#BPA Messes With Your Hormones—and It’s in most Canned Foods. A 2011 #Harvard study found that those who ate canned soup every day for five days had levels of BPA in their urine that were ten times those who had fresh soup. Another study from the same year found BPA in 71 out of 78 canned food samples, with concentrations varying drastically between food types and even within the same product. The Food and Drug Administration maintains that BPA is “safe at the current levels occurring in foods,” though scientists have linked low-dose, long-term exposure of the chemical to to breast cancer, changes in the reproductive system, and other health problems. FULL VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. LINK IN BIO http://YouTube.com/The4biddenknowledge

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Tumbleweed, Her #8 - [BAP] Noir!Au

The Mafia’s Son, The Fugitive: Moon Jongup

He wanted to run away.
He had been dreaming of the day where he is finally free from his father, and his wretched plans.
Jongup decided to live his life, his way.

Jongup didn’t want to be the mafia’s son.
Jongup refuses to be binded with the dark secrets his family is known for.

And because he was raised in discreet, there’s so few people who knew about his existence. The man his father was friend’s with, the Congressmen; his son, and Zelo was those few people Jongup had contacts with. His father’s underlings are not to speak with him. So Jongup was used to be with himself. The only friend he had was Zelo, but even that didn’t guarantee him, Zelo’s true intuition. Lee Jaehan had wealth, larger than the nation itself. And it was all for Jongup and the organization he was bound to lead.

But it was the throne that Jongup refused to reign.

On a fine morning of a dewy spring, Jongup was awake before everyone else, creaked before the door of the room he shared with Zelo. He was going to escape. Zelo sat up upon the door being open. “If you stop me…” Jongup threatened, and Zelo cowered. Jongup took his backpack, shut the door behind him, he turns sideway to see if there’s anyone watching. Like the tattoo on his neck, the compass, he will find his own way out.

He will escape this broken life, and live the life he wanted to live.

At dawn, his father’s men realized his disappearance. Jongup barely made it through the territorial barriers. He had never left Busan before, and he’s about to. Suited man started to flock the city, armed and with a laser-looking eyes, scanning people around, searching for a young men the boss wanted alive, no matter what. Jongup inhales deeply and sprinted towards a stopping bullet train. Without tickets, he jumps over the fences and sped through a flock of people getting out of the train and just enough time for him to enter, before the door flaps closes.

The men his father sent couldn’t detect him.

“I think he had escaped Busan!” The man told his father through a phone call. Lee Jaehan threw his phone to the concrete wall and it shattered into pieces upon contact to the marbled floor. Zelo stayed put and witnessed the whole ordeal without a word. “That insolent boy, always had the beef to do things his way!” Lee Jaehan roared and the shrilling voice made Zelo shuddered. What will Jaehan do, to the naming of the next leader ceremony, this coming month? With his sole heir to the ‘bloodied chair’ missing, how will he face his members?

Jongup hid in the bathroom marked ‘Out of Service’. He had no IDs, no certificates, nothing. He only brought himself some clothes, some money he stole from his father’s safe deposits, some flip-knife. His plans were going smoothly, so far.

He sat on the toilet seat for minutes, hours. Wondering about his next step. He knows his ‘family’ is getting closer with each passing second but with no exact destination, he was forced to ponder against the view of the dull, vandalized cubicle walls to decide his fate. And as though the God had things against him, it started to rain heavily. Jongup hesitated to step outside the only shed he had found–the train station, but thought that if he had stayed any longer, he would have been found.

The train station had just been surrounded by mysterious black cars and men in black suits. It didn’t take a lot for Jongup to realize that it was his father’s men. Jongup held his heart in his throat and leaped forward in the pouring rain, stepping on a muddy puddle in his wake. A dozen suited men, glances around the area to see a suspicious young men. One of them presses his finger into his ear piece and with the urgency in his voice, he alerted, “Zero sight. He probably had escaped.”

On the receiving end, Zelo sat huffed in his black dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up his elbows and with a frustrated expression on his face, he rips off his ear-piece and threw it against the back of the front seat. He didn’t know what bothered him more– the fact that Jongup had successfully escaped the turf he had always wanted to be free from, or the fact that he had to waste his time, searching for Jongup, for him to take the position he had been eyeing for a long time.

Zelo was conflicted. He should be happy. He should be thankful that Jongup went out of his way to give him the position he had been trained for, for life. But he wasn’t happy. In fact, he was devastated. His life was set and he didn’t like it. But who will be there to save him? He knows Lee Jaehan doesn’t want him on top, how will Jongup’s disappearance will make any difference to the situation?

The rivals shall never know. Especially Himchan’s parents. Lee Jaehan will lose face. Without an heir, the clan is weak and can be taken over, at any given time. The news of Jongup’s disappearance will shake the dark market and for sure will exhilarate unnamed individual. Lots of unnamed individuals.

Jongup’s selfishness has brought him as far as his feet could take him. He woke up by the bus station, and with the sun peeking through the dawn clouds, he was back on his feet, heading to the city. Jongup knows that the only way to stay alive, to be in crowded places. At least then, they won’t be able to pull out a gun. Maybe they don’t have the intention to hurt him, but his father would be fine with his son, limping. His organization is more important than his son’s limbs. Jongup can prove that with the scars he had since young.

The dragon tattoos that slither around his back, the carving of Japanese kanji along his backbone and the scorpion on his right ankle. Jongup was ‘stained’. And as if that wasn’t enough, he decided to have a tattoo on his neck–a compass, and it was the only tattoo that defined him. Jongup fastened his bag tighter to his shoulders, and his eyes were wild, as to keep himself on his toes. He kept a steady but a haste pace, compared to others on that street. He stand out with his striking blue hair and as if he knows that will expose him, he quickly snatches a cap sold by the roadside when the seller wasn’t looking.

He placed them on and sped off, undetected.

But his luck ran out when a policemen noticed. They called out to him, “Hey!”

Jongup sprinted like no tomorrow. And because of his combat skills, and trainings, he easily snoop around the city. But the policemen were equally as good. Jongup had to smart his way out. And in an unfamiliar surroundings, he hesitated a lot. He goes into a busy street and headed west to a low-cost and congested apartment full of foreigners. He leaps off the rooftop, one building to another with the parkour skills he learnt from the TV. He rolls over the other building as the policeman couldn’t do the same. He accidentally placed his palm on sharks of broken glass as he tries to get up and charged ahead on the only door there.

But when he opened that door, another policemen was standing there and lunges a full-blown punch on the side of his lips. Jongup flown backwards with his back supporting the fall, barely. Jongup, born a fighter, got back on his two-feet as the policemen readies himself for a hand to hand combat. Jongup threw his bag to the side, and smirked. “…well, okay.” His eyes covered by the cap. The policemen couldn’t see his face.

Jongup is a skilled fighter. His punches were quick and precise and he always hits where it hurts the most. With just a set of punches, the policemen was grunting as he held his ribcage. The policemen then curled into a ball and whimpered, blood spilling out his mouth. Jongup wipes his blood with the back of his hand and retain his bag from the dirty floor of the rooftop and continued his uncertain journey.

He wiped his dusty face with his dusty hands and kept on walking through unfamiliar alley. And as he breezed through the semi-occupied street, he notices that the number of police officers were increasing. He hid behind an abandoned hawker stall to keep observing. One of the officer uncaps his cap and fastened them on as he starts speaking to his partner. They were both young, most probably rookies.

They wore glow in the dark vests in broad daylight. Their badge glints at the contact of the sun. Jongup peeled his eyes for an escape route. The longer he stays, the less the chance to escape. It looks like they will be securing the perimeters quite terribly soon. The officer threw his hand behind his neck and scratches them while pulling his collars down a bit. Jongup could see that there was a tip of what seems to be a tattoo.

Quite similar to his.

He didn’t waste a second but his actions prove to be suspicious because young kids pointed their fingers at him and alert the officers. And he was again, on the run. This time, the escape wasn’t as smooth. He kept tumbling over things, holes on the road, hustling through the unsuspecting crowd, falling over his own steps, as the officers came after him. His third fall was because he collided with an oncoming bicycle, he scratched his face, bruises already started forming.

But Jongup didn’t have time to slow down. He kept going. The journey dragged into the night, rain starts to drizzle down, and they’re starting to hurt the long abrasion along his forearm from the collision with the bicycle rider before.

Neon blinking lights on the side, turns on. It says ‘Pharmacy’. He dashed pass an old couple as they leave the said pharmacy. He climbed up the stairs in a hurry, knowing that the officers are behind him. He passed level after level of the apartment and with his enemies tailing him, he knocked on one of the doors there. He wanted to bang on them but thought that it would compromise him more. So he gave a subtle knock and thank goodness.

Someone opened their door.

You were surprised but Jongup fell at your doorstep. He was pale, bloodied and exhausted, he collapse to his knees and you had to pull his body in and shut the door behind you. Severed lips and abrasion covering his forearms, this person is enduring this much of pain. Scratches on his faded jeans suggests his long journey and it didn’t cross your mind that he might be dangerous. Compass tattoo on his neck. His electrifying blue hair. Who is this person.

The officers who went after Jongup, passes the door.

Jongup woke up to the view of an unfamiliar ceiling. He hiked in a sharp breath and he felt a digging pain in his chest every time he breathed. He came down with a fever shortly after and he couldn’t say a word. He was weak. The wounds caused by sharks of glasses that he set his palm on, had become infected and thus, made him ill. He didn’t sanitize it right away. You walked in with some medication and porridge. A glass of water in the tray for him.

He was feverish for days. And when you told him to see the doctor, he curls to his side, begging you that he won’t. Jongup’s only reason is because he would have been found if he did. His father has eyes and ears around the nation. Jongup realises that you held a name card a lot of time. And one day, you finally called that number. But when this person came, you told Jongup to stay quiet and act like he’s not here.

He didn’t understand but he was not in the position to ask more than he was offered. He was indebt with your kindness. But he knew that this Bang Yongguk isn’t just friends. The conversation suggests.

And Jongup knows one thing. That he sleeps better with you around. The absence of a mother-figure since young probably had made him tougher than he should have been. The lack of trust, growing up, must have made him desperate for a sense of security– all of which, you had generously given to him.

And as your relationship with him blossomed, he sheds his shell, bit by bit. And soon, he was crazy about you. He wanted to protect, to love, to nurture. To give back what he’s given. But you keep a million of secrets. Although the fact that he could have given up and settled with simpler girls out there, Jongup didn’t have the heart. Jongup’s heart wouldn’t let go of you.

He knows it when he sleeps last night, he heard whimpers next to the bed you shared. You were crying and you repeatedly say that you were sorry. “I’m leaving, Jongup. I can’t stay here.” You cries in whispers. “I can’t tell you anything more… the only that’s keeping you safe is that you don’t know anything.” You added.

Jongup woke up this morning to a kiss just like a whisper. An empty suitcase, and he knew that you were gone. But Jongup didn’t want to conclude anything until he spoke to the pharmacy you frequent to. But his options were running out when he saw the pharmacy closed. A week after that, two weeks after that… three. Jongup stared at the name card with Bang Yongguk’s name and he lunges out the main door of your apartment.

Yongguk didn’t necessarily welcomed him in a hug. In fact, he threw a punch across Jongup’s face the moment Jongup told him about your relationship with him. But it was the truth. You’re in love with Jongup.

Days gone missing: 117

Jongup stood at a train station he escaped from, many months before. And at the opposite side of the station he saw a disoriented and confused young lady with torn cloth at the shoulders. Her skin were scarred with abrasions. And Jongup was stunned. She ran her hands through her hair, and her tear-stained face were unmistakably, you.

You held on a black bag. Jongup’s heart paces rapidly. He wanted to jump over the barriers and get to you. You glide your eyes to each side thinking that you might be followed. You darted your eyes straight ahead and you saw him. “Jongup.” The name stuck on the tip of your tongue. Jongup eyes started to turn glassy.

“Where are you going!” He roared, desperately. Your eyes stinging from the pain of not wanting to blink, because you were afraid that if you did, he’s disappear. A child knocked you by your thighs, and you realised that you weren’t dreaming.

Jongup asked, “Why are you running away…”
You blinked and the tears fall on each side, “I was born to live this way. Bad man’s going to take me away,” you cried, fighting the noise from your surrounding. He was so close yet so far.

“I won’t let that happen to you! You know that, don’t you?!” Jongup begged.
You looked at him with pleading eyes. “I’m a very dangerous person to be with…” you whimpered. “I shouldn’t have loved you.” You added. “No–don’t say something like that. Please don’t say that.” Jongup’s feet passes the yellow line and the indicator buzzed so he had to step back. Trains from either side had started coming and stopping. But Jongup didn’t get on. Because he was certain that you wouldn’t get on.

But when both of the train passes, you were gone.

He hurried to ask the guards, “Where is that train going to…”

Pohang. They’re going to Pohang.

But no.

Your eyes were wild and your mouth was covered by hand. Your screams were muffled by the gloves. And towering behind you was… a blonde tall lad. “Now we know where he is, alert father.” Choi Junhong, no, Zelo, commanded his men.

Zelo made you as bait. He wants to bring Jongup home, no matter how wretched his methods are. All because he wanted recognition from Lee Jaehan. That was all he was concerned of. 

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The unfortunate truth about “BPA free”

According to researchers from UCLA and the School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering at Shanghai University, BPA-alternative BPS is dangerous, too. Published in the journal Endocrinology, the researchers’ study used a zebrafish to show how BPS contact screwed with brain cells and genes used in reproduction and growth. What this might reveal about humans.

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Voltron Positivity Project #2

I wasn’t going to make a second post, but in order to balance out the hateful lists with some positive ones I figured it’s worth a shot. 134 new blogs, 379 altogether - which you can find on this page! (x)

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I won’t be adding to this post anymore, but the page on my blog will be updated regularly, as always. Spreading would be appreciated, hopefully we’ll even collect enough URLs for a third rec list.

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Items available:
1. Stephen Joseph BPA-free reusable Snack Bags (ladybug theme).
2. Hello Kitty Thermal Lunch Bag
3. Crayola 50+ Piece Art Kit (Tickle Me Pink Theme
4. (Not Shown) Plastic drink cup with straw (Style to be chosen soon).

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going all-natural skin care + 6 things i stopped buying

1. Deodorant: Instead, use Witch Hazel (suggested scent: rose petal) on a pad, apply under arms

benefits: helps reduce discoloration in armpits // lowers skin pH so odor-causing bacteria can’t exist // no harsh smells


2. Shampoo: Instead, cleanse your hair, as needed, with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar, and rinse out after 3-5 minutes.

benefits: repairs hair cuticles // cleanses your scalp // does not strip your hair of natural oils // no sulfates and other stripping chemicals


3. Makeup Remover Wipes: instead, use a washcloth (preferably black) and apply solidified coconut oil to your face, then use the cloth to wipe your entire makeup off until satisfied. *(continue with face wash routine or face mask)

 benefits: reusable // machine washable // save money // gentle on the skin // effectively removes makeup


4. Ineffective Lip Balms: instead, make or buy your own natural oil-and-shea butter-based lip balm (suggested brand: BUTTERelixir Lip Balm)

 benefits: 100% natural // cruelty-free // protect lips from sun and wind // can also be used to moisturize and help improve nail and cuticle texture and strength // no GMA, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances // BPA free // non-toxic vegan 


5. Disposable Razors: instead, instead, use a stainless-steel safety razor with reusable blades

 benefits: eco-friendly // zero-waste // reusable // unisex // sustainable


6. Shaving Cream: instead, use hair conditioner (preferably a natural and/or organic brand such as Petal Fresh Pure) on desired external areas (**shaving with a sunburn, use aloe vera for a cooling effect and skin treatment) 

benefits: cost-effective // moisturizes skin // allows easier movement with razor/shaving stick // convenient in the shower // smoother skin // prevents ingrown hair and bumps // hydrating  


It’s commonly used in polycarbonate plastic and resin-lined food and beverage containers here in the United States, where it’s still legal - it’s been outlawed in Europe. It can be found here in almost anything packaged in flexible soft plastic or lined with plastic - from baby bottles to lunch containers and even soda cans and energy drinks.

—-death by way of plastics. (Morgellons disease or Morgellons syndrome). look that shit up. scary

What is BPA anyways?

BPA stands for bisphenol A which is common in making plastic products and in making some metal soup cans. BPA is an endocrine disruptor (which is a chemical that interfere with the hormone system). BPA closely mimics the structure and function of the hormone estradiol with the ability to bind to and activate the same estrogen receptor as the natural hormone.

When BPA is taken through the food, the active form may remain in the body for a longer period of time than when it is provided through a single treatment, which does not reflect the continuous exposure that occurs in animal and human populations.

To avoid to minimize exposure is through a diet of fresh, whole foods, including fruits and vegetables, which has been proven to dramatically decrease the amount of BPA in the bloodstream.

Tips to reduce your plastic exposure

In a time when we are hearing so many negative things about our food and our environment, it’s refreshing to know that we can do something about the modern toxins we’re surrounded by – simply by making different choices around food and packaging. You can also make a difference in the way you eat as well.

Tips to reduce your plastic exposure

Here are some of the tips I give to my patients and follow myself to reduce exposure to unwanted toxins:

  • Avoid using plastic as much as you possibly can. If you have to use plastic, look for items with recycling #1, #2, and #4 because they don’t contain BPA.
  • Go back to glass, cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic and wood to cook, serve and store your food. Save old jars and lids to put your leftovers in instead of using Tupperware or other plastic storage containers.
  • Use canvas bags for your produce instead of the plastic they offer at the store. Use only glass in the microwave or get rid of your microwave altogether.
  • Use wooden and stainless steel utensils while cooking your food and silver or stainless steel for eating it.
  • Investigate local farms for fresh “unpackaged” vegetables and naturally raised meat. When my children were at home, we purchased pork and beef in bulk from a local farm and split the cost with other families. We stored it in our freezer and it fed us for the year.
  • If you’re traveling, bring as much of your own food as you can and find the local grocery store or natural market for other fresh items.
  • Use a glass or stainless steel water bottle instead of drinking from plastic.
die Bestandsaufnahme

Samstag der 07.07.2012, eine Bestandsaufnahme des Verpackungsmaterials von täglichen Verbrauchsgüter im Haushalt.

der Kühlschrank besticht durch 43 Lebensmittel in Kunststoffverpackung, 20 in Glasbehältnissen, 5 in Aluminiumtuben, 3 Lebensmittel die ohne Verpackung (zumindest auf Ihrem letzten Teil der Reise zum Endverbraucher) den Weg in den Einkaufswagen gefunden haben, sowie 2 in Papier oder Pappe 

der Gefrierschrank ist gefüllt mit 8 Kunststoff- und 3 Papierverpackungen

im Regal liegen 36 Glasflaschen (überwiegend Wein), 10 Papierpackungen, 9 Aluminiumdosen, 6 Kunststoffverpackungen

im Bad & Beautycase tummeln sich 114 Kunststofftuben,-dosen-boxen und 19 Glasverpackungen

Insgesamt befinden sich also

171 Kunststoff (61,5%)-,

75 Glas (27%)-,

15 Papier (5,4%)-,

14 Aluminiumverpackungen (5%)

sowie 3 Verbrauchsgüter ohne Verpackung (1,1%) in unserem Haushalt.

Tatsächlich kommen lediglich 4 aller Verbrauchsgütern (1,4%) gänzlich ohne Kunststoff, sei es in Form von Weichmachern oder Beschichtung und Aufdruck, aus.

Celebrate World Oceans Day with me!

Today, June 8, is World Oceans Day! The oceans, which cover close to three-fourths of our planet, are vitally important to life on Earth. They produce most of the oxygen in our atmosphere (close to 70 percent!) and form the base of food chains that carry onto land! But right now, our oceans are facing a pretty big threat, and it’s plastics.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Pacific Garbage Patch. Now, all that trash didn’t just get dumped in the middle of the ocean; most of it actually started outon land.

Like they said in Finding Nemo: All drains lead to the ocean, and that includes storm drains. As water flows down our streets, it often picks up whatever garbage is in its path, usually things like plastic water bottles or small packages. If the water passes into a treatment facility, these things get filtered out, but in many cases, that runoff gets dumped right into bays or oceans–and the trash goes along for the rise.

Much of the garbage is plastics, and the majority of plastics are made with petroleum. This means that they don’t really break DOWN, but rather break APART. These tiny pieces of plastic can look a lot like food to some small fish, and they may ingest them by mistake. To make matters worse, many of these plastics are made with a chemical called BPA, which is toxic when released.

I know I’m painting a pretty grim picture here, but there is good news! Because humans are the source of these plastics, we are also the solution. If we as individuals can reduce our use of plastics, we can make a difference. So join me this World Oceans Day by doing any or as many of the following as you are able:
  • use a reusable water bottle
  • use a reusable shopping bag, or purchase one if you don’t already have one
  • reuse a single use shopping bag, if you have one lying around
  • skip a straw in your drink (unless it’s a reusable straw)
  • consider what single-use plastics you use in your life, and think of ways you can replace them with reusable alternatives
  • pick up a piece of trash you see on the ground and throw it away
  • tell someone what I’ve told you in this post, either in person or through social media
Remember, a healthy ocean starts here on land! You can make a difference, today and every day!

Happy World Oceans Day!