easternscreech  asked:

What do Henley, Astor, and Bruno prefer to call their parents and does what they call them change as they get older? When they're Introducing them? Talking to other people? For example, Henley might call India and Bendy Ma or Pa when she's really young, but when she gets older she'd be using the more formal terms like Mother and Father all the time unless really stressed or something.(I'm not saying this would be what she'd call them I'm just basing this off her personality I read)

(When Henley and Astor are young, Henley calls India “mommy” and Astor calls her “mama”. When they get older it’s pretty much just “mom”, but they still use “mama” sometimes. Bendy is “pop” to both of them, but “dad” is just fine too. When they introduce them they’re “mom & pop”.

I’m not sure what Bruno calls his parents, I’d imagine something like “ma” and “pa” with “mom” and “dad” being interchangeable. Cheri can correct me on this though. -HG)