Voltron Headcanons Pt. 3
  • Lance has pretty severe depression. He puts on this mask that makes him seem confident and clever and tough, but in reality he’s just sad and tired and honestly just rly needs a good hug.
  • Its usually late night or early morning, when everyone else is asleep, where Lance is the most vulnerable.
  • During those times he listens to the Hamilton soundtrack. “Satisfied” to be specific.
  • Lance cries very quietly. So quiet that he could cry while wearing his helmet and none of the others would hear.
  • Keith walked in on Lance crying while listening to “Satisfied” and looking out of one of the big windows on the castle once. He thought about going to comfort but decided that he might just make it worse if Lance knew he’d been caught. Not to mention Keith isn’t very good at comforting people.
  • Keith, Hunk, and Lance are all rly good singers. Pidge and Shiro aren’t very good, though.
  • Keith is actually super good at rapping?? Like he’s rly good at rapping
  • Lance is the best singer out of all of them, but he’s too afraid to sing in front of people. The only person he will sing in front of is Shiro.
  • When he sings, Lance sings quietly. Not because he’s nervous, that’s just how he sings.
  • Hunk isn’t afraid of singing in front of others and will often break out into song at random times. 
  • Shiro once heard Lance singing and later asked him jokingly he wasn’t joking if he would give him lessons. Lance was very embarrassed but said he would.
  • If Pidge gets angry enough she’ll start to cry. She hates it but she can’t help it.
  • Lance and Pidge both cry if they get embarrassed enough
  • Keith has the same problem but he refuses that he wasn’t tearing up, he just had something in his eye…
  • Hunk can cook normally difficult dishes no problem, but he sometimes has trouble with simpler dishes.
  • Shiro has tried improving his singing during his lessons with Lance but is still terrible.
  • One of the reasons Shiro wanted to do the singing lessons with Lance was to give them both a little distraction. To have a couple hours a day that they could just relax, laugh, and not worry or stress out.
  • Lance was hesitant at first but ended up rly enjoying the lessons with Shiro. He considers Shiro one of his best friends so he most comfortable singing around him.
Jacket - Klance

I fell into Voltron hell

WARNING: Existential crises, post-character death, and angst (also: think of this as a modern AU)

Keith was never known to be very open with his emotions. It’s not exactly that he hid them, it’s more like he just didn’t speak up about them. So when he got the news that Lance died in an accident, he didn’t say how crushed he felt. He didn’t dare mention how his heart dropped to his feet as soon as the words left Shiro’s mouth. He kept his voice silent when he noticed Pidge and Hunk lost their usual enthusiasm. He couldn’t bring himself to say a word of anything — because he felt it was all his fault.

Lance left his jacket behind when he was over at Keith’s house. Keith rolled his eyes when he saw it laying at the end of his bed after he showed Lance out. He contacted Lance almost as soon as he saw it, letting his friend know that he left something but also mentioning that he shouldn’t be so forgetful. “Relax,” Lance had said. “Forgetting something never hurt anybody.” Keith rolled his eyes again and told him to hurry up because he didn’t want to see that stupid jacket anymore.

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anonymous asked:

Flown North + Tai and Qrow brotp. Let's assume Summer and Qrow had a bitter break up and Summer later got together with Tai. How does it affect them and what does it do to Qrow and Tai's relationship?

The thing is that Qrow’s not even mad at Tai. If someone is to blame it’s Summer, but actually he blames himself for messing this up, for not trying hard enough to get back together with Summer. 

The thing is that Tai thinks Qrow is holding a grudge against him because of this, even though he doesn’t. He knows Qrow still loves Summer, he feels guilty, but… well, he also loves Summer. More than anything. 

The problem is that none of them dares to talk about it, because that would solve a lof of issues they have. So all they have left is uncomfortable, thick silence, heartache and a close friendship slowly breaking apart. 

can we just take a moment to notice that in a heated battle against a seemingly unbeatable garlan soldier in assassin’s freaking creed gear, who easily defeated all of the voltron paladins, keith actually took the time and initiative to CRADLE PIDGE IN HIS ARMS




brotp material RIGHT THERE.

Sara and Phichit bond over the gay
  • Sara: *whispers* hey do you have the stuff?
  • Phichit: yes what about you?
  • Sara: *smirks as she whips out her phone* yes, fully loaded and ready to go
  • [they both proudly present to each other their victuuri and emimike pics]
  • Both squealing: OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!
  • Yurio: wtf are you guys doing
  • Both: oh shit it's the son
Okay, but imagine Ron not being the oblivious one for once

Harry Potter and the Gay Disaster

Starring Ron Weasley (AKA: The Boy Who Fucking Knew It)

“Ron, do you think Malfoy might be gay?”

“Oh, I dunno, Harry. What makes you think so? Is it the way he dresses like a model and spends at least an hour on his hair daily? How bout the fact that he’s had a crush on you since literally first year?”

“Huh. Yeah. I guess you’re right. I only asked because I heard him telling Pansy he liked blokes, but yeah, those things work too.” 



“Ron, do you think I might be gay?”

“Oh, I dunno, Harry. What gave you that idea? Is it the fact that you talk about Malfoy 24/7? How bout the way you follow his name on the Marauder's Map at ungodly hours of the night? Or the fact that you stalk him and wonder what he’s up to and even worry about him despite him being your supposed enemy?”

“Oh. Yeah. I suppose you’re right.”

“Of course I’m fucking right. It’s not like I’ve had to watch the two of you dance around each other for seven years or anything.”

“Right, well, I guess I’ll ask him out then.”

“You’d fucking better. I didn’t put up with your nonsense for this long to have you throw it away willy-nilly.”

“Right, um, thanks Ron.”

“You’re fucking welcome.”