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y’all have to know that my boy will connolly can play the guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, and diff percussion instruments

he’s got a BFA from NYU and a MFA from Yale

has starred in broadway and off-broadway productions

even written some off-broadway shows

my boy, will connolly, is a fluff ball of talent

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Two Player Game (Jeremy/Michael)

Summary: Sometimes, Jeremy cheats at video games. Obviously, Michael must get some revenge. (A fic for my newest obsession! Based on this post. Listen to Be More Chill, it’s amazing! Hope you enjoy!)

Jeremy and Michael rarely played video games against each other. They liked having each other’s backs and working as a team to defeat monsters and solve puzzles and all that nerdy shit, just like in real life (though the monsters in real life were just popular people instead of zombies).

But sometimes, a little competition was in order.

And Jeremy was losing. Badly. Michael had seemingly mastered this game already, which was so not fair, in Jeremy’s opinion.

So, naturally, he decided he needed some sort of an advantage.

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this had me hanging by a thread. 

will connolly’s voice is breathtaking, you cannot fight me on this.

(((pls know that Once is a goddamn amazing musical you will just love it)))


HEY @actualbird HERE ARE SOME DOODLES FOR U from that ficlet u wrote!!! i just thought it was super sweet, i hope u don’t mind!!!!!

Hey I’ve never posted anything ever but for some reason I am now??? There isn’t enough Boyf riend content n it’s an issue that needs to b tended to
It was inspired by this rlly fuckign adorable fic thingy @slaygoldponyboy n @christinecanigula made which I’ve devoted my life 2

“Don’t you just hate when inanimate objects attack you?”


Ultimate Spicy Bis Fic Rec List

okay he(e)re we go, for the good of Rich, Jeremy, and everyone who ships them I went through their entire ao3 tag and read everything (minus some exceptions, which you can see here) to sift through and find the best ones. the first is my absolute favorite and the rest are in no particular order, so please give these a read and enjoy!

Scars to Your Beautiful by lalagirl16 - I’ve recommended this before, I’ll rec it again, I’m telling you: this is the best characterization of the spicy bis you’ll get. Am I, *ahem* BI-ased because collaborating on the Rich route of bls with Meg is how I fell in love with spicy bis in the first place (and also because I absolutely love her and her writing)? Maybe, but I am telling you, this is the gold standard of spicy bis fics and should definitely be the goal for everyone who writes for them. It’s a beautiful little one shot that showcases Jeremy and Rich’s relationship after they get together, angstier than you would think at first glance so be warned about that. But oh my god it’s for the best just trust me. I could go on and on about this fic and I still need to leave a comment proclaiming my love for it in full detail but I leave you with this: just. read it.

Mixtapes (from Rarepair Spooky Prompt Time) by SquipGrandma - Before you yell at me: don’t go into this one expecting a ton of spicy bis relationship content, because that’s not what this one is really about, but there is a little bit of it there! This one made me feel things though and I just couldn’t not include it here. It’s an au one shot in which Jeremy is the adorable ghost who lives in Rich’s car. I won’t go into detail and spoil it, but there’s a lot to love about this fic and should definitely be included in your reading list!

Digital Bond by Nymm_at_Night - Hooooly shit. Holy shit. This one is so well done, I’m still in shock (ehe, an accidental pun), it’s basically the exact content I set out to find when I started sifting through all these. Once again the actual spicy bis content isn’t that high here, a lot more implied than anything, but I love every single thing about this fic, and I think it would’ve felt out of place if there was any more. It feels like a lost chapter of Be More Chill, where squipped Rich and Jeremy hang out and play video games (that is if Jeremy had a thing for Rich in canon), and everyone, even the squip, is so in character that you almost wouldn’t know that it wasn’t part of canon. I cannot say enough good things about this fic, it comes with the highest of recommendations!

Google Search by mikey_melon - A very adorable coffee shop au one shot that had me smiling through the whole thing. Just, so much cuteness. Holy shit, my poor little heart. I particularly love the characterization of Rich in this one, he’s an annoying little shit but he’s a good boy who loves his flowers and what more could Jeremy (or a spicy bis shipper) ask for really?

Them by lohstspace - Don’t let the small word count on this fool you, it’s a short read but it packs a punch. In just over 150 words it manages to perfectly encapsulate the essence of those spicy bisexuals and why you should ship them. I swear if I didn’t already ship them this would’ve turned me. It’s a beautiful little quick read and if you only have five minutes to read anything from this list, read this one two or three times.

and finally, I have a crack rec for you!

His boyf???? A FURRY??? by trashy_chocolate - As one commenter so elegantly put it, it’s “the best worst thing I’ve ever read in my entire life”. It may be a joke fic, but when you go into it knowing that it’s honestly such an enjoyable read. I was dying through the whole goddamn thing. It’s great for once you get through one of the longer, heavier fics from above and want a laugh but you’re still in the mood for spicy bis content. 

and there you have it: the ultimate spicy bis fic rec list! I’m not telling you not to read other pieces in the tag, but these are the ones that really stuck out to me for excellence in characterization, writing, cuteness, humor, emotional impact, or a combination of a few of those! please give these a read and don’t forget to leave kudos and comments to support the creators! also, be aware that I didn’t mention any content warnings in my descriptions so please check the tags on ao3 before getting into them because one or two have potentially triggering content. enjoy!

Moody Michael

Jeremy and Michael were getting fed up. They had been stuck on a level for an hour and a half, and they were exasperated. Jeremy was read to take a break and suggested they play a different game. “How about Call of Duty?” he tried. Michael sighed in defeat.

“Alright fine, but only because of those STUPID FUCKING ZOMBIES!” he screamed in anger, flopping around on his beanbag, his controller flying from his hands. Jeremy snickered, “Alright dude chill,” he said as he put the game in the console. Michael grabbed his controller and settled down, ready to release his fury.

“Let’s play against each other this time,” Jeremy offered and Michael shrugged.

“I’m cool with that.”

The game begun and they instantly started searching for each other on the game, guns at he ready.

“Oh Jeremy, where are you? Don’t you wanna play with your best friend?” Michael taunted, searching behind every large object he found, looking for his friend. “Dude seriously how did you get inside? I’m outside the building where I think you’re hiding, but I can’t find the entrance.”

“Maybe that’s because I’m just a better gamer than you,” he teased, nudging him in the ribs.

“You’re WHAT?” Michael yelled as he kicked down the door, entering the large building. He laughed maniacally as Jeremy screamed. “HAHAHAHA! Come out come out wherever you are!” He looked in every doorway, searching. “You can run but you can’t hide!”

“Obviously that’s a lie seeing as how you haven’t found me,” Jeremy snarked.

“Oh you are asking for it! UwU what’s this?”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK SHIT NO GET AWAY!” Jeremy let out an ear piercing shriek when Michael found him crouching in a corner of a dark room. He instantly started shooting at him and tried to run away.

“I got my eyes on you!” he sang as he lined him up in his sights and began firing relentlessly.

“Gah! I’m dying stop!” he pleaded, but it fell on deaf ears.

“You were the one who wanted to play against each other,” Michael justified his cruel actions.

“Yeah, only ‘cause I forgot you’re a dick when we do that,” he mumbled under his breath.

“You probably thought I wouldn’t hear that, but I did. So guess what I’m gonna do?!” he exclaimed happily, launching a grenade and running away.

“Dude what the hell?” Jeremy cried out as his character was blown up, ending the game. Michael let out a breath, shoulders relaxing into the beanbag, “Ah man, I needed that. That zombie game had really worked me up and I needed to let some anger out.” Jeremy snorted, “I’ll say! What you did was totally unfair.”

“All’s fair in love, war, and video games,” he replied smugly, intertwining his hands behind his head. Jeremy saw the perfect opportunity and took it, pouncing on top of his friend and straddling his waist.

“AH! Jeremy!” he glared at him, but there was no real malice to it if the growing smile on his face was any indication. Jeremy smirked, placing one hand on his knee. Michael tried to jerk away, “Remove the hand before I remove it for you.” Jeremy tilted his head in consideration before promptly shaking it.

“Nah, you deserve this. You’re definitely too moody and I think a good dose of laughter is just what you need!” He started squeezing the kneecap and the other boy screeched, arching his back and falling into a fit of laughter. His other hand wandered up to scribble at his soft stomach, causing Michael to double over in an effort to try and protect himself. “See? You’re already in a lighter mood, I think it’s working!”

Michael thrashed around in his hysterics, “Nohohohoho!”

“No?” Jeremy tilted his head in thought, shaking his head, “Well then I just need to try harder,” he said, a slightly evil smirk spreading over his features. Michael shrieked, “Dohohon’t you dahahare!”

“You shouldn’t have thrown that grenade at me,” he quipped, pinching up and down his sides. Michael was practically convulsing, it tickled so bad. He formed his hands into claws, vibrating into his belly.

“ShIT DUDE I’m sohohohohorry!” he immediately apologized, hoping to be shown a bit of mercy.

“Thank you, but I’m still gonna keep tickling you,” he said, laughing at the way Michael cried out and doubled his efforts for escape. “This is waaaay too much fun to stop. And I have the upper hand for once!” Jeremy cheered. Michael was going mad underneath Jeremy, and he wouldn’t be able to stand it much longer.

“Alright I’ll stop, but first I wanna give you a taste of your own medicine,” he said, beginning to role up Michael’s shirt.

“Dahahahamnit nohohoho,” he giggled, weakly trying to fight him off.

“You always to this to me so it’s only fair if I do it to you,” he justified. He took a deep breath before placing his lips right below his belly button, producing a loud fart noise mixed with Michael’s hysterical laughter. His body went limp, succumbing fully to the ticklish waves wracking his body.

“There, all done,” Jeremy said happily, beaming with pride. Michael sat up straight, fixing his clothes and hair.

“You’re an ass.” Jeremy simply shrugged, “Yeah, I know. But so are you.” Michael rolled his eyes, “Whatever man, let’s just get back to the game before I change my mind and decide I want my revenge.”

A Little Bit Unsteady

“Christine, are you sure that I have to do this?” Jeremy looked down at the red and white roller skates that he was wobbling precariously on.

“Jeremy, I’ve been trying to get you to come here with me for weeks! You have to at least try. Don’t look at me like that. You’re not going to fall, I promise.”

“I’ve already fallen two times and we haven’t even started!”

Christine crossed her arms over her bright yellow dress and frowned at him. He knew that frown. The ‘Jeremy Heere if you don’t stop contradicting me, I will not hesitate to put you on set duty for the rest of your life’ frown.

Jeremy took a shaky breath. Christine had first brought up the idea of going roller skating in the park about three weeks ago. The original plan had involved Brooke and Chloe joining them, but Brooke had recently gotten the flu and Chloe decided to stay with her roommate to make sure that she was alright.

Jeremy had pushed off the activity for as long as he could for two reasons. One, he wasn’t quite sure where he and Christine stood after their break up two months ago. They hadn’t hung out outside of their theatre classes since they mutually decided to cut things off. And two, Jeremiah Heere was the world’s greatest klutz.

He wasn’t lying when he had said he tripped twice before he even put the skates on. Having long, uncontrollable limbs and anxiety was not a very good combination.

However, Christine’s frown was always convincing. Jeremy released a shaky breath and nervously took one step forward.

And immediately fell on his ass, letting out an indignant shriek.


Christine looked like she was trying her very best not to laugh. She glided over gracefully from where she had been a few feet away, offering him a hand.

“It’s all about balance. And a positive mentality.” She pulled him to his feet and released his hand, skating ahead, not even looking at her feet.

“I don’t have either of those things.”

Christine sighed, rolling back to her friend. “Come on.” She linked her left arm with his right and started pulling him forward. “Just keep your eyes on your feet for now. Watch mine and try to match what I do.”

It took fifteen minutes, but eventually Jeremy was tentatively moving his feet in time with Christine’s. His eyes never left the ground as he moved forward.

“You’re getting it!” Christine exclaimed, removing her arms from his and speeding up.

Jeremy looked up, alarmed, “W-Wait- you can’t just-“

“Come on, Jeremy, trust yourself. You’ve got this. Now come on! I bet I can beat you to the popsicle stand!” With that, the girl turned back around and took off down the sidewalk.

Jeremy cursed under his breath. Perfect. Left to fall and die by his own best friend. This was probably payback for the time he left her at the movies during a date because someone he didn’t know sat beside him and chewed loudly.

Jeremy stared down at the overly large, overly bright wheels laced onto his feet helplessly.

He couldn’t just stand here. People would start to notice. And then he’d be the idiot twenty year old that couldn’t move on roller skates.

He couldn’t sit down and take off the skates. That would be pathetic. Plus, his converse were all the way back at the skate rental station. No way was he walking back in his socks.

Out of options, Jeremy began to move his feet as he was before, albeit less smoothly. The popsicle stand wasn’t too far ahead. He’d get there, take off the skates, buy a lemon pop and walk back to the skate rental with Christine.

Easy as pie.

Except for the fact that Jeremy was concentrating so hard on his feet that he wasn’t looking where he was going and didn’t see the large yellow dog bound onto the sidewalk in pursuit of a tennis ball until it was too late. He let out an undignified screech that did nothing to stop the impending collision. Jeremy tumbled over the dog, flailing his arms wildly, and face planted right into the concrete.


Jeremy, regaining his breath, pushed himself onto his back with his hands. A fluffy yellow shibe stared down at him with wide eyes, it’s tennis ball prize in it’s mouth.

It was actually a really cute dog, Jeremy thought as he pushed himself into a sitting position, rubbing his head. He looked up to see where the dog had come from, an apology already on the tip of his tongue when he had the breath knocked out of him for the second time in five minutes.

The dog’s owner was jogging over, his hair a mess and glasses askew. He wore a bright red hoodie and jeans, despite the warm weather. He had dark, soft looking skin and as he got closer, Jeremy could see deeper brown eyes behind the glasses.

The guy was cuter than his dog. Way cuter.

And Jeremy was sitting on the ground, staring up at him with a probably bruising face and his mouth hanging open like an idiot.

“Oh, god, paumanhin, I’m so sorry, she was just chasing her ball and she must not have seen you, I should have been paying more attention, I-“

Jeremy wanted to say something cool. He wanted to say something that would reassure the gorgeous man that he wasn’t mad. That he didn’t care at all and that he probably would have fallen anyway and that it was totally his fault and maybe ask for the guy’s number. Instead..

“You have a female dog named Manny?”

The man blinked and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, glancing at the dog and then back at Jeremy. “Uh… it’s actually uh…” the guy’s face grew a shade darker as he spoke, “It’s short for uh… ManCrusher 69000.”

Jeremy turned towards the bright yellow, fluffy dog who had dropped the ball and was now rolling around in the grass. He burst into the most embarrassing laugh he had ever let out in front of a stranger. Giggles, snorts and all, Jeremy laughed at the fact that he was flat on his ass in front of a cute stranger who had a cute dog that had the worst fucking name he had ever heard.


The man cracked a smile (the most beautiful smile Jeremy felt he’d ever seen) and crossed his arms defensively, “Look, I didn’t name her. My friend Rich has this dog who had puppies and when I said I wanted one, he thought it would be absolutely hysterical to train the last one to only respond to that stupid name. Now she will forever be ManCrusher 69000 and I will forever have a cute dog with a stupid name.”

Jeremy stifled his giggles with a hand and reached over with the other to pet Manny. She was soft and leaned into his touch happily.

“She likes you.”

Jeremy looked up at the stranger and offered a lopsided smile, “I love a girl who can really knock me off my feet. Though most people can, I’m about as graceful as that all the time.”

The man smiled wider and held out a hand, “I’m Michael. Mell.”

Jeremy felt a blush rising to his cheeks and focused on the dog licking his left hand as he let the guy- Michael- help him to his feet.

“Uh… Jeremy. Um.. Heere. Yeah, Heere. With uh… with two E’s. Well, three total, but two before the R and-“

Michael gave an amused smile as he interrupted Jeremy’s ramblings, “I’ll make sure to write that down.”

Jeremy blushed further, “You uh.. you do that.”

Michael looked down pointedly at their joined hands and back up at Jeremy’s red face, “As much as I like holding hands with cute boys, shouldn’t you buy me dinner first?”

Jeremy pulled his hand back as if he’d been burned, blushing to his ears. However, the sudden movement unbalanced him and he wobbled backwards on the clunky skates. Michael reached forward and caught him by his shoulder.

“On second thought, maybe I should hold onto you.”

Jeremy covered his burning face with his hand and made a garbled noise. God, he couldn’t even hold it together for two seconds, could he?

“So where exactly were you going? I’ll help you get there.”

“The um… the popsicle stand. My- My friend- she’s waiting for me. Probably thinks I’ve died by now, actually.”

Michael laughed and linked his arm with Jeremy’s, just as Christine had earlier. Somehow, this felt.. warmer. Jeremy was quite sure that he looked like a tomato at this point. Michael pulled him further easily. He was only slightly shorter than Jeremy, even though he was wearing the huge skates. Manny followed along beside, happily waving her tail.

“So, Jeremy Heere with three E’s, you live around here?”

“Uh.. yeah. I take some theatre classes uptown. Christine- my friend- takes them with me.”

“Really?” Michael looked over at Jeremy with wide eyes, “An actor? You’re an actor?”

Jeremy, barely noticing that he was no longer looking at his feet, blinked, “Is it that unbelievable?”

“No! You’re just… not what I expected.”

The two fell silent, Jeremy focusing once again on his feet as they made their way down the sidewalk.

“I like your shirt by the way.” Jeremy self consciously picked at the hem of his Legend of Zelda t-shirt that he had pulled on earlier under his regular cardigan. “I was gonna name Manny Zelda, actually.”

The Shiba Inu barked happily at the sound of her name and Michael chuckled.

“Really? That’s so cool!! I used to have a hamster named Link!” Jeremy smiled brightly.

“That’s so cool! When I was in grade school, I was so in love with Link.” Michael looked down and stuffed his free hand into his hoodie pocket. Good lord, was he cute.

Jeremy opened his mouth to say more when he realized that they had reached the popsicle stand.

“Jeremy!! Where have you been? I was almost getting worried!” Christine skated over to him before halting at the sight of Michael.

“Um… Christine… this is Michael. He attacked me with his dog.”

“Wh- I did not! You attacked her!!! And I helped you out!!”

Christine had a peculiar expression on her face. “I’ll just… go get you your popsicle, Jeremy.” She turned and rolled off to the cash register. Jeremy watched her go nervously, suddenly all the more aware of how he was touching the cute guy that he had just met.

“Well… um…. y-you think you can stand up on your own now?”

“Oh! Right- yeah.” Jeremy pulled away quickly and held onto a nearby bench for support. Michael shoved his now free hand into his pocket, where Jeremy could tell it was fidgeting with the cord to the headphones around his neck.

Jeremy took a shaky breath and watched Michael as he looked off into the distance. He was so cute.

Just as Michael looked like he was about to break the silence, Christine came back with two brightly colored popsicles in her hands.

“Jeremy, we have to get going if we’re going to make it to practice this afternoon.”

“Oh! Right- Uh…” Jeremy bit his lip and tried his hardest not to look at Michael. He took his treat from Christine and grabbed onto her shoulder for balance.

“Wait!!” Jeremy turned around so quickly he almost fell for the fifth time that day. “Can I um… can I have your number?”

Jeremy’s eyes widened and his face reddened so quickly that he felt lightheaded. Luckily, Christine reached into her pocket and pulled out a napkin with pink numbers inked on it. “I already wrote it down for you. He’s free on Thursday’s.”

With that, Christine turned and pulled Jeremy off to play rehearsal, leaving a slightly pink boy and his dog behind.

Crushing and Kissing (Jeremy/Michael)

Summary: Jeremy wants to know who Michael has a crush on. Little does he know, his best friend has been pining after him for years now. (Based on this prompt and this prompt. Also what is this title. Enjoy!)

They were sitting in Jeremy’s room, playing video games, as usual, making normal small talk.

“No offense, but I’m so glad you’re over Christine,” Michael chuckled, “she was all you ever talked about. It’s nice to change the subject every once and awhile.”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Jeremy replied, giving him an apologetic grin.

After about a month of giving it a shot, Christine and him realized they just worked better as friends, and it ended on good terms.

“You apologize too much,” Michael told him.

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