BOTH of these leave me in tears EVERY time I watch them

Sometimes I think about sad things

Lea and Isa sneaking into the castle for fun, daring each other to go further every time. 

Lea and Isa eventually being caught - but this time they’re not thrown out the back door - this time they’re taken down a series of winding narrow passages, and locked in a cell. 

Lea and Isa trying to think of ways to escape, thinking maybe its all a joke to scare them.

Lea and Isa being separated, and hearing each others screams as their experimented on by the apprentices. 

Lea being forced to watch as Isa is scarred by Xehanort. 

Lea promising Isa that they’ll do anything they can to escape - that they’ll always have each other.

Lea crying, watching as Isa is impaled by Xehanort’s keyblade before he himself is stabbed.

Lea’s tears settling on his cheeks as they fade, and never leaving him, even as a nobody. 

Both Axel and Saix left with reminders of what the apprentices did to them, right on their faces.