“DJ… put it back on”

“listen boy my first love story”

“let me introduce my self, here comes trouble. WOO!”

“AYO stop. lemme put it down another way”

“we bring the boys out”

“AYE lemme break it down”

“hey girls. do you know what time it is? it must be party time. here we go!”

What Daenerys would wear, Basil Soda

They dressed her in the wisps that Magister Illyrio had sent up, and then the gown, a deep plum silk to bring out the violet in her eyes. The girl slid the gilded sandals into her feet, while the old woman fixed the tiara in her hair and slid golden braceltes crusted with amethysts around her wrists. Last of all came the collar, a heavy golden tore emblazoned with ancient Valyrian glyphs.


Rory and Logan in… ↔ 506: Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant

I mean it would have been easier if you just would have talked to me now, but I can do it the other way if you want. The other way. Yes. You tracking me. Yes. Following my every move? Y–yeah. I pick that way.

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Why does no one talk about that moment in 6x08 when jess shakes his head after seeing that rory is together with logan and realizing thaz he's a douche😅

Right? I feel like Jess and Paris are the only ones who are able to see Logan for the real douche he can be sometimes

“ See, you don’t need to be a superhero to get the girl, the right girl will bring out the hero in you.” ALSO.. “I was having a nightmare. I dreamed I took Liam Neeson’s daughter and he was just not having it.” -Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

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: I want to take us far away to another planet get rid of those in power who are using it to destroy our homes, our countries and our planet.. Somewhere we can start over.. Free of hate and judgement… The world is out of control its CHAOS. I can’t even name every country I am praying for or every minority being attacked… I can’t save the world and it feels like sometimes we are helpless to those who are killing, hurting and destroying humanity. However… Spreading more hate by attacking people for not doing enough, or not posting hashtag prayers quick enough is just an extension of the problem. Hashtags don’t and have never saved the world… Did we find Kony.. Did we bring back out girls?? We did make a lot of money by pouring ice buckets on our heads but honestly.. I never feel I’m doing enough and yet I’m always trying in every way I can. All I can urge you is to do the same, but we are all the same and we are all equal here so don’t attack another for praying for their family in France or Syria or in the BLM protests but not listing everywhere else that matters every time.
We should be holding hands, loving with our whole hearts and being kind to each other, after all above us seems to be a scary place and we will only get through this by caring for one another and not judging and being United.
I care about everything going on, I’m sad, I’m disheartened. Things don’t feel the same, I’m confused.. I feel everything you probably do… I am in France right now but I’m also reading about Turkey.. And watching awful videos of BLM protesters being bashed and arrested while peacefully protesting the murder of innocent people by the police force who should be protecting them.
Don’t fight one another, use that energy to fight for a cause, to fight for the bigger picture.

i’m level 23 in pokémon go right now, and let me tell you how satisfying it is to be at a higher level than most of the men i meet while playing the game :)

if they ask what level i am, there is virtually nothing condescending left for them to say and it’s glorious

dunno if that’s why i’m being treated as an equal rather than “as a girl” or if this game just brings out the best in people, but i love it


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on the first sign of trouble, she stays by yo side & help u fight that
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Can you give me headcanons in lydia and mama stilinski?

  • Mama Stilinski hears about Lydia for the first time when Stiles is in third grade and suddenly just starts talking about her nonstop. 
  • After a few solid weeks of this, she asks the sheriff to bring in class pictures so that she can figure out who this girl is. 
  • The first time she meets Lydia is at a parent-student Valentine’s Day party. Lydia doesn’t look in Stiles’ direction once. He spends the whole party being Lydia trash, unsurprisingly. 
  • When Lydia hears about Stiles’ mother dying, it’s one of the first times she really actively considers Stiles on more than a level of “wow that kid’s annoying and won’t stop talking about Pokemon.” 
  • The whole class signs cards together for him, and she finds her heart feeling heavy as she signs her name. 
  • As soon as he’s back in school ten days later, she stops paying attention again. 
  • Jackson makes a joke about Stiles having a dead mom twice during middle school. Lydia pretends to laugh both times, but her chest aches and she doesn’t think it’s funny. 
  • When she starts to get to know Stiles and the sheriff, she becomes achingly curious about Claudia. She attempts to look on Facebook for some pictures, but Stiles doesn’t have anything about her. 
  • She wants to ask Scott, but that seems too curious, and she isn’t supposed to be this interested in Stiles. She isn’t supposed to like him so much that she wants to know. 
  • He doesn’t talk about her much, but there’s some pictures in the Stilinski household. She finds them one time when she’s hanging out in his room with him and gets up to go to the bathroom. They’re sitting on the wall in the hallway and she stares at them for so long that Stiles peaks his head out of his room, confused. When he sees her looking at the pictures of his mom, his face changes, and he ducks back into the room. They don’t talk about it again.
  • Most of the stuff that she learns about Claudia’s personality, she actually learns from the sheriff while they’re looking for Stiles in 6a. 
  • She wants to visit Claudia’s grave while he’s gone, just because she feels the need to be connected to him somehow, but she doesn’t know if he’d want her to. Instead, she stares at the same picture in his house on the way to the bathroom and thinks about all the things she wants to say to this woman who she will never meet but to whom she owes a great debt.
  • When they first start dating, he kinda begins to mention her randomly, occasionally, but nothing real. Just little tidbits of information about her favorite color or movie that Lydia files away carefully. 
  • She tacks on a visit to Claudia when she’s visiting Allison at the graveyard one time, very soon after she and Stiles get together. She pours out her feelings and thanks Claudia for creating this person who has become Lydia’s partner in everything, and who has saved her more times than she can count. 
  • One night he just sits up in bed, unable to sleep, and when she wakes up he just starts talking about all of it without prompting, just pours it all out. They’re awake until 4am and they fall asleep with his head on her chest, his arms around her stomach as he breathes out shakily. 
  • They make a cake on her birthday every year– or, Stiles does, Lydia eats it and looks pretty. 
  • Her favorite song is their wedding song. 
Revenge is Sweet (Jerome x Reader)

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Prompt: where the reader has small boobs (I know it’s a little strange but I have a flat chest and it makes me a little upset when the reader in smuts has big boobs) anyway, the reader is constantly bullied by some girl because of her chest size. Jerome finds out and brings the girl to the reader to kill. Reader kills her and Jerome makes the reader feel good about her body with adult situations.

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Warning: Smut, blood kink, knife kink, non graphic torture, death.

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if u date me

I will

•give u lots of smol kisses

•give u good long kisses too!

•play with your hair

•touch ur butt (this will not always be sexual I just love touching ur butt)

•the occasional Eskimo kiss

•eat u out or whatever you’re feelin

•make u food and bring u cute but lame presents (like beanie babies and Cheetos)

•nap with u

•watch parks and rec w you

•listen to your music (also make u FIRE mixtapes)

•call u my bby

•for more info hmu QT pie 😘

My mom recently got her first doll. I noticed whenever I bring two of my boys out for photos, she plops her girl right in the middle, although a bit weird I figured she was excited. Today she informed me that she thinks our dolls should have a love triangle…. My boys are gay, I laughed so hard at her. I explained and set her in the right direction of which of my male dolls were single and straight

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