A CP poem by me :3
  • Jeff:Please dont go to sleep,
  • I need you here,
  • BEN:They're drowning me,
  • And you're no where near,
  • Slender:Yet you ALWAYS seem to watch,
  • And know whats on
  • Tails:You say "we still feel the sunshine, you are not gone"
  • Dark Link(Lynx):And you know how to help me,
  • For the demon not to win,
  • Sonic:Though, you kinda are slow(*gets punched by LYnx) OW! But you seem to fin(happy?)
  • BRVR:And you kinda know i was misunderstood,
  • Masky:And even though im sometimes feeling awful,
  • You make me feel good,
  • LJ:but remember, I LOVE YOU TOO *laughs*
  • FOR I know you shall not abandon me,
  • EJ:I can be myslef, as long as you're there, cause you make me feel free,
  • Sally:I love you, as much as you love me!

A compilation of the saddest creepypasta pictures I have in my collection.How does this goddamn fandom make me cry over goddamn serial killers?! My poor adorabloodthirsty babies…

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There we go…finished~