Yerba Mate

Starts with a fag, a long pulled drag, a killing kind of retention that stank up both your lungs and ate all your tissue and didn’t leave when you asked 
left you to curse
the no starry sky-ed blues and left even more with the bad choices that you choose
so goes the blues, the bruise your cruise ended in
waited, half unbuttoned, kept to himself until his name was called 
these things don’t mean too much to me
killing my body for a long time now, waiting for it to die grows tired
so sit in the shade and drink and try to forget that you’ve forgotten how to write
until you’re fired 

Luis was telling me to get into the car at the back of a parking lot
bored as hell, slammed the other can his friend left on the block
lit your second to last smoke and the bummers flocked
do you have a dollar for this? then take a walk
90 degree evening in late October 
so it was, haven’t quite forgotten of real weather
in haunts you ghosted, in spots you’ve posted
where bitter cold came without a fuck to give
purpled fingers peaking out your sleeves in the shape of lies you can’t outlive

snow squall, it isn’t a blizzard
isolated to a couple blocks
post-good times sprawl, 4 am lounge lizard 
mentally masturbated into a couple socks
then choose that walk.
three miles isolated with music in one ear cos the dog ruined the other bud
still better than hanging around still with these planners who are only building a dud
the back of the year, the back swill of a beer
some dude who tagged along wants you have to another
a replica american flag tacked up onto his bedroom wall kinda dude
hang out, it’s gonna get good
real doubt, the youth worms its way towards the heartwood

ends with a nah
it’s boring
ya gnaw
‘til older creeps than you are snoring 
last straw 
swell up for the morning
a shower and yerba mate will remind you of what she said 
tastes like sucking on the finger tips of a chainsmoker. 


WCW wrestlers with fans
[November 30th, 1991]

The WCW Bruise Cruise was exactly what it sounds like. You pay a shitload of money and get to go on a cruise with a bunch of wrestlers. That sounds miserable, to me. Firstly, you get a bunch of jacked wrestlers in shitty moods stuck on a boat with fans that irritate the shit out of them all week or weekend or whatever it is. Then, you also get to be shirtless on a boat with your chick surrounded by dudes who are all in better shape than you.

Yeah. No thanks.