Cheer Up Post #4827 - Waffle Sandwiches Edition

roboalien would like a post featuring delicious waffle sandwiches. Here you go!

Food Masterpost

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Mint (dark) chocolate nice cream 😋

2 frozen bananas
1-2 Tbs dark chocolate*
1/8 tsp peppermint extract
2Tbs spirulina powder** (for color)
Splash of soy milk

(*: could use choc chips but I have a bunch of endangered species dark chocolate bars (since it’s vegan), so I used like 4 squares of that.
**: I used a powdered greens drink mix for the green color, but spirulina gives it a much better color)

Mango & cinnamon oats💫🌿🌸 “The most important moments come from bravery. Quietly conquering the voice in your head that says ‘you can’t’, 'you won’t’ & 'you never will’."🌿🦋 Be brave my lovelies and have a wonderful day💕

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