etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the winter hater | 12.7.16

colorful succulent and tropical flower crown by emilyroseflowercrown

your winter-hating girlfriends are DEFINITELY fans of flower crowns over earmuffs. i know i am! celebrate perpetual spring with a forever-flower and succulent crown from emilyroseflowercrown and bask in a faux-sunny style til … let’s say april ;)


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anonymous asked:

SAD TIMES! so when dean says that the boys home with sonny wasn't so bad because nobody bad touched him, burned him or beat him with a metal hanger? does that mean he's comparing his time there to all the other times he did get bad touched or burned etc? i bet that's it. like he could actually enjoy hid freedom from his father and freedom from responsibility in general and he was finally free of all the bad things that happened to him?

I’d read it as going under Dean’s pop culture knowledge of what’s “supposed” to happen in prisons or foster homes - the kind of abuse and violence that depictions of these often focus on, or of course sometimes are actually happening and you get horrible news reports about… (Honestly the fact they trawl the news for weird stories all the time means they must read some truly hideous news stories about regular people doing awful shit >.>)

I sort of file it under the same thing as what I was talking about in this recent post:

about Dean’s jokes about being in prison. Basically, he’s always projecting that defensive mechanism, and in these cases, trying to fit into the pop culture prisoner persona in a very genre-savvy way. In the end of season 2 you get those two episodes very close to each other (back to back?) where Dean is a PA on the movie set and in prison, and both times Sam calls him out for getting way too in character, but that’s sort of how Dean operates :P He’s very good at shedding personality skins and trying on a new one, possibly because 90% of Dean’s on screen time is Dean under one personality or another that’s not really who he is, whether because he’s acting as a persona obviously on the job, or because he’s deflecting and acting up a version of himself for emotional reasons… 

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El vagabundo

En los ojos del olvido
me tumbé a contemplar mi corazón en el cielo
cada paso apócrifo
cada constelación anónima
del misterio luminoso
entretejido en los nervios

En las llanuras del hambre
tenía escalofríos de luciérnagas en la cabeza
y un imperativo poblado de insomnios
y de orquestas

En mi soñar serpentino al veneno
de la frontera
se me presentó la belleza
con las aristas del desierto
hablando en el lenguaje conciso del deceso

En mis labios de alambre

tuve el sabor de la última rosa 

y de las nubes remotas

y del camino maldito 

a la preciosa noche primera

Cuando la sed es un océano infinito
qué mortal puede ser la belleza
y  qué bella puede ser la pobreza,
como una musa.