Open letter to Disney Channel and Disney Channel PR

As an adult fan who grew up watching BMW, I was so excited when Disney announced the sequel. It’s is literally the only show we all watch together. I have two sons ranging from 8-14. It speaks to both of them on their own level.

What I love about GMW is that it inspires kids to seek knowledge out of the classroom. For instance we have talked about Shakespeare~Girl meets Truth,Harper Lee and Jane Austin~Girl Meets New Teacher. My kids have asked questions about American Revolution~Girl Meet Game Night, Belgium 1831~Girl Meets Crazy Hat etc., the Battle of Panipat~girl meets stem, slavery and holocost~Girl meets GLONY. It also talks about important issues facing kids today bullying, cyber bullying, etc. We have had true heart to hearts about these issues. While I have boys I like as a nurse, I love that tackled declining interest in stream subjects too. And attached to all these amazing lessons is a beautiful coming of age story that I have laughed and cried with. Riley Farkle Maya Zay Smackle and Lucas deserve to have their story heard. Maya just found hope don’t take away ours: we are in it for the long game because we love these characters like family.

You.Me.GMW.Letsdothisthing. Laura/aka Lasha1878

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