…….when you’re legitimately considering selling your plasma for money or being a medical test volunteer…………..

(does anybody have any experience with either of those things????)

I Need Help...

Last month I had lost my job, and haven’t had any luck in finding a new one. I ended up having to move back to my parents apartment, one that they can’t currently afford… I’ve applied everywhere I possibly could, and there’s only so much that I can do without a GED. I’m running out of options, and sooner or later I’m going to be out of time.

I’ve been saving and stretching what little my Patreon currently makes to buy ramen for food, and that’s it. That’s all I can afford. I’m supposed to be paying $200 a month as rent here, and that’s just impossible without a job. With little to no options left, I’m turning to my Patreon for help. :c

Right now, I work on a lot of projects in my spare time. Webcomics, TimeSplitters, and other personal projects. I can’t do ANY of that without a job, not anymore… I’m going to be loosing Cable and Internet here soon as well, unless I can magically find the money to turn it back on. So, there’s no possible way I’ll be able to continue work on any of these projects, at all. I know a few of you are already supporters on my Patreon, and I know that content updates are few and far apart…

If I’m able to raise enough support on Patreon, hitting at least the $400 a month, that will enable me to pay rent/expenses, and afford food. To top that off, I’d be able to work on all these projects night and day without any distractions. I don’t want to abandon all this work, I don’t like how my options are looking… and I definitely cannot keep living off $90 a month much longer. 

I’m going to leave it up to all of you, no matter what you’re a fan of. TimeSplitters: Rewind fans, Grim Noir fans, or even fans of the Zoophobia Projects that I do from time to time. I’ve revamped the Patreon rewards, and improved them overall.

If just ¼th of you guys were able to donate a dollar a month, I’d more than hit my goal, and would be able to afford this roof, cable/internet, and even real food. I can’t do this alone, and I’m running out of options and time…

Even if you can’t help, please, help by spreading this post around. Re-blogging can go a Very long way. Below is a link to my Patreon Account. Again, even if you don’t like my content or don’t care for any of the rewards, just sharing this post around helps lots.

Sorry for clogging up everyone’s feeds with this…