The next day we started at New Grange which is the oldest monument I’ve ever been to. It even beat out the pyramids and Stonehenge. This is based around the solstice and twice every year sunlight perfectly shines through for 17 minutes. They gave us a little simulation of what it looks like. The tour guide was so informative even if a lot of it was guesswork since this place was built in 3200 B.C. They like to think it’s a religious monument based around the sun and people moving on. It had some great significance with the people because they transported stones from all over the place. They estimate that it took about 75 years to make and each generation only lived for about 25 years at that time. It was strange that after all of this work they abandoned it several generations later. The tomb became sealed and wasn’t discovered again until the 1700s. So many interesting details!