the car door cautiously before slowly getting in, looking around in awe.

“you don’t remember what it looks like?” you asked him curiously as you watched him carefully. He folded his arms back over his chest with a huff.

“whatever, I don’t need to either…I only need a place to stay tonight so don’t think your special” he hissed at you.

You laughed before nodding your head.

“rats, just as I thought we were getting somewhere…can I at least know your name? I did just save you from another day with that asshole” you asked as you started the car.

“Jungkook…my names Jungkook” he said as he loosened up from his tense posture.

You smiled as you started to drive home.

“nice to meet you Jungkook”

Only You

Jimin x Reader {Panther Hybrid Au!} (s)(f)(p) 

Warnings: Humping, cum play (sorta?), implied masterbation, riding, multiple orgasms, oral 

anonymous asked:

55 - Kyungsoo / 57 - Jimin / 30 - Chanyeol i’m shellfish sCREAMS ily take ur time pls bye ♥

Wordcount: 3.3k+

A/n: This is one out of the three she requested (all will be hybrid per request.) I enjoyed making this, and I hope you enjoyed reading.) 

(Nsfw Prompt #57: “I won’t stop until you pass out.”)

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|| Masterlist || Prompt List ||

How long you had been going like this was beyond you. Sweat covered your body like the blankets you were on top of. Tears were already streaming down your face, more forming with every movement against your walls.

Jimin had slowed down for now, allowing you a small break but still not completely stopping. The feeling from your legs were gone, the numerous positions you had use them in causing for them to go numb. They had served you well, being there for you when you first started riding him, your limbs pushing you up and down until you fell from your first cliff only to climb up and fall over and over again.

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BTS Reaction to: Having their first rut (Hybrid AU)

Anon asked: “Smutty HybridPuppy!BTS reaction when they have their first rut. Please xo”

Author’s note: “I’m obsessed with hybrid BTS so doing these is always a pleasure. I wasn’t really sure if they were supposed to be puppies or just dog hybrids, but I stuck with dog hybrids since I’d feel a little uncomfortable if they were actually puppies still. (If that was what you meant) I didn’t make it very smutty because it would be too long. Hope you understand. Gifs aren’t mine. x ❤️


He groaned loudly as he sat up straight in bed. This incredibly warmth washed over him, waking him up from his peaceful sleep. What the hell was going on? He thought as he scratched his ears. Suddenly his eyes grew wide as he realized what was going on. That couldn’t be! He wasn’t supposed to have his first rut until 2 months from now! At least that’s when most dog hybrids have it. Seokjin turned to lay on his side as he stared at your peaceful sleeping form. Okay, maybe he could just sleep it away? He closed his eyes again as he tried to get comfortable, but nothing worked.

This wasn’t something that you could just sleep it away, he had to do something about it. He made sure you were asleep before sliding his hand under the waistband of his boxers. He wrapped his hand around his member, instantly hissing at the contact. Taking a deep breath he slowly started to slide his hand up and down, creating friction that had him moaning out. His rut definitely made him more sensitive. Seokjin bit the inside of his cheek as he tried to stay as quiet as possible. He didn’t want to wake you up. You looked so beautiful sleeping next to him like that, he just couldn’t do it. However, after a few minutes of touching himself he realized he needed more. He couldn’t do this alone.

He had to wake you up whether he liked it or not. Seokjin gently brushed your hair out of your face and neck, moving so he was pressed up against you. Your back against his chest. He started to grind up against you as he kissed down your neck, waking you up.

“Jin.. what are you doing?”

“Please princess I need you.”

You turned around to face him, only to see him squirming around uncomfortably. Right then you realized what was going on. You knew he needed help with this, after all you didn’t want to see him in pain. You straddled him as you started a heated making out session. Seokjin knew where this was heading and couldn’t be more happy that you were willing to help him. Your hips were grinding against his, making his head throw back in pleasure.

“Ah princess, please don’t tease.”

You smirked before pulling your shirt over your head, leaving you in nothing but your panties. Seokjin groaned as he flipped you around so you were laying underneath him. He’d definitely show you how thankful he was that you wanted to help him. 


Why out of all times did it have to happen now? He sighed as he desperately tried not to touch himself. It would feel much better if you did it anyways. Only if you were here. You were in town, shopping with one of your best friends while Yoongi was practically dying back in your shared apartment. You’ve talked about this before, since you knew that he was a hybrid and such, but you never actually told him that you were willing to help him out if that happens. Yoongi and you had been dating for 3 months, which isn’t necessarily very long. That’s also the reason why Yoongi isn’t sure if he should ask you to come back. He’s sure he can’t deal with this by himself, but he doesn’t want to pressure you into doing this with him. After a few minutes he gave up and decided to call you.

“Hello? Yoongi, is everything okay?”

“No, I need you to come back home baby girl.” “Why, did something happen?”

“Yes, I’ve my first rut.” It stayed silent on the other side of line, worrying him as he nervously held his breath.

“Baby girl? You still there?”  

“Yes I’m still here. I’ll be there in 5.”

Yoongi smirked to himself as he realized what that must mean. You were willing to help him. He sighed in relief as he let himself fall back onto the couch. Suddenly waiting for you wasn’t that hard anymore. A couple of minutes later the front door opened. You quickly hung your coat on the hanger before making your way into the living room, where you saw Yoongi waiting for you on the couch.


He jumped off the couch before making his way towards you, pinning you up against the wall as his lips found yours. You dropped your purse to the floor as you tangled your hand in his soft hair. Yoongi moved his lips down your neck, sucking purple bruises onto the sensitive skin. You threw your head back against the wall as his hands roamed down your body.

“Yoongi” “Hm?”

“Let’s move this to the bedroom.”


“What do you want to eat for dinner tonight?”

Hoseok didn’t even hear your question. He was too distracted. His rut started this morning and he’s been trying not to jump you for the entire morning. You weren’t making it easy for him by wearing nothing but your panties and one of his shirts. You noticed Hoseok was distracted, so you sat down on his lap to get his attention. Bad idea. As soon as you sat down you felt why he was so distracted. You crooked an eyebrow at him as you asked,

“Why didn’t you tell me.”

“Because I’ve my first rut. You know hybrids get rougher when that happens. I’m scared to hurt you so I didn’t tell you.”

You rolled your eyes at his over protectiveness before grinding against him, making him groan. 

“Ah baby I’m serious. I don’t want to hurt you.”

You sighed before pressing your hands against his cheeks, making him look up at you. 

“Hoseok, I know you won’t hurt me so if you need me, take me.”

The words had barely left your lips before he had your legs wrapped around his waist and carried you to the bedroom. You started to leave kisses down his neck until he pushed you down onto the bed. Let’s just say that he was very thankful that you were willing to help him.


He talked to you about this a couple of weeks ago. Of course you knew that he was a hybrid but you didn’t expect him to get his first rut any time soon. He still talked to you about it and you told him that you’d help him if he needed it. Turns out he needed it, really badly. Still he was a little apprehensive about asking you, since he didn’t want you to feel like you had to help him. If you were gonna help he wanted you to do that because you wanted to, not because you felt like you had to. So that’s how he found himself sitting on the couch in your living room. His arm wrapped around you as you were both watching a movie. Well, you were watching it. Namjoon was too busy debating whether he should or shouldn’t tell you. However, the longer he went without doing anything he more it started to hurt. So he had to do something and quick.

“Joon, everything okay?”

“What? Yeah of course baby. Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

“You seem a little distracted.”

He let out a deep sigh before taking your hand and placing it onto his thigh. You could feel how tense he was and started to wonder why. Right then your eyes landed on his crotch, and everything fell into place. You remember having talked about this a couple of weeks ago. So you climbed into his lap as you started to leave kisses all over his neck.

“Ah baby, are you sure?”

You nodded before quickly sliding his sweatpants down. pushing your panties to the side and sinking down on him. Namjoon was very happy with your straightforwardness as he enjoyed the feeling of you wrapped around him.


Jimin was always very cuddly. He was always attached to your side, no matter where you’d go he’d be there. Now however, he was trying to stay away from you. It was odd, really odd even. Did he feel bad? You couldn’t find a proper answer so you decided to just ask him about it. You made your way to the couch, ready to sit down next to him when he ran off. Literally. You sighed in frustration before following your boyfriend. What had gotten into him? When you reached the bedroom you saw Jimin hiding under the covers. Okay whatever was going on, it was serious.

“Jiminie, what’s going on?”

No answer. You took a seat on the edge of the bed as you tried to remove the covers from him. He tightly held onto him as he groaned,

“Go away." "No. I’m not going before you tell me what’s going on. Jimin I’m worried about you.”

“I’m fine.”

You rolled your eyes as you tightly gripped the sheets and pulled them away from him. Exposing Jimin’s body. He was laying on his stomach as his face was pressed into the pillow. The sight almost made you laugh, but you knew that something was bothering him. You gently scratched his fluffy ears, knowing that it was one of his weaknesses and that it would get him to talk to you.

“Jiminie, just tell me what’s going on.” 

“I’ve my first rut. It hurts so much Jagi.” You pressed a kiss against his head as you whispered, 

“Then let me help.”

His head popped up, hopeful eyes staring back at you as he asked,



A bright smile spread across his face as he moved to sit in your lap, pushing you down a little as his soft lips gently touched yours. Of course you were gonna help him. He was your boyfriend after all.


This precious bean wouldn’t know how to tell you that he needed help. Taehyung can be pretty straightforward, but this was something very intimate. He didn’t want to scare you off. So he tried his best to just ignore it, although he failed miserably. The moment you came home you realized there was something wrong with your hybrid. He wasn’t his cheery self. Was he sick? You frowned when you saw him sitting on the couch, knees hugged tightly to his chest as he was wrapped underneath a blanket. He didn’t even look at you when you walked through the door. Had you done something to piss him off? You sighed as you sat down next to him, gently running your fingers through his hair as you scratched his ears with your other hand. You expected him to push you away but instead he snuggled up against you, making you giggle.

“You’re so cute Tae. Care to tell me what’s going on?”

He pouted as he rested his head onto your chest, pushing you down so you were laying on the couch as he climbed on top of you. Making himself comfortable as he pulled the blanket over you two. You smiled at the sight of your adorable boyfriend, but that soon faded when you felt something poking against your stomach. Then you remembered that Taehyung is a hybrid, and hybrids have ruts. Could it be that he was so quiet because he was having his first rut? As if he could read your mind he nodded, burying his face in the crook of your neck in embarrassment.

“Ahw that’s nothing to be embarrassed about baby, just let me help, okay?”



He was needy, very needy even. He didn’t care that you were at work. He wanted you right now, so he called you during a business meeting, not giving a fuck that he was interrupting and pleaded you to come home. You were pissed that he was so rude, but at the same time it made you want him even more. You liked that he was so needy, it was a nice change since he usually made you beg. So when you came home you took your time to have something to drink, plop on the couch and watch an episode of your favorite TV show. Meanwhile Jungkook was giving you dead glares from where he was sitting on the other side of the couch. He didn’t like this game you were playing. Not one bit. So after 10 minutes he had enough of your stupid game. Jungkook grabbed the remote, turned the TV off and pushed you down onto the couch.

“I’m so done with you. Just let me have my way with you and I’ll be nice. If you’re gonna protest, I’ll make sure to punish you, and I’m sure you don’t want that baby.”

Your eyes grew wide at his dirty words. Soon a smirk spread across your face as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer so you were able to kiss him.

“Alright. Punish me. Let’s see how rough you can get.”

Inheritance | Pt. 1

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: hybrid!au, fluff (later), smut (later later)
Words: 2.6k+
Warnings: The MC gets a lil sad, mentioned death of a family member, swears
Notes: This was going to be a oneshot, then a two-shot, and now it’s a mess. I split it so the transitions would be smoother and it wouldn’t feel as rushed as it would were it all in the one scenario. More parts to come! (forgive the terrible summary)

After your grandmother passed she left everything to you. Her house, her fortune, and apparently… her cat? The grumpy male hybrid you encounter at her house is anything but the tame housecat you’d expected to find. Fulfilling your grandmother’s last request to look after him becomes a lot harder when he seems to be avoiding you, and your dissatisfied relatives start stirring up trouble.

Originally posted by nevermindmyg

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Don't Care if it Hurts:pt.2

(Dog hybrid! + Gaurd dog!Jimin x Reader) (ft.olderBrother! + Mafia boss!Namjoon)

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Summary: After a rival gang makes an attempt on your life, Your older brother, the infamous leader of Seoul’s largest gang; Kim Namjoon gets you a guard hybrid; Park Jimin, The reigning champion of Seoul’s underground hybrid fighting ring.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Warnings/tags: Past abuse, Blood, Mafia!reader, Mafia!Namjoon, Older brother!Namjoon, DogHybrid!Jimin, fighting, slow burn, general angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, eventual smut.

Wordcount: 6.1k

A/N: I probably could have split this into two parts but I didn’t want to leave you hanging after the Jimin/Jungkook fight scene. This part was particularly hard to write because I knew where I wanted to be by part 3 but not how to get there. I know it’s not as good as part one but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Song to play during this chapter: House of cards~

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Jimin and his new master arrive at the compound inside of the hour.  On the front gate (guarded by 3 guards- probably armed) hung a golden sign; Serendipity Gardens. Jimin felt his eyes widen as they pulled through the gate and into a wide circle, a fountain spitting water in the center.

The place was emptier than a graveyard. There where no children playing in the park. Not a person was walking in the gardens and not a soul on any of the balconies of the two upscale apartment complexes or the smaller but no less grand private residences. 

The car pulled left and into an underground parking garage. Other sleek cars were parked here. Namjoon didn’t wait for the driver to open his door when they stopped, and Jimin scuttled after him careful not to fall behind.

In the space that should have been parking, rooms had been erected- some with clear dividers and others out of plain brick. A safe was tucked into the wall as people walked this way and that; some carting crates off to storerooms.  

Everywhere there were cameras. Every door had a key card and every person was armed in some way. Revolvers where Tucked into waistbands, or in holsters on their sides, and machine guns where slung casually over shoulders as a man cleaned dirt out from under his fingernails with a switchblade. 

People nodded or cast his master greetings some even bowing. Jimin cast his gaze to his master scanning him for any budges- it didn’t look like he was armed- but Jimin was beginning to think that his new master wasn’t the kind of man who ever gave secrets away for free. 

He stopped for no one- even as they made their way down a set of stairs almost running into a group of people who were attempting to carry a large box up the flight of stares. 

“Take the fucking ramp it will be easier you idiots.” Monster growled. The youths almost dropped the box. Yes, boss, they muttered shaking in their boots. they all Scattered the second they both had passed. 

The training room on the third floor stank with the smell of sweat and blood just like his old one, Jimin’s sensitive nose stung. Blue mats where tossed on the floor while a makeshift platform with a circle made a ring in the center, while exercise equipment was pushed against a wall.

Around 20 people were clustered around the ring- watching a fight that Jimin could tell would be over in seconds. Most of them turned to bow to his master. Some of their eyes landed on Jimin- and flashed up quickly to his ears, which twitched anxiously whenever he caught someone staring. Hybrids where a common thing- most people had either met one or seen one, but most people had never seen a hybrid that looked like Jimin. Eventually, their gazes returned to the fighting ring and the two battling it out in the center. 

The mint haired man hit the floor with a final thud and did not get up. he groaned “Kook it’s a fucking Sunday- can’t you just go easy on me one time.“ 

His opponent, Kook; a boy that was both buffer and younger than Jimin smirked. “Ain’t no rest for the wicked Yoongi.” Jimin watched curiously as Kook held out a hand to Yoongi- why would he help his opponent up- it was something Jimin had never seen done.

Yoongi snorted, “Whoever said that obviously hadn’t met me Jungkook.” Yoongi slapped his offered hand away.  

“I’m just going to sleep here- wake me up if the boss shows up.” his master cleared his throat. Jimin had never seen someone get up fast as Yoongi; who snapped to attention. Namjoon merely leveled him with a slight smirk.
“You know the rules Yoongi- everyone trains.” 

“You know I’m more deadly at long distances boss.” Namjoon jumped onto the platform, and Jimin followed carefully, he felt the eyes of the assembled gangsters slowly shifting to him- the newcomer, their master’s shadow. Jimin’s black ears twitched, and his tail swished back and forth. he could sense eyes on them- and on the blood that still stained his knuckles. But no one asked his master who he was. 

Namjoon jerked his head, and Yoongi made to get off the platform, Jungkook, however, stayed put. Namjoon’s eyes flicker to Jimin and before he could ask- Jimin entered the ring with a sick feeling curling in his stomach. 

“Who’s this?” Jungkook asks, his eyes flicker to Jimin’s tail and ears. 

“Y/n’s new guard dog- but I want to see if he’s a good fit before I give her too him.” Jimin bristled. Was the fight from last night not enough to convince him that he could fight? He was good- and though he could tell by the way Jungkook moved that he knew how to handle himself, Jimin was better. He could tell by just looking at the way he placed his feet. His master’s eyes flickered to Jimin.

“You know what to do.” He said, and Jimin turned.

Jimin had Jungkook pinned in under a minute- though the young man was obviously skilled- he had never gone up against a hybrid before. People usually underestimated his strength, but his speed was Jungkook’s downfall. Jimin could smell Jungkook’s fury underneath his fingers. Jimin raised a fist- intent on knocking him out and ending the fight.  

“Stop,” Namjoon commanded, every inch of Jimin’s body froze, and surprisingly Jungkook stopped too. “Stand and face me.” He commanded Jimin did as he asked. 

Shock colored every face around the ring as Jimin turned to face his new master, dread filling up his stomach. His master appraised him with a new eye, slightly amused- but mostly pleased. “Do you know why I just had you do that?” Namjoon asks Jimin. 

Jimin could feel every pair of eyes on him and while he’d never been uncomfortable with someone’s eyes on him before- this somehow felt more intimate. 

“Because you needed to know if I would hurt a human.” As a hybrid- Jimin’s DNA was programmed to be obedient- to be pliant and not harm his human master- or any human master. The instinctual aversion was something that had been trained out of him by his previous masters again and again until it didn’t matter what species his opponent was.

“Smart and strong- what other surprises do you have?” Namjoon says, not looking for an answer.  His master turned and left the ring. Jimin scrambled to follow. Behind him, he heard the others rumble- the quiet hum of conversation. “Who’s that?” Yoongi asked Jungkook.  Jimin could feel the man’s eyes on him as he trailed away. “Trouble, I think.”

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Felicity⎼ (II)

‹ I • II • III • IV

pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (oc: female)

genre: thriller, eventual smut, panther hybrid!jungkook

rating: 18+

warnings: brief mention of violence, jungkook being jungkook smh, cursing

word count: 7.4K


Sheltering a fugitive hybrid when an entire nation is after him digs a hole too deep for you. He comes enveloped in rain and cedar- an intoxicating spiel that twines his fate with yours. You learn secrets you shouldn’t, take steps you shouldn’t. 

When he asks for help- eyes glazed over and hands outstretched- do you say no? 

No, you don’t.

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Princess, or a Queen?

Jungkook x Reader {Bunny Hybrid Au!} (s)(f)

Warnings: Dom!Jungkook,Sub!Jungkook, Sub!Reader, Dom!Reader, Nipple Clamps, Thigh Riding, Oral, Riding, Cock Ring

He was your bunny, the one who you loved to sub for, but what happens when you want a change? When you come home to find a surprise laying in your bed, there’s no way that you’ll give up on making your fantasies come true.

Wordcount: 11.9k

A/n: Gosh you guys have no idea how happy I am to finally be able to get this out. I hope you enjoy this fic loves~

Originally posted by vkook-appreciation


Walking through your door at one in the morning was not what you had in mind when you told Jungkook you were going to be coming home late tonight. The moment you were directed into your boss’s office this afternoon, sweat clammed up your hands in anxiety. A knowing feeling of being in trouble had filled you right as you stepped into her office, the thought of being fired overflowing, drowning all other thoughts within its endless dread. 

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