Vindication for Christopher Lao

Last August, Christopher Lao became an infamous internet sensation and a victim of taunts and satires by social media users when he drove his car directly into a flooded street causing it to drift in the flood. When interviewed by GMA News Reporter Jun Veneracion, who happened to be shooting within the vicinity, he told the latter the now-famous line “I should have been informed”, saying that signs should be put in the area.

In today’s social media age when information can spread faster than before, one’s mistakes or boo-boos can easily be exaggerated and then taunted and ridiculed afterwards. And Mister Lao was one of its victims.

But now, Christopher Lao is back, still with a flooded car, but starring in a commercial for BPI.

Lao plays himself repeating the same words, including the now-famous quote, “I should have been informed,” that he uttered to GMA reporter Jun Veneracion, who is played by an actor in the commercial for BPI.

"This is my way of saying yes to life," Lao told GMA News. “Some good finally came out of this crisis. It became an opportunity. I can now pay for the tuition of my daughter.”

Lao is currently studying for the bar exam next month, but took time off to shoot the commercial last weekend. 

The commercial ends with the graphic, “Nature doesn’t inform you.” BPI used Lao to pitch its auto loans that come with one year free insurance covering acts of nature. The ad is expected to air in cinemas as well as on BPI’s YouTube channel.

Karma is not always a bitch. And Christpher Lao is the perfect example that one can use his down moments in life to rise up again and make something wonderful out of it.

Christopher Lao is back! Who’s laughing now?


My Must-Haves (January 2012)

It takes quite a process for me to look like this.

Sometimes I would get comments like, “You’re a natural beauty!”, and flattered I may be with these types of comments, I’d always reply so honestly with something along the lines of “Oh no! I owe it all to make-up! My eyeliner and circle lenses can be seen from a mile away.” I never fail to admit I look absolutely different without make-up on, but even if it doesn’t bother me much to go out without all this (i.e. if I’m exercising or going out for a late night snack), I still like playing with make-up purely out of love for dollying myself up, more than just looking presentable to other people. <3

Make-up is my favorite complement to my outfits. I love how it makes me feel complete, even if I’m not curling my hair, piling on any accessories or wearing sky-high heels. Changing the color of my eyeshadow, the direction of my eyeliner wing, my lip color etc. can already create so much difference on my face. This is why I look different when I do my own make-up and when other people do it for events and publications. Make-up does wonders, I tell you!

I never want to pretend and say I’m not wearing any make-up in my photos and then fish for compliments about my “natural beauty”… unless I’m really not wearing any make-up. In this case, I must pat myself on the back for probably doing something good to my skin/body to fool people into thinking I’ve layers of make-up on. While I’ll never resort to anything drastic like plastic surgery, I really do make an effort to enhance my features by using a lot of products. If I wake-up and my double eyelids have temporarily disappeared, I’ll even use double eyelid tape. 

Here are my favorite products as of this writing. 

P.S. People react differently to products. While these might work perfectly on me, your skin might be more suited to something better!

Base: Lovefille Nude Face Veil, CANMAKE Milky Moist Base, Candy Doll Makeup Base

Nude Face Veil has the same kind of transparency and consistency as Smashbox’s primer, which I used to really initially like until I broke out like crazy some time 2-3 years ago. I use this when I feel like I won’t have time to touch up my make-up the whole day. 

The Milky Moise Base is something I use on days when I just feel like going out with minimal amounts of make-up. I always pair this with my Ettusais BB Cream (picture below) because both of them are very light and perfect for that no make-up look.

Candy Doll’s Makeup Base is my default base. My foundation glides on so well after.

Foundation: Candy Doll loose powder, Ettusais BB mineral cream, Revlon PhotoReady 005 Natural Beige liquid foundation and 020 Light/Medium powder

On light make-up days, I pair the BB cream and the Candy Doll loose powder. On heavy make-up days, I pair the Revlon PhotoReady liquid foundation and the powder.

On very confused days, I use 1 layer of Revlon PhotoReady under 1 layer of Ettusais BB cream, and 1 layer of Revlon PhotoReady powder with hints of Candy Doll loose powder.

I’m actually an in-between PhotoReady 004 and 005 but it would be such a waste to have to buy two all the time so I just settled for the 005 since I get darker March-June anyway. I’m on my 3rd bottle now and I super swear by this foundation! Of course, this is all because I have dry skin. A lot of make-up artists I know and some make-up gurus on YouTube prefer the coverage of Revlon’s ColorStay line, which is more suitable for oily skin.

I used to be a faithful BB cream user until I realized how most of them made me look a little gray…? And then I discovered Ettusais BB Cream which does not have a white/gray cast at all. Plus points since it’s also available in 3 different shades compared to the usual one-color-fits-all type of thing.

Eyelids: CANMAKE Perfect Brown Eyes Palette, Majolica Majorca GD886 Jeweling Eyes Palette, tokidoki x Sephora Sandy in the City palette, Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion, Topshop gold eyeshadow, Dolly Wink gold cream eyeshadow

All very neutral colors since I fail at applying eyeshadow. Normally I would just use one color for my lids and one color to highlight my brow bone. 

And yes, everything is glittery so it won’t look too obvious if I make a mistake. :)

Eyes: Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-on, Heavy Rotation blonde eyebrow mascara, Dolly Wink (otona) blonde eyebrow pencil, Dolly Wink black liquid eyeliner, Palty Glitter pencil eyeliner in black and silver, Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Neo mascara, Dolly Wink volume mascara

Most of these products I’ve already shown in my past make-up tutorials.

I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH FALSIES! I was born with typical Asian lashes that are straight and long but very sparse. Sometimes mascara alone won’t cut it so I always turn to false eyelashes to make my eyes bigger and look less sleepy.

Most of the falsies I use are Asian brands because they come in these very affordable 5-in-1 packs so I don’t have to stock individually. I also prefer ones that fan out at the ends or those with small spaces in between, something that most Japanese brands like Dolly Wink, Diamond Lash and Luminous Change all carry.

Cheeks: Candy Doll Carrot Orange blush, NARS Orgasm, Revlon matte powder blush, Candy Doll Strawberry Pink blush

Orgasm was my default blush until I outgrew my peach blush phase. Now I’m more into deep, dolly pink shades. 

The Candy Doll Carrot Orange blush is my go-to summer blush. Looks great with a tan!

Lips: Lime Crime Cosmo Pop and Coquette, Revlon Color Burst Soft Nude, Revlon Super Lustrous Primrose, MAC Angel, Pink Nouveau, Freckletone, Shy Girl, Lavushca lipstick, Candy Doll Ramune Pink and Apricot Beige

I forgot to include my red lippies here, but I figured I don’t really use them often anyway! Most of my favorite lipsticks are nude, orange and pink. MAC Freckletone and Candy Doll Ramune Pink are usually my lip colors in my blog entries.

Since it would be impractical to bring all my make-up along when I go out, I normally just bring the essentials, which go into this Marc by Marc Jacobs x Sweet pouch that serves as my make-up bag.

Inside you can find: face powder + brush, liquid eyeliner, mascara, eyelash curler, 2 lipsticks, blush + brush, and eyelash glue if I know I’ll be wearing falsies for a long time. You’ll never what might happen to your lashes! I like using Candy Doll lash glue but a good alternative would be the one The Face Shop sells.

Cleansing/skincare: Shu Uemura cleansing oil, Aquamoist Collagen Moisture lotion (toner) and cream (moisturizer), Leyende Face Canvas Mango Butter moisturizer

I’m on my 3rd giant Shu Uemura cleansing oil bottle! This is the bottle I just use when I travel. I can never use anything else to remove my make-up. One giant bottle lasts me more than half a year so it’s all worth it.

If I’m not too lazy, I’d tone and moisturize after cleansing. I know I should do it everyday though. Make-up can only do so much (I am not as poreless as I seem to be, but it helps to always have a large aperture and good lighting when having your photos taken), so I take care of my skin in more natural ways since I tend to skip toning and moisturizing when I’m tired. Getting lots of sleep and drinking lots of water will always save your skin from pimples and blemishes. I’m quite lucky to have non acne-prone skin, thanks to my parents’ genes, but I still get a few little blemishes here and there whenever I forget to take care of myself.

Recently I’ve been exercising twice a week (for strength), and I’ve noticed how much better my no make-up face looks now compared to before. Sweat all the dirt out, wash your face properly, and be surprised that you actually have a natural glow.

Hair: Fuwarie hairstyling mist, Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Save conditioner spray, Lucido-L designing whip, TRESemme hairspray, argan oil, Lucido-L designing lotion

Hair products for the hair vain. Most of these products I just use before or after I style my hair, for damage protection and for my curls to stay longer. I get OC when it comes to buying hairstyling products because I dislike the smell of most hairsprays. Good thing ProStyle and Lucido all have fruity scents!

After I went blonde, argan oil saved my hair. This bottle was just given to me by my hairstylist, but I plan to research more on where to get the best argan oil for cheap after I finish this.

Looking for haircare products specifically for blonde hair. Hit me up if you know anything!

Scents: Harajuku Lovers Baby, Clean Sweet Layer, Clean, Clean Shower Fresh, Clean Outdoor Shower Fresh

I’ve been a huge fan of CLEAN fragrances for a long time and even if I try so hard to find alternatives, I can’t. These are the only scents I can stand smelling on myself for long periods of time. Anything that’s floral, musky or fruity on my skin just tends to annoy me. It’s rather hard to find stocks of CLEAN but if you’re lucky, you can find them locally in Rustan’s. They’re also usually available in department stores abroad.

Harajuku Lovers’ Limited Edition (not the normal one) Baby perfume is the only other perfume variant I can stand. It comes with a super cute doll (which matches the rest of my pink room), serving another purpose as decoration.

I’m partial to very fresh soap-y scents that make me smell like a baby or like I just got out of the shower. What kind of perfume do you like?

So many beauty products, and I’m still not bankrupt yet? My BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard lets me budget properly since I can load whatever amount I like and I’d be forced to stop impulse buying when it runs out, especially when I’m abroad. This card works just fine in these other countries as well, just as long as they accept MasterCard.

You won’t get billed for your purchases like a credit card and you won’t have to link your card to an existing savings account like a debit card. So ideal for shopaholics who don’t like carrying lots of cash with them since you can treat your My ePrepaid MasterCard as a wallet of sorts.

Not only are the products I use only found in stores abroad like Sasa and Sephora, but they’re also sold in a lot of online stores that specialize in Asian beauty products. If online shopping was as easy as applying for a card, loading it, using it to pay, reloading it and using it over and over again, then I’m sure more people will be able to experience these products that aren’t available locally. This card also supports PayPal so just imagine all the online shopping you can do.

Interested? Click on the banner on my sidebar for more information and for application. I’ve already used mine a number of times! My recent purchase was a pair of cat eye sunglasses in time for summer. :)

Sponsored post.

The Interview Round: A Guide for LPDP Hopefuls

Sebagai salah satu penerima Beasiswa Pendidikan Indonesia (BPI) Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP), salah satu hal yang belakangan sering ditanyakan pada saya (dan sering saya tanyakan juga sebelumnya, haha) adalah bagaimana proses wawancara berlangsung dan bagaimana menghadapinya.

Alhasil, saya memutuskan untuk menuliskannya dalam tulisan ini. Karena ada dua tahap seleksi, saya akan membaginya dalam dua bagian, yakni Interview dan Leaderless Group Discussion.

Untuk tulisan ini, saya akan fokus pada yang pertama dulu, yakni…

The Interview.

On Schedules

Tahap seleksi kedua ini biasanya berlangsung selama dua hari. Kalau dari pengalaman saya, biasanya semua peserta akan diminta untuk hadir pada hari pertama untuk pembukaan dari panitia LPDP serta pembagian jadwal dan kelompok. Pembagian ini baru diumumkan setelah pembukaan selesai, dan terdiri dari dua bagian, yakni jadwal dan kelompok wawancara dan jadwal dan kelompok LGD.

Apakah ini berarti bahwa wawancara akan dilakukan secara berkelompok?

Tidak. Biasanya para kandidat akan dikelompokkan sesuai dengan bidang masing-masing, dan setiap kelompok akan mendapat tim pewawancara yang sama. Namun, wawancara akan tetap dilakukan secara individual.

Apakah wawancara dan LGD dilakukan pada hari yang sama?

Bisa ya, bisa tidak. Setiap orang akan mendapatkan jadwalnya masing-masing, sehingga sangat penting untuk mencatat dengan detil jadwal (dan kelompok) wawancara dan FGD yang kita dapatkan. Saya sendiri mendapatkan jadwal wawancara pada hari pertama, pukul 17.30 (alias urutan terakhir), dan jadwal LGD pada hari kedua, pukul 9.45. Tapi ada beberapa teman yang beruntung mendapatkan jadwal wawancara serta LGD pada hari yang sama, jadi seluruh rangkaian seleksi beres dalam satu hari. Oh ya, ada kemungkinan jadwal kita maju karena proses wawancara yang lebih cepat dari jadwal. Jadi usahakan siap di lokasi kira-kira 2 jam sebelum jadwal kita.

What to Expect

Expect to wait – or to not wait at all.

Pengalaman saya adalah urutan wawancara cukup acak, sehingga terkadang meskipun nama kita dimulai dengan abjad awal, masih bisa mendapatkan urutan akhir dan sebaliknya. Jadi siapkan diri untuk menunggu nama kita dipanggil untuk waktu yang lama (saya menunggu selama sekitar 9 jam!). Untungnya saya membawa buku bacaan dan catatan persiapan wawancara, yang cukup membantu menghabiskan waktu. Waktu menunggu yang lama tersebut juga memberikan saya kesempatan untuk berkenalan dan bertukar cerita dengan kandidat-kandidat lainnya, dan ini salah satu hal yang paling menyenangkan! Di sisi lain, kita juga perlu menyiapkan diri untuk dipanggil di urutan awal. Intinya, siapkan mental untuk menghadapi kedua kemungkinan tersebut.

Expect to be asked questions related to:

Yourself. Ini berarti pertanyaan tentang latar belakang, keluarga, sekolah, serta universitas dan program yang kita tuju. Ada beberapa pewawancara yang meminta kita menceritakan, ada juga yang langsung tanya-tanya to the point. Saran saya, disiapkan aja narasi pendek yang menarik untuk memperkenalkan diri kita, jadi kita akan lebih siap kalau diminta seperti itu.

Your essays. Salah satu persyaratan seleksi administrasi adalah membuat dua esai mengenai peran kita bagi Indonesia dan definisi kesuksesan menurut kita. Kadang pertanyaan yang ditanyakan para pewawancara akan berhubungan dengan esai-esai tersebut, jadi pastikan bahwa kita memang menguasai esai-esai tersebut dan tidak membuatnya secara asal-asalan. Penting juga untuk memastikan bahwa jawaban kita konsisten dengan esai yang kita tulis.

Your field of study. Ini kemungkinan besar pasti ditanyakan, jadi siapkan diri untuk menjawab mengenai bidang studi kita, apa yang akan kita pelajari, mata kuliah yang akan kita ambil, rencana penelitian (tesis atau disertasi), urgensi penelitian tersebut bagi Indonesia, dan profesor yang akan (atau kita rencanakan untuk) menjadi supervisor. Pastikan bahwa kita dapat menjelaskan rencana studi kita secara matang dan terperinci, semakin detil semakin baik.

Your activities. Entah kegiatan ekstrakurikuler atau pekerjaan kita saat ini. Sebisa mungkin, tonjolkan kegiatan yang menunjukkan pengalaman dan sisi kepemimpinan kita, dan apa yang kita pelajari dari kegiatan-kegiatan tersebut.

Your leadership skills. Salah satu visi LPDP adalah mencetak pemimpin-pemimpin bangsa, atau setidaknya pemimpin di bidang kita masing-masing, jadi kemungkinan besar kita akan ditanyakan pertanyaan terkait hal tersebut, misalnya: kita jenis pemimpin yang seperti apa, apa pengalaman kepemimpinan kita, bagaimana kita menangani masalah dalam tim, dan lain sebagainya.

Your personality. Salah satu pertanyaan yang kerap ditemui dalam wawancara apapun: apa kelebihan dan kelemahan kita? Tentu saja menjawabnya pun harus berstrategi. Jelaskan kelebihan kita secara wajar (hindari kesan pamer!) dan jelaskan kekurangan kita secara lugas namun diplomatis. Jelaskan mengapa kekurangan tersebut kita anggap merugikan dan apa upaya kita untuk memperbaikinya.

(Pengalaman saya pribadi adalah tidak diminta menjelaskan kekurangan dan kelebihan, namun ditanyakan pertanyaan yang lebih menjebak: “Bagaimana teman-teman kamu memandang kamu?” Haha, saya bingung setengah mati menjawabnya, tapi saya tetap senyum-senyum saja. Pertanyaan seperti ini dilematis karena kalau saya menjawab dengan nada membanggakan diri, misalnya, “Ramah, baik hati dan tidak sombong,” tentu akan dipandang dengan aneh oleh para pewawancara. Di sisi lain, saya tidak mungkin menjatuhkan diri sendiri, kan. Akhirnya saya menjawab dengan jawaban yang “tengah-tengah”, tidak terlalu bagus dan tidak terlalu negatif, “Teman-teman saya mungkin menganggap saya naif.” Lalu setelah saya menjabarkan poin tersebut, saya menutupnya dengan penjelasan mengenai upaya saya untuk mengatasi hal tersebut.)

Your adaptability. Sepengetahuan (sok tahu) saya, LPDP mencari orang-orang yang mandiri, tangguh, dan mampu beradaptasi dengan cepat. Jadi pertanyaan seperti bagaimana kita akan beradaptasi dengan kehidupan di luar negeri sangat mungkin ditanyakan, terutama kalau belum tampak dari pertanyaan-pertanyaan sebelumnya. Kalau kita punya pengalaman hidup di luar negeri atau di luar kota secara mandiri, kita bisa menceritakan pengalaman tersebut. Kalau tidak, kita bisa menyebutkan mengenai tantangan beradaptasi yang mungkin kita hadapi nantinya, dan bagaimana kita akan menangani permasalahan tersebut. Hal ini akan menunjukkan bahwa kita realistis dan siap menghadapi tantangan yang akan hadir di lingkungan baru, dan tidak lantas ‘silau’ dengan apa yang kita lihat di TV. Yang terpenting adalah membuktikan bahwa kita tidak sekadar manis di mulut saja, jadi pengalaman pribadi sangat penting untuk diceritakan.

Your vision and contribution.  Salah satu hal terpenting yang perlu dilakukan dalam menghadapi semua wawancara adalah mencari tahu apa visi dan misi program atau instansi yang kita lamar, dan menunjukkan bahwa visi-misi personal kita sejalan dengan visi-misi mereka. Basically, LPDP mencari orang-orang yang nasionalis, yang dapat memberikan kontribusi nyata bagi negara. Nah, kalau kita tipe scholarship hunter yang cuman pengen mendapatkan beasiswa buat jalan-jalan dan kemudian tinggal di negara orang, biasanya akan terdeteksi oleh mereka – dan, bye! Jadi menurut saya aspek ini bukan sesuatu yang bisa dikarang menjelang wawancara, tapi sesuatu yang memang sudah menjadi ambisi dan visi pribadi kita. Tunjukkan, dan buktikan, bahwa kita orang yang nasionalis dan kontributif, bukan benalu penghisap uang rakyat*.

(*ceritanya dramatis :p)

Expect the unexpected:

Salah satu hal yang saya temui dari pengalaman pribadi maupun teman-teman saya adalah bahwa pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang diajukan seringkali random dan tidak kita perkirakan sebelumnya.

Misalnya, apa makna nasionalisme dan integritas menurut kita? Apa moto hidup kita? Apa pesan orang tua saat kita kecil yang masih kita ingat? Apakah kita punya pasangan? Apa yang akan kita lakukan kalau bertemu dan menikah dengan orang asing? (*eaaaaa)

Selain itu, bisa saja kita diminta untuk menyanyikan lagu nasional, atau menyebutkan seluruh sila Pancasila (saya dan teman sampai menghafalkan Pancasila dalam bahasa Inggris, untuk berjaga-jaga).

Saya sendiri tidak mendapatkan pertanyaan-pertanyaan tersebut, tetapi lebih ditanyakan mengenai contoh kasus yang terkait dengan bidang studi saya dan pendapat saya mengenai kasus atau isu tersebut.

Expect to answer in English, Indonesian, or both:

Dalam bahasa apakah wawancara dilakukan? Tergantung pewawancaranya. :P

Saya pribadi diwawancara dengan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia, tapi banyak juga yang diwawancara dengan full English atau setidaknya dwibahasa. Jadi, pastikan bahwa kita siap untuk menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan paling teknis dan paling random sekalipun dalam kedua bahasa tersebut.

Expect your personality to be assessed.

Tim pewawancara LPDP terdiri dari tiga orang, yakni dua profesor/ahli dan satu psikolog. Karena itu, jangan coba-coba membohongi mereka karena seringnya malah ketahuan dari bahasa tubuh kita… So how do we have to behave? Tunjukkan attitude yang positif, sopan, dan punya sense of humility. Tetapi selain itu, just be our best selves and don’t pretend to be someone we’re not. Karena itulah,

Expect them to get all ‘up close and personal’.

Sangat mungkin para pewawancara menanyakan hal-hal yang bersifat personal terkait diri kita. Beberapa orang bahkan sempat menangis saat wawancara karena menceritakan hal-hal yang amat pribadi atau berhubungan dengan masa lalu, stuff like that. Saya sempat ditanyakan oleh sang psikolog, apa yang menjadi landasan bagi saya dan membuat saya kuat dalam masa-masa sulit? Tanpa berpikir, saya menjawab “keluarga”. Saya menceritakan mengenai orang tua saya, dan dasar anaknya memang agak sensitif, suara saya sempat tercekat ketika menyebutkan serta membayangkan adik-adik saya. I was lucky they didn’t prompt me any further –  I was so close to tears at that moment.

Random Tips

Jangan lupa membawa berkas lengkap! Tidak hanya dokumen asli yang diminta untuk dibawa oleh LPDP (LoA kalau ada, Transkrip, Surat Izin Belajar/Surat Tugas, Surat Pernyataan bermaterai, TOEFL/IELTS, surat rekomendasi), tapi bawa juga print-out formulir pendaftaran LPDP yang telah diisi secara online dan esai-esai saat seleksi administrasi. Hal ini terbukti berguna karena laptop salah satu pewawancara saya error jadi tidak bisa melihat data saya, untungnya saya membawa print-out formulir pendaftaran.

Jangan lupa berdoa dan meminta doa orang tua dan orang-orang! Namanya seleksi wawancara, hasilnya sangat subyektif dan kadang “faktor X” pun sangat berpengaruh, termasuk doa dari banyak orang.

(Try to) Be in the best of moods! Wajar jika kita gugup menghadapi wawancara, tapi berusahalah sebisa mungkin untuk menjaga mood kita tetap baik sebelum wawancara. Kita yang paling mengenal diri kita kan, so do what makes you happy. Sebagai orang terakhir yang dipanggil wawancara, saya memang menganggur seharian, tapi sejujurnya – that day was super fun! Saya menjalani ‘penantian’ tersebut dengan sahabat saya, mengobrol seru dengan beberapa teman, berkenalan dengan banyak orang baru dan secara tidak disangka-sangka bertemu dengan teman masa kecil. I was so happy that day that when I entered the interview room it probably showed and gave the interviewers a good impression, I don’t know. Hal yang mau saya tekankan hanyalah, kalau kita bersikap positif, orang lain pun akan merespon kita secara positif.


ada kalanya juga ketika kita merasa telah melakukan semuanya, dan telah memberikan yang terbaik, namun masih tidak lolos. Ini TIDAK berarti kita tidak qualified. Kadangkala ini hanya berarti bahwa profil kita tidak sesuai dengan visi-misi LPDP — dan ini tidak membuat kita buruk karenanya. Kadang ini berarti kita kurang mempersiapkan diri. Kadang ini berarti kita harus belajar dari kesalahan dan mencoba lagi. Apapun itu, ingatlah satu hal: our time WILL come.

So go get ‘em, guys! Break a leg! =)

(Credits to Indah Gilang Pusparani for her valuable inputs.)

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping is something I look forward to every year. I don’t mind the insane traffic jams, and the massive amount of competitive people in shopping malls trying their very best to get the most affordable deals. I like shopping during this time of the year for a number of absolutely cheesy reasons. For one, holiday collections are usually full of super shiny shimmer and colors that never fail to remind me of warm and fuzzy Christmas feelings. Also, at the end of the year, after all the hard work you’ve done, it feels good to be able to purchase things both for yourself and for others. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

A few days ago, I was able to find some time to visit Bayo’s Eastwood branch to check some new stocks out and buy some gifts for friends and loved ones. Last Christmas, way before I started collaborating with Bayo, I remember getting my mom gift certificates and necklaces from this store. It’s so near my house, and I love how all the Bayo branches I have been to somehow smells like baby powder, which is my preferred scent when it comes to pretty much everything like linen spray and perfume. Good, happy Bayo vibes never fail to make me want to enter their store every now and then.

They allowed me to take pictures in the store so feel free to do some online window shopping with what I’ll be showing here if you haven’t finished shopping for Christmas yet. Click on the Bayo picture on my sidebar if you’re interested in something but don’t have time to go to the nearest branch.

I bumped into my BFF Crissey and her officemates while she was taking a break from work! Her officemates were trying clothes out in the other dressing room so… in usual Trissey fashion, we giggled a lot and fooled around in the dressing room I was in and even took the dorkiest photos in the world. Will save your eyes from that, but in the meantime, I can’t wait for the end of season sale in January so I could get all these jewel tones, monochromatic outerwear and soft colors and fabric. Definitely going to shop ‘til I drop in January after receiving Christmas money from my relatives. Hee.

Since we’re talking about shopping anyway, here’s my most favorite shopping buddy at the moment. It doesn’t need to eat or sleep and it doesn’t get sick! This was launched just recently and I found the idea quite genius so I got myself a BPI My ePrepaid MasterCard. It’s a reloadable prepaid MasterCard that you can use for *drum roll* online shopping, besides purchasing from your favorite shops and restaurants. It’s a gift from God to those who aren’t allowed by their parents to own credit cards yet but have already saved so much from their allowance to be able to already buy stuff like iPhone/iPad apps, Paypal-only things, and Ticketworld concert tickets online. You won’t get billed for your purchases like a credit card and you won’t have to link your card to an existing savings account like a debit card.

I asked around regarding what the minimum age for this card is. I was told that if you’re older than 10, you can already apply for one. 10-years-old. If online shopping was as easy as applying for a card, loading it, using it to pay, reloading it and using it over and over again… then I wish I already had this card since highschool!

Plus points for color choices too! I chose the pink/indigo one (same color as the cardigan in the last picture!), naturally, but it’s also available in blue/azure. Interested? Click on the banner on my sidebar for more information and for application. Don’t be surprised if they give you free vouchers for Serenitea, Happy Lemon and Chatime after you apply.

If you’ve got time, money and extra things to spare this Christmas, please check this out for a comprehensive list on how you can help the victims of Typhoon Sendong.

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What's wrong with your arm?
  • I punched a shark in the face.
  • Smoked some bad weed.
  • Slept on it funny.
  • What are you talk—oh my god! What did you do?
  • What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
  • Big-ass spiders, man.
  • Hulk got me.
  • Routine vaccination gone wrong.
  • Shhh. We don’t talk about that.
  • Zombie apocalypse of ‘07.
  • Stood too close to Beyonce. That kinda radiance is dangerous.
  • Did you know there is not actually a Platform 9 3/4?
  • God had to compensate for my unearthly beauty.
  • Occupational hazard.
  • I survived the Fire Swamp, but nobody withstands The Machine.
  • You shoulda seen the other guy. Just kidding, he’s fine. He’s a silverback gorilla.
  • Russian roulette. Funny thing is, I won.
  • Always wear dry socks.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Never drink alcohol.
  • Nothing, thank you, it’s just fine and dandy. How’s yours?

I forgot a looong time ago I said I’d put one of my pieces about Erb’s Palsy up. This is my favorite one on the subject. It’s like half a sculpture and painting, because its made out of plastic sheets, wires and paint. It’s made up of three separate canvases. And it just illustrates the nerve damage and how I can’t lift my left arm over my head and it feels like my body is two separate wholes as a result.

Okay this is odd what am I doing.

So I have thing thing in my right arm called brachial plexus palsy, or BPI for short, and now I’m tracking the brachial plexus tag and brachial plexus injury tag.

It’s just amazing that there are other people who know what it’s like to have an arm and a half. Who know what it’s like to not be able to life their arm above their head, or not be able to lift under a pound with one of their arms. And those people are on tumblr, too.

Just, holy shit. I have it better off than most with my BPI. I mean, I have a lot of movement in my right arm, but still just knowing there are more people of the internet with this setback.

My dear friends who overcome their injuries with me, lemme follow you.

Sending Your Payment through a BPI Bank Deposit
  1. Go to any BPI Branch near you, go to the counter where the bank slips are and get a deposit slip.
  2. The deposit slip will look like this:

    Fill up the parts of the form marked with a check. Please note the correct spelling of the name and the correct account number according to the bank deposit details we have sent you. List the exact amount you want to deposit.
  3. Line up for the teller and wait for your turn.
  4. When your turn comes, give the teller the deposit slip and the payment and he/she will handle the rest.
  5. Keep the teller’s validation / deposit receipt for future references.
  6. Notify us about the deposit and the amount you have paid by sending us a text, taking a clear picture of the validation slip and sending it through our SUBMIT or through our FB inbox.

These cute little protein pancakes.
1 scoop strawberry cake #bpi
1 egg
Few ounces of milk
Two crushed up graham crackers
A few mini marshmallows that get all melty and delicious when you put them on top 😍