Kathy Griffin got crazy and deep, she earned the hot seat..But I remember when they depicted Obama as a monkey shot dead in the street..The NY Post said it was satire, quoted the 1st amendment..I guess you can threaten a president when he’s an African descendant
—  Born Free #therealbornfree
Before you say you want her, ask yourself if you truly deserve her..Because without honesty and integrity you will never keep her..If you want that magic to occur, met her on the highest levels..It will take more than chocolate and rose petals to find out where Heaven on earth is settled
—  Born Free #therealbornfree
If you love yourself, be loud about it..If you’re with the person you love, be loud about it..If you’re straight, bi, or queer, be loud about it..If you hate ignorance, intolerance, and fear, be loud about it
—  Born Free #therealbornfree 
I love thick women with love handles and sweet muffin tops…Beautifully full breasts and a devotion that won’t stop…Sexy round hips with soft feet that wrinkle perfectly on the bottom…All night private dancer with wet lips soft as cotton
—  Born Free #therealbornfree (The Book of Born Free…The Wisdom of Living Right Now!)

Max Schaaf - Born Free

I love your natural hair, I love your naked soul…I love your unlimited mind, I love your sweet casserole…I love your revolutionary heart, I love your erotic poetry…I love your spiritual prayers, I love your sacred geometry
—  Born Free #therealbornfree (The Book of Born Free…The Wisdom of Living Right Now!)

Born Free pt. 1

I appreciate this show more and more every year. Whether you agree or disagree with how fast it’s grown or how big it’s gotten.. there is no denying that this show brings out the best talent and the tried and true.

I didn’t invent the “chopper”. My family wasn’t involved from the start. I didn’t get it passed down to me. I have respect and some jealously towards those who can say otherwise but…. I’ve discovered it on my own and though there are some in it for the sake of being a part of it, I can truly say that I love this shit.

I love riding. I love the history. I love the feeling of being in the wind. I love the friends I’ve made because of these two wheels and I love that there’s no telling where it’ll take me.