Gaga was publicly criticized, called everything from a fraud to an attention seeking whore, her authenticity was questioned on a regular basis, so many people were quick to jump to say “she’s exploiting the gay community” and a song that started off just about herself and her fans and as an answer to interviewers who kept asking her about the way she dressed was over-analysed, critiqued and torn apart. After Jamey Rodemeyer’s suicide she spent time with Harvard experts studying and researching bullying and launched her own youth empowerment foundation named after her album, Born This Way. She has never backed down with the discussion, awareness and support to this day unlike so many other pop stars, even throughout everyone trying to put her down and the Russian government threatening her with imprisonment. During her 2012 tour she faced mobs of religious protesters in countries all over the world and was still defiant and truthful even risking arrest and jail several times yet somehow people still question the credibility and legitimacy of her activism.