Shigaraki x Reader

59. “I’m yours.”

The biggest thing you had to worry about with Shigaraki was his temper. He’d gotten better at keeping it, but on the off chance he did blow up, it was usually a violent end for whoever was involved; that was why the rest of the league had taken to texting you when something happened that could potentially set him off. Apparently the thing that set him off today was Dabi running his mouth, and, unfortunately, Toga wasn’t the best at telling you how dangerous a situation actually was.

“Shigaraki, stop!” Even though Dabi brought it on himself, you knew that losing such a powerful piece — especially by his own hand — would just open the floodgates of rage for your lover. Stepping in front of him mid attack was not your brightest idea, but since Kurogiri was nowhere to be seen, somebody had to break it up; you were the only person who would dare. 

Red eyes widened in panic as his finger tips grazed you, but you didn’t even flinch. He would never actually hurt you, even in a situation like this. When he redirected himself, albeit sloppily, and stumbled into you, you wrapped him up in a hug, burying your face against his shoulder. Dabi wasn’t stupid enough to actually fight with Shigaraki; not with you standing there.

“Don’t kill him,” You murmured, and the tension in the room dissipated instantly when he rested a hand carefully on the back of your neck. “He just runs his mouth and says stupid shit to annoy you. It’s not worth a response from you.” 

Like clockwork, Dabi turned and swaggered off; everyone else scattered like roaches, leaving you and your boyfriend standing in the bar alone. Shigaraki let out a frustrated sigh before pulling you into a more firm hug, burying his face against your neck.

“He said—” Obviously, he didn’t want to tell you what had gotten him so upset, but he’d been trying desperately to better convey things to you, and felt compelled to do so even now. 

“He said he would take you from me.” You were sure it was probably something more vulgar, because Dabi liked to get Shigaraki riled up for whatever reason, but you didn’t want him to get worked up again, so you didn’t have him elaborate.

“Dabi’s an idiot.” You would have pulled back to look at him had he not been clinging to you like a lifeline. There wasnt a doubt in your mind that if you weren’t currently wrapped up in his embrace he would be sorely tempted to go after the pyro, even now.

“Nobody could ever take me from you. I’m yours.” Shigaraki inhaled sharply and you felt the tension drain from his body; it made you smirk smugly against his shoulder. He loved when you said things like that. It was a quirk of his, to be super possessive and make soft comments about you belonging to him — mostly in bed, which you could live with, because wow — and on the rare occasion you would murmur something confirming it to him without his prompting, it always made him blissfully happy.

“Mine.” He grumbled, pressing a kiss to your neck; you smiled, returning the gesture.