The Chase- Part 3

“Damn girl.” Dave fanned himself when Aurora walked into the office in black leather studded pants and a spaghetti strapped crimson red top that matched her lips, with a black leather jacket over the top, she looked every bit the model for Suicide Girls tonight.  Oli had messaged her a few days ago letting her know he was excited to catch up with her. Unfortunately he also let her know that he had a girlfriend in tow. So Aurora’s efforts tonight were to say ‘you’re loss’ more so than anything else. She’d hold her head high and make out like this didn’t affect her, but at the end of the day it peeved her off that the guys she attracted were either ‘roid junkies or on the road constantly and one she let get close belonged to someone else…

“Thanks babe, how’s the crowd looking tonight?” She asked looking out from her office as the place started to fill out.

“Sold out, only exception is your brother and his friends.” Dave said chewing his lip. He knew Nic had come because of Aurora and Oli’s history. She grumbled to herself and looked out to find him at the bar with none other than Stevie, his partner and Shannon. Aurora’s face lit up.

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