I am aware that posting ISAC videos may lead to possible decrease in screentime during broadcast for MONSTA X, but I am going to list the videos/images that have been uploaded already for viewing purposes only.



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Please DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT REPOST/RETWEET/POST/REBLOG any photos from ISAC. The groups, whose photos are going around the web before the official airing, will receive consequences and their screentime for the airing of ISAC would be cut down.

I’ve been seeing a lot of BTS photos from ISAC 2016, PLEASE STOP REPOSTING THEM.
In the end, worldwide fans would be the ones getting frustrated and disappointed at how their favorite groups had minimal screentime. Please stop and never repost the photos.


“It won’t affect the screentime what idiots believing that.”

“It’s spreading widely anyway so why not.”

“It’s not like the management actually would care if the fans spread it or not.”

“You think they’d actually cut it down because of that? You stupid or what.”

Are you kidding. It’s a fucking pre-recorded event, of course taking photos & videos are forbidden. Much more spreading them. Also the people in the stadium are reminded not to take photos or videos of anything happening.

Pre-records are not supposed to be shared online before the actual airing. It defeats the purpose of pre-recording performances/events/clips. If they would allow videos and photos, then it’d be where it’s airing live everywhere and not fucking pre-recorded. MBC also released a statement about this before that taking photos and videos and uploading them are not allowed.

Second, yes, I believe they could. After all there are tons of groups in ISAC, they could easily change the footage during editing. You think they don’t have power to do that?

“Why doesn’t MBC monitor then? It shows they dont care”

They do care. They wouldn’t release a statement if they did. They wouldn’t have staff walking around, warning people.

Before anyone goes, “you weren’t there how’d you know the staff does this and that” and “I was there and that didn’t happen to me”, I wasn’t there but a friend and her group were. They were approached by the staff to tell them to quit taking videos and photos and wow you expect them to go to every single person and say “hey that’s not allowed” over and over when they’ve/you’ve been reminded constantly?

“The fans won’t watch it then simple as that their ratings go down.”

Haha. You serious. Most international fans are multi-fandom and are geniunely interested in sports. They’d still watch for results, information and for the fun of it even if everyone practically hates ISAC for the injuries it gives. Don’t be too arrogant about your fandom being all high and famous, I understand you’re proud of them but please.


I understand we are all hyped about seeing our idols play sports, interact with fans and other idol groups but please remember there are rules to follow and this affects the image of the fandom as well.

Ya’ll are probably thinking, “wow you need to chill it’s just an event”, I just can’t stand seeing people being banned from events because of not following rules. 2 of my friends have already been banned because of it and hell yes they are strict on that ban. We don’t want that, you won’t want that.

Hell, I’ll be honest, even my finger itches to reblog some photos because they all looking fucking good but rules are rules.

And ah yes, I’ve mentioned it previously but I’ll say it again, we don’t want another round of people being banned from certain events because of failure to comply to certain rules, right?


R.I.P. lee minhyuk (1990 - 2016)


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why are topp dogg so underrated? they’re a group of 10 beautiful, genuine, funny, and talented boys. the amount of love they have for their fans, and how much they care is actually overwhelming. they would do anything for their fans. even while they’re working on a comeback at the moment, they STILL find time to communicate with fans. whether it’s 15 minute lives or trying to reply to english fans on twitter, they make time for ToppKlass. they’re the sweetest, most genuine boys i’ve come across. PLEASE give a few minutes of your time to listen to their A+ songs.


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