G A M O R A - G U A R D I A N S - O F - T H E - G A L A X Y

Many of you would have anticipated the recent release of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 after having watched the first one back in 2014. 
Zoe Saldana plays ‘Gamora’ - an orphan from an alien world raised to be a formidable weapon!

When the first Guardians was released many of my friends insisted I watch the movie as they were adamant I resembled the character, Gamora.
I think it’s probably down to the face shape and the fact I used to sport Plum coloured hair a few years back. 
Anyway, after years of being badgered to create this tutorial I decided it was time to don the Green and embrace the character - so here it is! 

For your reference, here is the image I used for my reference: 

All the products used for this tutorial have been listed in the description bar of the video. 


Shonagh x

anonymous asked:

Hi there! After seeing your Star Wars cosplay, I was curious of what brand of face paint you recommend, and any techniques for applying it or keeping it from creasing, setting spray etcThank you!

Hi friend! So when I’m not covering a lot of space, ie: when most of my body is covered by the costume, I prefer to wear water based cake bodypaint. My favorite I’ve worked with so far is Mehron’s Paradise AQ. My process is as follows: I use a good foundation primer, apply the bodypaint with a wide foundation brush, seal with a finishing spray (I like Ben Nye’s Final Seal), contour with powder eye shadows and finally, seal everything with a good coat of matte, translucent powder makeup.