The new Scottish fiver is the best currency available in the UK.  Just look at it!

No royalty on it, no crusty old white dudes.  Its got:

  • Author Nan Shepard with the Caingorms and some of her poetry
  • two mackerel ‘cause fish are better than royalty
  • a midgie
  • Scottish Gaelic poetry by Somhairle Mac Gill-Eain on it
  • that has an English translation under UV light

Just, I really fecking love this bank note.

Britain just pardoned thousands of men once arrested for being gay

  • The British government just posthumously pardoned thousands of gay and bisexual men who had once been convicted of now-outdated sexual offenses. 
  • Those still living with such convictions can apply to have them scrubbed from their records.
  • The government announced this measure back in October, appealing to a legal precedent called Turing’s Law. Read more.