Family Returns From Church To Find Dog Shot, Note From Police

After coming home from church on Wednesday night, an Owasso, Oklahoma family was disturbed to find their family dog bleeding on the porch from a gunshot wound.

The German Shepherd named Bruno had suffered a single gunshot wound that shattered its shoulder from a deputy with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office. Shockingly, instead to seeking medical attention for the animal, the officer simply attached a note to the front door and left it to suffer.

The note relayed this message:

We were investigating a crime and a dog attacked our deputy. The dog was shot and we need you to call us.

“They left him bleeding. He was here almost three hours bleeding,”

the dog’s owner, Angie Laymon said.

“It’s just not fair. He’s part of our family.”

Laymon said the animal was first found by her young children who called to tell her what happened. 

She said she then called the sheriff’s office which told her that the animal attacked the deputy.

“I said ‘did he bite him?‘” Laymon said. “He said, ‘well he felt threatened.'”

Bruno was taken to Emergency Animal Hospital where the bullet was found lodged in his shoulder joint. Laymon says the shot shattered two bones and the animal now requires a shoulder replacement operation or an amputation of his front leg to fully recover.

“There’s a lot of things that could be asked,”

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said.

“Why didn’t he Tase him, why didn’t he pepper spray him? An officers weapon was the first thing that he drew. We don’t have time to go through this use of force ladder.”

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Overreaction is the second name of American cops. How many times did they shoot at people or animals instead of use of non lethal weapon? This tendency should be criminalized ‘cause none of us is safe standing next to police officer though things should be straight opposite!