I just really had a surprise stealth bombing of OMG FEELINGS in this scene, because it’s so quiet and almost soft, the way her staff genuinely cares about her, not just as their leader, but as a person, as someone they love!  The way Satsuki has no problems showing that she’s exhausted or in pain around them, she has no problem showing softer emotions, the almost vulnerable look on her face when she turns to face them.

The way that smile at the end (when the old man says that once Satsuki’s made up her mind, she never backs down), it’s not really as much of a smirk as it looks like, it’s actually a smile.

The way Satsuki treats the people around her is what keeps me coming back to her character time and again.  She so powerful and fierce and willful and arrogant and commanding!  She’s hard and has a fist of iron!  But she’s never cruel, instead she assess people honestly, she has their loyalty and they have hers in return, she treats them well.  She’s always their leader, it’s never in question that she’s in command, but she doesn’t treat them poorly for it.

Satsuki is the kind of commander you want to follow into hell.  YOU HAVE MY VOTE FOR QUEEN OF THE WORLD 2k17, MY LADY.

What do you guys think about like a gift set? A plushie, a bath bomb with a surprise inside, and a candle. So like a pink bat, a rose quartz bath bomb with a ring/necklace inside, and a candle with the same look/scent. Or a nessie plushie, a nessie egg bath bomb with a toy inside, this sort of thing. I’ve wanted to branch out a bit more and do other things besides plushies, that’s why my store is called just caprien, not caprien plush. I think I can come up with a lot of designs people would like. It’s fun because the plushie, the bath bomb, and the candle can have all the same scent. It feels like a special novelty set and that’s the sort of thing I want to make. Also sorry I’ve been a bit inactive I was dealing with some stuff.

MBTI Types as Lush Bath Bombs

INTJ: Metamorphosis. Dark on the outside. Warm and colorful in the inside.

ENTP: The Experimenter. Do I have to explain?

INTP: Intergalatic. Space related. So are many of the INTP’s hobbies.

ENFJ: Golden Slumbers. Tries its best to help people with their various conditions (in this case sleeplessness)

ENTJ: Dragon egg. The most successful bath bomb. There’s a huge surprise midway (in the ENTJ’s case you learn that they dont actually hate you) but you won’t mind.

INFJ: Ylang Song. Is a kitchen exculsive and super expensive = the rarest.

(there were no good water photos im sorry)

ENFP: Calavera. So many ideas and colors in one pleasing bath bomb!

INFP: Sacred Lotus. I don’t think that I could find a more stereotypical name.

ESFP: Roller. A quote from Lush ‘They see me rolling’ and that is ESFP af. Also its pretty inside and out, much like the all the amazing ESFPs ive met.

ESTP: Lava Bomb. Bold and beautiful. A bit much for some people tho.

ISTP: Cyanide pill. Seems dangerous but is not what you expected (most of the istps ive met r really chill unlike the stereotype.)

ISFP: Think Pink. Great aesthetic and liked by many people.

ISFJ: Twighlight. Subtle, helpful (if u would like to sleep) and liked by many.

ISTJ: Superdad. Don’t you love stereotypes? (it is really pretty tho)

ESTJ: Guardian of the Forest. The name is kinda stereotypical. (sorry)

ESFJ: A Fox in the Flowers. idk im tired sorry byee

It’s Just a Prank

Pairing: Sirius Black X Reader

Prompt: It honestly shouldn’t even be a surprise whenever a loud bang or disgusted shriek comes echoing down the halls. Not with Sirius Black and his ‘brilliant plans’ anyway. What he didn’t expect was to be caught in the crossfires.

A/N: Another Sirius one! Something a bit more lighthearted than the last one, I hope. Not sure why I made the prompt sound so ominous, but I’ll just say it’s not as Sirius as I make it out to be. Haha I’ll escort myself out thanks

Originally posted by ba1n3s

As he walked through the school halls, seldom gave any attention to the confident strides that Sirius Black made. However, observant students would know to beware of his walk. Many in the creative Ravenclaw house have already figured out a systematic approach. If he was seen like this nearby, it would be wise to steer clear and hope you weren’t the intended target. In fact, it wouldn’t be far off to say that the Eagles even had a designated lookout squad just in case for particular events such as these. In the right circles, it was well known that if Sirius Black was smirking, trouble was brewing and about to explode. Sometimes quite literally.

He casually opened the door of the Gryffindor common room, ready to explain his master plan. Inside, his three best friends were already waiting. 

“Took you long enough,” James said. 

Remus rolled his eyes. “He was gone for twenty minutes.” 

“Well excuse me if I bother to take the time for precision. Perfection isn’t done in merely a day, James.” Sirius flipped his hair dramatically and took a seat on the couch.

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dazai and fyodor are...

after thinking over this again and again, i think it might actually be true…

spoilers and theories underneath!

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104 to 404 Parallels.

I’m a parallel hoe guys, I know lots of people don’t like terming the constant similar scenes the show gives us as such, but….what else can you call them?

104 moments will be in italics, 404 moments will be in bold. Conversational similarities in bolded italics. 

So…here we go:

Clarke is angry with Abby, decides to “make her feel it” by cutting off her own wristband.

Abby’s response to Clarke’s fake death? “No! No. Hell no. No.”

A parent believing they’ve lost a child? Similar to Bellamy believing he’s lost Octavia, the sister he’s raised as if he were her father. Even the verbal response is the same. 

Monty removes Clarke’s wristband and hopes to use it to communicate with the Ark

Clarke disguises her need to punish her mother as a means of helping the Ark.

This is a parallel to Octavia’s bad attempt to disguise her need for vengeance as saving her people

The Delinquents are trying to build a wall to keep the Grounders out.

A parallel to the Arkadians making repairs to the Ark to keep the radiation out. 

Octavia is trying to help Jasper conquer his fear of going outside of the Dropship walls.

Mbege plays a prank (albeit a cruel one) on Jasper, pretending to kidnap O.

Could be a parallel to Jasper’s pranks this episode, in particular the prank where he pretends to die in black rain.

Jasper and Octavia discover Wells’ fingers and Murphy’s knife.

Monty and Jasper discover the “Survivor’s List”.

Kane is suspicious of Abby’s comings and goings. He’s tracking her movements.

A very thin possible parallel to Roan being suspicious of the Arkadians and might have Echo tracking their movements. 

Jasper and Octavia bring the knife to Bellamy and Clarke.

Clarke deduces the knife is made of metal from the Dropship and so it couldn’t be a Grounder. Bellamy wants to keep the discovery quiet. Clarke and Bellamy are still antagonistic. Clarke wants to inform the people there’s a murderer amongst them. Bellamy thinks it’s a bad idea.

Exact convo:

Bellamy: “Clarke, be smart about this. Look at what we’ve achieved… the wall, the patrols. Like it or not, thinking the Grounders killed Wells is good for us.”

Clarke: “Oh, good for you, you mean. What… keep people afraid and they’ll work for you? Is that it?”

Bellamy: “Yeah. That’s it. But it’s good for all of us. Fear of the Grounders is building that wall. And besides, what are you gonna do… just walk out there and ask the killer to step forward? You don’t even know whose knife that is.”

Monty and Jasper confront Clarke with the Survivor’s List. Monty initially wants to keep the discovery quiet. Jasper and Clarke are still antagonistic. Jasper want to inform people that Clarke has made a list. Monty and Clarke think it’s a bad thing. 

Exact convo:

Jasper: “You’re not God, Clarke. You don’t get to decide who lives or dies.”

Clarke: “The list is a backup. We have a…”

Jasper:  “Well, I guess you don’t mind if I tell everyone, then, right?”

Monty: “Jasper, no.”

 Jasper: “People have a right to know that they’re working for nothing.”

(Additional note: In 204 Kane shocklashing Abby to keep order in Arkadia, Clarke does the same to Jasper here.)

Clarke confronts Murphy about his supposed murder in the middle of camp. She is very agitated; her voice is raised. People stop working on building the wall and begin to move closer to the confrontation.

Monty confronts Clarke about the list, then begins to read that list over the Rover’s radio. People stop working on repairing the Ark and begin to move closer to the confrontation. 

A floating! In response to the charges levied against Murphy cries of “Float him” begin to sound.

Jaha is “floated” in the opening scene of this episode, although his floating is a joke. 

Finn comes onto the scene, demanding that Murphy be cut down, but it is ultimately Charlotte’s confession that saves him.

Clarke pleads her case, explaining her reasons for picking the people she did, but it is ultimately Jaha arriving on the scene that disperses the crowd

The people on the Ark are suffering from oxygen deprivation. Abby tells Raven “It’s just the beginning.”

Here, a possible parallel to this Season’s big bad. In Season 1, the Ark (the people’s home) is killing them. Earth, the people’s home is already beginning to kill some of them (those who died of A.R.S).

Abby puts herself in danger for Raven, going to get the part from Nygel, trading her morphine.

Compare this to Abby putting herself in danger for Jackson, stepping out of the cover of the tree line to reach him.

Charlotte reaches for Clarke’s hand and is rebuffed.

Clarke says the following to Charlotte (who later jumps off a cliff):

“She’s a killer. You killed someone, Charlotte. Ended his life. Did you stop to think about that for even one second? Look at me! You can’t just kill someone to make yourself feel better.”

Kane says the following to Octavia (who later falls off a cliff):

“There’s a darkness in you, Octavia. I know you’re still mourning. Sit down. You didn’t have to kill that boy. You didn’t have to kill Ambassador Rafel. You didn’t have to kill Pike….A warrior knows when not to kill. Lincoln taught you that. You seem to have forgotten.”

Clarke chastises Finn for keeping the bunker a secret.

Then they have the following conversation:

Clarke: Well… Looks like they never made it here. No. I figure the bombs took them by surprise.

Finn: All this preparation. What a waste.

(Not an actual parallel, but perhaps a possible hint at how the season will go? Perhaps someone, or lots of someones, don’t make it into whatever will serve as a bunker this season.)

Finn and Clarke wake to discover Charlotte is gone.

Octavia leaves Polis. 

Raven says: “Abby how about I pace in the operating room next time you’re working.”

(Again, not an actual parallel, but perhaps something that might happen next episode, while Abby works to test Luna’s blood, Raven gets a little….fidgety as she waits for her turn.)

Bellamy and Charlotte arrive at a cliff, Murphy and his rag tag group hot on their tail.

Octavia and Helios arrive at a cliff, Echo and her two pals hot on her tail.

Charlotte jumps off the cliff after telling the group “I can’t let any of you get hurt. Not for me. Not after what I did.”

Bellamy yells “No!”, Clarke shoves Murphy away and says, crying: “No, no, no!”

Murphy is shocked.

Octavia is stabbed by Echo and falls off the cliff, Echo is shocked. Bellamy, upon hearing the news, is devastated and yells “No!”

Bellamy attacks Murphy, tackling him to the ground and punching him repeatedly until Finn intervenes.

They have the following conversation:

Bellamy: “Get off me! Uhh! He deserves to die.”

Clarke: “No! We don’t decide who lives and dies. Not down here.”

Bellamy: “So help me God, if you say the people have a right to decide…”

Clarke: “No, I was wrong before, okay? You were right. Sometimes it’s dangerous to tell people the truth. But if we’re gonna survive down here, we can’t just live by whatever the hell we want. We need rules.”

Bellamy: “And who makes those rules, huh? You?”

Clarke: “For now, we make the rules. Okay?”

Bellamy: “So, what, then? We just take him back and pretend like it never happened?”

Clarke: “No! We banish him.”

Again, Jasper’s line about not being God, not getting to choose who lives or who dies is relevant here. 

Abby marches to meet Kane. Kane confronts her with the truth. Let’s her know he knows about Raven and has Abby arrested.

Raven simultaneously launches the Dropship.

Could parallel this moment to Abby putting herself in harms way to save Jackson and Raven knocking out the drones. 

Monty’s attempt to make the wristbands work as a communication device ultimately fails, knocking out every wristband left, something Jasper blames on himself.

(Again, not a confirmed parallel, but perhaps something that might happen later. Perhaps Abby and Raven ultimately fail in creating more Nightblood. Perhaps, this is what we see in the trailer? The man in the medical chamber, suffering from lesions? Was he a test subject? This would also be similar to Mt. Weather testing the effects of the Delinquents blood on the girl in the meadow.

Continuing down this train of thought: The failure of Abby’s nightblood serum could result in the mass death of large portions of Azgeda. I think, once Roan knows what the plan for survival is, he will insist on his people being administered the serum first, as a show of good faith. The serum won’t work though and the Azgeda members who were administered the serum will die. Roan (and likely Echo) will not be among their number as a King would never be allowed to be a test subject. 

I’ve been thinking for a while that the mass death of this Season will be the Grounders. They have the largest numbers (according to Clarke’s list-over 5,000) and are therefore the easiest to whittle down. We’ve already seen the extermination of Floukru-all but Luna-and the massacre in the Trikru embassy. Getting rid of most of the Grounders helps alleviate the burden Clarke feels in having to save “everyone.”)

We move to Clarke and Finn in the bunker, Finn is angrily trashing the bunker.

They have the following convo:

“Finn! Finn, stop it! Calm down!”

Finn: We’re dead to them! Don’t you get that?

Clarke: No, there’s still hope.

Finn: Even you don’t believe that. It’s over, Clarke. They’re gonna die up there, and we’re alone.

Clarke: You’re not alone.

Finn and Clarke have sex, as Clarke makes an effort to convince Finn that he’s not alone.

The closing scene is Raven, still dropping to the Earth, looking at the necklace Finn made for her.

I think we might get a moment with Clarke and Bellamy (before he finds out Octavia is still alive) where she tries to convince him that he’s not alone. 

Possible spoilers under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

So I really want to show BTS to my friend and I want her to love the guy's personalities. I just don't know which videos to show her. Which videos got you really really into the boys? Would you mind recommending some?

Well the first step to becoming an A.R.M.Y is getting to know Bangtans music style, so start them off by watching some good old fashioned music videos. Now don’t forget that when bangtan first debuted they had a bad boy type feel, so don’t be afraid to show your friend their dark stuff.

It’s not over yet though!! Your friend has now watched their music videos but they haven’t watched what happens behind the camera, so here’s some behind the scenes footage.

By now your friend must be intrigued, they will probably be asking questions like “Who are they?” or “Who is that hottie with the eyeliner, the one with that just trampled everyone’s back?”, If they’re not asking these questions please repeat the first step again.

The second step is really simple, your job is now to make sure your friend gets to know Bangtan. You will have to introduce them to hyung line and the maknae line, and the best way to do that is making them watch the videos listed below. 

Now it’s time to get personal, Rookie King is the best way to really get to know each of Bangtans members, so go ahead and get the popcorn ready.

They’re probably asking to see more episodes now, AMIRIGHT?? Well here’s a list just because they’re begging for more.

Your friend should now be familiar with each member, if they are not please repeat step two.

The third step is to bring your friend back to their music videos. Bangtan is not as tough as they appeared on their debut, and as Bangtan grew their music and style changed, you can tell by watching the videos listed below. 

Pretty cool right?? Well it gets better, we will now be introducing your friend to some Bangtan dance practices. Bangtan is well known for their amazing dancing skills and choreography, and of course you have to let your friend know how amazing they are. 

So you thought that was the end of step three? You were wrong. We still need to get your friend to get to know Bangtan better by watching a few live performances. 

Now that your friend has familiarized themselves with Bangtans music and dancing it’s time to move on to the next step. If you feel that your friend hasn’t familiarized themselves with the group, please repeated step three. 

For step four, I’m assuming that your friend is an A.R.M.Y by now… if they aren’t then it’s time to pull out the big guns with some Bangtan Bombs. I will not be naming the following videos, they will be a surprise!

That didn’t work???? Time to pull out the bigger guns…. Two words… VARIETY… SHOWS.

Your friend is probably a hardcore A.R.M.Y by now right?? If you answered no… please repeat step four. 

The fifth and final step is to sit back and watch AHL with your new A.R.M.Y friend. 

Now that you have completed these five easy steps, your friend should now be an A.R.M.Y. You should probably mentally prepare yourself because now you have a new born A.R.M.Y in your hands. 


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 6.22.17

theme thursday: bath bombs baby

the party bomb by dabombfizzers

dabombfizzers’ bath bombs are so FUN and creative! i love this bright yellow one with sprinkles — their PARTY BOMB :D plus, all of their bombs have a secret surprise hidden inside!!

Since Valentine’s is next month, what will everyone do for their s/o or crush?

You have NO IDEA how excited I was to answer this ask!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • knows the most about valentine’s day!
  • he has researched this holiday and all of its traditions and customs EXTENSIVELY across so many different cultures!
  • only the nicest chocolates and flowers for his beautiful s/o, of course.
  • very common gifts from him, all traditional valentines day items, nothing too special, but really nice!
  • you can tell he put a lot of work into making sure he could get everything to pamper you.
  • he even cooked dinner that night!
  • just to let you rest!
  • just a lot of nice gestures, over all a very pleasant day!

Maki Harukawa

  • doesn’t really,,,
  • understand what shes supposed to be doing??
  • at all?
  • she did not research this-
  • but she suggests that maybe since neither of you really got each other anything that instead, you just go out for a nice dinner!
  • and a nice dinner it is indeed.
  • a wallet emptying dinner.
  • but she looked so cute and so happy to be spending a night out with you…
  • you couldn’t say no, not even when she ordered a CRAZY EXPENSIVE dessert.
  • she was smiling all night, she really loves you, and spending time with you on valentine’s day was definitely super special to her.
  • you get lots of kisses that night!

Rantarou Amami

  • he had a lot prepared but it was all surprises so for a while you thought he just forgot…
  • but that night, he said that it would be nice to go see a new movie.
  • it wasn’t even a movie you wanted to see, so you were kind of annoyed, but…not like you had plans anyway, so you agree.
  • initiate surprise
  • you notice that you’re not driving to the movie theatre a few minutes after he starts driving, but…
  • where are you going, exactly??
  • he drives you to the top of a hill??
  • but then you see it.
  • on the top there’s a large, soft blanket stretched out, with a basket of food in the middle, a small candle, and a bottle of wine.
  • it’s incredibly romantic…he planned all this just for you??
  • and under the stars??
  • he spends all night telling you how much he loves you and how beautiful you are, and how each star reminds him of your eyes.
  • you laugh and joke about how cheesy that is, but kiss him anyway.

Kirumi Toujou

  • she’s…actually never had a valentine’s day before. so you take charge!
  • you clean the entire house spotless, to save her the work when she gets home!
  • you make dinner!
  • you set up a nice hot bath for her!
  • you realize that either the dinner or the bath is gonna get cold.
  • you revise dinner! that can wait!
  • when she gets home, she really does appreciate how clean the place is, you did an admirable job in her opinion.
  • you guide her right to the bath, and she is so relieved.
  • a relaxing night is just what she needed after today.
  • you make a mental note: bath > dinner was the right choice!
  • while she’s in the bath, you remake dinner.
  • and when she gets out, you eat!
  • she says dinner is delicious, and she really appreciates all you did today…
  • in the end, you cuddle and watch a movie in bed until you both fall asleep.
  • woo kirumi: success!

Ouma Kokichi

  • he is FULLY EXPECTING to be pampered today. 
  • if he is not?? he will scream and never forgive you that is a FACT
  • which means you have to go out and buy him chocolate, because he has expressly stated this is all he wants!
  • and dinner.
  • and cuddles.
  • and kisses.
  • so you go out to get chocolate. and dinner.
  • when you get back, EVERYTHING is decorated with hearts and pink and red. EVERYTHING.
  • he is so excited for you to see! look what he did! he did valentine’s day!
  • he tells you there’s a hot bath waiting for you and that he’ll make dinner and that you can eat the chocolates!
  • surprise!
  • even the bath is pink and full of hearts!
  • the magic of bath bombs!
  • surprise!
  • and when you get out, he already has some very nice pyjamas laid out for you, nice and warm from the laundry!
  • surprise!
  • and he’s actually made dinner and picked out a movie!
  • surprise!
  • you two cuddle on the couch, eat some supreme ruler brand spaghetti, and cuddle a whole lot!
  • whenever he’s not shovelling spaghetti into his mouth, he is kissing your adorable cheeks!
  • he considers this valentines day a HUGE SUCCESS.
  • he leaves out the part where a few members from his secret society are the ones that set up the bath.
  • and decorated the house.
  • and made sure your favourite chocolates were on sale.
  • and made the dinner.
  • that is the only reason it tastes good.
  • …surprise??

Angie Yonaga

  • angie did something very special this valentine’s day!
  • she made you something!
  • a sculpture! an incredible sculpture of you!
  • you’re really flattered when she tells you how long she spent on it, but now you feel bad for only getting her flowers…
  • but angie assures you that she loves them!
  • plus, now angie can make a flower crown for her beautiful s/o sculpture!
  • after that, you two have the cuddliest valentine’s day you possibly could have asked for.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • he got you something pretty special this valentine’s day, but…
  • he has literally no idea how to give it to you.
  • so he’s just been going along like this is a normal valentine’s day, lots of kisses, lots of PDA, little hugs, compliments, tiny gifts, all that fun stuff.
  • but he has been so nervous all day and you’re starting to notice.
  • you ask him what’s wrong and??
  • he just blushes harder and says you just-
  • look so nice today!
  • that’s all!
  • liar
  • so finally he takes you home for a nice, private dinner together.
  • it’s nice!
  • but he still looks super nervous.
  • you stop eating, put down your fork and knife, and ask him again to tell you what’s wrong.
  • and finally he just takes a deep breath
  • and gets down on one knee
  • and takes out a ring

Miu Iruma


Kaito Momota

  • he has picked the perfect spot for stargazing! you’re gonna love it!
  • he drives you both up there with all his stargazing equipment, and the two of you have a wonderful time watching the sky.
  • you even see a shooting star!
  • and the moon is just beautiful tonight!
  • kaito’s valentine’s day is simple, but it’s really, really nice.
  • you enjoy it!

Kaede Akamatsu

  • kaede says she did something really special this valentine’s day, but she looks nervous.
  • she says she really hopes you like it…
  • the two of you go to her room, and she sits at her piano.
  • you are overjoyed, you can’t wait to hear her play!
  • you love her music.
  • the song she plays is soft and beautiful…
  • and named after you.
  • she wrote it for you!
  • she wrote you an entire song for valentine’s day, and it’s beautiful! 
  • she says she really doesn’t want anything in return, she just wanted to do this for you because she loves you so much.
  • she gives you lots of face kisses all day long!
  • it’s such a nice, sweet valentine’s day.


  • a lot like korekiyo, did a lot of research but doesn’t really know how to make it feel personal.
  • he’s not too good at cuddles, either…
  • so pampering you and giving you gifts is the right way to go in his book!
  • he hopes you like his kisses, even if his lips aren’t real…
  • you promise you do!
  • so yay! lots of kisses!
  • he just tries to make the day as generally nice as possible for you!
  • and it goes well! you feel very valued and nice!
  • you give him lots of hugs and kisses as a reward.

Himiko Yumeno

  • she has an amazing show for you!
  • she made the whole thing special, just for you!
  • it’s sappy as hell and full of romantic cheesy innuendo, but you love it all the same.
  • but??
  • she needs a volunteer from the audience!
  • the audience of literally just you…
  • so you get to go up on stage!
  • she points her wand at you, aaaaand…
  • BAM! bouquet of flowers!
  • ta-da!
  • romantic!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • gonta doesn’t really know how to do valentine’s day but…
  • he’s gonna try!
  • so he thinks that tonight is a good night…
  • for you to finally meet his parents.
  • so he takes you out to the middle of the woods and introduces you to a full pack of wolves.
  • you…stay for dinner??
  • but gonta knows you don’t want to eat wolf food so he brought you a sandwich! a real nice one!
  • despite the weird circumstances, you have a good time.
  • the wolves are very cute and very soft and getting to get so close to them and pet them is almost surreal.
  • what an incredible valentine’s day experience!

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • she wakes you up nice and early to start a super fun day!
  • you two go to the carnival for a really nice date!
  • it’s pretty much the most fun valentine’s day ever, and you have a great time!
  • you stay pretty much the whole day, you can’t possibly ask her to go home.
  • not when she’s so happy!
  • not when she’s so happy to be here, and having such a great time!
  • you stay until nighttime…
  • and she DEMANDS that you go stand in this VERY SPECIFIC SPOT.
  • which is a little odd??
  • but then…
  • they’re really beautiful, and she’s so happy to see them with you!
  • she gives you a nice big kiss under the firework light.
  • happy valentine’s day!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • he wishes he could do more to make this valentine’s day special…
  • but he really has no experience with this.
  • so he tries to at least give you a nice night.
  • he can’t exactly reach any of the cooking stuff, but he orders from your favourite pizza place and puts on your favourite movie and gets about ten blankets for you guys to cuddle under.
  • you have a really nice night!
  • you don’t need anything extravagant, you just like spending time with him.
  • he gets lots of kisses for this!
  • so many face kisses!
  • he’s blushing like a dork but he’s really enjoying valentine’s day with you, and he’s never been happier to have you in his life.

Tenko Chabashira

  • she…
  • kind of sleeps through all of valentine’s day.
  • she was up really late last night.
  • oops.
  • but when she wakes up, you get a big apology and lots of sleepy cuddles!
  • tenko is sorry.

You know, after I watched the “Lion 4” leak, I thought to myself, “Here we go, once this airs officially, we’re going to get a million posts of Nora Universe genderbent fanart. But when the time came there really wasn’t much at all. I guess the idea got overshadowed by the rest of the bomb. Still kind of surprises me though that more people didn’t draw her.

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Can I ask some hcs of Gokudera having a very fluffy S/O who loves burying him with love to make him feel better about himself?

  • Typically, he wakes up buried in cuddling and your hair that is pretty much draped over his face.
  • He enjoys hearing the explosion puns that make him really feel like the “bomb.”
  • Surprise kisses make him turn cherry red, but the flustered look just really suits him. Hayato never manages to hate the kisses though.
  • He loves seeing you in his clothes; it’s like saying his fashion sense is amazing and you just can’t get enough of it.
  • When you bury your face into his shirts or neck and breathe, he knows you adore his scent, and it makes his heart beat twice as fast.
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Sequel to “Love me like you used to”

Inspiration: here , here , here & here

Pairings: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader

Word count: 4.328

Summary: You and Bucky are soulmates but decided to head in different directions. You married Steve but never stopped loving Bucky. In Part 1, you were pregnant with Steve’s child and ran into Bucky on your way back from the grocery store. Bucky’s pleading eyes almost make you elope with him on the spot, but you decide against against it, leaving behind a very distressed Bucky. In Part 2, you have given birth to a baby boy, Sebastian. Your relationship with Steve has turned sour and your father Tony urges you to leave him. Will you give Bucky his second chance? Or will you stay by Steve’s side as his loving yet miserable wife?

A/N: You requested a part 2, so here it is. Don’t know if this fully qualifies as a happy ending, though.

Warnings: none, maybe language?

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