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Does Sally ever play with the animal CPs like Grinny, Smile Dog and BRVR?

Sally prefers to play with Smile because he’s the most active, but when she’s sad all three of them curl up around her and make sure she’s comfy and warm.


BRVR playlist for @dogwiththeplasteredsmile. Hope you like it!

Secret- The Pierces // Alone Together- Fall Out Boy // Falling Inside The Black- Skillet // Circus For A Psycho- Skillet // Your Betrayal- Bullet For My Valentine // Madness In Me- Skillet // Monster- Meg and Dia // Come Little Children-  Katethegreat19 // iNSaNiTY- R E N // Let Me Die- Lil Happy Lil Sad

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BRVR hcs?

(I remember reading that as a little kid after getting really into Pokémon and it traumatised me)

  • He will do anything he can to make sure he is never abandoned again, and gets extremely worried about being ignored at an alarming rate.
  • Glitchy Red is very fond of him, and keeps him as a sort of sick and twisted pet.
  • He’s surprisingly fluffy, but his fur is matted in places such as his back and neck.
  • For most of the time that his owner forgot him, he wasn’t able to leave the room. He had to sit there for God knows how long with nobody else to let him out, until he figured out how to leave himself…and then killed the others.
  • He gets nightmares frequently, but about what, no one knows. Sort of like a dog does, kicking his feet and making upset noises.
  • He can’t be alone in a room anymore, so he always sleeps with one of the game CPs in the house, be it Red, Silver, or Ben.

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The Pikachu brvr was right in front of Jess, the Pikachu that was supernatural, abandoned by his owner it went crazy and did things , over the years it's become a cursed pokemon. They say if you catch it , you will gain a powerful evil power .

Jessie was unaware of the Pikachu’s powers. All she knew was that she had been chasing after a Pikachu for quite some time with no success. If she was able to capture this one, her boss might finally be pleased with her work.

The redhead pulled out a pokeball and proceeded to throw it at the Pikachu in an attempt to catch it.

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Clockwork and Liu hcs?


  • She hates tying her hair up and will do anything to avoid it.
  • She’s very good friends with Jane and Sally considers her to be her aunt.
  • She’s actually fairly strong, and could probably beat LJ in a fight if she tried.
  • She kind of regrets taking out one of her eyes, because she lost some depth perception and it sucks for when she’s trying to do things like thread a needle.
  • She’s a pretty good artist, and has multiple art styles to work with.
  • Her clock eye stopped working about a month after killing her family.


  • He considered teaming up with Jane to kill Jeff, but decided that he wanted revenge for himself.
  • He’s a bit messy, and his room definitely shows that.
  • His favourite out of Grinny, BRVR and Smile is Grinny. He doesn’t sway towards dogs or cats though, he just likes him.
  • He hates the stitches he had to get, but unfortunately they have to stay there permanently.
  • Scarves™
  • He has the fifth smallest room.
  • He has the equivalent of a small library up against his wall, with more books than he should be able to read.

Look. I am only saying this once more.


Jeff the killer (p1,p2,p3), BENDrowned, Smile.Dog, Grin.Cat, BOB, Rake, Slender/Splendor/Trenderman , Marble Hornets Cast, Jane and Eyeless Jack.


Tinnci Tony ( or whatever the fuck his name is)

BRVR ( or any pokemon creepypasta )

Any pony creepypastas

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Lost silver Hcs?

Right, I’ll see what I can think up on the spot.

  • He has a bunk bed for when one of the others (cough* Red *cough) stays over, which is surprisingly often.
  • He’s really happy with the prosthetic limbs, as it makes things a lot easier for him.
  • He’s incredibly good at shooter games. Like, gifted level. Have fun playing Team Fortress 2 at  3 am with him. Overwatch is even worse. But above all…don’t go near the Halo series.
  • He actually prefers Grinny rather than Smile or BRVR. He is a cat person, so it’s not really surprising to the others.
  • His bunk has so many pillows and blankets it should be illegal. He does it for the amazing comfort it provides, and the obvious pillow fort potential.

(It’s almost 3 am in my timezone, and sleep deprivation is getting the better of me. I’m sorry if these are terrible!) (Update: I have not slept in over 36 hours and I’m dying)

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Glitchy Red headcanons?

I don’t know all that much about Glitchy Red (it’s been a good while since I read his story, well over a  year) so I’ll try my best.

  • He takes part in a game night with the other video game CPs (Sonic.exe, Lost Silver, Ben, etc.) and absolutely destroys at Super Smash Bros.
  • When he gets mad, any electronics around him will crash or sometimes even break completely.
  • He has an impressive collection of consoles.
  • He does have a room in the mansion, and has an arcade machine in it. It’s Pacman.
  • His best friend would probably be Lost Silver.
  • BRVR is kind of like a very twisted version of a pet to him.
  • He doesn’t sleep much, and says he doesn’t need it. He really does, but refuses to admit it.

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Can we have some Grinny headcanons?

  • He meows and hisses more than any cat ever should
  • If you give him a belly rub then I hope you didn’t need that hand because he will literally take it off (I’m not even exaggerating)
  • He likes climbing trees, and is one of few cats who can get down from whatever they’ve climbed. He just pretends to be stuck to piss people off.
  • He’s surprisingly tame around Smile and BRVR.
  • He loves Toby for some reason. Nobody knows why, not even Toby himself.
  • He refuses to eat cat food, so somebody has to make him human food to feed him. (The best way to shut him up is definitely peanut butter)
  • He takes up half of the couch by stretching his body, and no one ever moves him. They just find other ways to sit down and go with it.
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LIKE JEFF’S STATUS (by Bennyhillcat)


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