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Clockwork and Liu hcs?


  • She hates tying her hair up and will do anything to avoid it.
  • She’s very good friends with Jane and Sally considers her to be her aunt.
  • She’s actually fairly strong, and could probably beat LJ in a fight if she tried.
  • She kind of regrets taking out one of her eyes, because she lost some depth perception and it sucks for when she’s trying to do things like thread a needle.
  • She’s a pretty good artist, and has multiple art styles to work with.
  • Her clock eye stopped working about a month after killing her family.


  • He considered teaming up with Jane to kill Jeff, but decided that he wanted revenge for himself.
  • He’s a bit messy, and his room definitely shows that.
  • His favourite out of Grinny, BRVR and Smile is Grinny. He doesn’t sway towards dogs or cats though, he just likes him.
  • He hates the stitches he had to get, but unfortunately they have to stay there permanently.
  • Scarves™
  • He has the fifth smallest room.
  • He has the equivalent of a small library up against his wall, with more books than he should be able to read.

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Pasta pets at PetSmart? Or just a pet store.

  • Jeff is trying to find something for Smile Dog. He’s found a bigass bed that he’s really hoping the husky can fit into, and if he can’t then the other pets can use it anyways. 
  • Jane and Liu: Liu has found a small shiba inu dog and is sitting down with it, petting it. Jane found a huge German shepherd that has razors for teeth and is as tall, if not taller, than her. She’s named it Sweetheart and it loves her. 
  • Clockwork and Kate: Clockwork stumbled into the section full of birds. She’s teaching the talking ones swear words, while Kate’s giggling as she lets an extremely long snake wrap around her arms like a feather boa.
  • Ben let all the cats and kittens out. He’s laying on the floor. They’ve all laid on top of him in a purring pile. He can’t move, and can only reach up to pet them. You don’t move when cats choose you.
  • Tim and Brian are watching all the chaos unfold, once again. Brian’s just confused as to how all this happened while Tim’s already walking out of the place.
  • Toby: “HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS CAT!!!” He found a really twitchy and scruffy kitten and has fallen in love with it. It’s markings are very patchy and weird, it’s blind in one eye and it’s a mess of fluff. He wants 5.
  • LJ really likes the Guinea pigs. They’re large and fluffy and one has gotten lost in the feathers on his shoulders. (It hasn’t. He’s trying to sneak it out. It was black and white and cool and he needed it.
  • EJ is trying not to move but it’s kind of hard when there are several hamsters squirming around in your hood. He likes them and doesn’t want to  crush them.
  • Sally and Lazari got a hold of Tim’s phone and are getting pictures of Ben and the cats, videos of the parrots loudly squawking, “FUCK YOU”, and another round of pictures of Jane somehow clambering onto Sweetheart and claiming he’s a horse now.
  • Glitchy and Lost are trying to find something for BRVR and LonEliness, but it’s difficult when BRVR is technically a mouse but is too big for all the mouse stuff. And LonEliness, they don’t know what animal he resembles.

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The Pikachu brvr was right in front of Jess, the Pikachu that was supernatural, abandoned by his owner it went crazy and did things , over the years it's become a cursed pokemon. They say if you catch it , you will gain a powerful evil power .

Jessie was unaware of the Pikachu’s powers. All she knew was that she had been chasing after a Pikachu for quite some time with no success. If she was able to capture this one, her boss might finally be pleased with her work.

The redhead pulled out a pokeball and proceeded to throw it at the Pikachu in an attempt to catch it.


Look. I am only saying this once more.


Jeff the killer (p1,p2,p3), BENDrowned, Smile.Dog, Grin.Cat, BOB, Rake, Slender/Splendor/Trenderman , Marble Hornets Cast, Jane and Eyeless Jack.


Tinnci Tony ( or whatever the fuck his name is)

BRVR ( or any pokemon creepypasta )

Any pony creepypastas

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LIKE JEFF’S STATUS (by Bennyhillcat)


There we go…finished~

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Haunted Gaming - Pokemon Dead Channel (CREEPYPASTA) (by SomeOrdinaryGamers)

Closed RP Pokemon Creepypasta


BRVR crawled through the air ducts, snickering a little to himself. A chance and he struck, jumping down from them and onto an unsuspecting animatronic’s head.
Springtrap yelped as they were suddenly unable to see. Stumbling back they felt something suddenly crawl through their systems, snaps of wiring sounding and Sparks flying. Their eyelights flickered and they suddenly stilled.
An evil laugh came from the inside, that almost sounded… Sad. Pilot in the cockpit of one bun, BRVR slowly started towards the office.