I’m only going to criticize a couple of ‘em. But first: They are violent villains. Many of the Creepypasta monsters or whatever did not come with some woobie-licious backstory. Eyeless Jack steals kidneys so he can eat them, not so he can donate them. And Laughing Jack seems perfectly content being a child murderer.

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LIKE JEFF’S STATUS (by Bennyhillcat)


There we go…finished~

I found BRVR’s story! and how to pronounce it too! Ack his story is creepy and morbid and hard to look away from.. Yikes. I liked drawing this though… It was kind of fun. If you know Hurry, Aku or Lost Silver or any other ones I could check out please help me find them! That would be really neat! This was a good one, read it if you like scary stuff!

Pokémon Dead Channel:…
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Haunted Gaming - Pokemon Dead Channel (CREEPYPASTA) (by SomeOrdinaryGamers)