BS 3x10

In the wake of the BS finale

One of my favourite moments of the black sails finale is at the very end when Max is announcing the letter. That Long John Silver address was fucking phenomenal and the timing of it was so goddamn satisfying.

I also love the fact that Silver is cognizant now of his own power and I love how he uses the Dobbs accident to highlight it to Flint. With Madi’s presence he was able to realise that not only can you have men fear you, you can have men rely on you too. You can have men faithful to your cause because they trust and believe in you, an option that Silver had not yet seen before.

All he had known was the power of fear that Flint used, with Madi he is able to understand something stronger than their fear. Silver can use their loyalty. 

Which brings me as to why he uses that exact moment to warn Flint.

Flint was honest with him, “you’re entitled to an answer, to the truth”, so I think Silver reckoned that it was time to be honest with him too. In that moment this mutual respect that has grown, now has born fruit. Yes okay it was completely unromantic for Silver to say “hey by the way, I might just kill you in the end” but what we have here is a sort of caring, veiled in a warning. He knows how dangerous this orbit is but he isn’t sure that Flint is aware that. He gives him a heads up and I think Silver gives a shit more than he’d like to let on.

With Flint he uses fear to manage his power but what makes Silver better is the fact that men fear his reprimands as much as they do for his actions. Add that to the fact that he fucking name dropped during the tavern scene, and there you have it, you have the makings of the perfect king. As highlighted in Niccolo Machievelli’s work the Prince, being a beloved king is all well and good, but he must always lean towards using fear. 

Which also leads me to the power play that my intellligent baby Billy Bones just made. This series has been leading up to this moment right from the moment that Flint said “I will be your king”. All these seasons Billy has been on the edges, watching, waiting, observing. In season 2 he had seen the way Silver could sway men into believing him, and how he actually gives a shit about them too. In season 3 he saw the potential viciousness that John Silver was capable of. What he sees in Silver is the best of both worlds, tied down to the needs of his crew but also as ruthless as Flint. He is what Flint couldn’t be in season one and by using his name he is making Silver as powerful as Flint, as Blackbeard and as Rackham. 

If we looked at it in the greater scale what Flint had allowed him to do, what he had allowed Billy to do, was to sow the seeds of his destruction, which Blint shippers, if that is the case, I’m so sorry. You now have to epic opposing forces in Nassau which god help them I hope that they stick together.

@ellelan highlighted in their BS finale post the idea of John being an Pirate King. And I’d truly love to see that next season, I’d love to see both Flint and Silver working in concert together to bring Nassau under control. I’d love to see Silver ruling Nassau and wielding it with iron *cough coughs* foot, and Flint being as ellelan said some sort of War God. I’d love to see Silver using him as a means to an end, wielding his fear, his name alongside his,and using him as a scythe to cut down those who dissent him. Oh strange pairs indeed.

The last episode of season three always gives me fucking chills. It’s amazing. You get bloody, badass Flint, badass Bonny, and then you get the spine tingling final scene that’s wrapped in a beautiful piece of music that builds. Ugh I love everything about that episode.

yo that maroon island is gon be our treasure island. Like Flint be diggin n shit in that new promo, and ben gunn has already survived that island so when they maroon him which they will, its more credible you feel me?

I wonder how exactly Flint’ll murder all of his crew save billy bones