Buddhist altar cloth (uchishiki). Japanese, late Edo or Meiji era, 19th century.23 5/8 x 33 1/16 in. Bast fiber (hemp?) plain-weave ground, silk embroidery (shishû), gold metallic thread couching (koma-nui), glass.  Triangular Buddhist altar cloth (uchishiki) with design of two dragons, with glass eyes, and clouds in various shades of blue, red, pink, and green silk embroidery and gold metallic thread couching on a dark blue embroidered plain-weave hemp ground; natural plain-weave silk. William Sturgis Bigelow Collection, MFA

Brushes with Balor-Part 2

This of course was turning into a series! Planning a slow burn, let me know!

I didn’t see Finn again that night. He blew it out the park in his match, and a win against Bray Wyatt was exactly what he needed- hopefully putting an end to that feud. Rumour had it that Vince McMahon himself was impressed both with Finn, and his demon paint that night.

It was the next Raw when I caught a glimpse of him, just a flash of blue eyes and dark hair. I had been attaching cables near the gorilla position when I saw him in grey moving round the corner and out of sight. The arena had been buzzing with a sort of nervous energy, people knew something was going down they just didn’t know what. As part of the cable crew tonight I would be needed backstage in case anything went wrong with the wires.

I got a call to gorilla with a monitor screen down and grabbed my tools before leaving. Sasha was there when I arrived and we both shared a smile. I wished her luck and she nodded her thanks, it was her turn to interrupt Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax’s match. I set my bag down in the small area I was working with and got underneath the table to see which cables had mixed up where when I heard him. “This is your only shot. I was impressed- and the paint made it better- but now you’ve gotta wow me Fergal. If this doesn’t work we must move onto something else, and I’m afraid it might be back onto the shelf for a couple months if this isn’t over with the crowd.” Vince McMahon’s voice was quiet but held the tone of threat. Whatever Finn was trying tonight could spell stars or slums, make or break style. Feet shuffled near me as I reattached the correct cable and climbed out from under the table. I kept my eyes on the ground and was trying to work my way out of the gorilla when I was stopped by Vince himself. “The screen fixed?” I answered with a ‘yes sir’ and tried not to freak out that the boss was speaking to me.

“She’s the lass that did my paint” Finn’s voice sung out from across the room and I tensed. That voice had been the backing for many a dream since I had painted his near naked body. Vince studied me and I felt like I owed an explanation. “I don’t work in make-up sir, I’m lighting and technical. I only help when they’re overrun…” My voice went near silent at the end and Vince continued to study me, I saw Finn shift towards me out the corner of my eye. Vince nodded finally, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I readjusted my tool bag in my hand and made towards the exit.

“I think you should be moved into make-up from now on, only dabble in tech.” Vince’s voice made me turn around, but by this time his attention was elsewhere. It was Finn’s blank stare that caught me off guard, he looked like he was staring right through me. I tried a small smile and when he didn’t react, I near enough ran from the room. I could still feel his stare from behind me.


“Stop staring, not only have you freaked her out- you’re starting to freak me out too.” Karl Anderson broke Finn’s gaze after the crew member. Finn visibly shuddered and looked to Karl “What was I doing?” Karl rolled his eyes at Finn and dragged him to the front of the gorilla position, they were next out. “Stop drifting off like that man, me and Gallows aren’t always gonna be here to snap you out of it. And you’re freaking people out.” Finn paled “Again?” when Karl nodded, Finn’s head dropped towards the floor. Gallows stepped forward, eyes glinting in the lights as their music hit. “OGBC, come on now boys let’s get this party started”

Raw that night was amazing to watch, from what I heard. The implications of Balor, Anderson and Gallows all back together again were causing waves in the wrestling world. Apparently even some BC members were sniffing towards WWE now they had seen their family reunited. Of course I would have heard all of this myself if I was still at the arena, my encounter with Finn and Vince had left me shaken. Stacey had left me messages telling me where to meet her and what time, as well as I would be training first before fully integrated into the make-up squad.

I was at the nearest café when the texts came through, specifically from Kimberly. I could guess she was the closest thing I had to a good friend at work, and she was filling me in on the rumours.

They’re calling it the Balor club, can you believe it?

Yeah, I mean Finn did start it so it would make sense, also BC… Get it?

I know, and now rumour has it Omega could be looking this way for once. After his match with Jericho, now a BC formation?

I could guess why it caught his attention, but it might not be all good reasons.

What makes you say that?

Put it this way, WWE have just tried suing you for using half their stuff mixed together and has tried to stop you from using catch phrases etc. Now they’re fighting back by copying you? It makes BC look good outside, like we don’t have any good new ideas.

Damn… When you put it like that…

I didn’t mean to burst your bubble Kim..

I sighed and finished my coffee, taking my time to pack my things away and get ready to travel to the next town. Normally I would have shared with Kim, but considering my new job title I thought it best to get to the next town early. I hadn’t really had any time to think about why I had suddenly been moved to make-up and what it meant overall. I hadn’t even thought about… Finn. I did his paint for a show, which he is notorious for only doing on his own, then told in front of the boss that I had done said paint, yet stared and had said nothing else to me. And what happened with Stacey… The change in him, like it wasn’t even him really. Next month’s Pay Per View was going to be interesting…

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What is your favourite song to sing/hum to?

Taylor Swift song: Either ‘Stay Stay Stay’ or ‘Forever & Always’

Non-Taylor Swift song: currently Let Me Go- Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso 

What is your favourite flower, tree, and plant?

Flower: sunflower 🌻

Tree: Christmas trees🌲

Plant: cactus because that is the only plant that survives in my room 🌵🙈

Favourite colours?

dark red, dark blue, dark green

What do you draw?

so many different things. I try to draw objects, animals, people or flowers. I also love lettering and creating lyric art.

How do you take your coffee/tea? Or if you don’t like either of those, what’s your favourite hot drink?

I don’t like coffee but I love fruit tea especially peach with nothing added

Favourite candle scent?

Wood and Christmas smells 

Sunrise or sunset?

sunsets 🌄

What perfume/cologne do you wear, if you do?

I currently have two I use. Chanel chance eau vive and Joop le Bain. I also fell in love with Blackberry and Bay from Jo Malone and I hope I’ll get it for my birthday in April, I used to use Incredible things by Taylor Swift so much but the store I always bought it from took it out of stock so I try to use it not that often.

What’s your go-to dance move?

I don’t have one. I just do what comes to my mind when I listen to a song :)

Favourite quotes?

Taylor Swift quote:

“Sometimes I think it’s important to remind yourself when you’re in your 20s you don’t necessarily need a reason to feel a certain way because our brains are doing things we don’t even comprehend at the time” (Taylor Swift Vogue Australia 2015 on What advice do you want every woman in their 20s to know 

Non-Taylor Swift quote:

  • “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.” - J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Favourite self-care routines?

Lying in my bed rewatching my favorite series or movies and eating chocolate or ice cream

Fuzzy socks or house slippers?

Fuzzy socks!

What colour(s) are your eyes?


Favourite eye colour on others?


Favourite season?

Spring 💐

Cheek, neck, or nose kisses?

Cheek kisses 

What does your happy place look like?

Depends on the season either my favorite beach I went with my family as a child on our summer holidays or a little cottage in the woods where I can go hiking, enjoy the nature and relax :)

Favourite dog breeds?

I really have no knowledge about dog breeds, I’m a cat person

Do you want to get married?

YES! 👰🏻

Silk or lace?


Favourite weather?

sunshine not too hot/not too cold :)

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Name: Peach

Age: 22

Height: 5′4

Favorite color(s): purple, dark blue

Last Google search: “Nightmare Before Christmas" to look up the director

Favorite dessert: idk but my dining Hall’s chocolate chip cookies are pretty good

Pets: seven cats, two dogs, and two cockatiels

Blankets I sleep with: 1, usually. Sometimes two if it’s really cold

Favorite fictional character: uhhhhh Stoick the Vast maybe?

Favorite show: Steven Universe I guess

Talents: memes

Wearing right now: old shorts and a t-shirt, which count for me as pajamas

A fact about me: I’m currently working through beating Angry Birds for the seventh time

When you made your account: I think in May 2012, but I didn’t post until July and didn’t start actively using tumblr until October

Current amount of followers: 5783

When my blog reached its “peak”: post How to Train Your Dragon 2 when I started making sad posts and long analyses

Most active follower: no idea. I’m on mobile so I can’t check.

Why I joined Tumblr: it was the only place I could find that had any hype for Rise of the Guardians and then it all went downhill from there

Why I chose my URL: It’s the username I’ve used for pretty much everything since sixth grade

Weird dream: I had a dream that involved lesbian mermaid vampires who were spying on different factions of the mermaid vampire community

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In this contest there will be 1 winner who gets the whole dismond set you see above. I will post the full authority after the contest.



Create anygem and be unique with it.



And yeah so have fun!

Contest will end 1-24-18 THATS 4 DAYS!! HAVE FUN!!


NSV: solid size 10!

Can’t decide which one to wear to a friend’s bachelorette party aaaaand I also need to find shoes. 😵

Edit: Thank you all for your comments! Just want to clarify that the one on the left is dark blue, and the one on the right is black lace with pink. :)