Guess the Alternate Band Names

-19+2 Aviators

-Enzymatic Passion belonging to me

-Dropdown Male

-Frantic! at the Party

-Retrieve the Skyline

-Dark Burqa Wives

-Descending Backwards

-Penetrate the Burqa

-Breaking Butternuts

-Slumber with Mermaids

To celebrate gaining 50 followers, i am posting the above picture to show that you guys can request a band for me to post 10 different pictures of partly because im bored, but mainly because i want to keep you guys happy xD ANY BAND OF YOUR CHOICE


As she wept, Cinderella’s fairy godmother appeared. “Cinderella, why are you crying?” she asked. “You wish to attend the ball, is that not so?”

“Yes,” cried Cinderella, between sobs.

The fairy godmother smiled and said, “Well, run into the garden and bring me a pumpkin.” Cinderella immediately went to get the finest pumpkin she could find….

Chi ti capisce quando il mondo sembra averti voltato le spalle?

I’ve got 99 problems and they’re all lack of band merch
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A couple of bad decisions and Kurt and Blaine end up as cell mates in Lima Correction Center for Young Adults. 

“Alright, Anderson, your single days are over. Meet Hummel." 

Kurt attempted to put some sort of a smile on his face as the curly eyed boy, Anderson, eyed him with slightly disbelieving look on his face. Then he huffed, almost amused. 

"Wow, I ended up with a princess." 

Kurt blinked. "Excuse me?" 

"You heard me." 

"Oh, I heard you. I just think it’s pathetic that someone who’s already been here for a while can’t come up with a better insult,” Kurt snapped. 

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