Be My Safe Haven // Andy & Louise

He was alone. It seemed that everybody had decided to go somewhere and do something and exclude him from any plans, but he didn’t mind. Sometimes being alone was what he needed. It allowed him to think. Although it wasn’t always a good thing. He tended to think too much, his mind never silencing enough to give him some peace. He wasn’t truly alone. It was always him and his thoughts. Though at points he wished he could silence them.

Right now he was wishing he could. He had traveled closer to the East than comfortable and now his thoughts screamed rather than staying usual hushed whispers. Failure! You deserved it! They screamed it over and over  in his head. His hands were balled in his hair. He had long given up covering his ears, realizing it was all in his head. He shook his head quickly trying to dispel the voices. His breathing became labored and flashes of the streets of Tulsa passed before his eyes. A sickening laugh that sent chills up his spine filled the room. His eyes snapped open hearing it once more. Flickering from one end of the room to the other, they searched the room. Where was it coming from? He got up, the laughing still resonating through the room. “Stop.” His voice was soft, defeated almost, as if he was tired of this whole thing. He moved towards the phone dialing the one person he knew could help him. “Lou” his voice still held the same tone though his breathing now came in slight gasps. “Please. I need help.” He whispered the last part, not wanting to admit it to anybody not even himself.


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