me in 2008: hi this is my warrior cats oc named cloudspots and i sorta took a canon character and slightly changed her a bit to be my oc but yeah pls dont be mean,,,,

me in 2010: hi this is my warriors oc midnightfur and her fur is dark gray with white and black swirls in it and her eyes are a dark dark blue, shes got this whole emo backstory to her like shes got a hard life lol

me in 2014: Hello this is my warriors oc named Avocetfang; he is a black-and-white tom with amber eyes, he possibly has British Shorthair ancestry. I did a lot of research to make sure he’s genetically accurate and that his name matches with his description.

me in 2017: lol this is my warriors oc sheepnose hes a fluffy white tom and idk anything about him hes just kinda dumb and gay and nice and i love him sm


I love mermaid AUs, so i wanted to make my own version of mermaid!Yuuri <3 I know he has a nose but..gills…i couldn’t resist and ended up adding gills 

I decided to make Vicchan a seahorse, because seahorses are so cute! He’d wrap his tail around Yuuri’s hair strands and follow him around ;w;

Yuuri started out with a light blue/sky blue tail and fins/scales. He stayed that way until his late teens, when he had his first “change” (he’s a late bloomer!), and his scales turned a very dark blue, nearly black around the lateral lines. Some white spots also appeared.

Flock Together

Part 5

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Summary: Revali and Reader do a bit of sparring that causes a new step in their relationship.
Word count: 2495

“So? How do you like it?” 

Revali looked himself over, analyzing the fit of his new warrior’s outfit. You stood off to the side of the clothing shop, inwardly feeling pretty proud and slightly giddy seeing how well it fit him. The pauldrons fanned out giving him a rather dramatic silhouette and the crimson top popped against his dark navy blue feathers. He looked handsome, but you felt like keeping that to yourself. Least you inflate his ego even more.

He hummed thoughtfully as he gazed at himself in the mirror. “The pteruges is a tad short if you ask me..” He began to mumbled, his eyes peering off to the side to stare at you. He saw the tilt of your head and the crease in your forehead causing his throat clamp slightly. He cleared his throat, “But perhaps this will allow me to have more mobility. Afterall, I cannot be restricted.”

You had to force yourself not to roll your eyes at his obvious recovery, but you humored him nonetheless. The designer of the outfit was at Revali’s knees, checking that every seams and welding was at its perfected state before looking at Revali with a gleam, “I have to say this is my finest work yet!”

The Rito Champion gave a side glance towards the designer while he fixed his champion’s cloak around his neck. Absentmindedly, Revali mutters, “Looking nice and actually holding up are two different things, but yes, it is a grand gesture you did your best.”

You could only smack your forehead at his rude reply and you slid over to jab your elbow in his side. He glared before rubbing his sore spot and you only gave him a stern look in return. You turned to the designer and held out your hand for him to shake. “You did a marvelous job, and I am sure that the durability matches its strong design.”

The designer absolutely glowed and held opened his doorway for you. “It was a pleasure! Especially with such a generous amount you pro-”

You shushed him as quickly as you could, still feeling self conscious that the diamonds you took from the mines were a sensitive subject between you and Revali. You didn’t dare look back at Revali’s face, and honestly, you did feel silly. Revali is wearing the armor you had custom made for him, so he is not ignorant enough to think you could just randomly afford it. The incident in the mines, however, had caused you to walk on eggshells, afraid that you two will have another spiral in your…relationship? You supposed you could call it that, but it didn’t feel like a legitimate relationship.

Well, warriors and possibly friend relationship, yes, but anything more than that? You really had to wonder.

Revali and you made your way out of the shop and gave one last thank you before heading out to the fields.  The only way to know if the armor could hold up was testing it out and so you were more than willing to spar with him, but the only problem was getting him to agree where to spar.

“Vah Medoh is a fine place for training!” Revali countered the heated argument that had conspired between you two while walking.

“Have you ever thought that it’s because you can fly if you fall off? And getting there is no easy task for me.”

He could only roll his eyes, his voice on the verge of irritation, “What are you blabbering on about? Having me take you is the safest transport you can get in all of land of Hyrule.”

“My heart bursting through my chest and winds knocking me around is not what I consider ‘safe’.”

“There are sacrifices you have to make for such travels.”

“Yeah, well, there are other ways to travels. It’s called feet.”

“‘Walking’ would have been more effective rebuttal.”

“Breaking my foot off in your ass is also an effective rebuttal.”

Revali scoffed, shaking his head as you two walked over a narrow wooden bridge. He leered at you in a smug fashion, and tilted his head to the side as he leaned closer to you. “You are wonderful at making empty threats, but can you prov- OMPH! [Name]! That was uncalled for!”

You gave him a cheeky grin as you brought your foot back from his tail feathers. “You callin’ me out, I have to bring the thunder.”

Revali spoke in a dry tone with an equally dead face, “Hilarious.” He leaned in closer and you became all too aware of the smell of his new leather, “ And this coming from the person who is terrified of thunder.”

You cringed, feeling your cheeks warm as you took a step back, “I am not!” Your voice squeaked, ruining any threatening air you had, “ Them fighting words, Revali.”

He took a step closer to you and peered deep within your eyes. His voice was low and rumbled in your eardrums, “Yes, they are. Care to take on the challenge?”  

Normally, you would have shivered, but he was provoking you. So, you gave a smirk and pulled your sword from its scabbard, and held the point to his chest. Revali looked you over with a calm expression as he sized up your sword and how quickly your drew it.

“You wish to fight here?” He asked smoothly, feeling his adrenaline gear up as you shifted your weight and changed your defensive stance.

“No more words, chatty!” Exhilaration was flowing through your veins. It had been quite a while since you had a good fight and you were more than willing to give Revali a run for his rupees. You leapt towards him and you could see an air of confidence radiating from him.

“Attacking from the front is an amateur mo-” You cut him off by leaping over his head and right behind him. As he turned around you rolled to the side, kicking his feet out from under him. Revali lost his balance but quickly used his gale to shoot himself in to the sky. When he gained level air, he fell backwards until he nose dived for you. Excitement tingled throughout your arms and turned your stomach in ways you often relished in. You were prepared for him and ready to jump out of his aerial attack when he turned at the last moment and your sword swipe completely missed him.

The gust of wind that trailed behind him blew against you harshly causing you to cover your eyes from the flying dirt. You could hear him chuckle a distance away and honed in on the sound of his flapping to figure out where he was coming from while you regained your sight.

However, it seemed that Revali was quite aware of what you were waiting for and the sound of flapping came to a halt. You forced an eye open, struggling to see through the blurry world and the pain. You blinked a couple of times and when your vision finally cleared somewhat Revali was lunging right for you with his bow drawn. A surprised yelp fell from your throat and you dodge to the side roughly, narrowing missing an arrow.

You rolled until you were able to safely get up without his barrage of arrows, and you flung your sword towards him. He went to fly upwards, but the hilt of the sword jabbed right at his knee causing his nerve to fray and fell to the ground for split moment, losing his bow in the process. You took the opportunity and leapt for him once more but Revali darted to the side as your heel swung down. Pain shot through your leg as you fell to the side clutching your nerved wrecked foot.

“Good grief, aiming to take my head?”

A soft chortle escaped you as your pain ridden leg lessened. Taking a moment to compose yourselves, you got to your feet, turning around and wiped the sweat off your forehead. “Oh, I’m sorry, next time I won’t miss.” You teased causing a smirk to adorn his face.

He stood up and patted himself free of dirt, “Riveting, surely. You compose yourself well,  especially after you were groveling on the ground just a moment ago.”

You clicked your tongue and shook your head. “Tsk, flattering me isn’t going to help you win!”

You took an offensive stance, kicking your sword up into your hand. With sword raised above your head and pointing towards him, Revali took a defensive stance trying to keep his eyes on you, but also where his bow went. Given that he was defenseless you sped off to the side and used the momentum to jump off a boulder to strike him from the air. But he had plenty of time to take in your attack plan and stepped to the side in a nonchalant manner. Your sword penetrated the ground and you struggled lifting it from its prison. You felt his presence come up behind you and your flipped around to jab him in the face with your elbow.

He caught it with ease just mere inches from his beak. Revali peered down at you with a smug mirth and blocked your on coming sucker punch with ease. It caused your arms to twist to which he took the advantage of, and spun your body around until your back hit his front. He locked your arms in front of you, holding onto your wrists. You struggled, flinging your body left to right all the while ignoring his chuckles.

“I dare say, [Name], you’ve been ensnared.” His voice vibrated in your ear and you could not shake the wave of tickling pleasure coursing through your body. However, your pride was burning being caught so easily and his own ego was frustrating you. With a sudden burst of adrenaline you flung upper half forward causing Revali’s body to fly over you.

It did not go smoothly as you hope as your head clunked against the ground. Revali skidded just a few inches before he pulled himself up from the ground and looked over his shoulder. You were clutching the top of your head while seething in agony and disoriented. You attempted to sit up, but immediately regretted the action as your world spun and felt yourself fall back.

Expecting to hit the ground, you felt something catch you in the midst of your descent, and although you wanted to look the throbbing pain prevented you.

You felt feather like touches wisping across your temple and finally peeking an eye open, your vision melded the split image of Revali together. He looked terribly concerned and brushed dirt off your face. He clicked his tongue once he realized that you were able to focus on him and for some reason the action caused you to chuckle. Revali had to prevent a chuckle escaping him as well, but before either of you knew it, the two of you were laughing hysterically. You felt so foolish, but it was the most fun you had, and Revali had a hard time believing your sparring session came to end like that. The laughter waned after a few moments, but the reminisce of your soft chuckles remained.

Revali felt himself relaxed, “Have to have the last action in anything and look where it got you.” He sighed dramatically, “Well, I hope that welt on your head taught you that was a poor move.”

You could only give him pout and a tiny glare, “Well, it worked, didn’t it? Next time I’ll execute it better.”

He couldn’t stop the short laugh that burst from his beak, “If that is your final move, I fear for us all.” Revali patted the last remains of dirt on your shoulders before he used his legs to lift himself up. You were about to make your way on your own feet when his wing came into your view. You paused, taking a moment to stare him in the eyes before taking his wing in your hand. He pulled you up with ease, but your vertigo had been thrown off making you fall forward. A tad embarrassed, you pulled yourself from Revali’s chest, and looked back at him. The look in his eye was filled with intense emotions you couldn’t decipher and felt locked in his gaze for what felt like heavenly eternity.  

It was only when you heard birds chirping, did either of your pulled from the hypnotic stare off. The two of you moved an arm’s distance away and took the time to dust yourselves off. You coughed, feeling your cheeks a bit warm and peered over to Revali. The feathers on his neck and collarbone fluffed up a little. It made you feel slightly better knowing he was just as flustered as you.

You turned towards him and gave him a once over before you hummed in thought. “What a shame, I don’t think I landed a single scratch on you.”

The sudden praised caused Revali to straighten his back and raise his beak to the air. “Let that comfort you at night, my dear [Name]. Rest at ease, I will be sure to vanquish Ganon.”

“Oh, I’ll be sure to think of it like counting sheep.” You replied dully and crossed your arms. The top of your head slightly throbbed and as you looked around, you realized you two sparred just at the entrance of the Rito village. You rubbed your upper arm and began to make your way back. “Uhh, well, if we’re done here maybe we should go freshen up..”

Revali looked himself over and sighed reluctantly, “That would be for the best. We look like a couple of wrung out rats.”

You laughed lightly in response and went to make your way back to the Inn when Revali called out for you. Curious, you turned around and saw him looking anywhere but you.

“P-perhaps, if it’s not too much of a inconvenience…You would want to have dinner with me tonight?” He made eye contact and although his voice had an underlying tone of nervousness, he held confidence in his stance.

It felt ridiculous how long it took your brain to process that Revali was inviting you out for dinner. However, once you realized you felt a jolt of anxiety burst through you body. Wait, what does this mean, you questioned to yourself and felt yourself fidgeting. Revali began to feel uneasy as he waited for your response and began to feel that perhaps he made his move too soon. He was about to open his beak to tell you ‘nevermind’, when your voice, uncharacteristically meek, spoke,

“W-where’d you like to go?”

In that moment Revali had never felt a wave of relief and serenity like he did in this moment. He took a few steps to be at your side and gave a soft smile. “Anywhere that sounds good to you. My treat.”

introducing some tweeding to this project!! if you look closely you can see that I’m stitching with one dark blue floss and one dark purple floss together. it gives a nice multidimensional effect that I’m very fond of. most of the white spaces you see are just the effect of stitching dark colors onto light cloth, but if you look closely you can see that I’m not the best at making my threads lie evenly next to one another, but I like it; I like to be able to see my own mistakes and idiosyncrasies in my work. otherwise it looks like anyone else’s work up of this or that pattern. instead I can look at this and think, oh yes! this one’s mine. (also it’s much less obvious from far away, lol) 💖💖

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A white, middle-aged trans woman sits in a walking, holding a selfie stick in eir right hand. Eir graying-brown hair is pulled back under a lavender bandana. E is wearing black-rimmed bifocal glasses, silver tear-drop earring with blue and purple and shell disks, a dark blue cardigan, a black T-shirt with the words THE MARCH VIOLETS in white all-capital letters and a rather vulvar looking violet splayed across the shirt, dark blue denim leggings, and black boots with red laces on the left boot and green laces on the right. The straps of a dark red backpack can be seen on eir shoulders, and Oakland’s Lake Merritt is behind em, with the skyscrapers of Downtown Oakland visibe in the distance. Eir legs are crossed and e is smiling.]

Just a disabled, middle-aged, transgender punk in the park at 6:30am, on the way to eir 12-Step meeting.

Young!Remus Lupin x reader: Another Cinderella Story

(A/N: i have no idea how to make the photo’s and GIFs smaller, if you know how to make them smaller, please tell me XDD)

your pov

it was the evening of the annual yule ball. At the moment you were in your room getting ready, you didn’t have a date, but you decided to go anyway. Some of your friends didn’t have dates either, so you were going to hang out with them. You liked to hang out with your friends, but you were a little disappointed. You were hoping a certain boy would ask you. That boy being Remus Lupin, the genius one among the four Marauders. You and Remus had become close friends since our first year, you had hoped he would ask you, but he didn’t. You didn’t know why, but you assumed he asked someone else.
At the moment you were wearing a dark blue dress just above the knee, with a glittery belt, a sweetheart neckline and a see-through top with glistening flowers on it.

You were currently walking from your common room to the hall where the ball was taking place, but apparently you hadn’t noticed the ghost and the slytherin standing just behind the corner, they weren’t anyone other then Peeves and Regulus Black. ‘Well hello (Y/N)’, Regulus said. The hallway was a little dark, yet you still saw that both the older boy and the ghost were holding something. ‘Uhh, hey?’ you said confused.
‘That’s a nice dress’, Regulus said.
‘Euh, thanks’, you said, slowly backing away, not trusting the situation.
‘What are you talking about, Blacky? That dress is so old it’s practically falling to pieces.’ he said as he suddenly flew forward and ripped the belt of your dress.
You gasped surprised, but that wasn’t all, through Peeves you could see the silhouette of Regulus throwing several objects towards you. You didn’t have the reflex to catch whatever he just threw. It hit you on you arms and your dress. You looked down to see black spots all over your dress and arms. Ink? When you looked back up, both of them were gone.
Why? You thought by yourself. What did I ever do to those two? You turned back around and ran, you couldn’t go there like this. You needed to find something, so you knew where to go: the Room of Requirement. There you searched around the room to if there was anything you could wear so you could still go to the ball with your friends.
But after a long while you hadn’t found any clothes, you decided to give up and go back to the common room and go to bed. You passed the last couple of bookshelf before the door, when you heard something falling on the ground. Behind you you saw a book on the ground, you picked it up and read: a copy of the everyday witches handy spells.
You looked at the index, reading subjects like:  

self-knitting needles
self-scrubbing pans and pots
clothing spells

Clothing spells? Maybe…
You scrolled through the spells on that page and found one that you thought could work. When you have little time and somewhere to go to. When your clothes are ruined and you need something else.
‘Well that is… convenient?’ you said to yourself, not really sure if it would work but not having anything to lose either. The book instructed you to say the spell while moving your wand around your head. (A/N: Bibbity Bobbity Boo and all that XD) The following happened: *insert gif*

I looked for a mirror, my new clothes were astounding; A dark blue Ballgown with flowery sleeves of the shoulders and long gloves. In my hair there was a tiara with blue gemstones and similar earrings.

You were almost at the Great Hall where the Yule Ball had already begun. Two teachers stood guard at the entrance the grand doors. When they saw you, they smiled and opened the doors for you. You slowly walked in, the first person you saw was none other than Regulus Black standing together with his slytherin friends. You proudly walked past him with a smug smile, his eyes followed you, completely astound.
You scanned the room and looked for your friends, you found them at one of the tables. On your way there were a lot of students who complemented your dress, both girls and boys.
‘That dress is beautiful, (Y/N).’
‘Where did you get that dress?’
‘That’s so beautiful.’
You sat down with your friends, who asked you what took so long, you told the story.

Remus POV

I sat at a table with Peter, James who surprisingly got Lilly Evans for his date and Sirius who had some girl from Ravenclaw as his date. During the entire night I’ve been looking for (Y/N), I didn’t have the guts to ask her for the ball even though I wanted to, very much. All of a sudden the hall went silent, the doors opened and someone walked in. Upon closer inspection I finally saw who it was, (Y/N)…
She looked beautiful, like a queen. A hand on my shoulder snapped my out of my daydream, behind me stood James, Sirius and Peter. Sirius said: ‘You didn’t ask her before the ball, now here she is, without a date and looking like bloody royalty.’
‘Yes, I know.’
‘Soooo, what are you gonna do now.’
‘Well, I think I’m gonna…’
‘Ask her to dance before someone steals her away.’
Sirius pushed me backwards: ‘Now go get some!’

your POV

you sat down with your friends, just drinking soda and talking, when you felt a hand on your shoulder. Behind you stood Remus Lupin himself. You stood up, he pulled you to the side.
‘(Y/N)’, he breathed, ‘You look absolutely beautiful.’
‘Thank you’, you said looking away, slightly blushing.
He put his fingers under your chin, making you look into his eyes. ‘Is it too late to ask you to be my date to the ball.’
Both of you laughed, you answered: ‘No, it isn’t.’
‘Good’, he smiled sheepishly, ‘care to dance.’
You nodded, and followed him to the dance floor. A waltz started playing, Remus lead our dance.
As we started to dance, I saw everyone looking: ‘They’re all looking at you.’
‘Believe me, they are all looking at you.’

(A/N: the dance, I imagine, is like the dance from the 2015 Cinderella movie: )

The music stopped and everyone applauded. After you, other couples started dancing to a faster sort of Waltz. ‘Come with me’, Remus said. He lead you to an empty table and sat down next to each other. ‘I wanted to tell you something.’ he sighted and look your hand again, stroking his thumb over your knuckles. ‘I’m sorry I didn’t ask you earlier, I was scared you were gonna say no. And I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, cause I really care about you… a lot, more than a friend. And so I didn’t want to lose you to some other guy that would break your heart and…’
He kept rambling on and on, you managed to calm him down by putting your hand on his cheek. ‘Remus, it’s alright, you aren’t gonna lose me to someone.’ He looked at you with hopeful eyes. Slowly and a bit uncertain he put his hand on the back of your neck and leaned in. His lips brushed over yours but hesitated for a couple of seconds. You leaned forwards, connecting your lips. Remus deepened the kiss almost immediately. After a while air was needed, so you pulled away with your foreheads still touching.
‘I love you’, he whispered.