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hey!! do you happen to have a download link for invincible iron man 6?

this is the website i’m using instead of torrents! i’m actually going to hold off on doing it every month and just update all in one go (so i’ll 6-10 when they’re all out, although i WILL be posting links to international iron man #1 just because that’s a first issue of a new run).

i want a cute best friends plot where they hang out all the time and everyone already thinks they’re dating but they swear theyre nothing more than friends but theyre super close and share everything w one another and then one day one of them starts dating someone the other hates and it causes a big rift in their relationship bc not only is their best friend dating the person they loathe more than anything but they actually find themself hella jealous and let the angst ensue ! 

I just realised there’s one more thing that the show didn’t get right - and it’s that KIRA’S PARENTS WOULD HAVE GONE TO HER FIRST LACROSSE GAME. Like, thinking about it now I’m all wtf! at the fact that neither Ken nor Noshiko were shown to be at Kira’s very first big lacrosse game. I mean, ok, maybe Noshiko would be more reserved and aloof, but even then Noshiko would be proud of Kira and I can still imagine her turning up and being quite composed throughout the whole game but then Kira scores that first goal and Noshiko inadvertently lets out a triumphant YES! and actually almost punches the air before composing herself. 

But you cannot tell me that Ken Yukimura wouldn’t be utterly ecstatic and delighted that his lil awkward baby made the lacrosse team, turning up on the night wearing a LACROSSE DAD T-shirt with pompoms and one of those giant foam no. 1 cheering hands and a giant poster with “KICK THEIR ASSES, KIRA” emblazoned across in big bold letters, attempting to give Kira a pep talk in the car ride on the way there, only he keeps quoting from famous rousing historical speeches and Kira’s just sitting in the back like “DAD IF YOU DONT STOP I WILL LITERALLY JUMP OUT OF THIS MOVING VEHICLE”

Like, one night Ken comes across the lacrosse jersey just casually tossed in with the rest of the laundry as he’s loading up the washer, yells for his wife to come quick in such an overexcited, urgent tone that Noshiko was very nearly almost startled, something she hasn’t been in at least fifty years. Noshiko being deeply amused and slightly exasperated as Ken realises Kira didn’t tell either of them about it and laments about it all night, oh no she’s going through that phase where she won’t talk to any of us, and then formulates a plan to gently bring it up with her tomorrow at school. Kira asking Noshiko to buy gear with her because she knows her dad’s gonna be so embarrassing but Ken insists on coming and enthusiastically picks out equipment for her (NO DAD i don’t want the weird fluoro coloured lacrosse stick with matching coloured shoulder and elbow pads can we please just get the normal white one??!?! MOM TELL HIM TO STOP).

I’m just going to headcanon that maybe Kira purposefully didn’t tell them about the big game because she knew that she’d die of embarrassment if her dad came and got too excited, or that Ken and Noshiko found out too late about the game and had already booked a restaurant for that evening because they’d organised a date night previously which they couldn’t change, so Kira told them it was ok if they didn’t come.

Fruits Basket headcanon time! 

Uo and Tohru would definitely set up playdates for Hajime and Kureno/Uo’s child while they’d relax together and catch up. 

Whenever Uo would visit she would tell Hajime wonderful stories about his grandmother and her bike with lights that looked like a red butterfly.

You know how much I miss Krem? As I was standing in the shower yesterday, I was struck by an extremely strong urge to write a fic where Dorian uses the stupidest fuckin plot device ever, time magic, to go back and drag the Chargers out of the death trap where Bull left them and bring them to the present alive and well, and that is the whole point of the fic and it’s a terrible idea But Krem