While the early 1990’s was a peak for alternative music, the latter half of the decade became one of the worst time periods for music in history. A glut of awful nu metal, watered-down suburban mom “alternative” and shallow Disney pop ruled the airwaves. In 2001, I stumbled onto Black Rebel Motorcycle Club via a free compilation cd in a magazine. I instantly nabbed their self-titled debut and my faith in music was a renewed. A perfect blend of the things that make me passionate about music. Garage rock, shoegaze, post-punk, and indie perfection. I saw them live on this tour at the Crocodile in Seattle and to this day they still stand as one of the best live experiences of my life. 16 years later, this album is also one of my favorites of the last 20 years and helped renew the brilliant alternative renaissance of the 2000’s.

Some Kind of Ghost
  • Some Kind of Ghost
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • Specter At The Feast

Down two crossroads you lay.
Sweet lord, I’m comin’ home to stay.
Sworn your last turn thrown.
Sweet lord, I’m comin’ home for good.
Oh, whoa, sweet lord I’m comin’ home.

The sweetest souls get their fill; if you tell me the best, know your number, chill.
Famous name they got paid; sweet lord, it’s written on their face.

Oh sweet lord, come home; don’t feel like some kind of ghost.