percy’s fatal flaw is so downplayed in hoo smh

here is a sixteen year old teenager who is willing to lay down his life for his friends. like dude. he will literally not give a shit about whether the gods win or lose but he will keep his friends safe and he doesn’t care about dying in the process. and like he goes crazy when someone he loves is in danger. remember in the last olympian when they find sally and paul in the sleeping city and percy is literally shaking and so distressed that the jar of hope appears??? and in tartarus when he’s literally layering curse after curse over himself just to get to annabeth??  like holy shit that’s so scary that even the gods acknowledge it and then in boo he’s like lol bye guys 

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Whoa whoa wait. When did he almost let someone kill him?! How do I not remember this?! Please tell me

It was in BoO. Percy and Jason went underwater and met Kymopoleia and Polybotes. Polybotes attacked Percy and trapped him in a shroud of poison. Jason struck a deal with Kymopoleia and she “saved” Percy.

After all of this, Jason and Percy sat down, still underwater, and Percy said this:

And that’s some serious shit right there. He literally said he didn’t fight back because he thought he deserved it. This teenager literally went to hell and back and almost let someone kill him and it never really gets resolved? 

I mean, this was Jason’s response:

And that’s it. Jason doesn’t say anything more so Percy changes the subject. He just admitted that he was suicidal, that he thought he deserved to die and that’s all he got in return. 

I just can’t get over this. There are so many things RR left unresolved but this really takes the cake for me.

S.coups: Let’s make sure everyone is here. 1…2…um where’s Seungkwan?

Vernon: I’m here!

Seventeen: *groans* Not again…

S.coups: You’re Vernon!! How many times do I have to tell you guys to stop this? Now where’s-

Seungkwan: Don’t take this the wrong way but-

S.coups:  When I said you can be anybody you want, I didn’t mean each other!

Seungkwan: You’re so ice ice baby

Jeonghan: Are you two having an identity crisis?

Vernon: NoooooNONooonOONoNoNo

Wonwoo: Well I guess it’s true when you love someone so much you start to act like them…



Vernon: I wanna be your morning baby