so yeah totally feelin fine after episode 8 (*casually chucks every doodle i have done of ruruka into blazing fire*) 🙃
in other news i am loving the potential brotp forming between ryota and kyoko and the worst possible thing rn would be to kill either of them off/ make them evil like plssss let them survive n be happy 🙏
(goddamn these are so sloppy why do i think this is okay)

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Ever since Magnus nicknamed Clary "biscuit', almost everyone else has some sort of pet name for her. Luke's is "little lady", Izzy called her 'babe' one day and just never stopped, and Jace has a handful that he uses depending on the situation. So Alec's like "fuck now I need to give her a nickname." And the best he can come up with is Pepper. "Why Pepper?" asks Clary. "Because your hair's red and I can only tolerate you in small doses," says Alec.

omg this is so cute,also clarys nicknames for them: magnus is david blaine, Izzy is boo,Jace is chicken, and alec is grumpy cat


Love this song. Most likely not the first person to put two and two together but I did it anyway. Hope you all enjoy it.