Fierce ladies.

Due to recent events, I lost a ton of inspiration and motivation. Thankfully, working on commissions and this fun series helped me get centered again and ready for whatever may come in the new week. Also, for anyone wondering, Barbara’s suit is based on the Young Justice one. SEASON 3 IS COMIIIING

This mostly wraps up the main set, but I maaaay have got some more on the way…


I knew she might be special. I just had a feeling. I thought, ‘if this ones special, maybe I can convince her to sign with me.’ From the minute she walked in the door, I never saw her again as a 14-year-old. I saw her incredible potential. She was so unique as a person. She was a giddy little girl, then, in a heartbeat, extraordinarily sophisticated. She was always smart.

-Scott Borchetta on meeting Taylor Swift

And this is how you drive me crazy and bring out my inner pedant.

First thing, pretty sure that is wire, not cable. You pretty much don’t use cable inside a fixture. I’ve installed lamp posts. I have never put cable in one. Maybe Batman doesn’t know the difference, but normally he’s got some inventor credentials, so I would think he does.

Then, there is exactly nowhere that uses 800V supply electricity in the States. Not even a number close to 800V. That streetlamp has 480V tops. 277V is more likely, and then only at optimal conditions because street lamps are by their nature on long as runs of wire and voltage drop is a thing.

Also, wire isn’t made of bungies. You can’t just reach in and pull a bunch of it out of a fixture and stretch it over 10 ft away to where Mr. Freeze is. Pulling long runs of wire is hard ass work and copper is expensive. There wouldn’t be any big loops coiled up in there. If Batman opened up the access hatch at the bottom of a lamp post he’d be able to pull out about six inches of wire because that’s what the national electrical code requires.

Even if somehow Batman hulks out and is able to rip the wire loose from the top end of the fixture then he would have to subsequently be able to pull exposed wires down through a metal pole without them ever touching the sides. Touching the sides would cause a ground fault which would likely result in some interesting explosions and, if they are lucky, a speedy loss of power. 

And they are all grey? Which means they are all neutrals? Why would you have four neutral wires in a single lamp post?  Well, I guess if you had several circuits running through the same pipe run and they each had a dedicated neutral you might have a bunch of grey wires, but then the other circuits’ neutrals would be pulled tight through the lamp because they wouldn’t be terminating there.

And while conventional wisdom is that you can take a harder hit from a neutral than a hot, that only happens on systems with a shared neutral, not dedicated neutrals. A shared neutral could actually get you to that 800V on a 480V system, but Harper would have to know that at least one of the other circuits had been dumped and the balance was now running through the neutral, and then we loose the explanation for why there are four neutral wires.

I can kinda let the fact that live electrical wires do not in fact glow blue go because it’s a visual medium and you need to show that they are live somehow. But take heed kiddos, you cant tell if something is live by looking at it. Always assume it’s hot until you test it. Don’t try this at home. Electricity can kill you dead.

Batgirls As According to Tumblr
  • Stephanie: pancakes, bouncy, bubbly, just wants to be Robin, loves Tim and Cassandra, food
  • Cassandra: silent, cinnamon roll that can kill you, secret little shit, bruce's favorite child, best batfighter, hella gay
  • Harper: bi, loves her brother,... idk tumblr doesn't really talk much about her
  • Barbara: badass, will punch someone at any moment, will call you out on your shit, super smart, cooler than you
HarperCass Headcanons

-Cass really doesn’t understand the concept of sexualities as specifically defined things at first. She knows she likes girls, and that some girls like guys, and that some like both, but it takes about 3 months before Harper realizes that Cass doesn’t actually know the names for any of these things.

-Cass likes having Harper around when she’s doing her reading lessons with Alfred or Barbara. Harper holds her hand and pretty much just cuddles her while she reads, which helps prevent Cass from getting frustrated, but has the tradeoff of her getting distracted easier. There have been at least two occasions where Alfred has asked Harper to leave because Cass wasn’t even looking at her book anymore.

-The tabloids are fucking awful with the “no homo” when it comes to these two.

-“Cassandra Cain and friend get lunch together”

-“Cassandra Cain and her gal pal hold hands while at the beach”

-“Wayne’s daughter shares a friendly kiss with a buddy on New Years”

-It only stops when Harper helped Cass spray paint “CASS CAIN IS A LESBIAN” on the side of city hall.

-Bruce is awful at acknowledging Cassie’s relationship with Harper. He’s fine with her liking girls, but he just wishes it was a different girl.

-“This is my daughter, Cassie, and her girlfriend, Bane Of My Existence.”

-“I will dance on your grave, sir.” is Harper’s most common response.

-They always wear matching Christmas sweaters during the holidays.

-They own a two person snuggie. It’s horrifying.

-Cullen and Duke have both managed to get Cassie into anime, which led to Harper having a breakdown. Anime nights are now unavoidable.

-Cassie once came home with blue hair and piercings. Harper was laughing so hard she cried when Bruce saw.