If you are a bmth fan, then listen up!!!

I am seeing bmth next month and my idea was to give them a handmade book of bring me the horizon fans saying their names, location and 1-2 sentences of what they want to say. I get that people want to write a lot but please shorten it so I have space for as much as possible. I will be making this book over the next few weeks SO PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR NAME, LOCATION AND 2 SENTENCES TO ME VIA MESSAGE OR ASK.


Emma, Auckland, New Zealand

I love bmth so much, they really helped me through my tough times. The new album is amazing, but sempiternal is my favourite album.


Lots of bands I used to adore when I was younger (Of Mice & Men, Bring Me The Horizon, Insert other 2012 scene band) have released ‘softer’ music recently.

Although I’ll always love their older stuff, I’ve realised that not every song has to be heavy for the sake of being heavy… Some songs aren’t meant to be screamed and doing so purely to please a fan base is the equivalent of pop artists writing hit after hit to appeal to a certain audience.

I’ll always love The Flood and There Is a Hell, but I now realise that writing the same kind of music over and over again restricts bands and that change isn’t always a bad thing.