How I imagine the opening scene of Queen of Shadows (ToG #4) will go
  • Aelin: [gets off boat]
  • Aelin: [sees Dorian under the Kings control]
  • Aelin: [to Chaol] Oh come on, you had one job!

aelin and aedion must reunite.
aelin and aedion must reunite.
aelin and aedion must reunite.

Did you read Veronica Roth’s (theartofnotwriting) awesome Goodreads interview? Initiates asked Veronica about getting into Four’s head, her tips for aspiring writers, and how she feels about the fan response to the ending of ALLEGIANT.

Read the interview here.

(Warning: ALLEGIANT spoilers ahead!)

“It was both an extremely difficult decision and a decision that I made very early on in the series (after finishing the rough draft of DIVERGENT, in fact). Ultimately it was the ending that felt most true to Tris’s character, and I was determined that she should end up exactly where she had chosen to go.”

Loose Ends? Season Four Speculation

1. We still have a huge overgrowth of vines in Republic City.

2. Varrick has a magnet suit? And apparently, we’re supposed to hear backstory from him, according to John Michael Higgins. The biz bender has to be up to something.

3. Ba Sing Se is in chaos.

4. The Red Lotus was not limited to Zaheer and the others. The next villain will be a Grand Red Lotus possibly?

5. People have noticed that some time was spent focused on Kuvira, captain of the Metal Clan guard. This is highly suspect.

6. Airbenders returning to nomadic roots. Wonder where that will go?

7. What is in Korra’s future? A recovery? Or perhaps she will be learning to cope with her new disability? (Possible segue for advice from an enlightened Toph?)

8. Attempts to reconnect with past lives?

9. Zaheer is not dead.

Hm, looking into my crystal ball of fandom guessery, I’m thinking that Kuvira (the character voiced by Zelda Williams in Legend of Korra’s final season) might be something of an authoritarian, right wing kind of character… if only to follow the pattern established with the villains thus far.

Like, Amon appeared to represent Communism as its most extreme, Unalaq attempted to establish a theocracy… at least until he descended into world-destroying megalomania, and Zaheer was an anarcho-primativist with a huge chunk of nihilism thrown in.

If we follow the thread created by the other homages to early 20 century political movements, it seems probable that Kuvira might be someone who attempts to take over the former Earth Kingdom through military means, under the justification of restoring order. Hence more direct fascism leanings than the “divine right to rule” brand of nationalism displayed by Ozai and Azula in the Last Airbender.

It would make sense both within the context of the show and historically, as the actions of the Red Lotus in the previous season (assassinating the Earth Queen to deliberately destablise the region) appear to have left a place where banditry is rife and there appears to be no official government even three years after the EQ’s death (as revealed in the clips anyway).

Historically speaking, when a country finds itself in that situation, it often gives rise to a politically extreme government. The chaos in Germany following World War One coupled with the Great Depression lead to the rise of the Nazis, for example, while in Russia the War mixed with dozens of other factors (oppressive government, food shortages etc.) lead to the Russian Revolution, a civil war and the rise of the Bolsheviks.

The case more likely to be invoked in the Earth Kingdom’s case, however, seems to be more in-line with China’s history in the early 20th century following the First Sino-Japanese War, the Warlord Period, the Civil War etc. that allowed the rise of Mao and his political opposite Chiang Kai-Shek. Where a series of wars coupled with an unpopular government lead to the Qing dynasty having to go into exile in Manchuria (which was occupied by the Imperial Japanese army army at the time… leading into a horror show I won’t go into here).

Prince Wu (who attempts to unsuccessfully butter up Asami Sato with claims that his royal blood literally makes him better than regular people) could possibly be based on the last Emperor of China, Pu-yi, who similarly had to go into exile following his expulsion from the Forbidden City in the 1920s.

Whether Kuvira will attempt to bring a more direct end to the political termoil in the area than the wandering police force provided by the Air Nomads… well we’ll see tomorrow presumably. But considering she’s assembling an army… well we can probably assume that she’s going to make a powerplay under the guise of restoring order.

That’s my opinion anyway.

okay but apollo is so vehemently bisexual i am in love with this

there is, like, never canon bisexuality but of the two greatest loves of his life one was male and one was female and he is just so open about it and he just casually brings up his attraction to men and women alike and just

im just so happy because bi representation is so important

Literally what happens
  • Alya: Where is Marientte? Ugh, she's late again.
  • Alya: Desperate times calls for desperate measures.
  • Alya, calls Marinette on phone: Adrien is here.
  • Marinette: *breaks the sound barrier and appears soon after* ADRIEN?
  • Alya: There you are.

favorite quote: he believes in me. i will not fail him.