BROTP: We were the best


Never underestimate the child-assassin.


ultimate brotp: jarlene (james potter + marlene mckinnon) → we were like those best friends you see in those sappy romantic movies. the ones that have been friends since they were little, and slowly they fall in love. except we skipped that falling in love bit and stayed best friends, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. (x)


Bruce is not happy. Not. Happy.

Do u see that big purple trophy because imma tell you a story
That is the trophy my GOYA bball team won last year in a tournament. That tournament was also my last tournament I would ever play in ok
The day before I had my arm torn away and all my muscles were stretched. I was in so much pain but you know what? I kept playing. We figured I had just pulled something and I probably made it worse but whatever. We won our 3 games that day and we were going to be playing against our biggest rivals in the championship game the next day. During this time my arm only got worse (turns out I needed surgery and I got it like 5 months later once we realized how bad it was and it wasn’t getting better) but I still insisted on playing the next day because I was the tallest girl on the team and I was one of their strongest players and their only center. So yeah the next day my mom gave me some pain pills and I played the hardest I had ever played in my whole life and I was crying on the court from all the pain but my team mates urged me on and I hardened myself and I kept on playing. I made more baskets that game than I had ever made before in a game and I ran so hard I felt like I was going to pass out but you know what? I kept playing and we won. We won 32 to 34 BY ONE BASKET IN THE LAST 30 SECONDS
That was probably the most intense moment of my life and I started crying and holding my arm but I had never felt better about myself. Putting my hand on that trophy and lifting it up with the team and later getting the All Star award was the best feeling in the world. My team needed me and I was useful and I gave it my all
Sadly that was my last tournament and I haven’t picked up a basketball and played a game since. My arm was seriously messed up and I’m still recovering from the surgery almost a year later and my doctor said its recommended i dont play anymore but it was so worth pulling through the pain and winning the game. It was the best moment of my life and I’m getting emotional just thinking about it wow but this trophy is my legacy and ill always remember that basketball tournament. I ended my basketball career with a bang