I was bored at classes today uvu so what can be better than drawing these two adorable dorks =͟͟͞͞٩(๑☉ᴗ☉)੭ु⁾⁾
Muscle Lemon is so fun to draw damn I must draw him again soon ♥ as for Sabo, birhday boy, I’m one day laaaaateeeeee TvT still need to finish my gift for him but well have this for now uvu~

Embrace them as the two cute idiots they are ♥

It is a matter of extreme good fortune that, handsome as Hugh is, prodigiously gifted as he is, funny and charming and clever as he is, I have never felt an erotic stirring for him. How catastrophic, how painfully embarrassing that would have been, how disastrous for my happiness, his comfort and any future we might have had together as comedy collaborators. Instead our instant regard and liking for each developed into a deep, rich and perfect mutual love that the past thirty years has only strengthened. The best and wisest man I have ever known, as Watson writes of Holmes. I shall stop before I get all teary and stupid.”

     - Stephen Fry, The Fry Chronicles