{{Take 1 Mistletoe Fic– Coldflash}}

“Hey,” Barry approached Len with a grin and an extra glass of wine. “Thought I should come over here and tell you I’m glad your not dead.”

Len smirked. “I’m quite happy about that, myself.”

Barry laughed. “Care for a drink?”

“Sure.” Len smirked, the suggestion was certainly welcome. He took the glass from Barry’s hand, swirling the liquid for a second before taking a sip. He was at STAR Labs with the rest of the Legends, taking a break in-between shifts. The whole place was decorated for Christmas and some of the team had gotten into the spirit and pulled out their Santa hats and Christmas music. Others, like Len and Mick, found a corner to hide themselves in.

“So what’s it like? Being the good guy?” Barry grinned, holding his glass up for a toast. 

“Peachy.” Len rolled his eyes dramatically, tapping their glasses together.

“Come on, seriously. You love it, don’t you?” Barry pressed, taking a small sip of his drink as Len downed a gulp. 

“Shut up.” Len snapped, unable to look up at Barry.

The younger man was still grinning from ear to ear. “I’m so proud of you, Snart.” 

Snart’s eyes snapped to Barry. His gaze seemed almost calculating. No one had ever told him that before, not really. Maybe Lisa once or twice when a job went well, but that… That wasn’t like this. And for some reason this made Len’s heart swell, as much as he wished he could blow it off. 

Barry looked up and Snart followed his gaze. “Look, mistletoe.” Barry smiled, the mistletoe dangled in the door way above them. 

“Mhm.” Len mumbled, still starring at Barry with the same look in his eyes.

“Kiss me.” Barry stated, taking a step towards the older man.

“Barry, I–”

“–Kiss me.” Len didn’t need to be told a third time. He closed the distance between them, grazing their lips together. But Barry wasn’t satisfied with that. He deepened their kiss, his free hand moving behind Len’s head, pulling him closer. Len mumbled a bit in surprise but didn’t move back, instead tilted his head for a better angle. Len wrapped his arm around Barry’s waist, pulling their bodies closer together.

They didn’t stop until Sara catcalled at them from across the room.

{{I am so unsatisfied with this.. So I’m going to redo at some point this month. Hope you enjoyed it anyway!}}

Okay but also like, Alex and Felix’s relationship is literally so sweet??? Like, from what I remember Alex was a big brother type to Felix??? And that’s so pure???

Like, Felix having trouble doing his homework and Alex helping him out because “Felix why did you put 9+10=21?”

And whenever Alex is having a bad day Felix’s little brother powers let him sense it and cheer up his big bro by giving him some cute little penguins. (Alex pretends that Felix shouldn’t do that but his heart is actually melting from happiness when he sees it)


Picking up from this, Bill just wants Thor to return to his glory and he’s willing to give up his hammer, Thor thinks he’s not worthy of Bill’s friendship and he won’t take Stormbreaker from him.

There’s also a lot of significance in Bill offering his hammer to Thor, in Secret Invasion Bill lost his hammer Thor offered Bill Mjolnir so Bill could use its power and get Stormbreaker back.

Preview From The Unworthy Thor #2