an important, semi-personal announcement

So, um, I think I’ve briefly mentioned this on this blog before, but here it is in case you missed it: I joined the military. I’m currently in the Air Force DEPs program (which basically means that I signed my contract and now I’m just waiting for my boot camp slot to open up), and I leave for basic training at the beginning of June.

Obviously, there’s no social media allowed in basic, so I’ll be taking a little unintentional hiatus. I’ll be completely absent from Tumblr and all other social media for pretty much all of June and July, and most likely a good chunk of August, too. (Air Force basic training is only nine and a half weeks, but then I’ll be immediately flying out to my tech school and settling in there, so it may take a while before I’m able to be active on social media again.) 

I’m making this post now because I want to give everyone plenty of warning so no one freaks out when I disappear for pretty much the entire summer. I’m not dead, and I am going to come back! So consider this the official beginning of my Last Month of Social Media, lol. 

The old subway station entrance at Stillwell Avenue, Coney Island, Brooklyn in what I believe is early 1989.  Normally I don’t like to jump around much in a set of photos (let along mix Brooklyn and Manhattan) but this was with most of the other shots I posted tonight, although taken a different day on a roll of 36-exposure film.  Anyway, I got a very kind note from someone who’s a longtime resident of Coney Island expressing appreciation for photos of the area that appear on this blog–so this photo is especially for that person.  (Thanks again for your note!)

The Signs in Air Force Basic Training
  • Aries: the Training Instructor
  • Taurus: the 6th Week Trainee who got washed back to 4th week for sneaking Pop Tarts into the dorms.
  • Gemini: The Sneaker Weeker who didn't learn their reporting statement.
  • Cancer: cries the the first night but becomes as tough as nails the rest of Basic.
  • Leo: totally in shape but pays zero attention to detail.
  • Virgo: forever snipping off the loose strings on their uniform.
  • Libra: the really young Dorm Chief.
  • Scorpio: fucking hates everyone and just wants to get through Basic already.
  • Sagittarius: volunteers for everything. Kitchen Patrol (after Taurus got washed back), Laundry Detail, Latrine Queen, you name it.
  • Capricorn: the Warhawk who graduated with every achievement. As much as their buddies are proud, they are oh so jealous.
  • Aquarius: the Trainee who was passed the Snake Pit test for ice cream, but the machine ran out that day.
  • Pisces: the Trainee who had the bumpiest ride in Basic. Ever. The Training Instructor already knows their name, last name, birthday and entire natal chart by the end of Sneaker Week.

New York, Monday June 25, 1923: Two cars of the BMT derailed and plunged 35 feet into the street at the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues in Brooklyn. 8 people were killed and 70 injured in this train accident.

Broomsticks and Magic Tricks - Chapter 2


Summary: Dan’s a wizard and there’s absolutely no fucking way he’s going to fall for some idiot who has big blue eyes and a goofy smile.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Dan&Phil because they own eachother hubbahubba

Warnings: Fluff and Smut in future chapters.

Tags: Tsundere!Dan, Wizard!Dan, Goofy/Cheesy!Phil, AU

“What the hell are you even doing here?”

“I mean, I just wanted to see you again, and I saw you go this way, so…”

Dan had been heading down the road, by foot considering the fact that it was daylight and most people didn’t typically have a good reaction to seeing a teenage boy flying on a broomstick, on his way to the store to try and get something to eat with the little bit of money he had left. It had been nearly a week since he had what he refers to as “The Phil Incident”.

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Broomsticks and Magic Tricks - Chapter 1

A/N: Oh god she’s starting another chaptered fic no-

Summary: Dan’s a wizard and there's absolutely no fucking way he’s going to fall for some idiot who has big blue eyes and a goofy smile.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Dan&Phil because they own eachother hubbahubba

Warnings: Fluff and Smut in future chapters, attempted robbery in this chapter

Tags: Tsundere!Dan, Wizard!Dan, Goofy/Cheesy!Phil, AU

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