This is my absolute favourite Vine!
Via “Brendon Urie” on Vine

we’re spamming u guys today because there’s officially 517 of you guys!! I’m so impressed that this blog has harnessed so many followers in such a short amount of time and it’s rad *does insane skateboard trick*… thanks so much!

Got rid of a lot of my old posts

Over the past half year I’ve created this band and youtube channel One Year Stand

And basically worked like a mothar bitch on it pretty much non stop

But I’m unhappy with the way it’s gone so far in certain directions so I felt like, fuck it fresh start time

Don’t worry, it’s gonna be better for it, it’s a necessary change

I’m going to be wayyyy more professional about this stuff and I thank you all for the support so far, you deserve better than what I’ve provided so far, so now I’m putting 200% into what I’m doing