*BTS carving pumpkins for Halloween*

Jin: Jungkook can you bring me the smallest pumpkin, it’s over there somewhere

Jungkook: Sure hyung, no bother

Jungkook: *retuns with Jimin in his arms* Here you go



Jin: I see where my directions might have been a bit misleading for you…

I’m feeling autumn guys, I made cinnamon French toast for breakfast, I collected pinecones and this afternoon I’m baking an apple pie (also probably bringing my orange-y theme back cause fuck everyone still waiting for a late summer it’s September and I’m going full force into autumn mode)

We’re hanging out in the back yard, enjoying the lack of sunshine and the blessed 70° temperature AND the sound of rain on the overhang above me. Cosmo refuses to come outside (oh, wait, he’s out here now, collapsed on the ground next to me), Fawkes is running around upset that he can hear people’s voices in one of the neighboring yards, and Kloe keeps bringing me a piece of pumpkin that she stole from the tortoises.

Halloween drabble day 9

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You and Gibbs were sitting in your favourite cafe, it was a change of scenery for one Leroy Jethro Gibbs and he wasn’t all too pleased that he’d been taken away from a case but you knew that he needed a break and thought that this might cheer him up. When the waitress came by and asked what you would like to drink you ordered a pumpkin spice latte for yourself and something from their seasoral menu, Gibbs upon looking down at the menu groaned before ordering a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon on toast. When the waitress was gone he looked at you and gave you a look you knew all too well

“Y/N, why did you bring me here? It’s pumpkin spice everything” he said and you nod calmly before saying to him

“Leroy, I know this isn’t your ideal first choice for coffee or a meal but you said you would humour me besides it’s almost Halloween which means everything in town is pretty much pumpkin spice” you say and he shakes his head and you nod. The waitress chooses that moment to come with your drinks and before he has a chance to take a sip of his own drink your shoving your under his nose and begging for him to take a sip, he does so reluctantly and you hear the grunt of appreciation that hes trying to hide but can’t quite keep hidden. You smile knowing that all though he won’t say it and he definitely won’t change his choice of drink he did enjoy the taste of the halloween special.

Guess the Alternate Band Names

-19+2 Aviators

-Enzymatic Passion belonging to me

-Dropdown Male

-Frantic! at the Party

-Retrieve the Skyline

-Dark Burqa Wives

-Descending Backwards

-Penetrate the Burqa

-Breaking Butternuts

-Slumber with Mermaids



Mountains upon mountains in Pennsylvania, just to see this little nugget that I get to call mine and bring home in a couple weeks!! I literally can’t wait.🐶😍😭🙏🏻 (Stay tuned for plenty more pictures).

**Comment below some names for this sweet boy, if you can think of any! Please & thank you.🌞✨**

ANNND I went to the pumpkin patch to find my perfect pumpkin the other day. May post more pictures once my pumpkin is carved! 😌

Happy Halloween friends, stay safe! 🎃👻