“In some ways, artist Alexa Meade is a traditional figure painter. But she works on an unusual canvas: the actual human body. And she takes a classical concept — trompe l'oeil, the art of making a two-dimensional representation look three-dimensional — and turns it on its head. Her aim is to do the opposite, to collapse depth and make her living models into flat pictures.”

-PBS NewsHour

If these paintings will seem normal to you, watch them better. Yep. You could try to guess what makes these images so extraordinary, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be wrong. At first look, you might think that the style Alexa Meade, artist from Los Angeles, (brushstrokes thick and heavy, intense colors, lights and shadows exaggerated) is quite simple, even traditional. 

But only until you realize that his painting breathes for real! Yes, Alexa Meade literally paints people ! 

The artist uses acrylic paints on human skin and creates his works of body art in such a way that the subject is two-dimensional, flat images against a background expressionist. 

Impressive, amazing and astonishing. I love her works! Totally!!