Mac: To our monthly dinner.

Dennis: Oh, monthly dinner, baby. I tell you, I’ve been looking forward to this for…twenty-nine days!

Mac: Me, too. I did my hair good, and I wore two colognes.

Dennis: Is that what that is?

- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia “The Gang Dines Out”

There aren’t any second chances for us. We have to make it this time.
—  Journal Entry; Summer 2013
Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary. No better way to spend a long car trip than taking notes on a book you've already read more times than I'd care to say. 😊

When Kendra was reading the Journal of Secrets, her parents thought she’d joined a cult 😅

Only page 6 of book 4 and Kendra already has trust issues

“I could always use some of the gold to hire some thugs to kidnap you and hold you hostage until after the holidays.” -Seth pg 10

Seth could tell something was up with Kendra almost immediately

KENDRA IS SAVAGE! “I think kidnapper probably nails it.” To Torina

Imagine. Kendra in a green and white checkered dress.

While we’re at it, Seth in a dark blue suit with his hair combed

Ok so not actually in the book, but reading about Seth at Kendra’s funeral seriously made me think about this fanfic one-shot I read about Seth going mute in grief and 😭😭😭

Seth has the Burgess selflessness, “wasn’t your fault… you’ve had plenty of your own trouble” pg 72

Oh savage Kendra! She can get reckless! She stormed out to try to warn Torina’s next victim

Then the sass! “I’m so sorry,” Kendra apologized. “That must be rough when sucking someone’s life away isn’t super fun.” 83

The society knows Kendra as the one who took down Vanessa Santoro

I wonder if there’s a correlation between an artifact and it’s location. Like Wirth the font of immortality. Was the origin of the myth from the Middle East? Just food for thought.

Newel and Doren really do care about Seth. They put aside business right away after they found out about Kendra 106

Seth pieced together the stingbulb issue first

The sorensons REALLY want to trust Vanessa.

Kendra was shocked at Seth’s reaction to seeing her alive

Warren defended Vanessa

Seth is terrified at hearing the shadowy voices

Seth is afraid he can’t trust himself

“What’s the password?” “Passwords are for sissies.”

Stingbulb Kendra was proud to tell her escape to seth, she likes being rebellious when the needs outweigh the risks.

Hugo loves Seth!!! Awww!

Graulas warned against fighting Navarog

Friendly reminder that Seth told Udnar the troll that his name was Navarog

Warren defended Seth the whole time

Stan told the Centaurs to HOLD THEIR HORSES!!! 😂😂😂

Gavin has a naturally dark complexion

Warren can spin a basketball on his finger.

Seth is really nice to Bubda, even though he could easily get away with being mean.

Wyrmroost folks are a redheaded Minotaur with an eyepatch, an alcetaur with a large scar, and a snake lady. We see all these guys in Dragonwatch

Agad said that a dragon’s avatar is a nearly perfect disguise

Also Agad autocorrects to A dad. Haha

Seth to Warren, “try not to leave me down here too long. You can only play a certain amount of Yahtzee games in a row before you become a lunatic” warren: “I’ll keep that in mind”

Both Kendra and Patton have fake graves

Seth told a bunch of wraiths and shades in Blackwell to play the quiet game 😂

“Most shade walkers are evil to the core. You strike me as quite the opposite.” -Agad to Seth

Mendigo skips

They brought s'mores to Wyrmroost

Note the famous quote, “Seth is in charge of my gravestone” was said while Warren was loopy on pain potions and his words were all slurred like he was drunk 😂😂😂

Bubda admits to missing Seth

Kendra remembers playing Yahtzee with Grandma and Grandpa Larsen (who were the ones who owned the knapsack before 😉)

Raxtus loves drive in movies!

Dragon insurance potion (flame-resistant, electric-resistant, and courage boosting) is partly described as spicy hot. The same description as the pure courage potion from book 2!

Vanessa about Warren, “serves him right. Warren was always so cocky.”

Gavin 😡😭😱😵😡😭😭😵😭😡

Kendra and Raxtus cuddles

“Kendra tried to forget what she had learned about Gavin, and tried to ignore that she had seen him eaten right in front of her.” Pg 518. Poor Kendra. Even after being betrayed, she’s still in shock of seeing him die in front of her.

Kendra and Seth’s prank with the unicorn horn is priceless!!! 😂

Aaaaaand cliffhanger. Good thing I’ve already read them all, or the last two hours of my drive would have been so suspenseful I would have embraced death right there.


‘My reason is I want you to be happy, Ross, and doing things you enjoy doing - and working hard and living hard. What I don’t want is to see you trying to do things you can’t do and having to do things you don’t agree with - and cutting yourself to pieces because of what you think is failure.’   

okay but apollo is so vehemently bisexual i am in love with this

there is, like, never canon bisexuality but of the two greatest loves of his life one was male and one was female and he is just so open about it and he just casually brings up his attraction to men and women alike and just

im just so happy because bi representation is so important

You’ve been paying close attention, haven’t you?”
“I like to observe people.”
“Maybe you were cut out for Candor, Four, because you’re a terrible liar.”
He puts his hand on the rock next to him, his fingers lining up with mine. I look down at our hands. He has long, narrow fingers. Hands made for fine, deft movements. Not Dauntless hands, which should be thick and tough and ready to break things.
“Fine.” He leans his face closer to mine, his eyes focusing on my chin, and my lips, and my nose. “I watched you because I like you.
—  Tris & Four
Divergent By: Veronica Roth
Literally what happens
  • Alya: Where is Marientte? Ugh, she's late again.
  • Alya: Desperate times calls for desperate measures.
  • Alya, calls Marinette on phone: Adrien is here.
  • Marinette: *breaks the sound barrier and appears soon after* ADRIEN?
  • Alya: There you are.

aelin and aedion must reunite.
aelin and aedion must reunite.
aelin and aedion must reunite.