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Not really an ask. Just wanted to greet you a Happy Birthday!!! Thank you so much for all the amazing fics, the random strain answers, the S4 and Fushimi and FushimixEveryone love that you've helped spread! <3 <3 <3

Thank you! I’m proud to have spent another year spreading Fushimi love to all XD

Sing For Me - Ch. 22

They shared a laugh as Emily made the turn onto the trail road for the cabin, and it wasn’t long before they were in the car port, Lena looking around with an odd expression. “Em? Can you smell that?”

Emily shook her head. “No?” She wasn’t jealous of her girlfriend’s nose, really, but she would swear that there were times Lena could catch a whiff of something miles away while Emily was still struggling to get a bearing on her immediate surroundings. “What is it?”

“I…don’t quite know for sure,” Lena admitted hesitantly, “but I think you might want to check on Lady.”

“Oh?” Emily stepped out of the carport and took a strong sniff of the air, letting her mouth open to see if she could figure out what Lena had caught on the wind. The smells of the wood, the hot metal and lingering exhaust as Oliver cooled, all as she would have expected. The sage and peppercorn scent that marked Amélie’s presence was…rather strong…and as she took another deep sniff she caught the strong scent of orange peel, usually a much more subtle note in the other woman’s fragrance.  

Oh. Well, that…makes things interesting.

She didn’t notice any other presence, so that likely meant that it had either just started very recently…or Amélie was a few days in and driving herself out of her mind.  

Emily looked back to Lena. “Well. We…might need to have that talk with her. Or at least ask if she’s OK or if she’d prefer we leave. How’re you feeling about that, Lena?”

Lena had taken hold of the moonstone pendant, and rubbed a thumb over it for a moment before she spoke. “I…yeah. I think we should have that talk, but if she’s not ready, I completely understand if we need to go. Why don’t I wait here with the car, and you can see what she wants to do? That way it’s no pressure, and if she wants to go, we go.”

Emily took a deep breath and squared her shoulders as she tried to settle the sudden flurry of butterflies in her stomach.

Polite, discrete, respectful. You can do it, Emily…

She gave Lena a quick kiss for luck, then turned to walk towards the cabin, mentally trying to compose a few words.  

Hi, Lady, we didn’t mean to interrupt, but – Oh, god, no. Start over.

Amélie, maybe we should come inside and talk, if you’re willing? Ugh. That sounds like we want to kick her out.  

You were nice enough to offer to leave while I was in heat. Would you like us to come in? Oh, god, no, that just seems like a bad pick up line.

You know that Lena and I both care a lot about you, and we both find you attractive. If you wanted…we could try to help you, right now, and then talk about what we all want afterwards?

That sounded reasonably mature and adult, didn’t it?