My favorite boy & girl together on stage doing a Bowie cover. THIS Bowie cover. Hell yes. Not sure if I will ever get over it. This alone was absolutely worth the trip. 


Sims 4 - Le Bric à Brac

This is a custom content free version of this house (created for the Janvier family). The perfect home for a small family, with 3 bedrooms. Hope you will like it !

Download the tray files : SimFileShare.

Or use the tag #rope or my Origin  ID simsontherope to find it on the gallery !

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dear shoplifters at my charity shop:

what the fuck? you’re already paying a third of the normal prices. if you can spare the time and effort to snatch our donations, get into the changing room and then leave all dressed up as if we don’t notice, you sure as hell can spare 2 pounds for a shirt.

this is a CHARITY shop. this isn’t even one of those ‘stick it to da man’ big corporations you keep complaining about. what the fuck. leave charity/thrift shops alone. you’re not anymore ‘cool’ than any other normal person because you shoplift used clothing and bric-a-brac that would’ve been a massive bargain to you anyway had you bought it. 

fuck off,


a volunteer


When I was building custom content free houses last week, I was impressed by the amount of furniture we already have in game with all the packs and extensions. So many possibilities !

Seeing the game run so smoothly, I was really tempted to play cc-free, but I needed to remake all my families first, to see if it was possible to create interesting sims even without my content. And once again, it was an nice challenge, there are so many clothings I never use ! Still not sure I will be playing this way though, I still have a lot of houses to (re)create for that.

I already shared some of these families on this blog (here, there, and here again, I updated most of them by the way) and in my gallery. I added the Javier, the family living in my Bric-à-Brac house, you can find the tray files here. I will maybe share some more later.

(I also added a NoCC tag for my custom content free posts, just in case)