if you can’t respect ALL the members of a group, and acknowledge the fact that a group isn’t a group without the contributions of ALL THE MEMBERS. And if you feel like you have the right to single out, disrespect and attack one or more of the members out of a group because of your immaturity and bitterness, then UNFOLLOW ME RIGHT NOW. I’m not here to see disrespect. I’m here to see ALL the members of a group being given EQUAL AMOUNTS OF RESPECT.

Things you get to DO as a fan:

● Support them
● Buy their music
● Buy their merch
● Watch their music videos
● Request their music on the radio
● Cry with their selfies
● Laugh with their interviews

Things you DON’T get to do as a fan:

★ Choose who they should date
★ Hate on the people they date
★ Act like you own them
★ Be an asshole

It’s funny how nowadays, all the YouTubers turn to “reacting to Kpop for the first time” once they run out of ideas or when they’re just desperate for followers. In all honesty, watching them react is a cringe fest cuz half of them don’t give a shit to what they’re doing, or they say something extremely stereotypical or racist. I mean if your gonna do something, at least be genuine about it. Especially if your gonna put your face out there on the internet for everyone to see.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: k-pop was supposed to be something that made people feel good, but instead it has become a way of receiving more likes, views, and followers. not only has it become something people use to gain popularity, but fans are constantly fighting each other and promoting their faves by demoting others. why can't it just be enjoyed like it used to be? why does everything have to be a competition? when will people stop using k-pop as a pathway to thousands of subscribers?